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Klismaphilia... How Enemas Became Sexy

May 02, 2023 Season 3 Episode 130
Wise Freaks
Klismaphilia... How Enemas Became Sexy
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Today, we're going to delve into the topic of Klismaphilia, a fetish for enemas. What drives individuals to find pleasure in the sensation of having their rectums filled with liquid?  We will share stories and discuss this episode.

Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes as we continue to explore various sexual interests, relationships, and everything in between that's both wise and freaky.

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Nia (00:00.401)
shit funny then I'm gonna crack up. One thing about me, I'm gonna crack the fuck up.

Bernie (00:06.670)
I'm gonna crap your fuck up.

Nia (00:08.753)
Another thing about me, I'ma laugh at a time where it's inappropriate. Oh my god. I- oh. This is why I don't go on Facebook. Because I don't know anything about Facebook. I almost face called someone.

Bernie (00:13.449)

Bernie (00:17.026)
What happened?

Bernie (00:23.816)
Oh shit.

Nia (00:25.541)
Oh my god, the way my soul would have left, oh my god.

Bernie (00:27.618)
Ooh, it's giving geriatric honey.

Nia (00:34.134)
Oh my god.

Bernie (00:35.758)
How you all on Facebook? I didn't even know you could do that shit on Facebook.

Nia (00:40.573)
Oh my god, my soul would have left my body.

Bernie (00:44.578)

Bernie (00:47.086)
Damn, did you feel it in your booty hole? I always like to think that you're asleep. You hold your soul, your soul, like the S, everything is right in the booty hole, right there, boom. Everything you need, everything's in the booty hole. You guys, welcome to another episode of Ice Cream.

Nia (00:50.278)
Oh, I clenched up. I was like.

Nia (00:56.817)
Everything's in the booty hole.

Nia (01:00.561)
right in the booty hole.

Nia (01:05.581)
By the way, hi, uh...

Bernie (01:07.062)
By the way, yeah.

Nia (01:09.401)
Yes, you are listening to the right. You are at the right place.

Bernie (01:13.531)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Nia (01:17.221)
If you couldn't tell by the context that you were at the right place, then I don't know what to tell you, but hello. For a formal introduction, hello. This is Wise Freaks Podcast. I'm your co-host, Mia Niarell.

Bernie (01:17.366)

Bernie (01:40.546)
You guys, it's your other co-host here, Burn, AKA your stepdad, or Papacito Per... Or Naka for some, for some. Yeah, we're back in this bitch with another episode. It's not about booty holes this week, unfortunately, but we probably will get into booty holes at some time.

Bernie (02:09.638)
But before we do that, oh my gosh, so there was this, you know what? Something's going on with these iPhones, chow, because my shit really don't be working.

Nia (02:23.249)
Well, that's what almost got me into that predicament just now. It kind of froze up and I was like trying to go back. And then all of a sudden the screen just it caught up and it moved over and my finger was like right over the FaceTime button. I was like, oh my God. If I had a call somebody FaceTime somebody on Facebook.

Bernie (02:31.453)

Nia (02:50.025)
that I don't talk to? Oh my God.

Bernie (02:51.339)

Bernie (02:54.422)
Like it's one thing on Instagram, which is also a crime, but on Facebook? Has a nigga ever called you on... Has a nigga ever actually called you on Instagram or Facebook?

Nia (02:58.221)
Yeah, I'm not doing that either. Or someone that you don't like talk to.

Nia (03:05.541)
Absolutely not. Hell no.

Bernie (03:10.642)
Oh, shit. I've been called a few times.

Nia (03:12.485)
Because I will be looking at them just like how they probably would have been looking at me if I end up FaceTiming that. Like, are you crazy? Are you fucking unwell?

Bernie (03:21.527)
I'm not gonna hold you. I answered the phone for a few niggas. I'm not gonna lie, man. I have, I did, I did. Yes, it is strange though.

Nia (03:26.889)
The fact that a few did that?

Nia (03:33.233)
Like more than one.

Bernie (03:33.650)
I don't know. I'm just gonna be like, what are you doing? Especially with like niggas that have my phone number.

Nia (03:41.713)
That makes it even more weird.

Bernie (03:43.210)
Yeah, it's like, why am I calling it?

Nia (03:45.865)
Just calm myself.

Bernie (03:47.978)
I don't know, honestly.

Nia (03:50.669)
actually don't call like without a scheduled call.

Bernie (03:54.162)
Unless we've like, yeah, unless we gotten there to where like you can just do that, um, then don't handle me like that.

Nia (03:59.881)

Nia (04:02.505)
But if we're not there yet, don't call unannounced. We need to schedule something.

Bernie (04:05.150)
I don't want to be handled like that. Mm-mm. You don't know what I'm doing, who I'm with, like...

Nia (04:13.606)
It's just rude.

Bernie (04:16.738)
But my man can. But if you're not bad, if you're not bad, what are you doing?

Nia (04:18.865)
Yeah, that's different. Yeah. Yeah. Don't do it.

Bernie (04:24.990)
Okay, so there was this Reddit thread and ciao. Boy, did we learn some things in this thread. It said, what are your sexual fetishes? So people just started lighting up, putting all this shit in here. Somebody said, you know, a little light BDSM when women get super wet. I'm like, okay, I could see that's per. Somebody said my fetish is fat. So they like typically fat.

Nia (04:33.019)
Oh boy.

Nia (04:43.262)
light cause per

Bernie (04:54.870)
people this ad these titties and you know they're like a little belly too and that okay um and then somebody said milking um

Nia (04:55.421)
this ass.

Nia (05:08.553)
Cause FUPA's be FUPA-ing, you know what? What that girl's saying that, um, oh my God, I feel like I can't say this without shouting her. I will find it. But she was doing a standup and she said that this Jamaican guy complimented her FUPA. She was feeling insecure about her body. And he was like, good pum pum neat shelter. And she was like, ah ha!

Bernie (05:12.167)

Nia (05:35.061)
because we're hit.

Bernie (05:38.207)
Yo! Crack! He's a good, powerful knee-shelter. Yo, I'm dead! I'm dead!

Nia (05:39.647)
I was like...

Nia (05:43.189)
I was like, period. My accent was horrible, damn. Yo, and after she said that, I was like, it do. It do, just a little bit, yeah.

Bernie (05:55.470)
They do!

Bernie (06:00.896)
Yeah. Yeah, but somebody said milking. So that's very much just a way to be jerked off. And now I'm thinking about this too. Can a woman be milked?

Nia (06:14.045)
That's what I initially thought, like, milking. Yeah, like, I thought you initially meant, like, milking, yeah. Like, it was giving very much livestock to me, like.

Bernie (06:15.760)
or a person that has a vagina.

Bernie (06:20.966)
Oh, like milk titties.

Bernie (06:27.698)
Oh, I was thinking milking. I thought milking was like if you're jerking somebody off so they come and you're just like, that's milking.

