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May 09, 2023 Season 3 Episode 131
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In this episode of Wise Freaks, we dive deep into the world of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddits on Reddit. We discuss some of the most popular NSFW subreddits, the types of content you can find there, and the community that surrounds them.

Join us for a fascinating and enlightening discussion about a topic that is sure to make you think differently about online sexual expression.

If you want some advice from your wise freaks, please submit your stories or questions to the Wise Freaks subreddit

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Nia (00:02.642)
Howdy do y'all. What's going on?

Bernie (00:02.851)
Uh, okay.

Bernie (00:06.787)
Bye bye. Bye.

Nia (00:09.162)
It's your host, it's the Wisefrix Podcast, it's your girl Nia Nia Rael, Nia the F Baby, the Lieutenant of the Purr Gang.

Bernie (00:21.418)
And it's just Seth Dadburn back in his bitch for another episode. Happy fucking fat Tuesday. I feel like it's been so much shit that has happened over this weekend with everything going on. I think it's the new moon or something.

Nia (00:36.930)
Yeah, is um, Mercury still in Gatorade or whatever's going on?

Bernie (00:41.870)
I think it ended on like Friday or something and there was like a new moon or something this and like Taurus or something. Ciao.

Nia (00:47.226)
Okay. And now Scorpio is in the house. But like, Gemini got evicted or something like that. I don't know how all that shit works.

Bernie (00:52.007)
Yeah, okay, that's what it is, yes.

Bernie (00:57.202)
Yeah, you said Jim and I got evicted.

Nia (01:01.278)
Somebody else is in the house. Somebody else moved in. I don't know. I don't know how all that shit works.

Bernie (01:11.434)
I'd be trying to learn, but sometimes I'd be getting confused. Cause everybody has their own interpretation.

Nia (01:12.582)
the moons and all of that. Right.

Nia (01:19.126)
Yeah, that's confusing to me. Anywho.

Bernie (01:22.370)
But anyways, so before we just get into the thing.

Bernie (01:31.742)
I just want to say, man, please make sure you are eating your vegetables and eating right and making sure you are taking care of things for the sake of your semen, especially if you're going to be engaging in sex work and posting it online. Like, come on. We just saw this picture. Ugh.

Nia (01:46.201)

Nia (01:49.942)
Yes, and if you need help with that, I think they can maybe, you know, go to our friends at Vitality.

Bernie (02:00.346)
Yeah, get you something over there. They got the supplement, low boost. That'll help get everything together. Make sure you're still eating the vegetables and the fruits, because that is so important. And the water, drinking the water. Because your nuts shouldn't look like curdled milk.

Nia (02:01.774)
Like, hit them up. Get you something over there for that.

Nia (02:11.654)
But wilder. Wilder. I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to do this.

Nia (02:20.322)
Yeah, I was so disgusted by that.

Nia (02:24.594)
That was like horrifying for me to see and it made me want to vomit.

Bernie (02:30.406)
Yeah, and it was actually posted too, and it was like, you didn't think that this didn't look right.

Nia (02:34.554)
And she's like, ooh, I love it when it just covers my hands. I was like, bitch, that looks like a yeast infection.

Nia (02:42.318)
Are we being so fucking for real right now? Ew.

Bernie (02:43.170)

Bernie (02:46.242)
Get that shit tested, bitch. That shit did not look right. Ooh.

Nia (02:50.006)
As her man, I would be disappointed. Like, why would you show my curdled nuts?

Bernie (02:59.478)

Nia (03:01.390)
on OnlyFans and on Twitter. Oh my God.

Bernie (03:06.142)
I guess at least you're getting a cute coin for it, but come on now.

Nia (03:09.860)

Bernie (03:13.595)
Um, what else was there?

Nia (03:13.731)
Um, any other intro things we wanted to talk about before the baby did?

Bernie (03:18.646)
Just, I guess, Chris Brown beating everybody the fuck up. I mean, what is going on?

Nia (03:25.646)
I don't know. Like how can you hit usher?

Bernie (03:26.102)

Bernie (03:30.318)
That's what I want to know, but why is he on this rampage?

