Wise Freaks

Exploring Quirophilia | The Hand Fetish

April 25, 2023 Season 3 Episode 129
Wise Freaks
Exploring Quirophilia | The Hand Fetish
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Welcome back to the Wise Freaks podcast! In this episode, we're diving into the world of quirophilia, the fetish for hands. What is it about hands that can be so arousing? And why are some people drawn to them in such a powerful way? 

Join us next week for another exciting exploration of sex, relationships, and all things wise and freaky!

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Bernie (01:04.399)
Anyways, y'all, welcome to another episode of Wise Freaks. I wish, again, I was coming in with better news, but however it is, just what I just learned of about the baby father that I had selected. I knew I should have picked that nigga last week, but we'll get there. Anyways, it's just that bad, y'all. It's Fat Tuesday.

Nia (01:29.183)
Okay. It's your girl. Mira, the Lieutenant, Niziaf baby. I'm here again. I'm here every Tuesday. It's a fat one. It's a fat bitch.

Bernie (01:43.945)
It's a really is a fat Tuesday. It feels kind of like, it's a weird, like it almost feels like, I don't know. Like was this weekend happened? Like it was too quick or something.

Nia (01:56.318)
It was very quick. They're always quick, but also it seemed like the work week was particularly long and dreadful. So. Dreadful.

Bernie (02:06.067)
Very cumbersome. Dreadful. Yeah, I don't know what the fuck is going on, but are they saying that mercury is in retrograde? That's what the tea is. Girl, I'm like, when are the regular days? When are the regular days? Yeah.

Nia (02:18.826)
Ain't that bitch always in retrograde? Like... Yeah. So what's that supposed to mean when it's in retrograde?

Bernie (02:29.803)
I guess it just means that all the start there, everything's just not aligned, you know, basically, and it causes, you know, just the energies to shift. And when there's a shift in energies, you know, you get people acting crazy and shit.

Nia (02:46.762)
Okay, that explains why motherfuckers been trying to try me. Okay, okay. Motherfuckers love to wall out till I wall out back and then they'd be like, wow, I can't out wow her. Anywho.

Bernie (02:50.479)
Yep. It's the energy, it's in the shift. Yep. People just start wilding out. Don't let it act.

Bernie (02:59.299)

Bernie (03:05.267)
That's actually a really good point though, because I don't know who I was just talking to this about, but just about like, people think like you can just do things to people or say things to people and that there's no repercussions for it. And it's like, or it's always like, oh, you can just be the bigger, like what if I am the solution to like, them behaving like this and that way they won't do it again? You know what I mean? I don't know. I just feel like every action there is a consequence. Yeah.

Nia (03:17.718)

Nia (03:27.564)

Nia (03:30.678)
Being the bigger person is overrated.

Bernie (03:34.739)
Just like every action, there is a consequence for it. Good, bad, ugly, indifferent. You have to suffer whatever that is. For everything that you do, there's something that will come behind it. And it may be a person that comes behind it, but like, dude, like sometimes it just is what it is. And people think they can just say it, especially like in the comments and on the internet, people just really think they can just pop it off like that. Bold! Like you would never say this in real life.

Nia (03:55.894)
Oh, they'd be real bow. Real bow. Because there's hardly gonna be like any consequence or, you know? You wouldn't say that to somebody's face. Cause you know, they knocked their teeth down your throat. But.

Bernie (04:09.266)
Never would.

Bernie (04:12.471)
Never would, but feel very bold to like say the shit on the internet with them, you know, 120 characters, 80 or how many that gives you now on Twitter, I don't know. But even on the Instagram, just commenting like shit about people. I was like, oh my gosh, y'all.

Nia (04:27.830)
You took time out of your day.

Bernie (04:30.023)
Like lots of it, you don't have nothing to do with it. Like your day, like where, this is what you're choosing to do with your energies. Like you can't use that for something else, babe.

Nia (04:37.794)
give me unemployed.

Bernie (04:39.807)
Mm-hmm. Let's get me a broken-hearted play. So we wanted to start this bitch off a little different and do a little this or that. You know what I'm saying? Just something real light. Okay, you got one. You wanna kick us off with one? You got one.

Nia (04:41.314)
broke and unemployed.

Nia (04:50.838)
Yeah, yeah. Just something light for y'all.

Nia (04:58.262)
Yeah, I'm doing a real easy one. Tongue or no tongue kiss.

Bernie (05:08.480)
Um, I'm gonna, I'm a tongue kisser. I'm gonna say tongue.

Nia (05:12.206)
I'm gonna say tongue. I'm gonna say tongue for sure. I like it, I like it, I like it. Mm.

Bernie (05:13.499)
Yeah, yeah, OK. Ooh, how about this one? Oral for hours or quickie penetration? And I'm going to say that you would be on the receiving end of the oral for hours or, you know, yeah, I want to just clarify that.

Nia (05:27.998)
Okay, that was gonna be my next question. I'll take oral for hours for bad honey.

Bernie (05:37.040)
I'm gonna say Oral 2 because I like I'm good with that like I'm not always one where I'm gonna get to I don't we don't have to go to pound town every time like you know? No, pound town is a fun place to go though but like we don't always have to go.

Nia (05:46.066)
No. We always gotta go to Pound Town. You know?

Nia (05:53.598)
It's cool, but you don't have to always go. Hey, sometimes we could just, you know, take the decor, you know, detour. Um, okay. Sex toys or masturbation.

Bernie (05:57.738)

Bernie (06:00.287)

Bernie (06:05.872)

Bernie (06:13.791)

Bernie (06:17.063)
Okay, I'm gonna say masturbation. Yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna say masturbation. Yeah, I'm gonna go with that. The reason why I'm saying that is because sometimes the toy, I don't know. Yeah, I'm gonna go with that. Sometimes I just do that. I'm gonna go with that.

Nia (06:25.102)
Is that quality?

Nia (06:30.218)
Is that qualified as like, is masturbating qualified as like using your hand?

Bernie (06:36.563)
I would say only your hands. That would be massive. Like only your hands.

Nia (06:40.519)
Oh yeah, I'm not doing that. That's giving like caveman.

Bernie (06:44.095)
Oh, okay, so you do sex toys. Okay, that's fair. I feel like, bring out the rose. I feel like I need to play in sex toys more because I just, I don't know. I'm like, they're cool or whatever, but I don't know. I just rather the real thing, but I guess.

Nia (06:45.910)
I'm going toy. I'm going toy. Bring out the rose.

Nia (06:59.266)
Pfft. Okay.

Bernie (07:02.863)
Okay, wait, here we go. So, ooh, this is a good one. Boobs or bum?

Nia (07:10.818)

Bernie (07:13.375)
bum. Okay, I'm gonna say that too. Which also so this was another question we were talking about. Yeah, this is another question we're talking about. Aren't there women out there requesting whole picks for men? Because we were just talking about like celebrity news or whatever. And anyways, there was a celebrity that had a butthole pick that they had taken out and it was just I was just thinking like and this was a straight dude and I'm like, who?

Nia (07:17.534)
Um, ass over titties.

Nia (07:30.094)
Not me.

Bernie (07:41.947)
maybe there was, is there a woman that maybe requested this butthole pic? And is that a pic, like do women request that? Or even men too low key, because I don't think I've ever requested a butthole pic, like a, not a butthole shot. I've been like, yes, like I've maybe said like, send me that ass or like, send me a shot of the ass or something like that, but I've never like requested a butthole pic.

Nia (07:42.442)

Nia (07:56.027)

Nia (08:00.510)
And that's cool, but the haul? You's a freaky ass nigga. Cause why would you do that? Why do you need to see the haul? You gonna see it when I'm bent over. Like, I don't need to take a pic.

Bernie (08:04.235)

Bernie (08:17.699)
You know, I don't know. I mean, yeah, it can be hot, I guess. I just feel like if you're going to do it, make sure it's done tastefully. And I've seen some that are just like, what are you doing?

