Wise Freaks

Big Squirt.. and not the little one

April 18, 2023 Season 3 Episode 128
Wise Freaks
Big Squirt.. and not the little one
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This episode the Wise freaks discuss the art of squirting. Have y'all ever had the big squirt.. and not the little?

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Bernie (00:07.106)
Hello, ladies, gentlemen, pimps, host, prostitutes, loved ones, uncles, aunts, sisters, cousins, aunts, and lesbian specifically. Welcome to another episode of Wise Freaks. It's your boy, the one and only.

Bernie (00:29.410)
Big bang.

Nia (00:31.307)
Big bird not the little one.

Bernie (00:32.706)
Not a- not the little one! Don't fucking play with me! Big brother, not the little one. Let's be very fucking specific.

Nia (00:38.101)
Oh my god.

Nia (00:42.703)
Yeah, and hey guys, I'm here too. Obviously. Like I am every week. It's the lieutenant, it's the per, big per, not the little one. Not the little one. Don't play with it, don't play with it, don't play with it.

Bernie (00:55.318)
It's big purr, not the little one, don't play with it.

Bernie (01:02.270)
What did you think about that remix?

Nia (01:05.679)
Um, I'm mad they took off, um, Billy, what's her name?

Bernie (01:09.354)
Me too, I really like Billy. Billy Bill.

Nia (01:11.615)
But I think Carisha did her little one. She ate that little one.

Bernie (01:15.590)
I thought she chewed that little one. She said, I'm gonna get somebody else to do it.

Nia (01:18.091)
She chewed. She said, uh-uh, get somebody else to do it. OK.

Bernie (01:23.862)
But like, yeah, she really did. I thought a lot of, she did okay. Like she said, I just wanted 10 piece, make it all flats. And like, I felt that too, because I'm like, I'm a flats bitch. Very, because I'm a flats bitch. Like give me flats, give me all the flats. I mean, cause the little drums is cute.

Nia (01:27.298)
and that one.

Nia (01:32.663)
I felt that and I felt that and I took that personally and I took that personally. Period. So you know the story about I didn't really know that they was called flats. I thought they were I always called them dings.

Nia (01:54.763)
Cause like you'll get like wing dings. And I'm like, let me get like the 10 piece wing dings, but let me get all dings.

Bernie (01:57.450)

Bernie (02:03.734)

Bernie (02:09.506)
Did you say that in restaurants?

Nia (02:10.249)
And people with... Oh yeah, I did it before in the restaurant.

Bernie (02:14.966)
What did they say? Were they confused?

Nia (02:17.167)
They were like, what? And people were like, did you just say aw dings? Yeah, bitch, because the other part is the wing.

Bernie (02:25.518)
I'm sorry.

Nia (02:29.983)
So why are you calling the wing dings if you get the wing and you get the ding? I just want all dings. It makes sense! People thought I was fucking insane.

Bernie (02:37.291)
Honestly, like low-key though, it really does make sense.

Bernie (02:44.830)
You're gonna be like, what the fuck is this bitch on? You're like, yo, put the dings in the bag.

Nia (02:51.927)
I don't like the dings. I just want the dings. I want the wings.

Bernie (02:56.086)
Y'all can keep the wings. I just want the dings. What? Yeah, that's so funny.

Nia (02:58.650)
I want the Dean.

Bernie (03:03.882)
Oh my God. I guarantee there is somebody somewhere that had probably thought the same thing too. I know. You can't be the only one.

Nia (03:05.433)
Oh, shit.

Nia (03:10.923)
I've heard other people say it and I was like, okay, thank you. Cause I'm not the only person that I have people think I'm fucking insane. And I've heard somebody else like.

Bernie (03:14.650)
Oh, okay. I've not heard that one.

Nia (03:21.435)
I heard somebody like famous say in like an interview, I can't remember who it was, but they're like, I just like the dings. I'm like, see? See? I'm not fucking crazy. I'm not. One time I did it and the guy knew what the fuck I was talking about. He brought out all flats. And the second time I had to like explain it and the person I was out with and they were like, I'm sorry, did you just say dings? Like all dings?

Bernie (03:29.599)
I'm not crazy!

Bernie (03:40.130)

Bernie (03:49.186)
I'm sorry.

Nia (03:51.159)
I'm like, yes. You like flats? No. Dings.

Bernie (03:52.650)
Yes, probably.

Nia (03:59.499)
But yeah, I felt Miss Lotto on that, big Lotto. Ten piece, all dings.

Bernie (04:02.846)
I did. I really did. Oh, fucking things. We do have a full show lined up for y'all today.

Nia (04:16.383)
Boy is it full.

Bernie (04:18.018)
Yeah, it's, we came in big because this episode is about the big squirt. We'll be talking about that later, y'all. And not the fucking little one. But before we get into it, what was the first thing we had?

Nia (04:26.804)
Big square, not the little one.

Nia (04:40.119)
So first, we need to talk to y'all about, we need to get like an opinion on Dominant.

Nia (04:51.371)
because some people seem to be confused. So.

Bernie (04:51.499)

Bernie (04:57.602)
Yeah, so there was a post in the BDSM and somebody said, are male dominance more likely to be adverse to oral sex because it's a submissive act? And somebody said, I've heard that a male dominant say that he doesn't perform oral sex on women because it feels like a submissive act to him. Like, what are your first initial like thoughts?

Nia (05:18.011)
um that he's a bitch but also that that's that's not submissive at all like that's actually that kind of puts you in like a power play position i feel like like a powerful position

Bernie (05:27.488)

Bernie (05:32.558)
That's how I feel. Because you're in control, like, of a lot of things, from my perspective. Like, you're in control of the other person in the sense of, like, their orgasm, if they come, whatever, you know. So you have that power, like, essentially, you know, you have the pussy in your hands, or the dick, or whatever it is. Like, you're, yes, like, you are in control of that.

Nia (05:56.903)
in your mouth.

Nia (06:01.247)
What a more powerful place to be.

Bernie (06:03.838)
And even if you think about it from like, I guess if you're face fucking, you're still kind of in control. You know what I mean? Cause you're allowing it into your mouth.

Nia (06:15.223)
I just don't feel like that's very submissive. Just say you don't know how to eat pussy. Just say that. That's so much easier than like having this fucking debate. Just say you don't know how. You're not confident in your abilities.

Bernie (06:19.861)

Bernie (06:28.978)
Interestingly enough though, is there, I wonder if there are, you know, heterosexual men who don't like enjoy

Nia (06:36.819)
Oh my god, yeah they are. They're like, heterosexual and they're like, oh yeah, I won't eat pussy, I won't go down.

Bernie (06:45.878)
That's crazy to me. Because like, I think of it like, I feel like I would have, I would like it because I like sucking dick. Like if I were, the shoe were on the other foot, like if I were to be heterosexual, I would want to eat some pussy because for me, it's about like, I want to please the other person. I want them to feel.

Nia (07:03.195)
I think you just answered the question.

Bernie (07:08.136)
Oh, they wanna suck dick.

Nia (07:11.559)
If you don't wanna eat pussy, then you must wanna suck it. Like, I know.

Bernie (07:17.436)
Yeah, I mean...

Nia (07:19.731)
think you just you hit it right on the head because I don't understand that

Bernie (07:23.405)

Bernie (07:28.170)
Yeah, because I'm just like a, I want to please the other person. So if that is given, yeah, then that's what I'm going to do.

Nia (07:31.197)

Nia (07:34.639)
or unless they think that like women don't want head. At this point, it's an appetizer, because there's no way like you don't just sit down on a restaurant you don't have no apps.

Bernie (07:42.476)

Bernie (07:50.422)
Like you gotta warm it up. You gotta, yeah.