Nia (03:33.235)
Usher never did nothing to nobody. He's like unhittable.

Bernie (03:37.626)
Nothing. He's so unproblematic. He just cheats. That's all. But I think he may be over that now. Well, I just hear, you know, through his music, he was talking, he was confessing he was with the other bitches.

Nia (03:41.692)
Oh, is he a cheater?

Nia (03:46.142)
Okay. Oh yeah, confessions. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Nia (03:52.238)
Yeah, but...

Bernie (03:53.002)
And I think he'd have been married a couple times now.

Nia (03:57.242)
Okay, he just seems, I mean, other than that, he seems very unproblematic. I don't know. He's never in the blogs for anything. And I, he just seems like he's, he's just good. I don't know how you could hit him.

Bernie (03:58.282)
Yeah, that's what it was. So Chris Brown got-

Bernie (04:05.950)
No, he's not in the box or anything.

Bernie (04:11.754)
Mining his business, making his money in Vegas.

Nia (04:14.846)
All right.

Bernie (04:17.494)
But yeah, Chris Brown got into it with him, and it said he got into it with, I guess, Teyana Taylor.

Nia (04:25.366)
Yeah, but that's like his sister. She was saying like they like yeah they argue and stuff sometimes because they're like brother and sister. I don't know how Usher got into it maybe he thought like it was getting too heated and Chris Brown cracked his ass. I don't know.

Bernie (04:25.742)
So he was arguing with like...

Bernie (04:36.774)
Okay, okay.

Nia (04:45.962)
I don't know. That man is the definition of anybody can get it. Like I'll fight anybody in here and like actually do it.

Bernie (04:47.291)

Bernie (04:53.599)
I'll snap you in the gate to the end here.

Nia (04:57.274)
and we'll hit a hard line and do it and stand ten toes. Like, line it up.

Bernie (05:02.869)
on it.

Bernie (05:05.898)

Nia (05:08.434)
Get active.

Bernie (05:09.330)
I thought those days were over for him, honestly, because he really hasn't been in the blogs for doing that wild shit like that in a minute. He's been really flying under the radar, doing his shows, making music, dropping 75-song albums, which I'm still trying to get through that one that he had dropped before that had like 80 songs on it. Like, girl, I still can't got through it.

Nia (05:15.202)

Nia (05:26.270)
still haven't got through the album

Nia (05:34.403)
I was studying for the MCAT and I still ain't get through that bitch. So I guess I never will. Um, but yeah, that's crazy. I don't know what's going on.

Bernie (05:48.643)
Either. Let's give a gadda.

Nia (05:50.402)
Ever since someone called him a flipping Newport on Twitter, I just, I haven't been able to.

Bernie (05:59.287)
and fear.

Nia (06:00.819)
Flippy Newport

Bernie (06:03.874)
Mmm, they kinda snapped. They kinda snapped. Yeah. Mm-mm-mm. Sending some healing energy to these niggas, cause... What are we doing?

Nia (06:06.086)
That's kinda accurate.

Nia (06:11.729)
Mm. Let's pray for her.

Bernie (06:17.730)
Just make your music and dance to do your show, get your coin and go.

Nia (06:18.290)

Nia (06:22.502)
There you go. No need to be fighting if a clue is not cute. Um, okay. I don't really have anything else. Should we get into the baby deities?

Bernie (06:37.794)
Yes, the baby deities. Mine is super simple this week. And I don't really be knowing nothing about what's going on. But I just caught wind of it. I don't know where the fuck I was at. But I caught a little piece of it. The basketball game. Wasn't there was the tournament happening between Golden State and LA? Honestly, I'm kind of like, I'm taking a shot in the dark here. But I know I saw.

Nia (06:38.886)
Maybe four of us.

Nia (06:56.527)
Are you asking me?

Bernie (07:04.742)
I saw Steph Curry tearing it up. He was tearing it up. He was doing his motherfucking thing. He was putting, yeah, he was putting, yeah. He was doing his fucking big one. And so I was like, yeah, no, he's kinda cute-ish adjacent.

Nia (07:10.386)
did his big one.