Nia (06:35.577)
I was jacking someone off.

Bernie (06:39.054)
Huh. Yeah? Yes.

Nia (06:39.677)
call it milking? Getting milked.

Nia (06:46.893)
Okay, that's new, I didn't know that. I didn't know that.

Bernie (06:47.994)
That's what I thought it was, yeah. I don't know, maybe look at a little post, let's see, whatever you thought milking was. If you thought A, it was sucking on titties, or if you thought it was jerking somebody off, so they know.

Nia (06:57.705)
What is milking? Yeah. That's fucken' weird. Hmm. I learned something new today.

Bernie (07:00.430)
Um, yeah. Okay. Somebody else said female to male transgender, something about a guy with a vagina gets me riled up as fuck. Now we were having this discussion about whether that's like kind of an appropriate fetish.

Nia (07:21.576)

Bernie (07:22.226)
I don't... know.

Nia (07:24.721)
We weren't sure.

Bernie (07:27.050)
Because we flipped it in a way in which somebody was like, oh, I like, oh, somebody's like, oh, I like white pussy or I like black pussy. Because you're making it an object and it's not being personalized as like, like I guess you can have it as a preference.

Nia (07:38.566)

Nia (07:46.153)
It could be a preference, but when you just kind of like specify it as a pussy, it's kind of just weird. So is he saying that he likes trans... trans women? trans men?

Bernie (07:52.755)

Bernie (08:00.098)
Trans men. Yeah.

Nia (08:04.617)
Why he just say that?

Bernie (08:05.846)
Why just say that? Which I think, I wanna say that that's an appropriate thing to say to say that you have a preference for trans men. Ooh.

Nia (08:15.401)
right. Oh girl, what was that child?

Bernie (08:18.667)
I know. Oh, my little phone's being chowed. It's very cute. Um, if you ever need, uh, you can get it on Amazon. How they cute. Yes. Got it. Not a sponsored episode by Amazon, but it has.

Nia (08:24.977)
Oh, I got one of those. Hello, cute Lincoln bio. Um, no.

Nia (08:34.321)
I'm gonna start selling stuff on my, on like Amazon or like have my link in there because I buy way too much stuff from Amazon and I'll be finding some stuff y'all. So once I get set up, I'm gonna put y'all on but I'm not gonna do it for free. That's all I'm saying. I know. I'm like, I be, shit. Let's look at my recent orders, bitch. I be.

Bernie (08:50.174)
Period. I'll look at that. No, you can make some coin doing that though. Yeah.

Bernie (09:02.590)
Low key. I'm gonna have to tap in. We love a little passive coin. You're gonna do that anyway. You're gonna already buy it.

Nia (09:11.429)
Right. See you.

Bernie (09:13.759)
Somebody said, let's see, I am into light bonding, ask, play both male and female, pegging Asians. Occasionally some fandom as for ones I've done, I'd say all except pegging. I'd be adding pegging to the ones that I've done quite soon though, Asians.

Nia (09:32.605)
the way he put his cringe in there for himself was like, oh, you did it. I thought he knew it was like, okay, I know even me saying this is like cringy. You put it in there. Thank you. Yeah.

Bernie (09:37.763)
I did that. I did it.

Bernie (09:47.387)
No, I cringe saying it. Every time.

Bernie (09:53.802)
Right, ugh. What are you? Like this? Okay.

Nia (09:54.643)
Oh my-

Nia (09:59.813)
We just talked about that, like, it's very much fetishizing. Let's not do that.

Bernie (10:01.430)

Bernie (10:07.070)
And then somebody said, curvy women wearing those granny panties.

Bernie (10:14.274)
So just big, okay, big large panties. Okay, cool. Like, yeah. See, now I was told that I wear granny panties like that my draws like Joe, I was like, oh, you were, I felt like my underwear was like kind of sexy or whatever. Like it was given like, you know, cause I have like, I wear like box, like boxer briefs.

Nia (10:18.137)
Yeah, like parachute, parachute pant.

Nia (10:30.052)

Nia (10:35.094)

Nia (10:38.245)
You just got told your shit was... You said, no. I thought my shit was cute. No.

Bernie (10:43.479)
I thought my shirt was like kind of cute. I was like, you know, I wear like the little tighty-whity and the little boxy brief, but apparently those are the granny.

Nia (10:52.835)
Ooh, okay. So we don't do boxers anymore. Those are not in.

Bernie (10:57.090)
Oh, no, no, no, no. I can't, like, I need everything to be, like, as one, like, together. I just don't want, like, everything's just free like that. Like, I just wouldn't be uncomfortable.

Nia (11:04.797)
just think flapping around all day.

Nia (11:09.337)
It seemed like it would be uncomfortable to me. Like, just to be loose all day? Just loose. Oof.

Bernie (11:20.354)
But would you say that's equivalent to like, like to me that's like almost not wearing any underwear and I can't not have underwear on at work. Like I can't do that.

Nia (11:28.597)
Oh yeah, no, no, I can do it around the house. Like I'll just wear like shorts or something. Like, no, I would never do that.

Bernie (11:35.778)
but you've not gone to work without drawers.

Nia (11:43.313)
No. There's not many places I'm going without wearing underwear.

Bernie (11:44.714)
Oh yeah, I've never done it.

Bernie (11:50.710)
Yeah, I, I, no, I'm not.

Nia (11:52.565)
I feel like too exposed, like I need something, mm-mm. I need something over Miss Girl.

Bernie (11:55.554)
Mm-hmm, and I just feel like it's me And it's just an opportunity for me like I need more impact cuz I might pop a boner You never know what might happen cuz you there for eight hours shit. There's a chance you get horny for like a quick second Like on accident

Nia (12:14.501)
Okay, I guess I just don't have that problem. So, I can't relate.

Bernie (12:17.094)
No. Because you're the brain.

Bernie (12:22.158)
I'm sure everybody gets a loan on you.

Nia (12:22.821)
I've never, never once at work been like, oh, a little turned on.

Nia (12:30.201)
actually makes me the exact opposite. Never been drier.

Nia (12:35.945)
than when I'm at work in the office.

Nia (12:40.969)
dries a bomb.

Bernie (12:44.122)
Okay, I can see that. Yeah, nah.

Nia (12:44.445)
Sahara Desert. Yeah. A granny panties. So what, okay. That's gonna be another question. What are the equivalent to granny panties for men? I guess. And apparently they're.

Bernie (12:57.754)
Yeah, because I guess the sexy underwear is like, you know, you can wear a thong underwear or like a jock strap or like, you know, kind of like, yeah. I mean.

Nia (13:06.377)
And then where are those though? Like just like.

Bernie (13:11.854)
I mean, yeah, you just like wearing jocks sometimes, you know? I mean, I honestly never really fucked with jocks raps like that even in sports. Like I did sometimes, but like, I just didn't like my ass out like that while I was playing soccer. Like, I just felt like that was odd. Like, yeah, and I'm not like saying I was like double cheeked up, but like my booty clapping around like that. Like, I was...