Nia (07:52.435)
You gotta have some abs. A drink? Are we not having a drink first? You just sitting down just eating a meal at a restaurant. Straight to the main course. No. That's so ghetto.

Bernie (08:07.268)
And I feel like even in a hookup scenario, you're still not like.

Bernie (08:13.630)
You know, I feel like you're gonna at least do a little something first.

Nia (08:15.391)
Do something.

Nia (08:18.910)

Bernie (08:21.346)
But yeah, I don't know. So the folks in the comments were saying that basically, somebody said you're confusing male dominance with idiots. There are no submissive acts, only mindsets. When I go down on my partners because I own them and I want to be so, OK, that's exactly where I was thinking. I'm doing because I'm doing it. I'm owning it. This is me. I'm doing this for you.

Nia (08:21.764)
I don't know.

Nia (08:44.375)
Thank you.

Bernie (08:51.042)
I don't know.

Nia (08:52.648)
Yeah, like...

Bernie (08:56.578)

Nia (08:58.255)
It's definitely a mindset thing because yeah, I see how it can feel submissive if you're really thinking in terms of that. But if you're thinking like, am I got this bitch like squirming up the wall, and she's like, literally pulling her wig off, lashes laying to the side, and face is melting off. And you put it in work. That's very dominant to me.

Bernie (09:26.757)
100%, like, I would say the same.

Nia (09:28.640)
There's nothing submissive about that.

Bernie (09:31.774)
Yeah, and that's where somebody else just said like, it's an excuse. That's all that is because all the best moms know oral is. Yeah. Let's say all best moms know that oral is what it is. Like.

Nia (09:37.375)
They are dragging this man, I'm here for it.

Nia (09:44.535)

Bernie (09:47.270)
Okay. Yeah.

Nia (09:47.447)
childish. Just say you're childish or say you don't know how to eat pussy or or if that you like sucking dick and that's okay. It's 2023 no one no one really cares about that unless you're Republican like but the rest of us don't care that's okay

Bernie (09:56.850)
And that's okay too.

Bernie (10:02.454)
be free. Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Bernie (10:09.626)
Fuck be you whatever that is. You don't even got to put a label on it Do you think? Yeah

Nia (10:14.779)
Exactly. Who needs a label? Fuck it.

Bernie (10:19.582)
Literally. But yeah, that was just a quick little thing. And then there was this other thing I saw. This is an interesting fucking, very interesting take on dating. It says, this is like, this isn't like seduction. It says dating is just sales. So number one, study your customers for what they respond to, not what they say they want. So women.

Nia (10:33.751)
I'm sorry.

Bernie (10:48.286)
Number two, build a product, your life, with the qualities that they value. Fitness, challenge, adventure, humor, wealth. Number three, connect that product to the customer, either selling directly, approaching. Number four, or demonstrate so much value that they chase on solicited. So six pack, always going to cool places, hilarious jokes, excitement from sexual tension. Picture companies that don't advertise because they're so good.

like Tesla, Harvard, Yale, Apple. And then number five is give them an attractive offer. Make them think, wow, I felt so good being around that person. What do I have to do to get more? They have to date.

Bernie (11:28.526)

Nia (11:32.535)

Nia (11:35.339)
That was dumb as fuck, but because, and let me tell you why, because dating or like a relationship shouldn't be like one person is like selling themselves to the other one. It should be like a reciprocal, like I like how this person makes me feel or like what they do for me. And they should feel the same way and vice versa. Like it's not.

Bernie (11:36.850)
Yeah. Yeah.

Bernie (11:41.474)
Thank you.

Bernie (11:52.706)

Bernie (12:01.366)
Vice-Berthly, yeah.

Nia (12:03.859)
selling something and you're like selling something you're doing sales that's like you're trying to really convince this person to this is why my product is so good yeah this is why you need this and that's no uh

Bernie (12:16.118)
that they need this. Like, yeah, that they need this. Yeah. And I don't think that's what dating is. You're not trying to convince your partner that they need you in your life. You're not trying to like make yourself indispensable. Or, yeah, I think that's it. Like, you're-

Nia (12:30.755)
No, I can see like, oh, you're dating you're like, you know, you're playing the field, you're like seeing what you like, who you like. But that's not that's not sales. That was weird.

Bernie (12:44.022)
But I mean, I guess in some areas we are a little bit telling ourselves to people, I guess, like you think Instagram, you think Twitter, you think social media.

Nia (12:50.899)
Okay, well, the, the examples that they use was like, stupid. Like, make yourself what did it say? Like, it was like number four, something like that. Make yourself irresistible, like six pack, whatever. I'm like, just because you got it. Okay, well, personality helps. But like, just because you have a six pack doesn't mean like, you're irresistible, or I don't know. That was weird.

Bernie (12:54.763)
Yes, stupid examples.

Bernie (12:58.673)

Bernie (13:01.959)
Yeah, six pack. Cool places. Hilarious joke.

Bernie (13:15.698)
Right. Yeah, and it's like not everybody is even into cares if their partner is even into fitness. Like that's not an attractable thing. Like that's... Yeah.

Nia (13:27.099)
Yeah, they mentioned that too. Not everyone really cares about that. So, no, I wasn't really feeling that. And it also seemed really one-sided, like in terms of men, what men have to offer and not the other way around. Yes.

Bernie (13:45.542)
Yeah, and like how men have approached dating. Like they're just trying to convince women that they need men.

Nia (13:52.467)
Yes, pretty much.

Bernie (13:55.982)
It's like a, I'm making this word up.

Nia (13:57.137)
The thing you don't realize is like I'm already making that money. I don't need that

Bernie (14:01.178)
Yeah, yeah, so it's like...

Nia (14:04.403)
Women are literally doing everything that men are doing. So it's not about even financial security. Like realistically, people are taking care of themselves already. Most people are already taking care of themselves. So what you can do for me is not, it's not really financial.

Bernie (14:17.986)
Well done.

Bernie (14:27.458)
Well, that was like part of a conversation that men were having were like, you know, not like, oh, we don't want no woman who's like, can do everything herself. Like, what am I going to be able to bring to the table? Yeah, basically.

Nia (14:28.340)
It can be partly.

Nia (14:39.115)
So you wanna bomb. You wanna bird. You wanna bird.

Bernie (14:45.996)

Nia (14:46.487)
Just say that, just say that. But then they'd be mad when bitches are like bums and stuff like, oh, they trying to get a free meal off of me.

Bernie (14:49.038)
I'm just thinking in what world?

Bernie (14:52.855)

Bernie (14:57.014)
Which is it?

Nia (14:57.759)
Do you want me to have a job or not?

Bernie (15:01.455)
Yeah, like right there.

Nia (15:03.607)
Which one do you want? Do you wanna be a trick or not?

Bernie (15:06.386)
Yeah, and it's just, yeah, and it's odd. It's like, I would, I would, I want, I would, I want my partner to come to the table and have like be intelligent and to have their own thing. Like you don't want a partner who's just solely dependent on you for like everything, like, damn, no self-sufficient. Like that's attractive to have like some independence and self-sufficiency.

Nia (15:25.395)
Exactly. Like you said, bring something to the table, even if it's an idea, you know, just something. Something, bring something.

Bernie (15:31.230)
Yeah, more than just dick, I'm sorry. Even if it's an ID.

Bernie (15:40.610)
Like, we love a nigga with a plan. Like...

Nia (15:43.763)
bring something. That's and I am a full believer in the fact that you should not you should not be dating if you're broke. And not and let me tell you why not on the shallow, the shallow side of it. But I'm looking at it from a standpoint of you're broke, you're financially not stable, and you're worried about dating.