Nia (07:19.130)
He is. He's like, he's a little too aggressively light skinned for me. Just my preference. Like, like I'm okay with light light skin, but like he's like really light skinned.

Bernie (07:25.874)
Okay. That was aggressively lying to me.

Bernie (07:32.798)
Yeah. Yeah.

Nia (07:37.027)
And like that's okay every now and then, but like...

Nia (07:41.254)
You know? But he's like really, really nice guy. I don't like too light. Yeah.

Bernie (07:42.487)

Bernie (07:46.238)
He's really light skinned. But yeah, he's kind of cute. He's good to what makes up for it. Yeah. But he was doing it. He was definitely doing his big one. And I guess it was them versus LeBron. Yeah, them niggas was turning up. Yeah, them niggas was turning up for real. I was like, they're all out here doing a big one. I like that. Dicks was swimming.

Nia (07:52.122)
He's cute. Yeah, he's cute.

Nia (08:03.314)
So Lakers.

Nia (08:11.322)
Okay, so is it the whole basketball team or is it just Steph and Claire?

Bernie (08:14.154)
Honestly, like it honestly feels that way. It's just the whole thing.

Nia (08:20.894)
Because it didn't sound like one particular person. It was like, okay, I know who Steph Curry is, so it's gonna be him, but it sounded like it could have been anybody.

Bernie (08:29.962)
him, you know, Seth Curry and company, like, they was all doing.

Nia (08:36.978)
They all did they big one. So shout out to Golden State. Okay, all right. So you watched the game or you just happened to see?

Bernie (08:39.979)

Bernie (08:44.694)
I just caught like a piece of it. I don't know what number game it was, but like, I think they are at the place, where you know how they do it's like game seven, game six, game four, game five. It's what it felt like. Them niggas was playing like it was.

Nia (08:53.454)
Oh, is it a playoff?

Nia (08:56.836)

Nia (09:00.234)
okay damn see I don't be paying attention to when ESPN and shit be on I'd be like okay I'm about to scroll on my phone because I don't yeah I'm not I'm not paying attention any hill okay okay so Steph Curry and friends um my baby daddy this week is genuine

Bernie (09:08.677)
I'm about to hit this Twitter and this Instagram channel.

Bernie (09:18.798)
Who the hell you got? Oh, Steph Curry.

Bernie (09:28.082)
Okay, we live for Genie.ly.

Nia (09:30.698)
because Jenny Y is the true performer even in his older age because he's gotta be like in his 50s okay yeah and he still looks good for 52 I was like because I used to love oh let me tell you I used to love Jenny Y I used to love me some Jenny Y I was like that like that that whole thing

Bernie (09:38.483)
Yeah, cause how old is he anyway?

Bernie (09:43.115)
Okay, he's 52.

Nia (09:59.770)
That was like that. That's my tag. But I look good now for a 52 year old. Yeah, he still looks good for 52. I don't like his hair. I don't know what the hair is doing up on top, but he still looks great.

Bernie (10:03.582)
Just well put together, it's good. Yeah, he still looks great. Very much like Method Man.

Bernie (10:18.867)
Uh oh, yeah I see what you're talking about.

Nia (10:19.379)
Yup, yup, he's still fine. Still fine, but anyway, so the reason I chose him as my baby daddy, because there's this video. There's this video of him performing at the, I think it's the Lovers and Friends Festival somewhere. And this man still thinks he's 22, obviously, because he jumped from the stage up onto the.

Bernie (10:38.450)
Okay, yeah. Yeah. Yep.

Nia (10:46.918)
tried to jump to the speaker where like the sign language man was at and he didn't make it and so he fell down.

Bernie (10:53.166)
Oh no. Oh no! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Nia (11:00.798)
But the best part is he was like underneath the stage and he was still singing. Is there any more room for me in those shades? Really think I like it. Tell me is there any more room?

Bernie (11:08.910)
Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe hehehe hehehe

Bernie (11:19.214)
They can still hear the vocals every time.

Bernie (11:24.546)
The show must go on.

Nia (11:25.082)
He said the show must go on and the sign man kept signing. He tried to take the sign man down with him, the ASL interpreter or translator. And he was like, he had to keep going too. Oh, my God. It's on my story. It was how he was still singing. Is there any more room for me in those jeans?