Nia (13:25.265)
Yeah, it seemed like a lot. Like, why do I need to put on a thong? Placebacker.

Nia (13:31.317)

Nia (13:33.949)
But why do you have to have that on for soccer? You know, like.

Bernie (13:36.590)
I don't know. I mean, just because if you just want to hold your nuts and you want to wear, I don't know. I guess what else?

Nia (13:42.717)
Why can't you hold your nuts and cover your booty cheeks? Mine's gotta be like a thong.

Bernie (13:50.934)
Some people, I guess it's more comfortable for me. The less you have on, maybe the faster you run, child. I don't know. Taking the ass out of the underwear might make you run faster. It's possible.

Nia (13:57.508)

Nia (14:01.906)
I'm sorry.

Nia (14:05.725)
What do I know? I don't-

Bernie (14:07.062)
But like, I don't know, I just don't, the cute shit, like I like it, but it just, sometimes it just don't be cutting right or it feels like, I don't know, like it just be feeling, and I feel like I feel weird. And I don't know, maybe I need to get a bigger size.

Bernie (14:22.683)
Like, I feel like...

Nia (14:24.008)
So you're saying you double cheeked us. That's what you're saying? You got me.

Bernie (14:26.703)
I mean, you know...

Bernie (14:32.543)
I mean, I got one, and maybe I just really not wearing the right size. I just need to get a size. I'm... I'm...

Nia (14:38.126)
Oh, yuck.

Nia (14:42.189)
It's the way people be wanting to acknowledge the little bit. When they get a little bit of thing, you see what happens when you get people a little bit of ass, they can't wait to talk about it. They be like, I mean, like.

Bernie (14:51.422)
Low key though, like...

Bernie (14:57.479)
Like this little bit of booty I just like been putting on like or whatever like I understand like the BBL girls now like I get it like you know I understand like it is I would like you know I'm carrying this shit around it's a lot.

Nia (14:58.357)
I'm just kidding.

Nia (15:03.957)
Oh yeah, I get it so much.

Nia (15:11.461)
And I act like mine is big like already. So like, I can only imagine if I actually got a BBL. Are you kidding me? I be saying my big, my booty is huge right now. Like my booty is so big. Don't it look big?

Bernie (15:18.603)
I understand now, now that I put this little bit of booty on.

Bernie (15:28.270)
I think about that before before I even got asked know when I was lying like damn my unless you kind of fat like I'm lying. I know other people lying like yeah girl. You got a little something like I had no ass before Like now I finally got a little booty on me now, but yeah lying

Nia (15:33.350)
I always used to lie to myself.

Nia (15:37.318)
It's fat.

Nia (15:41.901)
And now you don't know how to act. You get a little bit of ass. Just a little bit of ass. And bitches don't know how to act. So you wonder why these BBL girls walk around like their shit don't stink? Because.

Bernie (15:53.770)
Yeah, honestly, every pic, if you see me pop up on the gram and every pic is from the day, just keep scrolling. I'm one of the Instagram VVL bitches now. That's my aesthetic.

Nia (16:03.825)
I... You gotta eat like this.

Nia (16:08.079)
Yeah, I do like that.

Bernie (16:10.328)
I'm sorry.

Nia (16:13.853)
the BBL effect. Oh my god.

Bernie (16:15.630)
Oh, fucking hell. Okay, somebody said, hold on, autosophilia, chronophilia. Okay, this nigga's talking about way too much. Oh, okay, here, somebody explained it. Pleasure from imagining oneself an animal, that's autosophilia. Chronophilia is attraction to specific, ooh, to specific child.

Nia (16:27.882)

Bernie (16:45.334)
This far.

Nia (16:52.413)
That's the way you said that, I can't. Ooh. Shaaah.

Bernie (16:59.778)
This phone number really cut out on me, Carol. I'm gonna have to, um... No, I'm dead. My phone literally just shit the bed on me.

Nia (17:02.421)
Uh-uh, not the phone shut down. Oh, child. Child, let me jump in here. Not the phone, dad. Phone's saying back.

Bernie (17:19.074)
The screen still is fucked. I don't know what to do with her.

Nia (17:27.753)
Mm-hmm. Okay, autosophilia chronophilia. Okay, they're gonna explain these Okay, chronophilia attraction to a specific age group hold up What you mean hold on

Bernie (17:33.294)

Bernie (17:41.527)
Whoa whoa!

Bernie (17:45.302)
of age, maybe just of age, right? Let's assume.

Nia (17:47.933)
We'll put that in there.

Bernie (17:51.350)
Like let's say you're attracted to 60 year old women.

Nia (17:54.261)
nigga the authorities will be showing up to your house

Bernie (17:58.900)

Nia (18:01.057)
We know what corpophilia is. That's the scatfish. That's the Dubai kinks and links. Dacrophilia. One who is aroused when they see cry. Also sketchy. Exhibitionism. Likes to be naked in public. Formicophilia. Pleasure gained from imagining.

Bernie (18:02.698)
Yeah, that's that. Yeah. Mm-hmm. The Dubai Kingston link.

Bernie (18:18.997)

Nia (18:28.113)
or having insects crawling on them. Make a what?

Bernie (18:30.482)
Ew. Nigga, that sounded like some Fear Factor bullshit.

Nia (18:36.133)
Okay, here we go. Shit. Jim, Jim, me, oh hell no.

Bernie (18:46.934)

Nia (18:51.001)
I think we missed a couple of syllables, but that's attraction to effeminated or transgendered men. That's what we talked about earlier.

Bernie (18:54.638)
each other.

Bernie (19:00.782)
Okay, so there is a term.

Nia (19:05.280)
Mhm. Masculin... ..lenya. Fetish for armpits.

Nia (19:13.961)
God, what olfactophilia, attraction to BO.

Bernie (19:15.701)
I'm really-

Bernie (19:18.990)
I'm gonna go out and say this, and I'm all here for it to obviously support all of this. However, we don't need a fucking name. We don't need a name for everything.

Nia (19:27.237)
No, not these last couple.

Nia (19:33.437)
Some of these.

Bernie (19:35.278)
Are they getting crazed? Let me see. Let me get this damn phone back up.

Nia (19:36.277)
Damn. Prison.

Bernie (19:42.518)
How to feel ya?

Nia (19:42.601)

Nia (19:45.833)
Foot fetish.

Bernie (19:45.970)
Oh, we knew that, foot fetish. That's what it's called?

Nia (19:50.569)
That makes kinda sense because like podiatry is the... Hold up.

Nia (19:57.397)

Bernie (19:59.854)

Nia (19:59.993)
Yeah, that makes sense. And then it starts getting crazy. I'm like, okay, hold on. Y'all are going to jail. Y'all going under the jail.