Bernie (15:54.536)

Bernie (16:00.526)

Nia (16:13.863)
and going on dates and trying to meet people, you should be worried about meeting your next monthly bills. You should be worried about meeting your financial needs. You're not taking care of yourself in that situation. Dating costs, and if you can't take care of the basic necessities, you should not be dating. That means you don't care about yourself, to me. That's what it seems like. What do I look like?

Bernie (16:17.547)
your powers are fucked.

Bernie (16:23.522)

Bernie (16:27.798)
Because rating cars.

Bernie (16:40.010)
Okay, so what's the sign of my blood pressure being?

Nia (16:42.967)
Worrying about oh, I want to go on these dates and Whatever and I I don't have a pot to piss in or like my shit is not together My car about to get repubed. I Got an eviction notice on the door You don't need to that should not be on your mind

Bernie (16:57.431)

Bernie (17:01.102)
But damn, it's like, what if you are really going through a broke like that? And it's like, damn, you don't deserve a little piece of pussy or some dick or something like that. What do you do? Okay. Dating, like, yeah, like going on dates and like trying to actively court somebody. Because you're looking for partnership, essentially. It's like, are you in the best position to be a good partner in that moment? Maybe not.

Nia (17:07.623)
I didn't say you don't deserve a little piece of pussy. I'm saying you shouldn't be dating. Trying to date.

Nia (17:15.895)
Really pursuing somebody? Yeah.

Nia (17:26.384)
and like probably not.

Bernie (17:30.870)
Maybe not.

Nia (17:31.319)
So that's why.

Bernie (17:33.558)
Because yeah, because that's true. Because you can always go, you know, swipe on the little tent. We were just watching this one video of the girl talking about she fucking like five or six niggas a night, which okay, it's all well and good. I mean, that's out of pocket, but like, that's all well and good, you know, do your thing. But it was like night after, she said every night of the week.

Nia (17:44.171)
She was out of pocket.

Nia (17:53.383)
Oh yeah, she said, yeah, that was like an average Monday through Friday, because she was like, she said she'd get real busy on the weekend. She said those are my best nights. I was like, sister, stand up.

Bernie (18:05.834)
Well, and it was just unpaid too, but I mean, I guess that was the fun of it. I'm just trying to figure out how she had the time to do all of that. I mean, and she said she worked in nine different.

Bernie (18:18.190)
She was a busy lady.

Nia (18:18.619)
I just assumed that she had a nine to five and I'm like working nine to five and then fucking like five or six niggas from seven to like one a.m. every night. You should be getting paid for it. That's a second job. You're working like six hours.

Bernie (18:33.982)
Yeah. And she made it seem as though like it was just different ones and it wasn't and she just locked them in each night which I'm like that's actually impressive to be able to secure that much dick in one night and like everybody follows through. Very much like it's great project management because I don't even think about even like back in the day even on like my best days like I wouldn't I just wouldn't have enough time to squeeze in all of that in one day you know like it just is like

Nia (18:42.496)

Nia (18:46.091)
Girl, project management. Yeah, that is, she needs to market.

Nia (19:01.522)

Bernie (19:03.646)
Yeah, because either something falls through.

Nia (19:04.359)
Also, she could market project management. She could market physical fitness because, like how?

Bernie (19:12.502)
Well, she wasn't in the best shade. Which again, that's all like, I feel like that's probably like, again, I said this before, like, this is not to be shady, but like bitches niggas will really fuck a chicken sandwich like, so that to me is not that impressive because everybody gonna find somebody. There is enough. Yeah.

Nia (19:15.503)
Okay. Okay. So she went.

Nia (19:30.251)
They will. They will. I just didn't know if she was like, you know, if she was writing digs, like she has like thighs of steel, you know? You know, and she really be up there and she would just be, you know, working these niggas out, I don't know. So that's why I say you could maybe promote even physical fitness. Like you could have a fitness page. There's a lot you can market off of this. Don't sell yourself short.

Bernie (19:40.748)

Bernie (19:49.407)
I'm gonna kill the recall.

Bernie (19:52.523)

Bernie (19:56.034)

Bernie (19:59.114)
I say yourself short shorty, but I don't even know where we even got to that but Yes the whole dating now I agree though I do think yeah you probably you can still fuck I mean again swipe on the apps Whatever go get you something a little piece of listen I asked a little dick here whatever you got to do, but like it is hard to actually date when you like Damn, you got to figure out them bills, babe. We how you want to do this then? Yeah

Nia (20:19.167)
Yeah. But really, you should be working on yourself. Like you should be doing some soul search and like, really investing in yourself. Like I don't feel like you should be even worrying about dating someone or even pussy at that point. Like I wouldn't. I will not be worried about no dick. I'm worried about. I'm worried about my meals. I'm worried about my bills. I'm worried about getting me straight. That's crazy.

Bernie (20:36.567)
Damn, like...

Bernie (20:41.854)
Like, really.

Bernie (20:44.910)

Bernie (20:48.498)
That's all facts.

Nia (20:52.199)
I might tell a joke, but I'll never tell you a lie.

Bernie (20:55.042)
But never tell a lie. Is that an old school saying? I live for some of these like old school things. Like, we're so good.

Nia (21:02.335)
I don't know, I've been, I only saw that early, or like lately I've seen like people say like they might tell you a joke, but they'll never tell you a lie. But it probably was like some old- that's probably exactly where it came from. And people are just like reusing and recycling it now.

Bernie (21:12.252)
This sounds like some down south old black people shit.

Bernie (21:22.825)
Yup. Yup.

Nia (21:25.724)
Oh shit.

Bernie (21:27.042)
Okay, so the baby dot teeth.

Nia (21:30.199)
bit of this. Okay.

Nia (21:37.779)
I... hmm. So... I have an interesting one this week. I feel like no one would be able to see this coming, but...

Bernie (21:39.242)
You go find this. Thank you.

Bernie (21:46.706)
Yeah, we love interesting.

Nia (21:50.375)
My baby daddy this week is going to be LL Cool J.

Bernie (21:55.090)
Oh my gosh, yes.

Nia (21:57.363)
Mm-hmm, and let me tell you why so my mom said she was watching that movie with him and Queen Latifah like Was it last last holiday? and she was like Yeah, she was like, I She said I was watching that movie and I didn't realize how um, you know, the LL Kujo was like really He's really cute and I was like Yeah

Bernie (22:00.558)

Bernie (22:13.075)
Yes, last holiday, yes.

Bernie (22:27.766)
He's been fine.

Nia (22:28.211)
And she's like, and that's a couple years old. And I was like, yeah, and he's still fine. Like, the dimples? To this day, the dimples? The smile?

Bernie (22:32.554)
Like still, to this day.

Bernie (22:38.034)
And like, I think about how fine he is like to this day. And then I was like, listening to like, I don't know, oddly recently to his style was fired back in the day and his music, he was rapping about getting a lot of hoes I'm like, I see why now. I think it's fine.

Nia (22:53.339)
I sees it. Yeah, he's, and he's still, he's still attracted. So, I don't know what she was talking about.

Bernie (23:01.526)
What he's been doing lately, has he been doing? I know he'd be popping up hosting and stuff like that, but I know he used to be in them CSI crazy. His fashions really was the shit too.

Nia (23:07.327)
I don't know. I don't... Like, his body used to be crazy.

Nia (23:15.733)
I don't know, I haven't heard of him.

Bernie (23:19.818)
But he used to put that shit on. He put that shit on. Yes, he was throwing fits back in the day. Yeah.

Nia (23:22.643)
He's Swedish, shit!

Nia (23:31.519)
Yeah, I know. Yeah, he used to do NCIS. But I haven't seen him do anything lately. It was just like based off of that conversation that we had. And I was like, Are you okay? How did you not know this?