Bernie (11:42.410)
Oh my God, I gotta see this.

Bernie (11:50.350)
I really commend the people who are able to do that because I think that happened to Beyonce too. Her hair got caught in the fan and that bitch was still singing too.

Nia (12:00.527)
And that just sucked her in too.

Bernie (12:02.122)
Oh, he tried to take the sign him. Oh shit. He went all the way to fuck down The sign-in man turned around like fuck it. Let me get back on these signs my nigga

Bernie (12:18.068)
The crowd started screaming in fear for him.

Bernie (12:24.709)
y'all hear that vocal? that is coming from underneath the fucking stage

Nia (12:29.530)
That man is laying flat on his back, still singing.

Bernie (12:30.242)
That vocal can't... Damn it! Ahhhh! My god!

Nia (12:37.206)
Oh my god. Bro, that shit took me out. Because I was like, is he still, he's still singing from under the stage.

Bernie (12:45.422)
I hope he is okay.

Bernie (12:51.378)
I hope he's okay. Bless his heart. He still look good though. He still look good.

Nia (12:53.886)
Oh my God. He's still a good, he's still a good. So shout out to Elgin. That's his name. His name is Elgin.

Bernie (13:05.800)

Nia (13:06.094)
I know that because I love him.

Bernie (13:11.554)
Yeah, it's Elgin... Lumpkin.

Nia (13:12.059)

Nia (13:15.621)

Bernie (13:16.490)
Oh, yeah, I see what they was going for. That's what's up. What a name. Honestly, let's get back to the names like that.

Nia (13:19.094)
What a name. What a name.

Nia (13:25.974)
Elgin? We want Elgins?

Nia (13:31.630)
Is that what we want? Okay. All right.

Bernie (13:36.003)
I don't know that particular But you know that how you got them like cuz my name's old as fuck too This old names. Yeah. Oh that sound you've been in the sound like you

Nia (13:40.947)

Nia (13:48.835)
Oh, Bernard!

Bernie (13:51.726)
My fucking Melvin.

Nia (13:56.465)
Those are kind of, those are very, that sounds like, that's not a baby. Like that's a 40 year old man. Off the bat.

Bernie (13:56.630)

Bernie (14:01.687)

Bernie (14:05.538)
Like imagine a grown ass woman, Betty. It's just like a little baby.

Nia (14:10.254)
No, imagine a baby as like Geraldine.

Nia (14:17.074)

Bernie (14:19.822)
Surely. And she's three.

Nia (14:22.046)
Shirley is not... That's not a baby.

Bernie (14:27.234)
That's not...

Nia (14:29.030)
That's not a baby, ever.

Bernie (14:31.862)
Let's get back to the names though, I'm trying to see them. Cause that's gonna have to be everybody else. Cause I don't, you know, I don't know if the kids, kids ain't in the cards for me. I don't know.

Nia (14:36.484)
NamYoBaby, some like, old ass name.

Nia (14:43.406)
I was gonna say, I was like, okay, why don't you start that trend then and name your baby Elgin.

Bernie (14:47.110)
I don't know. I don't know if I can do it. If I do ever decide it's gonna be, I feel like I need to be like in my 40s. I wanna have like done shit that I wanna do and I don't wanna have to bring kids with me.

Nia (14:51.116)
I know. I don't know.

Nia (15:03.570)
I mean, but big facts.

Bernie (15:04.249)
You know what I mean? And the way that this economy is economy, I'm just like, ooh, do I really want an extra bill?

Nia (15:10.706)
That's not... I don't know if it's in the cards. The whole... that is the bill. That's the entire bill. All the extra money that you had for yourself, you're not gonna have it. It's gonna get ate up by the baby. And all the naps that you used to take...

Bernie (15:15.006)
I don't know if I'm gonna actually be able to.

Bernie (15:24.814)
God. Literally.

Nia (15:31.154)
That's also gonna get ate up by the baby. Forget about sleeping.

Bernie (15:31.726)
with a wrap. Weekends too, cause yeah.