Nia (08:20.419)
Just see it in person.

Nia (08:28.534)
How do you possibly do that tastefully?

Bernie (08:32.195)
I would say like if you squatted over the phone, like I've done that where I needed to like check just to make sure everything is cool where I squatted over the phone just to like take a pic or see. But maybe you bend that shit over in front of the mirror in the bathroom or something. That could be tasteful.

Nia (08:37.653)

Nia (08:45.566)
Yeah, done that too. But that was like for medical purposes, both of these times. It wasn't for sending out.

Bernie (08:50.820)
Usually from medical purposes for me too.

Bernie (08:57.147)
I feel like there are, there is a tasteful, if I find one, I'm gonna send it to you girl, but there is a, there has to be, there's gotta be a tasteful way to take a butthole shot, but like, cause there was the one, the one, the guy just was like, just like tried to like pull it open with just his fingers and it just like, everything looked crazy. And I was like, oh wow, this is not lined up in my, it just wasn't like prepared well, I guess. And like,

Nia (09:01.994)
Please don't.

Nia (09:09.354)
Let's just not.

Nia (09:19.166)
If y'all could see my face right now, if y'all were for you guys listening. Yeah.

Bernie (09:26.159)
I feel like the background of like news and stuff people don't ever consider that sometimes because you think people are just going to focus in on what's here. Like I look all over the page. So like I think make sure everything else is like cohesive.

Nia (09:34.878)
I do too.

Nia (09:38.014)
I'm like, yo, they house dirty. Like, what's that?

Bernie (09:40.775)
Yeah, I'm not a nosy bitch. Like if I see a pill bottle in the back, I'm like, oh shit, what is that in the back? Let me zoom in. Let me see what that is. Or what is that over there in that corner? Like I'm going to be zooming in on that type of shit.

Nia (09:45.166)
I'm like, what the hell is this? Yeah. I'm like, uh uh. Them antibiotics, let me see. Make sure you finish them. Like, yeah, I'm a detective too.

Bernie (09:55.619)
Yeah. I wonder if there's other people that do that. Please put it in the comments below, y'all. Do you be nosy on the pics, on the news? Do you be looking at everything else in the background?

Nia (10:00.782)
Thanks for watching!

Nia (10:07.026)
Yeah, let us know.

Bernie (10:10.212)
Okay, was that, is it me or is it you?

Nia (10:13.254)
Um, no, it's me. Uh, let's see. Oof! Sex once a week? Or sex three times a day? Every day.

Bernie (10:26.929)
or three times a day every day, we'll wish I would tell you.

Nia (10:30.326)

Bernie (10:32.828)
I'm gonna like...

Bernie (10:36.111)
In a perfect world, I would definitely say sex three times a day every day. In a perfect world. But damn, if you wish you had a perfect... Otherwise it's gonna have to say once a week, unfortunately, but yeah. In a perfect world though. Yeah. The latter. Um, how about... Ooh. Phone sex or dirty texts?

Nia (10:43.179)
in a perfect world.

Nia (11:02.486)
dirty text.

Bernie (11:05.423)
Okay, so you'd rather like read it or like see the pictures as opposed to like being like on the phone.

Nia (11:11.447)

Bernie (11:12.827)
Okay, I'm gonna go with that as well, too. I'm very much visual. I don't mind like sound, but it doesn't like 100% do it. I can... Yeah. Like I feel like I could work with a porn that doesn't have sound as opposed to the sound of the porn and no visual. I'm just not gonna get down with that.

Nia (11:24.799)
Yeah, that isn't really...

Nia (11:31.550)
Right. Yes, 100% same.

Bernie (11:35.547)
I'm not an imaginary girl where I'm just like imagining like eyes closed, like getting through it like it's just not happening for me. I need to sleep now.

Nia (11:38.408)

Nia (11:42.630)
No. No.

Bernie (11:47.819)
I think that's maybe the climate that we're into, like, you know, everything's so digital and media shit.

Nia (11:53.582)
Ooh, this is a kind of interesting one. Regret sleeping with someone or regret never trying.

Bernie (12:01.619)
I would rather regret sleeping with somebody than regret never turning.

Nia (12:09.838)
Is that how they're asking it?

Bernie (12:12.375)
I'm assuming.

Nia (12:14.306)

Bernie (12:17.172)
What you pick.

Nia (12:20.350)
Yeah, same because...

Nia (12:24.606)
I don't know. Regret like never trying is like.

Nia (12:30.721)
I don't know.

Bernie (12:32.011)
Cause you can't really like go back on that and it's a missed opportunity of whatever you think. So that's why I would say do you because you never know.

Nia (12:41.866)
never I guess I've never felt like oh damn I should have pursued that when I had the chance

Bernie (12:50.252)
Oh, I never thought that, I guess.

Nia (12:53.078)
You know? I've never regretted like, damn, I never tried the...

Bernie (12:54.715)
I was thinking of it in a different way. Yeah, me neither.

Nia (13:00.146)
I'm like, um, you know, it's on to the next or like, whatever. Like I've never felt that way. So, um, can't really speak to that.

Bernie (13:08.107)
No, no. No, sí.

Bernie (13:12.379)
Okay, here's this one. Maybe this will be one more after this one. Ooh.

Bernie (13:21.483)
Cowgirl or missionary?

Nia (13:25.902)
Congress girl on top. Are you on top?

Bernie (13:30.047)
Yep, you're riding it from the back. It's just the back. Oh no, that's not this regular. Yeah, right? Yeah.

Nia (13:36.877)

Nia (13:39.478)
reverse cowgirls when you're turned around.

Bernie (13:42.183)
Turn the round, yes, okay.

Nia (13:44.927)
Ugh, they both have their...

Nia (13:50.548)
It's hard to choose. They both have their perks.

Bernie (13:55.455)

Nia (13:58.626)
both have their perks.

Nia (14:02.110)
I just feel like if you want to be in control and you want to get your net, you want to ensure that you secure the net, cowgirl. Or like you got things to do or something like that and you're like, okay, I'm trying to get my net.

Bernie (14:15.967)

Nia (14:22.590)
you know, so we can, you know, hurry, hurry this up. Yeah.

Bernie (14:23.687)
Yeah, you're like, okay, let me just get on here and take your phone.

Bernie (14:27.711)
get on here and take this home real quick. I'm actually gonna say missionary because I like the intimacy of it. You know, you can do everything with it there. Cause it's like, you can kiss, you can, you know, all that had, so I do like it. Yeah.

Nia (14:30.219)

Nia (14:35.566)
I do too.

Nia (14:42.758)
Yeah, it is... It's hard to choose.

Bernie (14:47.335)
You can have legs up, legs down. I mean, it's just a lot of options within variety. So that's why I always pick it. Over most positions, honestly, the other one I'll have to say, which is the sleeper that people forget, is the fuck standing up. That is too good.

Nia (14:54.248)

Nia (15:03.494)
Oh, pfft, that is too good! I'm dead. Yeah, I'm...

Bernie (15:09.158)
But it takes a lot of stamina girl just to be standing up holding onto the wall and trying to just do all I mean it's good. It's great. It's you know, just like a little hunt like you know over the back or you know, like that. Yeah.

Nia (15:15.918)
Standing straight up?

Nia (15:21.450)
Oh, okay. Yeah, that'll probably go off, honestly, because laying on your stomach flat.

Bernie (15:25.375)

Nia (15:31.350)
bee's knees.

Bernie (15:31.768)
Oh yeah, that is that low key.

Nia (15:34.806)
these knees.

Bernie (15:36.891)

Nia (15:38.858)
Okay, I got one more.

Bernie (15:40.373)

Nia (15:46.930)
Um, oh this is horrible. Um, have sex in front of your parents or never have sex again.