Bernie (23:35.687)
Yeah, that's not the end of it.

Bernie (23:47.246)
Yes. Shout out to James Todd Smith honey. That's his real name.

Nia (23:56.171)
That man has like... Wow, that is like the most basic name ever. James Tatt.

Bernie (24:01.106)
that James Todd Smith, they said, let's just, that's very, if you don't know what this nigga look like, let's keep this real traditional.

Nia (24:06.547)
Let's keep it real short and sweet. That could be a blonde hair, blue eyed white man. It could be a black man. We don't know.

Bernie (24:14.082)

Bernie (24:16.758)
We don't know. Yeah. Okay, so mine this week is Tarrant J. Now, you know the nigga that used to host BET.

Nia (24:29.347)
Okay, TNSA. Yeah. Okay.

Bernie (24:33.114)
So there was a picture of him. I thought I saw it on the internet him butt-naked I can't seem to locate the photo, but I was like I forgot how fine he is

Nia (24:38.367)
Wait, what?

Nia (24:43.147)
Yeah, he's cute.

Bernie (24:44.150)
He'd still be doing his thing or whatever. Like he'd be hosting and acting.

Nia (24:52.187)
Yeah, he was in the Think Like a Man movies.

Bernie (24:58.026)
Yep, yep, he was a nerve.

Nia (25:02.035)
Yeah, yeah.

Bernie (25:02.050)
The crazy thing is like he actually was able to do really well for himself after BET, you know, 106 and Park because the rest of them folks, where the fuck they at? He's the only one that's really doing his thing.

Nia (25:15.027)
You're right. Yeah.

Bernie (25:16.470)
Like, I think, I mean, I think, shout out, I think Tigger's like, you know, he still does his thing. I think, yeah, it was Tigger.

Nia (25:23.219)
Yep, very good.

Bernie (25:24.578)
He still, he does radio, I think. But the rest of them, I don't know what, like that's the only ones that.

Nia (25:31.431)
Yeah, the one that like really kind of broke out and made a name for themselves and kept, you know, really being in the spotlight like that. I don't know what happened to Roxy.

Bernie (25:36.557)

Bernie (25:39.818)
Cause like, Roxy, what happened to her?

Bernie (25:45.470)
Ooh, this her? This might not be the right girl.

Nia (25:49.639)
Roxy Diaz.

Bernie (25:50.674)
Oh, that's her. She looks good.

Bernie (25:55.258)
Okay, I don't know what she doing, but I ain't seen her a whole... yes, she was cool. She really was.

Nia (25:57.052)
I liked Roxy.

Nia (26:01.491)
Yep, I liked her.

Bernie (26:06.250)
Um, but yeah, Terrence J, I saw a photo of him, he butt naked somewhere, child. I was like, okay, this nigga really is fine. I forgot about it. I tried to find it, but I can't find it.

Nia (26:11.824)
Oh my.

Nia (26:14.587)
I fucking can't.

Bernie (26:18.510)

Nia (26:23.491)
His manager and stuff probably got that off the... Had to get that off the internet. Quick!

Bernie (26:26.426)
Yeah, they swept that shit immediately because I'm even looking on Reddit. This shit ain't even over here. If it ain't on Reddit, honey, you know they got that shit right off the internet.

Nia (26:35.879)
His PR team is not playing with that.

Bernie (26:38.219)
No fucking games. I mean, whatever I saw, clearly I wasn't mad at, so they could have left it, honey.

Nia (26:46.923)
He said, take it down.

Bernie (26:49.255)

Nia (26:54.411)
So that's the baby daddy's wall.

Bernie (26:54.778)
Uh, yes.

Nia (26:59.939)
Those were good. Those were really good. I'm proud of us.

Bernie (27:02.083)
I live. I mean, nice kid niggas, but I live.

Nia (27:07.452)
No, they're not that light-skinned.

Bernie (27:08.994)
They're not that light skinned. Oh no, I get, oh we got Terrence's now.

Bernie (27:16.663)

Nia (27:17.503)
He like one of those people that's like probably like skin it in the winter time.

Bernie (27:22.154)

Bernie (27:25.462)
Mm-hmm. No, the life-gain is way down.

Nia (27:30.798)
This a thing.

Bernie (27:31.967)
It really is though.

Nia (27:34.496)
You know, he might have to change up his foundation. He probably has two different foundations. One for winter, one for summer.

Bernie (27:37.087)

Bernie (27:42.262)
It was for the sub.

Bernie (27:46.327)
Um, okay. So should we get into the meats y'all?

Nia (27:53.640)
It's time for the main course. It's time for the meats.

Bernie (27:57.966)
So like we said, we're talking about big squirt. I feel like we kind of had this conversation a little bit like, okay, squirting really a thing, is it real? Like, so now we're finally gonna get into this.

Nia (28:12.991)
Yes. Yep, and I told y'all it was pee.

Bernie (28:17.230)
It's P.

Nia (28:19.731)
And I was right.

Bernie (28:23.298)
I mean, but I feel like that even for calm too, like there's a little bit of P in there.

Bernie (28:30.688)
I think.

Nia (28:31.423)

Nia (28:34.729)
Damn, is it?

Bernie (28:34.826)
I don't know, I'm not a swallower. It's just not, it's just never been for me.

Nia (28:41.904)
I will. I dabble.

Bernie (28:43.718)
Yeah, okay. I mean, maybe I should. They say a dude got some good nutrients and shit for you though.

Bernie (28:52.535)

Nia (28:53.291)
I mean, my skin has never been clear.

Bernie (28:57.426)
I might have to tap in there, girl. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Nia (29:01.303)
I was like, huh, what have I been doing differently?

Bernie (29:05.398)
Okay, let me let my man know, girl. Okay, so basically squirting is a higher volume of liquid. So rather than just getting wet, it's like, so it can be described as like a gushing sensation. And it's pretty, you'll know when you have squirted. So some people may squirt when they have an orgasm while others don't when they're actively climaxed and they just experienced this gushing of liquid as a result of feeling aroused.

You could release 10 milliliters of liquid or more. That's actually way, that sounds like more than cum, right? Like out of, from a man.

Nia (29:37.504)
That sounded like a lot.

Nia (29:42.415)
Oh hell yeah. First of all, you know like the average water bottle is like 16 Fluid, oh no milliliters milliliters. Oh see this is how you know I'm from America I was definitely raised off the American school system because milliliters is different than ounces

Bernie (29:47.744)

Bernie (29:57.514)
I'm like, yeah, what are milliliters? Mm, mm-hmm. I don't know how many milliliters making out.

Nia (30:03.283)
I was about to say, I'm like, they are throwing a whole water bottle on you, that's insane.

Bernie (30:07.566)
God damn, that would be insane though. But honestly, from the videos that I've seen though, I have seen some of the squirts. They were kind of crazy. Literally one woman, entire panties were soaked. I'm like, okay, that.

Nia (30:17.130)

Nia (30:21.615)
Yeah. Okay, so like, thinking about like chemistry class, like we would have like the 10, 10 milliliter like the cylinder flask. Yeah, but about like that big. Milliliter.

Bernie (30:31.358)
Oh yeah, like the, yep, the cylinder.

Bernie (30:36.883)

Bernie (30:41.582)
That's quite a bit.

Nia (30:42.007)
cylinder flats so about that much still seem like kind of a lot yeah

Bernie (30:46.088)
That's a lot.

Bernie (30:50.590)
Um, but it can actually happen before you orgasm or in the absence of an orgasm too, but like, that's another thing is that I, men, I always say this men in orgasm without coming. Like it's not just, um, the nut is not the only orgasm. There's actual a body like orgasm that can happen aside from that one.