Bernie (20:13.954)
Definitely. Yeah, they got to be fucking playing. But um.

Nia (20:14.193)
Did they say that they liked that?

Bernie (20:22.222)
Insomnophilia, liking to fondle somebody in their sleep. Yerlo... Yerlogenia, that's piss fetish. I think that's wrong. Voyeurism, obviously arousal, gain for thought or action, watching others have sex. Yes, zoophilia, fetish for animals. All right, yeah, that's pretty intense. I think...

Nia (20:27.717)
Okay, jail.

Nia (20:35.568)

Nia (20:49.138)
Okay. Yikes.

Bernie (20:52.422)
On that note, the baby father's a fucking hell.

Nia (21:00.442)
Yes, let's get into the babyfathers. I'm just gonna pick somebody from my list because...

Nia (21:10.413)
I mean, shit.

Bernie (21:12.378)
Yeah, I actually fortunately have mine this week all prepared and that's because I saw him scrolling down my twitter timeline For whatever reason and a great reason didn't need one honestly, but it's morris chestnut it's like what serves a photo of like his um a headshot of him and Just the face card was really facing

Bernie (21:36.642)
Just a beautiful Pokemon. Never, never, never. If you don't know who he is, y'all, go Google it, best man. What other movies?

Nia (21:36.657)
And it always is. It's never declined.

Nia (21:41.438)

Nia (21:44.651)

Bernie (21:52.961)
Was he?

Nia (21:53.193)
Oh, so many classics. I just can't think of them off the top of my head. But like, you know, any black classic just

Bernie (21:59.246)
But he man... Okay, yeah, the best man, Rosewood, I don't know that one, and Boyz n the Hood. Yeah, The Wood, I think. Like Mike, I forgot that nigga was in there.

Nia (22:05.885)
The wood, right?

Nia (22:10.437)
I think, maybe I'm lying.

Nia (22:14.494)
Boys in the hood.

Bernie (22:15.792)

Nia (22:17.582)
Oh, the perfect guy. Yep, yep.

Bernie (22:18.950)
Oh, two can play that game. I forgot that was good as hell. Bebeca was, she was doing her thing in that too.

Bernie (22:25.519)
Um, but yeah, he has some good movies, so.

Nia (22:30.222)
You fine?

Bernie (22:31.225)
And he's fine.

Nia (22:33.949)
I'm lying, he was not in the woods. Not that I'm thinking about it, I was like, that was not him.

Bernie (22:36.175)
I didn't... that's a Tarrant Tay Diggs.

Nia (22:40.473)
Yes, he was not in the woods. I just think about that because they were in the woods. Okay, don't take my black iron, y'all. Please. Don't take my black iron. It was a miss- it was a Freudian slip.

Bernie (22:41.272)

Bernie (22:48.194)

Bernie (22:55.198)
It's okay, all niggas look alike. No, I'm just playing. Yeah. Yeah. It's fine. It's fine.

Nia (22:58.723)

Nia (23:04.981)
I feel like I need to chew somebody chocolate now.

Bernie (23:09.114)
Okay, who you got?

Nia (23:12.853)
Hmm. Hmm. As much as I wanna say Damson, he's been mine so many times.

Bernie (23:20.934)
Okay, that's always a great choice. I know, but it's never a bad choice.

Nia (23:26.861)
No, but I think this week is gonna be, um, John Boyega. Boyega. Boyega.

Bernie (23:31.918)

Bernie (23:34.854)
Oh, okay.

Nia (23:39.025)
Yeah. H4.

Bernie (23:40.286)
Okay. Not bad.

Bernie (23:44.510)
I think, was this the nigga that there was a conversation about? People were like, I don't know why people keep saying this nigga's cute. He's not cute. And then people were like mad about it. I'm like, okay, baby, that's just your opinion. Why are we arguing over this man's looks? I mean, he cute. Was it, okay. Was it John? Okay.

Nia (23:58.713)
No, I think that was Jonathan Major.

Nia (24:02.777)
And they were, yeah, they was like, he's only civil rights fine. I was like, nigga, what does that mean? Ha!

Bernie (24:07.918)
I'm like, what the fuck does that even mean?

Nia (24:13.021)
But like somehow at the same time I understood.

Bernie (24:16.766)
And I got it too. I did. I'm not gonna act like I didn't get what I meant. Like I, it's like the nigga has a look to him.

Nia (24:18.841)
I was like, this feels wrong.

Nia (24:25.949)
He's cancelled anyway.

Bernie (24:27.928)
Well, we don't know because nothing's come out with like what the truth is. So like.

Nia (24:31.833)
Well, he's gotten drop dropped by like his PR team and like.

Bernie (24:34.306)
But like, who, but nobody knows the actual truth. Like of what really happened. We have no evidence, nothing. That's why I'm like, that's so shitty that all that's happening to him and we don't even know. Like this could be a flat out lie.

Nia (24:39.057)
We don't. We have no idea.

Nia (24:48.681)
But wouldn't that have came out by now?

Bernie (24:50.494)
I don't know. I don't know.

Bernie (24:55.278)
That's why I always feel bad when things like that happen because we all

Nia (24:55.374)
How do you fuck up? That was the that was the fastest rise and fall From grace that I've ever seen in my entire life

Bernie (25:04.969)
And I just hate that it had to be my brother.

Nia (25:07.429)
And he fucked up a Marvel bay. You know that man? That man had a contract with Marvel for the next 10 years. He was going to be the next Thanos.

Bernie (25:10.624)

Bernie (25:17.908)

Nia (25:18.909)
Like he was going to be that nigga that was giving people nightmares because he's whooping everybody's ass. Like he was going to be that nigga and he fucked it up. So for that, I lost respect.

Bernie (25:30.654)
I really hope that the truth comes out. I just hope it's not what it is. But I will say, I just hope the truth comes out of what happened and we figure it out.

Nia (25:41.337)
It doesn't look good. It don't look good.

Bernie (25:43.934)
It's just damn, I understand putting his work on pause, but damn he had to be dropped from everything like he has to live Oh

Nia (25:54.293)
You shouldn't be putting your hands on bitches. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know what happened. Allegedly, I don't know what happened.

Bernie (25:57.866)
Allegedly. Allegedly.

Bernie (26:03.064)

Nia (26:04.593)
what the streets is saying. And his PR team. And maybe the lawyers.

Bernie (26:05.826)
That's what the streets is saying.

Nia (26:13.825)
Anywho, it's not about him, it's about John. Oh, there you go.

Bernie (26:18.638)
Yes, Johnny Boyega and more, uh, Casper.

Nia (26:23.481)
I guess he was... Yeah, he was in... he was in like some Star Wars movie or something like that. I don't watch Star Wars. As I said many times before I can only do one nerdy franchise and I have chose my fate with Marvel. So that's my thing. And I can't do any others. He was also in the Woman King and he was looking real good in the Woman King.