Bernie (15:56.783)
Okay, I'm gonna have to just top it up from front of moms and dads because what are we talking about here? I am not about to miss it. I'm gonna be honest Absolutely, you know

Nia (16:00.376)

Nia (16:08.638)
If I could do it and they were like, you know, on their way out anyway, so it was like... They... you know? They on their way out anyway. They got probably like... you know?

Bernie (16:12.875)

Bernie (16:21.759)
So you like, all right, it is what it is.

Nia (16:24.278)
then I could do it that way. But like, not right now. Oh no. I think they still got time. I can't live with it. But they don't take me out, I can live with it. I'm sorry.

Bernie (16:29.564)

Bernie (16:35.207)
I'm gonna have like... I'm just gonna say I will make it quick. HAH

Nia (16:40.837)
I'm gonna go.

Nia (16:46.382)
We'll make it quick. Oh no, I don't think I can do that.

Bernie (16:49.467)
You hear me. It will be definitely a record. I will make it the fuck quick.

Nia (16:55.458)
I don't even think I would be able to perform.

Bernie (16:58.323)
Take it serious. Yeah.

Nia (17:00.338)
I don't even think I could prof- no. God. But to never do it again?

Bernie (17:05.835)
to never do it again, like that's not an option for me. So that's why I'm just like, what are we talking? Like I can't even do it. I'm just like, mm-mm. No, I'm gonna need that.

Nia (17:09.033)

Nia (17:11.562)
It's not an option.

Bernie (17:18.023)
By the way, there were some other ones on here that were kind of crazy. I'm not gonna get into them, but the one that really stood out to me was Wrenkley Vagina versus Saggy Breath.

Nia (17:25.954)
I saw that one and I was like, am I gonna do that? Wrinkly vagina.

Bernie (17:29.759)

Bernie (17:34.364)
I... Yeah, I don't know.

Nia (17:35.154)
The day my vagina gets a wrinkle in it, I'm just gonna pack it on up and go to Dr. Miami or whoever because.

Bernie (17:40.148)

Nia (17:45.286)
A wrangle? That could happen down there.

Bernie (17:49.087)

Nia (17:50.982)
I know titties get saggy, but...

Bernie (17:52.651)
Or, and my thing is, I guess if it does get a little wrinkle to it, I always just say, like, you know, let the hair grow on it a little bit so you don't see it.

Nia (18:03.314)
Yeah, or you can go and get like the lip filler, but for the for the lips.

Bernie (18:04.680)
and just...

Bernie (18:07.155)
Don't let me feel this.

Bernie (18:10.555)
I'm wondering do dicks get wrinkly like that? Like when you get older too, I don't know. Like when that, if that even happens, like, and I guess, yeah, you could get the dick filler because that's the, the guys is getting the dick filler too. They feeling up, they doing the dicks. I mean, they're filling everything up.

Nia (18:24.706)
taking that.

Nia (18:28.962)
Have you heard about the male BBOs? Or the male equivalent of the BBOs?

Bernie (18:32.263)
What do, like what?

Bernie (18:36.383)
What's the male equivalent of a BDL?

Nia (18:39.074)
These men are chopping their legs off and getting extendo legs. For like, for like, they're getting their knees done. Like remember white chicks? And they're like, you guys look taller. And they're like, oh yeah, we got our knees done. They're getting their knees done. For real. They're chopping their legs off and then they're putting a rod in there to give them some extra height.

Bernie (18:44.148)
Wait, what?

Bernie (18:57.291)
Yes! How the fuck do you get your knees done?

Bernie (19:08.260)
Oh my god.

Nia (19:08.458)
and it gives them like three or four inches.

Bernie (19:13.441)
Oh my goodness gracious!

Nia (19:16.146)
Yeah, but like the x-ray I saw on Twitter and the x-ray of this guy's legs, like the bones, the bones that were once connected was like this and then there was a rod and there was a rod there for like to give the three to-

Bernie (19:27.211)
Shut up!

Nia (19:35.294)
I'm getting nauseous.

Bernie (19:37.020)
I don't know if people actually know this, but when you go and get new knees or whatever, they don't just get to stay forever. You have to go get some new ones in 20 or 15 years. They're going to have to get changed out. That's just like if you go and get some titties, you're going to have to get new bags. You can't leave that in there for X amount of time. There's a cap on that. So, he's going to have to get new knees?

Nia (20:03.806)
Yeah, he gotta go in every 10 years to get some new knees. But this is what I don't understand. If you guys are, so are they just gonna have extremely long like thighs? And then like short calf leg, part of the leg.

Bernie (20:19.547)
Yeah, because if you're torn and even so like what if you're going to be all leg and you're going to have like what if you have a short torso?

Nia (20:25.023)
and in like a little more so.

Nia (20:28.942)
So I just want to know how it looks.

Bernie (20:33.075)
You know what they're gonna look like? They're gonna look like them niggas that be blow, you know them niggas that be blowing outside during tax season with the long legs and the small arms.

Nia (20:34.539)

Nia (20:42.934)
The wacky, waving, inflatable tube man.

Bernie (20:45.281)

Nia (20:48.582)
Oh my god, because like the legs are gonna be so long, but they're gonna be long and like, it's either gonna be long above the knee or long below the knee. And I feel like either is going to look strange.

Bernie (20:52.323)
So long.

Bernie (21:03.339)

Nia (21:06.026)
And then they were all walking on walkers and stuff like that, learning how to walk again, all for the sake of four inches.

Bernie (21:06.495)
Damn, who's this?

Bernie (21:13.707)
I don't know if I could even be with a nigga that guys knees down like that. That seems kind of strange because I'm wondering, like just long term. Yeah, I'm like thinking I'm just a long like I'm like long term. What's going to happen? Can they be like, I don't know.

Nia (21:21.250)
Can they ever do anything again?

Nia (21:33.614)
Can you, I mean, can you ever like play basketball again or like sports or? So, I'm gonna go ahead and do a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little

Bernie (21:38.031)
I wouldn't recommend it, honest, I wouldn't recommend it, it just sounds fragile.

Nia (21:42.474)
Like, if somebody tries to juke you in basketball, it's a rat.

Bernie (21:49.547)
rap. They damn sure ain't playing soccer. And you're damn sure ain't playing soccer.

Nia (21:51.062)
You're blowing out a leg.

Nia (21:56.170)
No, because there's a gap in your shin.

Nia (22:03.090)
It's crazy. It's the male BBL.

Bernie (22:04.180)
Yeah, that's crazy.

Bernie (22:07.083)
The mail BBL. Extend our legs, please. I can't.

Nia (22:10.754)
These BBLs are killing y'all. Woo.

Bernie (22:16.035)
Um, okay, where are we at? Baby father?

Nia (22:22.018)
Yeah, go ahead with yours.

Bernie (22:22.315)
Should we go with the next?

Bernie (22:25.615)
I know, I really just... I knew I should have picked this nigga last week. So he just got beat up that weekend. It was Ryan Garcia.

Nia (22:35.583)
Why you gotta say it like that?

Bernie (22:37.959)
I mean, did he not get beat up? He did. I thought he was hanging, like I thought it was gonna be a situation. I didn't even watch the fight y'all because you know what I'm gonna pay for that. But like, I knew it was gonna happen and I had him on there. I was like, oh, I think he boxes. I don't know why I thought it was like the next, the following weekend. But anyways, lo and behold, it was this weekend. I knew I should have picked him last week before the fight, but it's all good.

Nia (22:40.394)
He did it. He did it.

Bernie (23:03.111)
Uh, he'd still be like, he'd be boxing like that. He just caught him flipping on this weekend. It just wasn't a good weekend for him, but he'd be, you know, he'd be in there.

Bernie (23:16.415)
He knew he'd be back for me.

Nia (23:17.058)
The way you were commentating the video before we hopped on this, it didn't sound good. I didn't watch the fight either because I'm not paying for that. But the way you were talking about the fight, it didn't sound good for him. That other guy, I don't know how to pronounce his name, but it sounded like he got the whooping on him.