Bernie (15:39.058)
Uh oh. Oh no.

Bernie (15:42.422)
Well, whoever's thinking about it and you listening to this, hopefully we ain't talking about it.

Nia (15:51.450)
I know It's okay y'all You know go ahead and do your big one If that's what you want to do, it's just not for me right now You like it I love it

Bernie (15:58.632)
It's all good.

Bernie (16:01.506)
Do it. What's for you is for you, babe.

Bernie (16:07.314)
Yeah, I'm gonna have to pass.

Nia (16:12.894)

Bernie (16:14.258)
Okay, so this week, little different. We are just, we're just giving advice this episode. The people on Reddit are really just, you know, going through it. It's lots of people looking for some advice in some situations that's going down. So we're about to give the people the advice. So, we're about to give the people the advice. So, we're about

Nia (16:34.698)
Yes, yes. Alright, let's get into this first one.

Bernie (16:39.030)
And this is sidebar, but your video has disappeared. What is your computer saying in your end? Cause...

Nia (16:44.455)
So has yours.

Bernie (16:47.638)
Hmm. Okay.

Nia (16:48.514)
it says recording continues smoothly live video will return when their internet improves specifically their internet as in it ain't me oh oh and now you bet so who is it then mr riverside

Bernie (16:57.498)
Okay, mine just said the same thing and now yours just came back.

Bernie (17:07.282)
I think, I don't know, I think all... That's what, like, let me know. Why do they really wanna see, it's like every week they get closer and closer to wanting to get beat the fuck up and I just don't really understand.

Nia (17:14.054)
What you trying to say?

Nia (17:21.383)
Like, where's the headquarters?

Nia (17:25.186)
because I could take a little trip.

Bernie (17:25.869)
That's what I'm trying to find out. I guarantee it's like, it's in some shit like Minnesota. Honestly, I'm willing to meet you there.

Nia (17:35.153)
Like, let me know. Let me know. Because I'm ready to pull up on these niggas at this point.

Bernie (17:35.906)
I am really, really... Like what? Like for real. If it's an issue, let us know. Like we have an email. Like come on.

Nia (17:44.782)
And like if y'all wanna fight, like I can send the Eddie. Like that's not a problem.

Bernie (17:50.078)
Listen, I've dropped pins for less. Stop playing with me.

Nia (17:51.110)
So if y'all wanna fight...

Nia (17:54.674)
then just say that. Get active.

Bernie (17:59.683)
like get active. That's honestly gonna be my big mama. Get active bitch. I'm obsessed with that bitch. She's crazy.

Nia (18:02.162)
Get active, bitch.

Nia (18:09.028)
She's starting to grow on me.

Nia (18:12.922)
Can't fight worth a damn, but she's starting to grow on me.

Bernie (18:18.492)
And her music, I'm like, shit kinda not bad.

Nia (18:23.670)
it's not as her voice she sounds so obnoxious like that is the most california accent i've ever heard in my entire life

Bernie (18:26.154)
It's the voice.

Bernie (18:29.490)
Yeah, yeah. Get out!

Nia (18:39.194)
Like she literally talks like, more ass nigga, get out the core. Like that's how she sounds.

Bernie (18:43.298)
I'm sorry.

Nia (18:46.746)

Bernie (18:48.837)
Thanks, thanks. Cause that's how she sounded her raps too.

Nia (18:53.614)
Yes, that's just how she sounds. It's horrible.

Bernie (18:57.300)

Bernie (19:01.619)
Okay, Reddit, the first one.

Nia (19:05.528)

Bernie (19:06.746)
Let's get into her. So it says 25 year old woman found pictures of her sister on her husband's phone and he's 25 too. A few months ago, my husband started to act weird. He got nervous when I, that's what it sounded like. Wanted to use the flashlight on his phone just to check the time. It was pretty suspicious to me. So I checked his phone and found some really weird pictures about my sister. My sister wasn't involved. They were definitely stalker pictures for his own use.

Nia (19:13.941)

Nia (19:17.860)
Uh, somebody gonna ask me.