Bernie (26:31.538)
I don't either. I don't know nothing about this artwork.

Bernie (26:42.132)

Bernie (26:46.358)

Bernie (26:51.190)
I didn't see that.

Nia (26:52.651)
real chocolate.

Bernie (26:55.492)

Nia (26:56.345)
real powerful.

Bernie (27:00.066)
We have to stand.

Nia (27:02.682)
Ooh, I had to come back.

Bernie (27:06.849)

Nia (27:07.061)
I have to come back.

Bernie (27:12.531)
Ooh, let's do this. OK, so she's back up and running. Thank god. She's back up and running. She's working now. Yeah, I might have to upgrade this bullshit, but I just refuse because these niggas get enough from me. What more do they want, my pussy?

Nia (27:13.221)
Is your phone back up and running, child? Are we going to be okay?

Nia (27:27.357)
They really do.

Bernie (27:31.732)
Like, what do you guys want from me?

Nia (27:33.737)
What more do you want?

Nia (27:37.728)
Oh my god.

Nia (27:42.437)
Okay let's see what we have next here. John Boyega and Morris Chestnut. Chocolate!

Bernie (27:51.662)
I am.

Nia (27:54.649)
Okay, well, should we get into the meat?

Bernie (27:57.302)
It was a very... Yeah, let's get into the meat.

Nia (28:04.117)
And boy oh boy, today is all about the booty hole. So remember what we said about the booty hole, everything you need is right there? Well.

Bernie (28:12.450)
right in the booty hole. So I guess this kind of is the booty hole in a way, but yeah.

Nia (28:21.501)
But not exactly.

Bernie (28:22.776)

Nia (28:24.665)
Okay, what we're referring to is clesmophilia?

Bernie (28:31.210)
Yep, that sounds right to me.

Nia (28:31.749)
Am I saying that right? Okay. So, clasemophilia is where an individual is sexually interested or aroused by the entrance of liquids into the anus or rectum. Most often this is done by the use of enemas.

Bernie (28:51.170)

Nia (28:52.037)
Okay, okay. So it's really just the liquid.

Bernie (28:58.410)
I'm wondering if it's, I think it's the liquid and it's the, um...

Bernie (29:05.714)
It is pleasure, I guess the idea of it. Yeah.

Bernie (29:13.430)
Anemones, again, for everybody who don't know, anemones are injections of fluid used to cleanse and stimulate and empty your bowel. So this procedure has been used for years to treat constipation, basically. Basically to clean you out. So you can use an anema to do that. But yeah, so people get basically sexual pleasure from giving anemones to other people. Warm water is used to clean the lower rectum and substances have been...

people actually use other substances aside from just water. So typically like, I do a, what we call it a fleet. Like a, it's like basically an anal douche, like fleeting and it's to clean out. So you can have just water, like just a little warm water just to clean you out so you can have sex and anal sex rather, anal sex. So yeah, but animas, you can do like,

Nia (29:52.509)
What does that consist of?

Nia (29:58.133)
Okay. Okay.

Bernie (30:08.142)
coffee enemas, like you can, I'm feeling, I've known about coffee enemas. They're supposed to be good. They like clean you out or whatever. There's some like, really some healing shit behind a coffee enema.

Bernie (30:29.066)
Yeah, I know. I just saw your thing said, like, your browser doesn't allow recording. So are you no longer recording?

Bernie (30:48.238)
but you're not recording right now.

Bernie (30:51.842)
It says, what should I do?

Bernie (30:55.886)
to have the support.

Bernie (31:05.294)
I'd like that it browser says news browser doesn't allow recording. Join the studio from a different support browser.

Bernie (31:13.310)
Like I don't even understand what is happening. I said, someone come fix this.

Bernie (31:21.067)

Bernie (31:24.898)
Were people watching the live stream? No, they weren't. And thank God they weren't. You rusty crusty bitches. Perform.

Bernie (31:36.010)
Raggedy ass hoes. Puss ass.

Bernie (31:41.442)
What are you gonna, they're like, put your email address in and tell us what the topic is. The topic is record this shit right now, bitch. That's what the topic is. Like, the fuck are we talking about? Get a live agent in this fucking chat. Get a live, I'm about to put that in the comment. Get a live agent in this mother fucking chat, bitch. You're in the middle of a show and you got us fucked up.

Bernie (32:11.007)
MEOW! N-E-O-W, bitch! Pfft!

Bernie (32:19.290)
I would go out and then I guess come back in. I don't know what to do, honestly. Or like.

Bernie (32:56.898)
since you've still done a live recording.

Bernie (33:05.554)
And look at my screen. I have no home screen. I can't swipe through any home screen. Like it just looks like this permanently. I don't know why.

Bernie (33:15.074)
But I can go to apps if I swipe up. It's blurred. It's just blurred.

Bernie (33:22.750)
I can only open apps that are already open. I can only, I don't even know if I can click them. Oh, I can click them, but that's my home screen. It just looks like I can still click them now.

Bernie (33:41.451)
What is going on?

Bernie (33:47.798)
If we say something that we weren't supposed to, Michelle Obama's internet, like I don't understand.

Bernie (33:59.742)
Ooh, girl, them niggas ain't my door. No, I'm just playing. I'm not funny.

Bernie (34:14.590)
I'm too gummy, so I'm nervous.

Bernie (34:23.458)
I actually really don't know what to do.

Bernie (34:42.582)
Nia's browser still doesn't allow recording.

Bernie (34:52.750)
Do you have another Riverside tab open?

Bernie (35:06.250)
I'm trying to look at the setting, that's not even insane.

Bernie (35:19.655)
Uh... That's crazy.

Bernie (35:31.508)

Bernie (35:41.502)
Oh lord Jesus, not the rainbow child.

Nia (36:19.473)
Oh, yeah, I just had to put it into a different, like not a different tab, I had to put it into a different window.

Bernie (36:26.431)
Yeah, and now are you recording?

Nia (36:29.482)

Bernie (36:30.826)

Nia (36:31.861)
I don't know how that's gonna look with actually putting the fucking episode together. It's probably gonna be a mess like that one time. But. But. I'm here. It's working. For now. Forget wherever the fuck we were at. We were just getting into klezma- klezma-philia.

Bernie (36:36.278)
Yeah, I'm just gonna do this right here. Yeah.

Bernie (36:42.264)

Bernie (36:48.278)
Okay, then...

Bernie (36:55.810)
So basically, yes, clesmophiliacs like animas. They want to do that. And however, it is used typically in gay sex, or I'm sorry, anal sex. Let me not even, it's not gay. It's just an anal practice, that's all. But I will say the fags are definitely the top users of anal fleets and or douches.

Nia (37:24.109)

Bernie (37:25.970)
Yes, it was really called fleets. A fleek. Yeah, I don't know. But however, I'm trying to think like for me on a personal level in terms of the experience with that like, I guess there has been times where I've been like douching anally and I have become aroused at some point, but not always. Like it's very uncommon. That only can happen if I'm already horny. Otherwise it doesn't like do that for me. Like it just, I'm just cleaning myself.