Bernie (23:32.039)
It didn't. Yeah, he went down a couple times.

Bernie (23:38.283)
I don't even know. Yeah, he got the best in him that day, Jervonta Davis. But they did get to the seventh round. So he knocked the wind out of him and that's what took him out. And I honestly thought that it would have been, yeah, and I thought it would have been the Wesley Snipes black eye that he couldn't see out of, but it turned out that it was real black.

Nia (23:46.375)

Nia (23:53.398)
that rip shot.

Nia (24:01.879)
Real Blythe.

Bernie (24:08.091)
Yeah. But shout out to him though, he be boxin'. This just wasn't a good weekend.

Nia (24:10.274)

Nia (24:15.394)
He'll get them next time. You got them next.

Bernie (24:16.763)
Yeah, you got it next time. Like they definitely gonna square up again.

Nia (24:23.214)
I'll get them next time tiger. Um, I'm gonna keep mine very cute, very simple. Um, mine's diggy.

Bernie (24:26.435)

Bernie (24:30.859)

Bernie (24:33.568)
Yes, okay, we love Diggy. What he been doing?

Nia (24:35.692)

Nia (24:38.110)
I don't know, I think he's still on grown-ish. But I saw this clip, old clip from Run's house. And it was him and Russie, and they were trying to have their mom skateboard. And they was telling her like, don't do it, mom, don't do it. She did. And they were trying to help her. They were like, mom.

Bernie (24:52.400)
Oh god.

Bernie (24:55.123)
Did you fall off the skateboard?

Bernie (24:58.736)
I think I'm as a son.

Nia (25:04.806)
It was cute. It was funny. But, um...

Bernie (25:07.315)
They used to be having her doing some shit back in the day on that damn TV show. I forgot all about that show.

Nia (25:12.618)
That was my show for a minute. But yeah, that's what reminded me of him. And I was like, okay, that's a good one. That's a good one. Classic, cute.

Bernie (25:14.443)

Bernie (25:21.491)
Yeah, he also be rapping too. Like I heard there, I have like one song, I think somewhere in my playlist of his that I was like, this shit don't sound bad. Like he kind of get off on something.

Bernie (25:34.635)

Bernie (25:37.767)
Which I mean, I guess it would make sense everybody in the family rap. So I'm sure it rubbed out.

Nia (25:44.058)
Um, I had their sister's shoes, the pastries. I had like three pair. But you couldn't tell me nothing.

Bernie (25:50.010)

Bernie (25:56.287)
They really did have the game in a choke hold for a minute with them sneakers. They did.

Nia (25:57.499)
I had them shoes.

Nia (26:01.922)
They snapped.

Bernie (26:03.599)
I mean the whole situation of all of them, the baby fat, all that. Yeah, um, shit. They had sneakers too, I think. Like men's sneakers. I think I had some of that. He had his line. Yeah, they really did have a game in the hole.

Nia (26:08.416)

Nia (26:22.405)
Yeah, they was kind of doing the thing in the early 2000s. I'm not even gonna hold you. Ah!

Bernie (26:25.172)
They were.

Bernie (26:28.358)
And they money long.

Nia (26:30.995)
Okay, then no, no.

Bernie (26:32.864)

Bernie (26:35.387)
Okay, so, Diggie Simmons and Ryan Garcia.

Nia (26:35.645)

Nia (26:39.904)

Bernie (26:46.655)
The meat this week.

Nia (26:49.950)
Yeah, you're gonna have to help us with this one.

Bernie (26:50.299)
Now, let me get this pronunciation right, y'all. So basically we're talking about hand fetishism. If you didn't even know that that was a thing, then now you do. You can definitely, that's a fetish and it's called querophilia. Or I think, hold on.

Bernie (27:15.636)

Bernie (27:18.543)
Uh, come on. Queerophilia. Alright. Queerophilia.

Nia (27:27.771)
Queer Ophelia.

Bernie (27:29.179)
And that is, it's gonna, so the reason why it's Ophelia is because that's what it has in anything that.

Bernie (27:38.159)
has to do with like the body is a philia. I think we've talked about that before, right? Like because it's technically it falls under the umbrella of being a philiac, a philiac.

Nia (27:42.478)

Bernie (27:52.296)
or whatever.

Nia (27:54.926)
like, felia is like, like, right?

Bernie (28:00.723)
Ooh, you got me there. Yeah, maybe that's right. That sounded right.

Nia (28:00.790)
Meaning you like it?

Bernie (28:07.679)
That sounded right.

Nia (28:07.690)
whereas phobia is like fear or disgust. Phobia and then philia.

Bernie (28:11.530)

Bernie (28:14.859)
Feel ya.

Nia (28:17.630)
Yeah, I think that's right. It that that's how I work for like science and stuff like that. I don't know if it's like the same. He has stuff that was like hydrophobic and hydrophilic.

Bernie (28:20.080)
That sound good to me.

Bernie (28:30.155)
Oh, then yeah, it's probably the same thing. It's all the same root word.

Nia (28:33.686)
membrane yeah okay anywho don't want to get back into that that was a terrible time in my life when I had to know that stuff don't want to go back to that dark place we roll felia so yes that's the fetish for hands so not not feet not for our feet people not for the toes before the hands so if you like small hands like mine

Bernie (28:39.563)

Bernie (28:55.155)
Yeah, man.

Nia (29:02.734)
Probably have like, querophilia, small. Is there like a petite querophilia?

Bernie (29:11.575)
Mm-hmm. I mean there has to be because I remember we talked about for the one I forgot what that fetish was of like liking large like everything big like being swallowed like just gigantic Yeah Yeah But this one doesn't have anything to do with like anything particular part of the hand it's just about the hand so it's like

Nia (29:21.014)
uh, macrophilia.

Bernie (29:34.195)
You could be particular about the part of the hand, like palms, fingers, blah, blah, blah. It could also be a sexual attraction towards a specific action performed by hands. And so it can be non-sexual. So it can be like, I guess, like wrapping a present, you know?

Nia (29:34.785)

Nia (29:42.538)

Nia (29:51.543)
Okay, never got turned on by that, but...

Bernie (29:54.215)
Me neither, but I guess if you like hands and somebody's hands are stroking the wrapping paper or whatever and they getting into it, or maybe like the other one, it's probably a more common one is like somebody playing in like some putty or like, you know what I mean? Like some, something like that. Like.

Nia (30:08.470)
or like playing a piano or something like that, or a guitar.

Bernie (30:10.783)
playing a piano. I feel like, okay, that could be.

Nia (30:16.130)
trying to think of these are not things that do it for me I'm just trying to think of maybe examples of like things where people are really using their hands and like in intricate way

Bernie (30:21.576)

Bernie (30:26.959)
Okay, well, I think this you think this falls underneath it? Because you remember, there's that guy that's on TikTok, that really like fucking loves that chops down fucking wood and is doing all the chopping of the wood you is that a hand fetish? Or is that just like different thing? Like what is

Nia (30:41.318)
No, I think it's the noise. Watching him do something very manly, the noise, and some of the stuff that he be saying, he know what he be saying. And because he'd be like, oh yeah, that one opened up real nice for me. I'm like.

Bernie (30:45.821)

Bernie (30:56.400)
He do we think of shit like.

Bernie (31:00.577)

Bernie (31:06.355)
Very true.

Nia (31:08.161)
I was like, ooh.

Bernie (31:10.419)
But I feel like I've seen in the comments people say like, oh, the way he chopped that wood. Like, I feel like that's still.

Nia (31:15.950)
I feel like it's the act, that's more of the act of like watching someone do something like manly because like, I don't know, like, I'd be feeling that too, like, oh, you know, put something together or you like doing something physical. Yeah. Are you, you know, doing something physical like that? Moving stuff, being all strong, like, oh!