Bernie (31:14.488)

Nia (31:15.964)
Mm-hmm. Huh. Okay, okay.

Nia (31:19.179)
So, is squirting fluid the same as pee? The question we all want answers to. Well, hate to tell you, your girl was right.

Bernie (31:32.078)

Nia (31:35.671)
Squirting fluid is largely made up of water that has high amounts of uric acid, urea, creatine, and sodium.

Bernie (31:43.214)
So... Piss.

Nia (31:50.655)
But it says it's not the same thing, but it's made up of some of the components of... Yeah.

Bernie (31:53.934)
the same components. It's probably missing some components that would make it more. Cause it obviously, cause it doesn't have a smell.

Nia (32:03.439)
No. And it seems like it's more clear. Right?

Bernie (32:04.199)

Bernie (32:08.786)
Yeah, yeah, it's more clear.

Bernie (32:13.206)
Because even like...

Nia (32:13.939)
And then I saw in this other article.

Bernie (32:16.527)
male comments though not all the way clear.

Nia (32:20.623)
Right. I saw in this other article, I think it was from Women's Health, but they did like a study and it showed like a scan of like the woman's bladder, like they had them empty their bladder first and then they did like a scan of like the bladder during um

like during like sexual stimulation and then afterwards and like the bladder refilled during the stimulation and then emptied again after they squirted. So.

Bernie (32:54.966)
Oh shit. Wait. So sexual, like that makes you have to also, that fills up your bladder too, from like sexual stimulation. Oh shit. That makes so much sense.

Nia (32:57.331)
So like, kind of, but yeah.

Nia (33:05.439)
That's what, yeah. I guess so, cause they had them empty their bladder.

Nia (33:13.043)
And then it filled up like a little bit, like not like a full bladder, you know, but like it filled up enough, like the 10 milliliters worth. And then after they squirted, it was empty again.

Bernie (33:24.761)
It was empty. Yeah.

Nia (33:27.287)
Because sometimes I feel like I have to pee during. But maybe that's it.

Bernie (33:35.198)
I think it is, like, I think if you lean into it, it's possible.

Nia (33:40.827)
I feel like I'm on pee. And it's gonna be pee.

Bernie (33:46.690)
Cause that actually can happen for men too. Like when you taking a dick and you feel like you have to pee and like they're hitting the G spot, like you can come hands free.

Nia (33:51.690)

Nia (34:01.963)
Oh, I thought you meant like you can accidentally pee instead of like, um, ejaculating.

Bernie (34:05.778)
Oh, you can pee too. No, you can hit you compete you compete. I have seen a video where I Felt like he was pissing on purpose But like maybe he was actually hitting his bladder and he started pissing and he was like, but it felt good I guess cuz he was like

Nia (34:19.543)
Oh, okay, okay. On the receiving end, but not like the person who is being like- whose penis is being s- Yeah. That's what I'm saying, like, someone pee- like pee in you? Like, oh my god. No!

Bernie (34:27.062)
That's fucking like the piss in the butt.

Bernie (34:34.190)
Yeah, that's a thing too, to piss in the butt and fuck. Like, I've been told that it like, I guess it feels kind of good. It's like the idea of like a waterbed type situation. I think that's what it was. Like, yeah, I guess that's what it's, yeah, essentially.

Nia (34:46.807)
It's like an enema.

Nia (34:52.567)

Bernie (34:55.739)
I'm not into, you're not gonna piss in my butt?

Bernie (35:01.118)
And then fuck me? Um, no.

Nia (35:04.587)
So it's not like an accident thing, this is like purposely being done.

Bernie (35:07.398)
No, this is on. Yeah, this is an act. This is the sexual act. I forgot what the fuck it's called. It's not piss play, but it's like it's like sloshed sloshed in there. Anima dick, Anima. Dicking them.

Nia (35:12.453)

Nia (35:17.320)

Nia (35:20.152)
You're an... eh... DICK, Hannibal!

Nia (35:25.251)
I didn't know that was possible, like, I thought like once your heart that the only thing that you know could come out was calm. I didn't know you could still pee.

Bernie (35:36.422)
No, you can pee. No, you can definitely pee and it kind of feels weird in a sense of like where it's just tingly.

Nia (35:46.873)

Bernie (35:47.542)
Because you think about it like if you've ever peed when you were like aroused or like in the midst, you're like, I have to pee real quick. It just like that where it's like, Ooh.

Nia (35:54.111)

Nia (35:57.015)
Hope you sound like I'm frying chicken.

Bernie (35:58.614)
But you're fucking taking it down. But that's the good ones. Those are like, you're like, oof, you know, that was just like the clearing everything out. Like, yeah.

Nia (36:01.316)
just be like, powerful.

Nia (36:07.395)
Yeah. That's why I'm like, I believe the bladder refills because I never have to pee more than like right after. And it's always like, yeah.

Bernie (36:18.194)
Yeah, same. Even if it's just a little bit. Even if it's just a little bit, like I saw I'll have to go at.

Nia (36:25.175)
it's like always a lot of force behind it and like wow this is crazy

Bernie (36:27.350)
Mm-hmm. It's got it's got some motherfucker powered

Nia (36:31.248)

Bernie (36:33.133)
Be fucking pressure washing the fucking toilet bowl off.

Nia (36:35.816)

Bernie (36:42.009)
Okay. There we go. Yeah. Yeah.

Nia (36:44.155)
Oh my god, oh my god, that pressure washer. I can't. But that ass.

Bernie (36:49.954)
Okay, so it says, it basically, it feels like presurable fullness. So again, it's like fluids being released. So again, they basically, it was saying too, and another piece of it, like, when you feel that sensation during intercourse of like, where you kind of feel like you've got to pee or you feel like, you're like, not like losing control, but like where it feels very intensified to relax.

Nia (37:19.841)
Mm-hmm. Hmm.

Bernie (37:20.583)
And then if you, because they were saying that like not everybody's capable of actually squirting like some people just can't do it.

Bernie (37:29.518)
It's not something that everybody can actually do, but everybody can actually, you can try it.

Nia (37:29.756)

Bernie (37:39.138)
to find out. But then that also goes into the, it's the result of the G-spot stimulation. So the G-spot or the Graftenberg zone, that's kind of fire. I did not know what that fucking stood for. Like.

Nia (37:54.239)
That's crazy. Grafenberg's um... I never would have guessed.

Bernie (37:59.938)
No, me either. I would have never thought that that was what the G spot is full. Yeah.

Nia (38:04.843)
That's kinda hard, because I know that's somebody's name.

Bernie (38:07.974)
Right. Like somebody has to be named.

Nia (38:10.295)
And then I go, was like, yeah, I found that. I'm naming that after me. Gangster.

Bernie (38:14.542)
Period. I put my name on it. But it says that's located inside your vagina on the upper wall. When you feel aroused or turned on, it swells and it might feel a little bit bumpy.

Nia (38:29.579)

Bernie (38:30.706)
which again, that is actually the same for in man in the ass. Right at the top. Then when you go in right at the top, yeah, there's, that's the, it actually is like walnut size. Like.

Nia (38:38.519)
I thought it was a prostate.

Nia (38:46.859)
Mm-hmm. Not a warning. Okay. Ah.

Bernie (38:47.458)
Mm hmm. And you can tap that mother fucker. I feel like women might have one. Do women have one in there? Like, in the no, just like the walnut. Is that what that is?

Nia (38:55.315)
a prostate memo.

Nia (39:00.840)
I guess like the heart bumpy thing that they said.

Bernie (39:03.277)

Nia (39:05.708)
Oh. Okay.

Bernie (39:06.330)
Wow, I just thought it was the G-spot, just similar to just one of your ass and one of your vagina.