Nia (37:27.321)
fleet. I've never heard that.

Nia (37:47.330)

Nia (37:54.857)
Yeah. Right.

Bernie (37:56.842)
Like, and sometimes I do, I will do honestly, because I'm just like, I'm like, I just need to get this shit out of me. Like, I just, my stomach is full, like, bitch. I'm trying to be like, Bela Hadid. So I just will literally. I mean, it's so bad to like, you're not supposed to do that because you need like your actual shit in you. So I don't do it all the time, but like, you know.

Nia (38:04.810)

Nia (38:19.317)
Well, like, does it get all this shit out? Or just like, you know, the shit that's close to the door?

Bernie (38:21.886)
No, I don't go, you know, you can go. At most, just everything that's right by the door really. You can do it, like the lengthier time, like you can do, you know, it can take you anywhere from like, I would say 10 to 35 minutes. And if you have to do it for any longer than like 35, 40 minutes, like I would say, call it a night babe. Like you're nothing, don't even do it. Call it a night love. Like if you've been douching for 45 minutes, like.

Nia (38:29.970)

Nia (38:45.718)
Ha ha!

Bernie (38:51.562)
It's not happening tonight.

Nia (38:54.313)
Yeah, that's like wiping like you wiping 10 times like okay.

Bernie (39:00.142)
Yeah, it's like you don't know baby get up and wash your ass

Nia (39:03.633)
Get in the shower. Get in the shower. You still wiping me like this sounds like what? After five wipes it's time to go ahead and wash that booty up.

Bernie (39:13.942)
wash that booty hole, because it's clearly just muddy.

Nia (39:17.141)
You still wiping?

Nia (39:20.609)
Just taking toilet paper, toilet, no. People be doing that. I'm just like, I know people were like getting busy before like in public places, like at work and stuff like that. Cause like, why are you still hitting the role that many times? Like it shouldn't, like damn, you going in again? You need to go home. You need to go home. That was foul, that was messy.

Bernie (39:39.658)
Just go home. Just go home.

Bernie (39:49.334)
Really though. But like, yeah, I just, any longer than that, I would just say, yeah, pack it up. But yeah, I can, I mean, I guess I can understand the pleasure, but so I guess let's get into some stories from people who, you know, engage and enjoy. Oh yeah.

Nia (39:57.165)
30 minutes.

Nia (40:07.321)
I'm trying to think, have I ever done an enema?

Nia (40:12.470)
I don't think I have.

Bernie (40:12.982)
Like never. Even like, I think there's like a pill type situation. Like if you ever are constipated, you can put that up there and it just helps clean everything. I've done that too, but not like the water. How about like vaginally?

Nia (40:19.421)
Oh yeah, I've done that. But not water. Not water. Oh, it feel like, it seems like it would feel like you're not supposed to do like in your coochie. I did it before and I didn't know no better when I was like young. But like.

Bernie (40:33.570)
But isn't that actually what they're...

Bernie (40:37.738)
But isn't that what the douches are for? Like, why do they sell them if you're not supposed to do that?

Nia (40:43.497)
I don't know, I've, I've, like, since I've grown up and know better, like, you're not supposed to douche fashionably.

Bernie (40:53.822)
And I wonder if it's

Nia (40:54.061)
Cause it's just like, it seemed like it's just spraying stuff back up there. Like, I don't know. Stuff that you're trying to essentially wash out. Like you could just be spraying it up in there further.

Bernie (40:57.418)

Bernie (41:04.854)
But hypothetically, if you were to douche, could you hold the water in there? Like similar to, I guess, if you were to hold it in your ass.

Nia (41:13.225)
Yeah, I mean, if you like, try and hold it.

Bernie (41:16.370)
Yeah. And I guess what would be...

Nia (41:18.573)
but if you don't hold it, then it's just gonna come out.

Bernie (41:23.210)
And would you just feel full?

Nia (41:26.037)
Not the same as like the booty hug. No.

Bernie (41:27.590)
No. Like you wouldn't feel full in your stomach or like in your, like your vagina would literally just feel full.

Nia (41:35.477)
Yeah, it would just feel like, okay, there's water. But it wouldn't be the same as like, yeah, cause like I've done like suppositories and it's like, that makes you feel kind of like full. That doesn't feel like that.

Bernie (41:38.293)

Bernie (41:47.858)
Mm-hmm. Okay. Okay.

Nia (41:52.221)
Yeah, but no, I've never done an enema. But it seems like, I don't know if I would get pleasure from it, but.

Bernie (41:53.282)

Bernie (42:01.402)
No, but I think it's the sensation of feeling full. Like.

Nia (42:06.737)
Is that the good part of it or like when you are done and you feel empty? Yeah.

Bernie (42:09.747)
Oh, and you will leave.

Bernie (42:13.214)
I mean, you do feel great when you're done, but I'm wondering if even like if it's the act of push like the poor.

Nia (42:16.685)
That's what I'm saying. It feels like I would feel like, oh God, seems so much better.

Bernie (42:21.790)
It could be the push out during that whole like, yeah. Especially if you got a bunch of shit in your ass, like, yeah, for sure. Just clean all that shit out. Low key, it is sometimes like when you really are full of shit, not even like figure to like literally full shit.

Nia (42:24.461)
cuz you don't have all that shit in you anymore like you just

Nia (42:30.997)
and you just flush out? That seemed like it would be bomb.

Nia (42:42.473)
You foolish head. Ooh, ooh, ooh. There are some dangers with this. So, accidental rectal trauma and lodging of foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract. Chow! So, don't just be throwing anything up in there.

Bernie (42:44.680)

Bernie (42:58.901)

Bernie (43:04.318)
No, I just, I wouldn't. But again, you can do coffee enemas, but I would go get that done somewhere. Like go to, there's like places that do that and they're specialized in that. Cause you gotta have, make sure this concoction is cooked right.

Nia (43:19.361)

Bernie (43:19.874)
But yeah, you can do those.

Bernie (43:23.182)
There's other kinds of animals.

Nia (43:24.225)
Other substances have been reported including coffee yogurt air with air seemed like it could kill you whiskey wine beer cocaine a Poxy resin and even submit what hold on

Bernie (43:33.023)
Yeah, I wouldn't want air.

Bernie (43:36.749)
Oh yeah, you can.

Bernie (43:42.108)

Bernie (43:46.158)
with some wild shit.

Nia (43:49.446)
epoxy resin what are you trying to make?

Bernie (43:51.298)
What is that? That's just like what you land line a table with or something.

Nia (43:54.317)
That's like the, yeah, that's like the shiny stuff that goes on like, yeah, like gloss. And then cement.

Bernie (43:57.378)
Glass, the other thing, glass.