Bernie (31:23.211)

Bernie (31:29.944)
Like fixing, working on a car or something like that. Okay.

Bernie (31:39.659)

Nia (31:42.970)
Ooh, you know, going to war, building me a house, you know, stuff that man used to do, you know?

Bernie (31:49.503)
That's true. Okay, so I could, so that's not a hand fetish. I don't know what that is. I feel like that has to be something. Well, let's figure that out and do like something on that. Because what is, yeah, I wanna know what that is. But for time's sake, this is how it can work. So it can be like fingers. Hand fetishism is awesome expressed with acts of sex because it can involve the use of fingers to stimulate the vagina and asshole, which is slept on.

Nia (31:51.370)
I don't know, I just like CS.

Nia (32:02.542)
I don't know.

Bernie (32:17.267)
If your major turn on involves hands, having your partner finger you is one of the best ways to fulfill this kink. And this is a low risk safety way too. Again, I think we've already discussed this and we don't wanna like fucking beat the shit out of this dead horse, but make foreplay great again. Like again, let's get back to the basics of warming the shit up. And that involves the hands.

Nia (32:40.118)

Nia (32:44.350)
Use your hands, wash them first, but use your hands. And clean under your fingernails, cause some of y'all are dirty.

Bernie (32:45.635)
Mm-hmm. Yes, Cleveland. Yes, yes, yes.

Bernie (32:51.967)
Please. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.

Bernie (32:58.215)
But I do like this. I don't mind the fingering. It just has to be done right, I feel like. It's an art to it. You gotta be able to know how to maneuver what actually feels good. So I feel like it has to be done, like maybe to yourself or however, somebody maybe you explore it with or something before you dive into it because yeah, it has to be done right. Otherwise the shit can kind of... Yeah, and it's love.

Nia (33:18.490)
Mm-hmm. I'm gonna say start off gentle.

Nia (33:23.826)
I'll just go in trying to DJ, you know, real aggressively and stuff like that, or trying to just jab or whatever the fuck. I don't know what people be. You know, start off slow.

Bernie (33:35.219)
Yeah, just like, dab.

Bernie (33:38.687)
I don't either, because I would think in your mind like, would that feel good to you? Okay, maybe not, so then maybe don't do it.

Bernie (33:49.385)

Nia (33:49.978)
Um, yeah, this can also involve finger sucking. Yeah, I kind of, you know, don't mind it. Don't mind it. Yeah.

Bernie (33:57.799)
Yeah, me too. I don't mind. In the moment, heat of the moment.

Nia (34:06.986)
you know, just display like, you know, that you really got that Hoover 3000.

Bernie (34:07.412)
Either that or not.

Bernie (34:14.587)
Yeah, that's almost like a little setup. Just like a little prequel. Yeah, just to like let her know what time it is. Like, yeah, I got, you know, whatever that is. I got the 3000 over here. Like, yeah, we gone. Yeah.

Nia (34:15.806)
just show like on Bing.

Nia (34:26.626)
just just that Kirby hula you know curb you know Kirby he'd be like

Bernie (34:32.778)
It's that Kirby in the woods. 3,000.

Nia (34:47.518)
Let me not ruin Kirby. Wormy then.

Bernie (34:50.667)
What are you thinking about that now?

Bernie (34:53.902)
Oh shit!

Nia (34:55.338)
That nigga be smiling shit at home. Ahhhh. Oh. Oh, and this can also include... ..hand jobs. And palm licking. That seems gross. Seems salty.

Bernie (35:07.295)

Bernie (35:13.403)
Okay, I've never thought of like palm licking, but I guess that does have like a sensation to it. Like, you know, cause it's thin skin, cause I'm just like touching my own palm right now. And I'm thinking like, okay, if that were to be licked, I mean, that could be, I guess, hot in the heat of the moment. Give it a shot. Oh yeah. Oh, so I could, yeah. So it's like, Ooh, hold on now. Yeah.

Nia (35:28.086)
See, I have a dog who does that all the time. Gross.

Nia (35:36.482)
She likes the sweatiness of, I guess, my palms. And sometimes she'll just get lost in that. I'm like, ugh, I hate it. I hate that.

Bernie (35:41.451)
And that's probably like...

Bernie (35:47.627)
And that's like a king too though we talk I think we talked about that a little bit like about the sweat kink and If somebody has like a hand Quirrell Yeah You can get to lick in these mother fuckers. It's a lick in these motherfucking palms But I wonder if it's been this is something that I think is still I think we all may have a little bit of hand fetish and I say that because

Nia (35:55.522)
They like the salt.

Nia (35:59.118)

Nia (36:03.672)

Bernie (36:12.939)
You think about it, don't we all like seeing pictures of somebody having their nails done with their hands or the veins of a hand and a dude. I'm just trying to think of other scenarios and stuff like that. And just like, so I think we all do have a desire because we're gonna not, if somebody has terrible looking, we're gonna be like, mm-hmm. And we all know what we're thinking, like, mm-hmm.

Nia (36:22.922)
I was gonna say the veins.

Nia (36:37.195)

Bernie (36:38.123)
So I think there is like an attraction. I think we do as like human beings for like, you know, fans.

Nia (36:46.406)
Oh yeah, definitely. I was gonna say I like the veins. I enjoy the veins in the hands and like the arms. And I love a man with nice, a nice manicure or like well kept fingernails. Um.

Bernie (36:52.619)

Bernie (36:57.067)

Bernie (37:05.195)

Bernie (37:08.651)
It's always a good, yeah, it's a good little, it's a good asset to have.

Nia (37:13.522)
They can still be strong, they can still be manly, they can still pick up things and work, but you know, clean them up when you're not doing that.

Bernie (37:13.611)

Bernie (37:20.555)

Bernie (37:25.163)
I absolutely agree.

Bernie (37:28.971)
Ummm... The radio?

Nia (37:33.718)
the radius.

Bernie (37:34.347)
So we got, so we have some reddits on, yes, Quirophilia, Quirophilia. So, the first one says, it's in like the hands reddit one and it says, how did you discover hand fetish? Somebody said, I was wondering how you guys discovered that you had a hand fetish and realized that you started liking hands. And somebody said, I started liking all the ASMR videos.

Nia (37:39.032)

Bernie (38:03.115)
Which I can see that because people are like doing like things, activities with their hands on ASMR. I've seen those videos before. Yeah.

Nia (38:09.131)

Nia (38:11.731)

Bernie (38:12.587)
And somebody said, when I started playing and watching people play guitar, unless like what you mentioned earlier with the guitar, yeah.

Nia (38:17.142)
See? Mm-hmm. I could see how that or piano would turn people on.

Bernie (38:21.131)
Somebody said, I wouldn't say I have a fetish. Yeah, I could like, and again, the act, but they also like, they have a nice set of hands doing it. Yeah. Somebody said, I don't know if I would call it a fetish, but I just like hands. I really enjoy everything related to hands, stroking, holding, pinching, kneading, grabbing. Hands can provide a variety of pleasurable sensations that don't even have to be sexual.

Nia (38:30.870)

Bernie (38:48.811)
The touch of a hand is always welcome, comfort feeling. I would actually say they have a little bit of a fetish.

Nia (38:55.122)
That definitely sounds like a fetish.

Bernie (38:56.971)
Yeah. Yeah.

Nia (38:58.902)
because the average person is not thinking of hands in that way.

Bernie (39:03.339)
No. And I would say that this aligns more of like, kind of a fetish thing as opposed to a kink. Because I would say like, based on the explanation of people were saying like, it's a great feature to have, like, I would like somebody to have nice hands. So then it almost becomes like a kind of like mandatory thing as opposed to like, we don't really need it. Like, I have a kink for a blood plug. Like, I don't always need a plug in my ass, but

Nia (39:04.811)

Bernie (39:32.619)
I might need a plug in my ass every once in a while. Like, I'm cool with that. Like, that's dope. You know?