Nia (39:12.103)
Yeah, I guess so. We both got a walnut.

Bernie (39:13.294)
Because it's right at the top. Everything is right at the top, baby. You don't even gotta go back there. You can go back there, but like you don't got to. You don't gotta go back there.

Nia (39:19.383)
Right in the front, where you need it. You don't even need to- You don't even need to be all the way in there.

Nia (39:27.788)
If you pass the walnut, you went too far. Because everything's at the front.

Bernie (39:30.434)
Yeah, that's what I tell people. Like you really don't need like an 11, 13 inch dick, like to really have something done. Like, yes, it's fun, I guess, but like you don't really need all that to get what you need to get with the handling business.

Nia (39:40.299)
I'm not doing it.

Nia (39:47.068)
Mm-mm. I'm not doing that.

Bernie (39:49.082)
No, that's just like, I just feel like the next day, like everything might just slide straight through. I don't know. I just, I don't know.

Nia (40:01.983)
That's like a one time thing like, oh that was fun, you know, just to say you did it, but like consistently to make this a habit? No.

Bernie (40:06.989)

Bernie (40:11.874)
Definitely a great one time like okay. This was fun. I do it. I I did it was the thing I did it I I'm done

Nia (40:15.935)

Nia (40:20.424)
I'm done.

Nia (40:23.127)

Nia (40:29.029)

Bernie (40:29.988)
Um, but here it goes. So this is basically how you can make yourself squirt. So if you're experimenting, there's a method that Dr. Wilson, Manigot, uh, says that you could try. So basically it goes like this. The common direction is to insert your fingers into the vagina using the comb, hither motion. So like the kind of sweeping, you move your fingers along the anterior. I just did it. Uh,

Nia (40:51.436)
Too late.

Bernie (40:56.594)
interior vaginal wall. So again, everything's right at the front and you just kind of sweep and that is where you can you can try it. And again, you can do this in your ass too.

Nia (41:11.227)
Okay, so it works for everything.

Bernie (41:11.807)
I recommend it. It works for you. Yeah.

Nia (41:18.672)

Bernie (41:20.290)
But that's interesting that...

Nia (41:21.727)
So, that's Squaredy, y'all.

Bernie (41:24.970)
A little bit of pee. And I believe that, I think that it's always calm. There's a little bit of pee in there too. I really do.

Nia (41:31.767)
Because where else is it going to come from?

Bernie (41:35.246)

Nia (41:35.379)
Especially in women. Where else is it coming from? Think about it.

Nia (41:43.708)

Nia (41:51.391)
So we wanted to go over some reddits. It's disgusting squirting. Cause some people are having like mixed experiences. Some people are like, wow, we love squirting, so hot. And some people are like, oh bitch you just pissed all over my bed. Like get out.

Bernie (42:04.821)

Nia (42:15.307)
So I just want to have a conversation around it. So I just want to have a conversation around it.

Bernie (42:16.847)
And I'm like, um, it's hard to happen. I'm like, it's bound to happen. I feel like, you know, sex is a little messy, but.

Nia (42:24.859)
Yeah, it's gonna be a wet spot anyway, so like

Nia (42:32.723)
If there ain't no wet spot, what are y'all doing? For real.

Bernie (42:32.790)
Just a little. Yeah, it has to be a quickie.

Nia (42:40.015)
Okay, so this first one says, I squirted and now he's grossed out. I 34 year old female squirted on my husband last night. We went a few days with no sex and I was more in the mood than ever. I've never squirted in my life and don't know how to control it. I peed and freshened up before we had sex. Well as much well as I was finished this water.

Bernie (42:46.923)

Nia (43:09.907)
I think she was trying to say, as I finished this water, just squirt out of me so much. It disgusted him and now I don't know if he's ever going to want me again. He's been distant all day and yelled at me last night, why would I pee on him? I didn't pee on him, I was orgasm-y. That's how I finished.

Bernie (43:11.944)

Bernie (43:21.459)
Oh my god.

Bernie (43:32.142)

Nia (43:34.699)
Someone said, your husband is an idiot.

Bernie (43:37.814)
Like a full-time idiot though, he's not even like part-time, like he's actually clocked the fuck in.

Nia (43:45.087)
and then somebody else said your husband probably has ejaculated on you but crosses the line at you squirting? Good point.

Bernie (43:52.238)
Okay, that's a very great point. Like how many times has he probably literally nutted on her titties, her chest, her lap, like all type of shit. And come on now, all of a sudden she squirts on him a little bit, it's a problem.

Nia (43:57.407)
I gave you a fucking facial.

Nia (44:01.047)
Grow up.

Nia (44:08.999)
I grew up.

Bernie (44:10.122)
I feel like that would be hot, like...

Bernie (44:14.186)
He should have looked up the plate.

Nia (44:14.195)
I feel like anybody else is gonna be like... Like they're at a fucking water park just like... Like just playing in it.

Bernie (44:18.858)
Yeah, like this is amazing. Like literally.

Bernie (44:25.374)
I guess it could catch you off guard, I guess. I mean, I'm sure it was alarming for her as it was her first time. His, like, we're all in this together.

Nia (44:32.096)

Nia (44:34.735)
Yeah, imagine how I felt.

Bernie (44:36.518)
Yeah, exactly. Like I'm squirting over here like it came out of my fucking vagina. Like I don't know what's happening.

Nia (44:44.079)
I didn't know it was coming either and it came out of my body. So let's just relax. He said, she said he's not talking to her.

Bernie (44:45.817)

Bernie (44:50.466)
Like very bad.

Bernie (44:54.614)
Like, the nigga is ignoring her in the house over a little bit of pussy juice. This is insane. She might need to get a new nigga.

Nia (45:01.085)
I'm sorry.

Nia (45:03.687)
100% divorce. Swap him out for somebody who knows how to conduct themselves at a water park.

Bernie (45:08.866)

Bernie (45:12.646)
They're okay. Well said. This thing, it don't know the rules of the water pipe.

Nia (45:17.818)
Because he's white.

Nia (45:27.811)
once said my husband has made it his life's mission to make me squirt. It's definitely something he is proud of. Your husband must know how to make a woman orgasm.

Bernie (45:32.330)
Okay, like, I feel like that would be the approach.

Bernie (45:38.498)
Like everybody's trying to figure it out and he's running from it.

Bernie (45:45.110)
Like he should be trying to figure out how to replicate this shikigiri the other night. Like... I don't understand.

Bernie (45:54.434)
like this n**** is really ignoring her in the house. I really truly hate that for her. Like she deserves so much better. Like girl, go get you a real n**** cause this is not the real world. This is. Dang.

Nia (45:54.923)
What a lame.

Nia (46:05.328)
It's you are real naked.

Nia (46:09.943)
Here's another one that says, I don't know whether I squirted or peed. Guess what girl? You did a little bit of both. Okay? Both can be happening.

Bernie (46:18.447)
Uh oh.

Bernie (46:23.326)
And that, you know what, two things can be true at the same time.

Nia (46:27.307)
Yeah, and this is one of those things. Um, so she said, uh, I was having sex then suddenly felt wet hot liquid under me, on me and on the bed. I started to worry if it's pee and went to the toilet. The liquid was clear and to me it didn't smell like pee. And I peed on the toilet so I'm guessing it wasn't pee. So apparently a squirt, maybe?

Nia (46:58.084)
I'm so ashamed this guy I was having sex with is someone I've slowly started to get to know more And more feelings for and now I think he thinks that I peed in his bed I Had to catch my train so we didn't even get to talk about it Except for him saying it's okay. I don't know whether I should talk to him about it or leave it be

Nia (47:22.055)
And if I really squirted or not, I was really feeling the sex and I... Oh my god, these people. I was really feeling the sex and I had an orgasm as this happened. So I think it's possible that I did squirt, but I'm also confused as I thought it would have felt more like something or so I've heard about squirting. The run on sentences, I'm sorry, like that'd just be throwing me at like, I don't know where to stop and like pause or like...