Bernie (44:01.862)
Oh, probably because it makes you the sensation of feeling full.

Bernie (44:09.802)
Which I guess that makes sense because I've seen people where they've been putting like apples, oranges, mangoes and shits in their buttholes. And those are probably people that who like they have that fixate they are klezma filiax. Like I've definitely seen a video like somebody shoving like a champagne, like a champagne bottle in their ass like.

Nia (44:10.954)
I guess.

Nia (44:23.137)
But that's a solid.

Nia (44:28.173)
but that's a solid isn't it supposed to be liquid they just want something in there they just like to get straight

Bernie (44:30.084)
I would write liquids for sure. Yeah.

Bernie (44:36.642)
So I guess what would you call that then if somebody puts an apple in their ass and it stays in their ass? Like, that's not a clea-

Nia (44:43.553)
That's like... butt plug.

Bernie (44:46.997)

Nia (44:49.345)
because apparently it has to be liquids for it to be chlismophilia or an enema.

Bernie (44:55.328)
Okay. Yeah, I guess the other makes sense. Because it's the enema. Yep, yep, yep.

Bernie (45:00.907)

Nia (45:01.325)
Okay, let's get into some stories, some stories for people who have experienced this. I have not. I'm a little sad.

Bernie (45:12.934)
Yeah... Umm...

Nia (45:15.125)
Next time I'm constipated, I'm gonna do it though. Because I heard that if you're trying to get some, you're trying to get shit moving, and you're not trying to be fucked up from like laxative, that's how you do it. Yeah.

Bernie (45:28.394)
It's definitely a way to get shit shaken. I recommend.

Bernie (45:34.114)
So somebody said arousal caused by enemas and clonics. Anyone else feel this need? Somebody said enemas are very erotic and stimulating. I get hard just watching an enema bag fill up. I almost can take my, I can always take my enema on my left side and on my back.

Nia (45:40.249)

Bernie (45:53.634)
Somebody said, try it with warm coffee. And they said that what is the effect? It really helps clean things out and you feel relaxed afterwards.

Nia (46:04.705)
That was what I was trying to think of earlier. I couldn't think of it. Um, a colonic. That's like An enema, right? But it literally goes it does like all the shit like it'd be going all the way up That seemed like it would make your stomach hurt To have all that water moving through there

Bernie (46:11.806)
Yeah, yep.

Bernie (46:15.944)
All the shit.

Bernie (46:20.974)
Probably, like I have gone, I have gone where I've gone up there and got all the shit out and I can't tell you how like I literally thought I was fucking Tyra Banks in the early 90s like just

Nia (46:32.898)
Shut up.

Bernie (46:34.722)
Honey, just pinched. I was fucking pinched. And I felt so good. But it wasn't, I wasn't horny. I just felt clean and clear.

Nia (46:37.650)
What ways?

Nia (46:47.843)
Yeah, that's what I feel like I would. I wouldn't be turned on, but I would just feel like really good.

Bernie (46:50.558)
And was it for sex? Yes. Yeah.

Nia (46:56.330)
squeaky clean. Duh.

Bernie (46:59.999)
But here is another actual.

Bernie (47:07.406)
story from somebody. So this one said, I'm obsessed with enema play. Oh, not from an early age. Hold on now.

Nia (47:17.429)
Hold on... Wait a minute...

Bernie (47:22.434)
Wait a minute now.

Nia (47:22.745)
Which one is that?

Bernie (47:28.754)
Ooh, okay, so here, somebody posed this question. Here's another one. Does getting an enema sexually arouse a man? My friends and I were discussing the use of an enema before anal sex and we got curious if it was sexually arousing to a man. So people were sounding off in the comments, of course. Somebody said, not for me. Somebody said, I know a nurse who has to do these before certain procedures. She told me that a surprising number of men ejaculate when she is giving them. So it is possible.

Nia (47:52.418)

Nia (47:55.495)

Bernie (47:55.942)
Okay, I've never, I've never came from my own situation. Let me just be clear. But somebody said, how long does one of these things take? So I said, okay, no. Somebody said anything scat related is very unappealing to me. So no. I've heard four people in my med class, one guy, three girls, two girls gave one one of the girls and one of the guys an enema. And then they fucked and they enjoyed it.

Nia (47:58.175)

Nia (48:02.722)

Nia (48:26.609)
Oh, okay. This was something done outside of class. I was like, hold on. I was like, this was part of the syllabus? Like y'all had to give each other enemas? Y'all teacher freaky as hell. Oh.

Bernie (48:29.578)
Yeah, outside of class, they just were talking about things that they've done.

Bernie (48:35.802)
Yes, that was part of the science class in college. That was part of the curriculum in college.

Nia (48:45.077)
Yeah, you have to learn how to do a colonic on each other. Pull down your pants. Like.

Bernie (48:50.060)

Nia (48:54.989)

Bernie (48:56.151)
Somebody said, there's no physical stimulation. You put a small tube in your ass, which doesn't even touch your prostate. So, okay, you don't even feel much of the water or whatever the fluid is. It can be a fetish though. Some people enjoy the thought of having someone give them an enema or giving one to someone else because they lose control and someone else takes control over a simple basic bodily function. So, some people it's about the power. Didn't even think of that.

Nia (49:24.457)
Wow, I never would have thought of that. Some people are obsessed with power, the power dynamic. So wow, it's about controlling that aspect of I never would have thought about that. Huh.

Bernie (49:30.258)
Really? I know.

Bernie (49:37.938)
Mm-hmm like we'll have wanting somebody else to control and then and that's like a power dynamic

Nia (49:49.046)
Wow. Okay. Freaky freaky.

Nia (49:55.741)
Okay, let's see what this other one is. Um, I think that's the one you just read.

Bernie (50:04.482)
Okay, here's this one. Somebody said, I had an extraordinary sexual experience. I am not sure I should ever repeat. I am a happily married man with a family and a wife that I'm dedicated to. Probably a real snag in our relationship is that she is dead set against anal play where I enjoy it. Although I am largely heterosexual, I do fantasize often about how it would to have a well-endowed man really give me a hard and good ass.

Bernie (50:32.590)
come inside of me. I have no plans to act on this fantasy and I love my wife and my children. So sometimes I really just need to have ass play. I do this on my own without my wife's knowledge as she's against it. I use vibrators, blood plugs, dildos to pleasure myself. On a couple of occasions, I have achieved prostate ejaculation, although I don't usually pursue this anymore because of whatever. Okay, that's not important. Yesterday, I was very needy for a feeling of fullness and penetration in my anus.

Bernie (51:03.142)
I think to myself when feeling this way and as having a hungry asshole I am likely to start putting anything convenient up there. This led me to thinking about enemas and in my heated state I unscrewed the shower head and inserted the end of the shower hose inside myself and let the water run up for about 15 seconds at a rate similar to normal urination. After emptying out I was almost insane with the need of feeling it again.