Nia (39:35.979)

Bernie (39:40.075)
Um, somebody said, I don't know if it's a fetish, but I really like hands, palm sides, certain poses and movements can do funny stuff to me. I'd say yeah, a little bit of a, you know,

Nia (39:51.670)
That's like the hand version of the foot fetish when people only like soles. They really like the soles of feet. They request only soles.

Bernie (39:57.067)

Bernie (40:03.243)
Only souls, because I want to taste where you been. See, I like feet too, but I'm not into the souls. I'm a toe sucker. I like the toes. Give me them toes.

Nia (40:07.767)

Nia (40:16.453)
I really don't like for you.

Nia (40:21.810)
I do like aesthetically like, okay, like, you know, how a foot looking like, you know, in heels or whatever. Like, okay, like the toes done just looks good. That's about it. But like, I don't want to, they don't make me feel any type of way. But you know, you got like

Bernie (40:28.587)
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Nia (40:41.790)
a girl, she don't have her toes done, she's wearing heels or something like that, her feet busting out the side of the shoe and looking crazy and stuff like that. Pinky toe hanging or hanging over the top, you know. That's not cute, but you actually sitting in the heel right and it's a nice pedicure and that's I guess that's a little pleasing to me, but that's how it should be, right?

Bernie (40:47.915)

Bernie (40:51.499)

Bernie (40:54.795)

Bernie (41:05.515)
Okay. Right. But I think that's like kind of what we were paying as like normal. So maybe it's not like it's not a like it's just like that's how it should be. That's standard. Like this is not, this is not no extra shit. This is what it should be, babe.

Nia (41:15.382)
That's how I feel. Yeah. Why do you want your shit hanging out the front? Yeah.

Bernie (41:28.139)
Somebody say Harry Styles, nigga what?

Nia (41:30.874)
Yeah, I just went to the next one after that. I was like, anywho. Girl, bye.

Bernie (41:33.963)
girl what's the next one saying i think i just heard i think i just heard a couple of pop pop pop i'm gonna say i hope it's fireworks honey

Nia (41:45.538)
They be. Woo. Shout out. They shooting everywhere. They shooting there. They shooting here. They shooting up. They shooting near and far. Far and wide. Damn. Ain't nowhere safe.

Bernie (41:46.187)

Bernie (41:49.387)
They shootin' everywhere, girl. It's too much.

Bernie (42:00.139)
It's so bad. Well, that's why this economy is fucked. We're in a crisis.

Nia (42:08.414)
We are. And no one's... Everyone's acting like, oh no, it's just fine. No, I think people are literally losing their fucking minds.

Bernie (42:09.579)
We really are.

Bernie (42:16.907)
People are losing their fucking minds. Like, losing their fucking minds.

Nia (42:22.162)
It's not funny but I think people are really losing it.

Bernie (42:26.539)
It's only funny because I feel like we have to laugh to keep from crying because this shit really is great.

Nia (42:32.210)
Oh yeah, for real. I think I have like, whatever condition it is where you laugh at inappropriate times or when you're like uncomfortable or anxious, I got that. Real bad. Real, real bad. Like the world could be ending and I'm going to burst out into laughter.

Bernie (42:43.563)
Yeah. Real bad.

Bernie (42:53.419)
Because at that point, what else do you do?

Nia (42:57.429)
I did all this for nothing. I'm gonna crack up. I guess funny as hell. Wow, okay.

Bernie (43:00.043)
Is it over?

Bernie (43:06.475)

Nia (43:06.818)
Okay, so this next one. This is a subreddit for both men and women who have a hand fetish. Okay. So this is just a subreddit for people to express their hand fetish. So let's see what we got here.

Bernie (43:21.419)
Oh, that's great!

Bernie (43:25.483)
Yeah, I see. They have like actual ones. So there's like subreddits in particular for people who have interests, like there's man hands, there's like lovely hands, like women hands. And then there's other ones of just like different hand fetishy type stuff, you know, people like doing stuff with. Yeah, right? Like a tie, a nice little vein.

Nia (43:32.002)
man hands.

Nia (43:39.679)
Oh, I do like the veins.

Bernie (43:50.475)
Mm-hmm. Looks like you've been working today. Like, yeah

Nia (43:54.242)
So if you have a hand fetish, querephelia, if you ever experienced that, you can check out some of these subreddits, r slash hands, r slash man hands, hand fetish, lovely hands.

Nia (44:11.454)
I'm not mad at this. I don't have a hand fetish, but I'm not I'm not mad at what I saw. Yes. Yes. Who wouldn't want to see somebody with some crusty old hands? You know?

Bernie (44:12.715)
No. It's aesthetically pleasing, though.

Bernie (44:22.507)

Bernie (44:26.667)
And I always have to say like if probably people who have like a ham fetish you're probably like you could they could probably get off with like watching somebody be jerked off or something like that or like watching somebody be fingered or something like that probably really gets gets like

Bernie (44:46.283)
I feel like...

Nia (44:47.358)
It's probably that's probably one side of the extreme and then there's probably or not so extreme part, but there's probably people on the very far extreme, like the person who mentioned the ASMR stuff or like people who can like get off by someone playing a guitar or a piano, like just doing basic stuff around the house and they're like, Oh, wigging out. Yeah, I am soaked.

Bernie (44:59.371)
Yeah, they're like, I don't even-

Bernie (45:06.987)
get basic stuff around the house and you're like, I am so keen.

Nia (45:16.766)
And all they're doing is just like washing the dishes. Just doing basic household chores and they're over there losing their fucking mind, like jumping out of their seat. That sounds like torture actually. All he gotta do is clean up. You're like, ugh.

Bernie (45:19.051)
Yeah, like, fucking...

Bernie (45:29.195)
Yeah, like, clean up and just everything, just this is it. This is peak, this is peak orgasm. Just clean up. Mm.

Nia (45:38.342)
Oh, I do like watching a man just clean up in general like, oh, oh, you're doing stuff around the house. Oh,

Bernie (45:43.243)
They ain't low-key. Ooh. It's just, it do something.

Nia (45:49.234)
stuff around the house. Oh yes, make the bed.

Bernie (45:51.691)
Okay, this next one was interesting though. It said, is a ham fetish the female equivalent of a foot fetish? I have a girlfriend who would genuinely ask for hand picks in the way dudes will ask for feet picks. Up until that point, I didn't know what to think. Really?

Nia (46:02.062)
I think it is.

Nia (46:06.782)
I was just thinking that honestly and I was like, I wonder if this is kind of like the female equivalent to feet.

Bernie (46:15.467)
That could be true, especially thinking about it, you could even have the fetish of it if you like being choked, like with, I guess, big hands or some manly hands or whatever, or even if it's cute little dainty hands and being choked, because you like hands, just like that even, which could do both, obviously if you're into the choking and then the hands, it's like a plus plus. That's actually a good point. I guess because you...

Nia (46:32.988)

Bernie (46:42.347)
would think that feet are seen as more, I guess, a masculine feature, I guess, I don't know. And I wonder if there are women out there that do have feet fetishes. I feel like it is often seen as a more male center. I've never seen a video of women sucking feet or anything like that, or sucking another, a lesbian porn of feet. I've never seen anything like that, but I have seen a woman not very rarely suck a dude's feet, but it's very rare.

Nia (47:03.027)

Nia (47:10.751)

Bernie (47:13.259)

Nia (47:13.564)
I don't have QFE.

Bernie (47:17.227)
Even like in lesbian, I don't think I've ever seen that.

Nia (47:17.630)
I don't like long toes.

Nia (47:22.098)
Y'all be having long toes.

Bernie (47:22.603)
And I click for some lesbian porn. Oh, the long, yeah, the long, like the middle toe being longer than the big toe.