Bernie (47:46.621)
Oh my god.

Bernie (47:49.506)
Like where is the head at? Is this the end of the plot?

Nia (47:52.147)
where the inflection is. So I'm just like, it's hard for me to read these Reddit posts. Anywho, so she squared it. She feels bad. She didn't get to talk to him about it and really get the debrief. And yeah.

Bernie (48:09.598)
Oof. I would definitely say bring it up in person.

Bernie (48:15.554)

Nia (48:16.560)
Yeah, she said she had to catch her train bad girl. Where you live, bitch?

Bernie (48:20.155)
Strange. Yeah. Where you livin'?

Nia (48:25.630)

Bernie (48:27.958)
But yeah, I would definitely bring it up for my person to be like, hey, so the other night, whatever the situation was, I sweared it, it was actually the first time for me. So let's do that again and running back.

Nia (48:28.683)

Nia (48:40.183)
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Bernie (48:41.910)
So that way she could probably really appreciate the moment. Cause I felt like it sounded like she didn't really appreciate the moment. And that's probably why it wasn't maybe as intense as she thought it was going to be because she wasn't, she didn't like fully embrace it or something.

Nia (48:55.163)
Yeah, and it kind of snuck up on her like she's like, oh damn, like today I found out I'm a squirter. You know?

Bernie (49:01.530)
Yeah, she was like, we really in this bitch. And it was like, okay, yeah. We ain't here.

Nia (49:06.187)
We in here.

Bernie (49:10.558)
out there.

Bernie (49:13.922)
Damn, that's, I mean, I hope he don't think that's you, Pete. Like.

Bernie (49:20.938)
And maybe I'm like, yeah, what's up with these niggas? What's up with these new niggas? I don't understand.

Nia (49:21.631)
I mean.

Nia (49:30.487)
I don't know, these new batch of niggas that came out, they kinda whack. This new season that they just dropped? Take em back.

Bernie (49:35.807)
It's giving me a weird...

Bernie (49:40.298)
Hey, come back. Bye.

Nia (49:43.143)
I saw somebody post that on Twitter. They were like, this new season, this new batch of niggas that just dropped, trash, take it back. These new niggas that just dropped, hate them already.

Bernie (49:55.551)
Twitter is so underrated. So fucking underrated.

Nia (49:58.935)
They're like the spring edition of Niggas that just came out or something like that. It was funny as hell. Because you know how they'll release new clothing? The spring look for Ivy Park. Like... But instead it was for Niggas.

Bernie (50:06.970)

Bernie (50:09.681)

Bernie (50:12.936)
I'm sorry.

Bernie (50:17.251)
Where the capsule collection is at? The one of a kind. Ha ha ha.

Nia (50:21.096)
Oh, let's try the summer collection. Maybe we'll have better luck with the summer collection. I was dying.

Bernie (50:26.958)
That's so fucking hilarious. Okay, here's this Reddit. It says, coming inside. My girlfriend says I can come inside her while she's on her period and I shouldn't be worried about pregnancy. But since I absolutely have no idea about this subject, I'm very afraid to do so and I come outside, but I think she might be a bit disappointed or frustrated that I don't come inside. Seems like she wants me to, but she's afraid that, but I'm afraid that she might not be right about it, even though she probably knows more than I do.

Bernie (51:01.074)
What should I do? Should I come inside and not work?

Nia (51:11.016)
I'm sorry, she requested this?

Bernie (51:13.510)
Yeah, she wants him to come inside her. Yeah, because she said that she can't get pregnant. Is that actually true?

Nia (51:14.840)
on her period.

Nia (51:18.667)
she's feeling that's like the safest. No, it's safer, but like, no, like I think you can get pregnant pretty much at any point in time in your cycle. It really depends, but like, obviously there are certain times in the month that it's not as risky, but like, bitch I don't play that. So I'm just saying, I'm speaking for myself. Like anytime in a month I'm not doing it, but.

Bernie (51:23.602)
Oh, it's not blue. Okay.

Bernie (51:42.858)
I'm sorry.

Bernie (51:46.830)
Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe hehehehehe hehehehehe hehehe hehehe he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he

Nia (51:47.687)
I guess that's safer than like, you know, mid-month when you're like closer to ovulating, but that just seems like that's gonna be a lot of problems.

Bernie (51:55.550)
Yeah, I mean, I thought that would be more dangerous because Ain't that when the nude eggs are dropping?

Nia (52:04.814)
The new eggs just came out.

Bernie (52:07.420)
Isn't that like what happens? Because technically that's why you're, because you're shedding. So then that's when the eggs.

Nia (52:14.067)
You're shedding, yeah, you're shedding the old egg from like the last month. So like, okay, you didn't get pregnant. So now we have to shed this egg and your uterus is like unhappy and be beating you the fuck up because you decided to not have a baby this month. That's how it seems.

Bernie (52:32.782)
I love it. You explained it like that. Your uterus is beating you the fuck up because you didn't have a baby this month.

Nia (52:38.779)
I'm like, I'm sorry, bitch. I'm, it's not my time. I don't want to. And so she's mad like, bitch, I'm up.

Bernie (52:43.469)
I'm sorry.

Nia (52:48.375)
punch you all in your gut. Cause I wanted a baby.

Bernie (52:49.394)
imagining you being jumped by your fucking uterus. Your uterus is like, yeah, catch me outside. You're like.

Nia (52:53.835)
That's pretty much how it feels.

Nia (52:57.611)
They're like, oh, oh, that face full of acne. You're gonna fuck it up. Oh, your titties swell, painful.

Bernie (53:01.919)

Nia (53:09.587)
We're just gonna fuck everything up. Your mood? Oh, you're gonna be a bitch. You're gonna be a raging bitch. I'm just gonna fuck you up. Cause how dare you not have a baby this month.

Bernie (53:13.730)
Oh, we gonna park with that bitch.

Bernie (53:20.502)
It's so crazy. Literally, it feels like being jumped by your uterus every single month.

Nia (53:22.231)
Pretty much. That's what happens.

Nia (53:28.735)
Mm-hmm. I'm fed up. I'm about to just be like, fuck it. I can't keep doing this every month.

Bernie (53:29.100)

Bernie (53:35.970)
But also, to the Reddit, she wants him to come inside her while she's on her period. That just sounds like a hot box. I mean, just, I don't know, but I'm just thinking. Like.

Nia (53:36.823)
I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet.

Nia (53:44.315)
It's, I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do it because like your pH is already like off on your period and then we're gonna add a little semen to that too baby. I don't want them problems. That sounds like a chemistry lab experiment that I want nothing to do with. That's just a lot.

Bernie (53:52.318)
I'm thinking maybe like the blood, the scene.

Bernie (53:58.734)
Thanks for watching!

Nia (54:12.351)
A lot of acids, a lot of bases, trying to make that all add up to like neutral is going to be too difficult for me. For me.

Bernie (54:12.728)

Bernie (54:21.062)
Yeah, like, unless you're gonna flush it out immediately, yeah, I could just, yeah, I'm just imagining just the smell, you know?

Bernie (54:31.158)
Yeah, that's one hot bedroom. That's the fuck you do. You gotta do that shit outdoors.

Nia (54:33.591)
That's gonna be a lot.

Nia (54:38.601)

Bernie (54:39.234)

Nia (54:45.328)
outdoors. No, like we some damn cattle. We gotta be outside, bitch. You bleeding like that in my house. You need to go outside.