Bernie (19:33.878)
We were in quite a rough time when the pictures were made, but our sexual life was good, I assume. When I found the photos, I immediately confronted him. First, he got angry because I checked his phone, which made me even more mad. And then he said to me that those photos mean nothing to him and that he wasn't himself when he made it and this would never happen again and deleted all of them. But the timing, but that time something just broke in me. It was almost three months ago, but it still bugs me. I'm angry with my sister, but she didn't do anything and I don't know how to trust him again. And I literally don't know what to do.

I still don't understand why he did this and will he do it again or something worse? How can I trust him again? Ooh.

Bernie (20:12.642)
Bitch, share the pictures. I know I'm so messy, but I wanna see the pictures.

Nia (20:14.542)

Bernie (20:21.723)

Nia (20:22.318)
Yeah, like, what kind of picture?

Bernie (20:26.526)
Yeah, and that's kind of weird though because it's like damn, what is your husband doing creeping on your sister and shit?

Nia (20:32.974)
Yeah, like, no, I couldn't do it. Me personally, I'm done. Cause why?

Bernie (20:39.474)
I don't think so either.

Bernie (20:44.138)
And it don't sound like she can get over it either, because it's been three months and she's still tight about this. And they've already had the conversation and everything, and she's just not clearly worked through that.

Nia (20:50.096)

Nia (20:56.330)
Nope. I don't. I don't like that. And then like, is he creeping on her sister to the point where I like feel like she needs to cut ties with him to protect like her sister? You know? Like.

Bernie (21:11.834)
Right. What is it about your sister? Like, you know, is there something, do they have some kind of exchange? Like, I don't know. Not saying her sister did anything, but he's just like creeping on her. And that's kind of weird.

Nia (21:23.502)
Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

Bernie (21:26.186)
Like is he outside the bitch's job?

Nia (21:28.898)
yeah like what are you doing? like bitch i'm gonna protect my sister first. the fuck? what are you doing?

Bernie (21:35.582)
Right. Yeah, I think she needs to take some safety precautions. You're right. You're absolutely right.

Nia (21:37.999)

Nia (21:43.400)
Ew, he sounds weird.

Bernie (21:45.866)
He sounds weird. I have to agree. Yeah, she might have to pass on this.

Nia (21:53.074)
Oh, okay, this next one is kind of messy. My 25 female boyfriend 32 told me he doesn't want to get married. We've been dating for three years and he's never once told me this even though I've brought up marriage many times. We had a serious talk about marriage a few months ago, and he didn't mention it then he blurted out. I don't know if I ever want to get married one time.

Bernie (21:57.050)
Oh, now I have the mask.

Nia (22:22.150)
when we were talking. I cried for an hour and he kept telling me he didn't mean to say it. But I don't know how to say it. I don't know how you say something like that without meaning it. I'm certain I want to get married but I don't want to give up the last three years of our lives together. Can I do things to fix this? Do I need to end things?

Bernie (22:31.946)

Bernie (22:48.478)
I, that's always an interesting conversation when it's like somebody is like, how can we move forward when we disagree on basically kind of like a value system? We have a difference in values, essentially because it's, you know, the value that we're placing on marriage. So the better question is, is like can you be with somebody long-term and have differing values to the degree in which you don't, you know, where it's like this in a marriage?

and your union ship or whatever the fuck you call that. Like that's a hard one.

Nia (23:20.526)
Yeah, that's... I feel like that can be a deal breaker and also he's 32 and she's 25 so it's like if he's not thinking about it at least then like what are what are you doing or what you know what are y'all doing as a unit?

Bernie (23:41.490)
Yeah. What are you all doing?

Nia (23:45.998)
because he's gonna be 35 in a few years and he hasn't even thought about it. He never brought it up but it sounds like he just blurted out one time when y'all were arguing and he was like, I never want to get married. Doesn't sound.

Bernie (23:46.162)
Yeah, and then she's even talking like...

Bernie (23:50.957)

Bernie (24:01.966)
Yeah, and it seems like maybe it was done as a way to hurt your feelings too.

Nia (24:04.558)

Nia (24:08.264)

Bernie (24:09.545)

Nia (24:12.014)
I don't like that.