Nia (47:29.434)
or just long toes in general. I don't like long toes. I'd rather them be a little stubby, sure. Yeah. And like cute, like baby feet are cute. Like I like baby feet, not like that, but like I think they're cute. And like they're all fat and just round. I'm like, aw, I love little baby feet.

Bernie (47:33.003)
I'm gonna go to bed.

Bernie (47:38.251)
Little short little nev-y night.

Bernie (47:53.195)

Bernie (47:56.427)
You write the long-

Nia (47:57.186)
But once they grow into like an adult foot and they like flatten out a little bit and then you can see like all the, like I don't like when you can see the veins or whatever though, the ligaments on the top of the foot. Yeah, I don't like that.

Bernie (48:09.451)
Oh, like the little bone.

Bernie (48:13.355)
Okay, it's great to say you absolutely hate feet. I think I just, I do like feet, but I'm more so like into the like the toes like situation for me as opposed to like, I'm not into the toes.

Nia (48:16.195)
I don't like that.

Nia (48:19.359)
I really hate feet.

Nia (48:25.871)
It took a while.

Nia (48:29.812)
Oh. Hmm.

Bernie (48:30.315)
Like I'm not gonna suck nobody's heel or no shit like that. Like I'm not putting somebody's heel in my mouth. The fuck? Yeah.

Nia (48:33.408)
Yeah, no, no, no.

Nia (48:36.722)
Yeah, the toe. Yeah, it makes sense that the focus is more of like the toe. But it took a while for me to be okay with like people's feet touching me, like bare feet.

Bernie (48:42.123)

Bernie (48:49.355)
Really? Oh, you can even do the very, like, ooh.

Nia (48:50.862)
because I don't.

Nia (48:54.770)
No, I- I'm pretty- I was pretty close to having like a foot phobia. Like, I did not like feet. Yeah.

Bernie (48:59.595)
Oh shit!

Bernie (49:03.915)
Oh, feet just like creeped you the fuck out.

Nia (49:07.318)
Like, don't put your feet on me.

Bernie (49:13.003)
dead. Okay, so that's like total.

Nia (49:13.132)

Nia (49:17.614)

Nia (49:20.034)
Hands cool. Love them.

Bernie (49:25.099)
Okay, this one was more of like a, I guess, I don't know, I guess an open discussion, so to speak, I don't know. It says, How do people with a hand fetish function? I've only met two people with a hand fetish and both of them refuse to talk about it. If you're sexually attracted to hands, how do you keep yourself under control every day? For these people, hands are an object of sexual attraction, but hands are something that everyone has on display at all times. So if you're seeing that everyone has them on display,

Nia (49:43.042)
That's what I'm saying!

Bernie (49:53.067)
How do you keep themselves from not being horny or keeping it under control? I do. I have an answer for that. And I say that, think about it like, okay, if somebody's like, oh, I have an attraction for big asses. I love ass.

Bernie (50:13.899)
You can keep that under control. You probably look, you know, to check everybody's asses and just like, oh, I just like to do a booty check because that's just how I get down, because I like ass. So you're not getting a hard dick or like getting wet over like just, you know, taking a gander at the booties to see, you know, just what's up because you want to check out everybody's tail. You know, that's just how you like to give it up.

Nia (50:29.589)

Nia (50:33.514)
A dander!

Bernie (50:37.387)
So I think it's possible to do that and have a hand fetish and just be like, oh, I just check everybody's, you know, you're looking at everybody's hands like, my limb is cute. You know, they got a nice set.

Nia (50:47.363)

Nia (50:50.958)
which you probably can't work in like a nail shop.

Bernie (50:54.347)
Oh, you'll probably, I don't, yeah, like doing the nail? I feel like that would be tough.

Nia (50:57.094)
You know what? Yeah. That would be torture. You have the chair soaking wet. That's just too much.

Bernie (51:04.843)
Absolutely. You would leave work sobbing every day. Just like...

Nia (51:14.079)
Yeah, so.

Bernie (51:14.219)
Because you're working with your hands, like using your own hands.

Nia (51:19.082)
Yeah, that would be too much. That I was trying to think like, even maybe an office setting might be distracting if you're like watching other people type or.

Bernie (51:32.299)

Nia (51:33.346)
trying to think of other scenarios where it would just be horrible but seems like like you said a day to day yeah a day to day regular you know regular day it shouldn't be a problem like you said ass is all around us you can take a pee but it's you know it's not hindering your day

Bernie (51:37.003)
It could just be essentially overload.

Bernie (51:44.843)

Bernie (51:50.315)
is upon us. I mean some more than others. No, but you may do you check just about booty check let me just see you know maybe and it's just great.

Nia (52:01.090)
We all do.

Bernie (52:04.459)
I think we are too. Period. I don't care who it's on.

Nia (52:04.814)
If I see a fat ass, I'ma look.

Nia (52:10.711)
Don't care.

Nia (52:16.710)

Bernie (52:17.227)
Was there another one?

Nia (52:23.783)
I think there was one more.

Nia (52:27.278)
Someone asking do I have a hand fetish or is this just normal? So they don't know but they think hands are hot as fuck? I go for...

Nia (52:42.306)
types of hands and my heart skips a beat when I see good hands. I don't worship hands 24-7 or anything. I just kind of live my life normally? Question mark, question mark, question mark. But hands are hot? Question mark. They do not know.

Bernie (53:01.131)
They know they're very confused.

Bernie (53:05.387)
Ooh, it feels like they're almost like uncomfortable with like being certain of it because it sounds certain that they do have a hand pressure because they think hands are hot as fuck. They can still function in their day to day, but when they see a nice pair of they say they skip a beat. I would say yeah, you might want to explore that. You know what I mean? Dig in. No pun intended.

Nia (53:15.650)

Nia (53:22.318)
That's a fetish.

Nia (53:28.458)
Yeah, that's a fetish. It doesn't have to stop your day to day.

Bernie (53:37.675)
And I think people may think, just because you have a fetish for something doesn't mean that it debilitates you to go about your day. That's when it's a problem. That's when you have an addiction. But you can have a fetish for something and still be able to function like a normal human being and go to work and wash dishes.

Nia (53:46.081)

Nia (53:49.329)

Nia (53:58.410)
Yes. I think that's where people are getting confused. And that's a good point, because if that is driving you crazy, just normal, everyday, things that people need to do everyday. You need to shower. You probably need to clean up your house. You gotta use your hand to open the door and brush your hair or stuff. Like stuff like that, and all of that is like sending you through the roof. That might be a problem. That's beyond.

Bernie (54:26.987)

Nia (54:27.926)
fetish, beyond a king. It's getting into addiction. If you just like, I like a nice set of hands. I like some strong hands. I like a nice manicure hand. That's fine.

Bernie (54:32.139)
Yeah, like, obsession, a fixation, like...

Bernie (54:42.603)
That's totally fine. Like you can manage, you're not like, that's fine. That's okay. Like you're good, babe. You're in safe hands.

Nia (54:44.682)
It might be a little fetish.

Nia (54:48.876)

Nia (54:52.639)
No pun intended.

Bernie (54:52.875)

Nia (54:59.078)
Okay, Mr. Allstate, you say you want good hands. He sell insurance.

Bernie (55:01.547)
That's what I'm giving you. You are in good hands. Uh.

Bernie (55:10.795)
Here's his last one. I fell in sure, let all stay thin. It said, is it common for pianists to develop a hand fetish? I've been playing piano for three years now and I recently came to realize that I have developed a hand fetish. I did not experience this before. I think that this is because of me playing the piano and watching so many piano performances. Have other people playing the piano experienced similar things also? Is this unique to pianists or does this happen to other instruments as well?

Nia (55:11.126)
When we're not podcasting, he also sells insurance.

Nia (55:41.654)
Damn, see, I didn't even read these beforehand. I hit this on the head with the piano and the guitar. I pulled that out my ass.

Bernie (55:46.603)
Yeah. Like.