Bernie (54:47.822)
I'm sorry.

Bernie (54:51.630)
Thank you.

Bernie (54:55.542)
I feel like that's something you do when you're in a pinch.

Nia (54:56.800)
I never... I never...

Bernie (55:05.878)
Because if you are...

Nia (55:05.903)
I just wouldn't do that. Like, I don't... I mean...

Bernie (55:09.406)
Or is it feel better? I mean, or maybe it's better when you're on your period. It's like.

Nia (55:13.763)
Oh, I be very, I'm very horny when I'm on my period. It's actually sick. That's the other thing. It's like, oh, okay, bitch. You don't want no baby. You're also gonna be super horny.

Bernie (55:26.546)
So that's why she's like, Oh, yeah, come in me because she's horny. And she like,

Nia (55:31.543)
Mm-hmm. So that's probably why... So that's probably why she requested it, but she probably didn't really mean it. It was just like... It's just her period.

Bernie (55:41.890)
Oh, you said you probably didn't feel it. It was just in the moment. She was just like, come at me.

Nia (55:47.127)
That's just the heat of the moment. That was her hormones speaking. That wasn't really shawty speaking. Yeah.

Bernie (55:51.990)
Like, we visit that in the morning. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Nia (55:57.611)
But I don't know, I wouldn't recommend that even though I guess that is like a safe time, so to speak. I don't know. I don't know.

Bernie (56:10.590)
Even if it was, I just would, I mean, if I'm not interested in having a baby, I would just not gamble. That's just me.

Nia (56:15.647)
Period. Like, why? That's me too.

Bernie (56:19.950)
because we are not in the gift of child.

Nia (56:22.167)
Because I feel like any time, any time is fair game.

Bernie (56:28.736)

Nia (56:29.443)
I've heard people be getting pregnant on birth control, birth control pills. Or people who's like, oh yeah, I had, yeah, we only, um, we only had sex during my period. And then they come up pregnant next month. Like.

Bernie (56:34.816)

Bernie (56:44.917)

Nia (56:47.104)
You never know. You never know.

Bernie (56:48.597)
For real though, that's so true.

Bernie (56:53.006)
Here's this last one. It says, this one's interesting. Boyfriend wants us to both get a symbolic bisectomy help. So to start this off, my boyfriend and I are both 18, gay couple. We've been together since they were in eighth grade. They love each other. Basically they have this big debate over his sexuality. He identifies as bisexual literally just because he likes both men and women. He says that he doesn't believe in this. His boyfriend doesn't believe in this and he thinks that he is gay.

Nia (57:06.579)
18's kinda yuh.

Bernie (57:22.602)
aside that's just aside from that. And then he said that we talked about their life plans recently and decided that they wanted to stay together for the longterm. He suggested that to commit to one another in their gay lifestyle that they should both get vasectomies so that shock. So he's in shock. He said his logic is that since we're gay, we'll likely adopt children. And so we'll never need to be able to produce sperm anyway. I think this is ridiculous. Like what if we want to use sperm and get an egg donor?

What if he dies in a car crash and I end up with a woman and want children? I'm refusing and he's threatening to break up with me over this. I know it sounds insane, but sometimes he gets ideas in his head and just never lets them go. I don't feel like I need a medical procedure to commit with being with him for the rest of my life.

Nia (58:09.671)
And he's absolutely right. It sounds more so like a control thing. Because when you first read that to me, I was trying to figure it out because you said him and his boyfriend, they don't want to worry about having kids. I was like, newsflash, you wouldn't have to unless you decided to adopt. Like

Bernie (58:13.612)

Bernie (58:29.222)
Right. Like you actively decided to do that.

Nia (58:33.895)
Yeah, so you wouldn't have to worry about that anyway. The fact that we bring up the sexuality thing, the fact that he's bisexual, that's what really kind of makes it clear that it's about a control thing and he doesn't want him to ever maybe have children with a woman or, you know, be with a woman. So.

Bernie (58:41.919)

Bernie (58:53.879)

Bernie (58:56.386)
Like he doesn't want him to be like, he's very threatened. He's insecure.

Nia (58:56.519)
It's kinda giving red flags.

Nia (59:03.419)
Yeah, he's insecure about his sexuality and the fact that he's not gay and he is... He's bisexual, so...

Bernie (59:04.194)

Bernie (59:14.270)
And I get, he has everybody wishes to be bad. So yeah, at 18, like no, like you would like that's kind of young to make a choice like that. I mean, I don't even think it's, maybe it's reversible, I don't know, but either way to do, to go under that, I don't even know if they would even let you do that without like a medical, like medical net.

Nia (59:16.637)
And they're only 18. The fuck?

Nia (59:22.989)

Nia (59:31.753)
it in.

Nia (59:35.167)
They sure didn't let me get my tubes tied at 18. I was begging them. I was like, please, I don't want to have to go through this ever again. There was like, sorry, you're too young. Bitch, I'm telling you, I don't want this shit. And here we are over like 10 years later and I still don't have kids. So I'm like, we could have figured out something since then. You could have like took the uterus, put it back. We could have like, there was years have gone by. I don't know, but like.

Bernie (59:39.317)
I'm out.

Bernie (59:59.334)
And that's where I feel like we need more control of our bodies over policing our own bodies because if we can decide to go to, like you could have enlisted over at war at that time but they're trying to tell you you can't tell you to, like what you mean? What are we talking about here?

Nia (01:00:13.575)
And now they trying to force bitches to have kids, period. So...

Bernie (01:00:16.606)
Like, what are we doing? This shit, we're... This shit is ass-backward, dog. Like... It's insane.

Nia (01:00:20.635)
Excuse me, what can I do? Tell me what can I do? They don't want girls to talk about their periods in school. They don't want to have periods. Sorry didn't want it anyway talk to Eve Like what you want us to do

Bernie (01:00:38.367)
Like, I don't get it.

Bernie (01:00:41.886)
Again, like why are, just, like, can we police our own bodies? Like, why are we worried about what other people are doing with their bodies? Like, I just, it's so odd.

Nia (01:00:50.579)
I wish I understood.

Bernie (01:00:52.502)
I really do. Like, ugh.

Nia (01:00:54.871)
I really wish I understood. But I don't.

Bernie (01:00:59.810)
Um, but, uh, so that was all we had for the reddits today.

Nia (01:01:07.059)
Y'all, that's all we got for y'all this week y'all. So, you know, pay attention to your body, you know, when you are getting down and dirty this week. And, you know, take our advice and find out if you are big squirt.

Bernie (01:01:12.162)
Shout out to our big supporter.

Bernie (01:01:28.746)
If you, you couldn't be a big square, I know you know it. Remember everything is at the top, my love. Everything is at the top.

Nia (01:01:32.435)
You could.

Nia (01:01:36.543)
the top and in the front.

Bernie (01:01:38.538)
Yes. And don't play with it.

Nia (01:01:40.766)

Nia (01:01:43.367)
And if you do squirt, ladies, if you do end up squirting, don't make that man feel, make you feel like you're disgusting for peeing on his bed, because it is a little pee, it's a little pee, but.

Bernie (01:01:52.231)

Nia (01:01:58.187)
He needs to grow up.

Bernie (01:02:00.182)
Very though, because it's part of it. It's part of the game. Like we're having sex. It's a little messy.

Nia (01:02:07.626)

Bernie (01:02:09.634)
So you guys know where to find us, YSfreaksPod on everything, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, all of that, new episode. Same place, same time, every post day.

Nia (01:02:22.111)
every fat fucking Tuesday. All right, catch us same time, same place next week. Beh.

Bernie (01:02:27.077)
Okay guys, bye!

Bernie (01:02:32.726)