So I stepped into the shower and inserted it again in the same rate and flow and held it in as long as I could. It was beautiful. I've never seen anything like it before. It was super hot. Normally I do not masturbate during anal play. The feeling of penetration, I masturbated standing there in the shower.

Bernie (51:52.790)
Basically, I'm afraid that this practice is very unsafe. It cannot be healthy to feel my balls like a balloon and push material back through my digestive system. Is there a safe way to do this?

Nia (52:06.049)
I was thinking that too, but wow, he really just put it all out there on the floor, on the Reddit floor. Wow, he didn't leave anything out. Now he's still, he said I unscrewed the shower head. That's the one that did it for me. I was like, not the shower head. I hope y'all got more than one bathroom.

Bernie (52:12.075)
He sure did.

Bernie (52:16.298)
He didn't leave actually, not in detail.

Bernie (52:25.254)
Okay, I have no no.

Nia (52:30.641)
Got the kids? Damn. What? Why does shower smell like booty?

Bernie (52:33.931)
I'm hoping he just let the water... I'm hoping he did not put the entire shower head in there and that it was just like the water that pushed through that he just like put through and was not the entire...

Nia (52:43.553)
He said he, didn't he say he unscrewed the shower head?

Bernie (52:47.142)
Yeah, I just that is yeah

Nia (52:50.801)
Maybe he didn't do it. No, because you can't. No way.

Bernie (52:55.830)
I hope we didn't do that. But there definitely is a safe way to do it.

Nia (53:00.545)
But yeah, if you're just getting like the sprayin' under there...

Bernie (53:05.942)
Yeah, if you're spraying under there and it's going in, you're probably okay with that, but I wouldn't do that too much. And I would be able, honestly wouldn't, I don't know. As long as you know how much water you're putting in there so you don't put, and you're making sure how much water you're pushing out. So you're not like leaving water in there.

Nia (53:13.746)

Nia (53:25.641)
Yeah. Oh wow. Yeah, I see how that could probably be dangerous. He's like, is it good to be putting all that water and like filling up my, you know, intestines like that? That's what I was thinking. I was like, is that good to be doing like that? And he ran it back. He ran it back like immediately. He did a back to back.

Bernie (53:42.559)
No, you can like dilute your skin.

Bernie (53:46.702)
I'm gonna have to fuck that.

Bernie (53:50.134)
He hit it back to back and nut. I live. Honestly, I think, one, the first thing, this probably has nothing to do with his initial question, but I really do feel like he needs to have another conversation with his wife. Because if that's what he's really desiring, that he's actually at this point exploring even further and doing more things, it's going to come to a point of contention at some point. You have to address this with her because you need that. And what are you going to do? What are you going to do?

Nia (54:04.277)
Oh yeah.

Nia (54:14.616)

Nia (54:19.277)
She needs the pogo.

Bernie (54:21.174)
She just needs to pack him and he needs to make her, they need to figure out how to do that together as where they're both comfortable in doing it, you know?

Nia (54:26.933)
Yeah, because he's getting to the point where he's he is feening for something in his ass. So he described his asshole as hungry.

Bernie (54:33.159)

Nia (54:38.881)
He said that, not us.

Bernie (54:39.922)
He said that. And that actually low key sounds like some, that is definitely some like gay Twitter slang because they'd be like, oh yeah, I'm a hungry bottom. They'd be like, I'm a hungry bottom and shit like that. Yeah, girl, they'd be like, I'm a hungry bottom. I need big dicks. And yeah, so definitely like, yeah. They're gonna have to do something.

Nia (54:51.289)
Shut up.

Nia (54:56.353)
I'm ready to gavel that up.

Nia (55:04.892)
Mm. Well, when you was reading it, I was like.

Bernie (55:09.030)
Yeah, very messy boobs. Yeah, he need to address that, honestly. He can figure out the other parts of the question, but he need to address that with his wife, A$AP.

Nia (55:20.841)
Yeah, conversation and then stop putting the family shower in your ass. Like, it's just that's just wrong. It's just wrong. They didn't ask for that.

Bernie (55:36.587)

Nia (55:39.257)
Stay in-ass for that.

Nia (55:43.244)

Bernie (55:44.738)
Um, okay, I think that's all we got.

Nia (55:48.793)
I think so y'all. I think that's all we got for y'all today. So let us know how y'all feel about chlismophilia. The act of having a liquid in your rectum... ..butyhol.

Bernie (55:57.718)
Let us know if you're intercalonic and entomers and fleeting.

Bernie (56:06.782)
Like I said, I understand the draw. Um, I don't know, it's not me, but I understand the draw and why people fuck with him.

Nia (56:17.129)
Yeah, I can understand why they fuck with it for medical reasons. I can't really.

Bernie (56:23.007)
Oh my goodness, just from, just Mir, if you are ever dealing with something.

Nia (56:26.681)
but I haven't tried it, so I don't know.

Bernie (56:29.354)
recommend like every, just if you can just clean it out and just feel if you wanna have a Bella Hadid or early 90s Tyra moment, then yeah.

Nia (56:30.433)
You know?

Nia (56:38.121)
just feel like, oof, got all that toxin out of me. Just clean. Yeah. And skinny.

Bernie (56:47.778)
Very bad.

Nia (56:52.157)
Alright y'all, y'all know where to find us, fuck with us, um, on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Bernie (57:00.914)
Also, wherever you're listening to this app, can you please rate us? Like, make sure you rate us and then leave a comment, even if it's just a thumbs up or if it's just a nice show or whatever, or you fucking hate it. Just say, I absolutely fucking hate this shit. This is my first time listening. I hate it. It's terrible. Put that in the comments, too, and then put the negative stars, because all attention is good attention for us. So even if it's negative, write about it. Put it on your Twitter. Do a blog post about it. Like, really go in. Like, I live.

Nia (57:01.485)
Same place, same time, every Tuesday.

Nia (57:08.351)

Nia (57:18.903)

Nia (57:25.101)

Nia (57:29.909)
Mm-hmm. Chew was a... Chew.

Bernie (57:29.994)
I want you to post your opinion. I want you to pretend that it matters because it matters to us.

Nia (57:35.413)
Oh, I want you to pretend that damn, that was a chew. That was a chomp. I want you to pretend that it matters. Damn, I'm gonna have to use that. Wow, that was off the dome, wasn't it?

Bernie (57:38.786)

Bernie (57:42.415)
Yeah, I love it.

Bernie (57:47.434)
Yo, yo, that was a straight up the dome. That was definitely not rehearsed. Yeah.

Nia (57:55.403)
I love that those are the best ones so yeah y'all put all y'all effort into you know positive or negative just give the just give the effort we appreciate it

Bernie (58:07.234)
Just give the effort, no matter what, just effort. Give whatever it is. Good, bad, ugly. Same place, same time next week, another fat Tuesday. Over and out.

Nia (58:20.553)