Bernie (55:52.171)

Nia (55:52.278)
Cause I could see how that would, that's very handsy.

Bernie (55:56.619)
super handsy. Like it's all hands and a little bit of a toe and a foot if you want to pump that bitch down if you really know what you're doing. A little boom bap.

Nia (55:58.278)
If you fuck with hands.

Nia (56:04.778)
You know, if you do like a little, yeah.

Nia (56:09.970)
Oh, what about, what about like on Adam's family? Thing, thing just be running around doing shit. I wonder if people are like, do they get like turned on by that?

Bernie (56:23.723)
Yeah, well, maybe the person, you know how a lot of these like childhood stories are finding out that people had like fetishes and blah, blah, blah, and were on some other shit and they put these little things within TV to whatever. Like, you remember that, like that weird guy who used to be over Nickelodeon or whatever, and it was a foot, the Nickelodeon time. Yeah, they had a foot there. Yeah, and that's why they put the foot situation there. And maybe the person with the Adam's amp, this is again, alleged hypothetically.

Nia (56:34.570)
Uh huh.

Nia (56:39.826)
Oh yeah, Dan Schneider. Yes, and he had like a foot. Yeah.

Nia (56:50.231)
He need to go jail.

Bernie (56:52.171)
but like maybe they did the hand because that was their look.

Nia (56:56.686)

Bernie (56:57.739)

Nia (56:59.658)
I don't know why I just thought about that, but they can just be running around just being a hand. And if you like hands, then...

Bernie (57:03.723)
That nigga was running all through the fucking alley. Somebody was probably losing their shit watching that like, ooooh! Just hot in the closet. Just hot, just hot in the pants.

Nia (57:10.799)
Yeah, I wonder how that affects you.

Nia (57:15.662)
Shit, just hot as a furnace down there. Woo! It's giving off some heat.

Bernie (57:21.067)
But do I think like, okay, does the, like playing the piano, can that like turn you into having a fetish? I mean, maybe I guess if you do something for so long, you can begin to admire it. But I don't, I don't know. That's a great question.

Nia (57:41.170)
I think someone described it pretty well. They said, not so much a fetish. I have a fair bit of those, but it's more of a fascination. So just like being fascinated with watching someone play the piano, it is very fascinating watching someone play an instrument, honestly, with their hands.

Bernie (57:53.259)

Bernie (58:02.315)
It is. The one that fascinates me the most is like a fucking violin. I'm like, how is that bitch making all that noise like that? And they'd be fucking it out. I know. And they should be working it. When they return to that, you know, to a fucking hip hop beat on the goddamn violin. I'm like, how are y'all niggas doing this? Yeah, I'm like, this is fucking bananas.

Nia (58:08.894)
I know I'd really be hooting and hollering and all they're doing is this. And that shit really be screaming.

Nia (58:18.734)
I'm gonna be like, They be getting the fuck down.

Nia (58:24.958)
Yeah, that is... That is a good one. Cause it really doesn't sound like it should be making all that fucking noise like that.

Bernie (58:31.275)
It don't like why is this shit making all that fucking noise?

Nia (58:35.038)
and I should really be screaming like Mariah Carey.

Bernie (58:38.571)
Really though.

Bernie (58:41.611)
That's so funny you brought her up. I was just watching this interview with Nick Cannon on there and he was talking about Just like his whole setup with like how he lives his life and shit The ship was crazy He

Nia (58:52.381)
I hate her.

Nia (58:58.345)
I hate that.

Nia (59:03.018)
I do.

Bernie (59:04.075)
I forget that he was really married to Mariah Care for like 10 years.

Bernie (59:09.227)
Like, they really were.

Nia (59:09.324)

Nia (59:11.774)
Yeah. I forget that he had only two kids. At one point.

Bernie (59:14.187)
He really had it.

Bernie (59:18.027)
He did. And then the rest of them came. He was explaining that too. He was like, you know, everything just happened real fast. I'm like, didn't it honey? You had like five bitches pregnant in the same year. Shit was real fast, my nigga. Them sperms, them nuts was fast.

Nia (59:27.061)
You don't say!

Nia (59:36.298)
looking stupid.

Bernie (59:39.499)
But he did say they was all planned. They were not. He said those were, they was all, they was all pretty much planned. He said, he said that it didn't get out of hand. Like he didn't realize how many it was, but like he was just doing it. He was just doing it. He was just doing it. He was just doing it.

Nia (59:45.378)
That's what's even scarier.

Nia (59:51.850)
What? What? Shut up! Don't talk about that, nigga. Shut up! You have to piss me off.

Bernie (01:00:02.219)
Look, this is his word.

Nia (01:00:02.918)
I'm about you making me mad and you're not even Nick. You're pissing me off.

Bernie (01:00:08.011)
This is Nick's words. He said he didn't know it was going to be that many. Kandi was so messy too because Kandi was one interview and Kandi was like, so you want anymore? I was like Kandi you so messy bitch. She was like, do you want anymore we should know about right now?

Nia (01:00:13.238)
You're gonna get beat up for what Nick said.

Bernie (01:00:31.179)
I don't like the ending.

Nia (01:00:31.326)
For real, if you're gonna interview them, let's get the questions out there. The people wanna know.

Bernie (01:00:36.299)
She was asking all the girls. This bitch is on his business. I love it.

Nia (01:00:40.502)
Who was that? Who interviewed him when they asked him to name all the kids and then he forgot like? It's not funny. He forgot like two.

Bernie (01:00:44.427)
Oh my god. I don't know who that man was.

Bernie (01:00:51.755)
Oh, that was such a bad day for him on the internet. It really was. I don't know why he would fall into that trap. I'd be like, mind your business.

Nia (01:00:57.944)

Nia (01:01:05.234)
No good? Well, you don't know their names or their birthdays.

Bernie (01:01:05.259)
Especially if I knew I didn't know the answer. I'm not even gonna get into it.

Nia (01:01:12.728)
Mm-mm-mm-mm. Now piss me off. I'm gonna raise my blood pressure. I can't believe you.

Bernie (01:01:14.923)
Um... You little... You little...

Nia (01:01:22.070)
So what?

Bernie (01:01:26.859)
The man said, I didn't know it got this many. Oh my goodness, I can't. I think that's all we got y'all. Is that Pat Toons there?

Nia (01:01:35.198)
Oh, fuck. That really made me mad.

Bernie (01:01:38.475)
These things are really crazy though.

Nia (01:01:43.432)
You pissed me off.

Bernie (01:01:45.835)
Ugh. Heh heh.

Nia (01:01:48.126)
Yes, that was fat to say y'all. I'm sorry. That man really boils my blood because I, ooh, anyhow, like you said.

Bernie (01:01:50.187)
To bed, Tuesday.

Bernie (01:02:01.675)
He's something else.

Nia (01:02:05.938)
I'm gonna pray for her. I'm gonna pray for her.

Bernie (01:02:08.587)
Good one, F4. You guys already know where to find us. Wise Freaks pot on everything.

Bernie (01:02:16.939)
fuck with us individually. Yes, fuck with us on TikTok.

Nia (01:02:16.950)
Fuck with us on TikTok. Fuck with us on IG. Fuck with us on Twitter. But really fuck with us on TikTok. Cause y'all be, y'all do be fucking with us on TikTok. It'll be going, it'll be going off. So.

Bernie (01:02:33.803)
We need to find people to comment over there on IG2.

Nia (01:02:37.118)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Nia (01:02:40.330)
It's all connected. Just you know, just hop over there. You know, and comment on the video on IG too. But TikTok shout out to y'all. You all have been fucking with us. So appreciate it. Continue fucking with us. And we'll be back.

Bernie (01:02:40.747)

Bernie (01:02:58.219)
Um, yeah, we'll be back same place, same time, uh, wherever the fuck y'all know. It's on a Tuesday over now.

Nia (01:03:07.246)
That's all we got. Bye.