Bernie (24:13.010)
She may need to take note on this one and move forward. I don't like that.

Nia (24:16.958)
She can cut her losses, she's still 25. She couldn't get a new nigga.

Bernie (24:20.062)
I know and she's like the last three years in my life I don't want to waste it. I always hate that. You're not wasting time. I hope you learned a lot along the way, got some good dig, and spent that niggas money.

Bernie (24:30.090)
Like that's what you should have been worried about doing.

Nia (24:31.542)
Okay. Period.

Bernie (24:37.106)
So this next one says, my boyfriend 29 keeps certain aspects of his life completely separate, including me, 30 year old woman. I'm just looking for some advice. I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year. I really like him. He's generally quite a good guy. However, he likes to keep a very clear separation between different parts of his life. For example, I've met his friends, although I've asked him to. He said that they really don't do that kind of thing. There's no trace of me on the social media. He doesn't use it much.

Nia (24:37.883)

Bernie (25:06.990)
you know, he posted like during the holidays and stuff. We work in the same place, too. I helped him get the job. He hasn't ever mentioned to anyone that we're together. Anyone that knows knows only because I told them for context. I have met his family and he's met mine, too. Has anyone ever experienced this before?

Nia (25:28.543)
Okay, so she's met his family.

Nia (25:34.710)
and stuff and his friends.

Bernie (25:35.634)
Right? When people ask questions like this, post a picture of yourself, because that's really going to help us tell. That's like...

Bernie (25:52.334)
It's gonna tell us everything we need to know.

Nia (25:54.614)
Ma'am, you might be ugly. Oh, no.

Nia (26:03.682)
why he's not trying to post you. But no, no. So remember that, um, that post who it was like, some guy posted his wife and his kids. And the caption was like, some people have like a super hot wife, but you know, some things are more important, like being a good mother or something like that. Like he basically, he cooked her.

Bernie (26:32.334)
Why would he eat his wife up in the kitchen like that? In front of people?

Nia (26:32.657)
on social media.

Bernie (26:39.075)
Like, how does the wife even comment on that? Like, oh, thanks, babe, love you too, and love our family. Like, n***a, fuck you.

Nia (26:44.586)
He was basically saying like, she's not hot. She's a good mom though, but she's not hot. Man.

Bernie (26:52.620)
Like, yo, this bitch is not bad at all, but she is a really great mother. And you need to make sure to tell people that.

Nia (26:58.012)
It came off so bad. It came off so bad. And we're like, okay, maybe he was trying to say like, that's not all she is, it's all right. Like she's also a good mom. Like there's more important things. I don't know, but it sounded horrible. Don't do that to me, ever.

Bernie (27:11.198)
Yeah, yeah, he definitely, if he would have rephrased it like that, that would have been cool. Like not only is she just hot, but she's also a great mom. Yeah. But wow. Cook that bitch on social media.

Nia (27:17.121)
Right, but he did.

Nia (27:22.222)
It was horrible the way he put it. And that just reminded me of that because she said he won't post her on his social media.

Bernie (27:35.594)
I always find that to be a little strange because I'm like, it may be, they may, could be, maybe they're hiding something, but then maybe then again, some people are not, it depends how much value he places on social media, I think too. And she shouldn't play so much value on it.

Nia (27:45.470)
I also have to say if they're not like even active on social media, then

Bernie (27:50.707)

Nia (27:53.018)
you know, what can you do? But yeah, if he's posted everything else. I know, right? I'm kind of feeling like that nowadays. Like I was just talking with my friend this weekend. And I was like, part of me wants to get back into like posting social media and get back into get back in my bag. And then part of me is like

Bernie (27:56.650)
Yeah, and I don't believe you have to share every part of your life with a family.

Nia (28:20.094)
I don't want to. Like, I just, I wanna keep my shit private, I don't know.

Bernie (28:23.854)
Yeah, because I think, I think it's because it's like we're at a place where it's so much. Yeah, everybody's over sharing so much and we know so much about so many people. And it's like, damn, do we have an it's like an information overload, in a sense. Because we know so much about everything.

Nia (28:38.542)
Yeah. It's almost feeling like.

Nia (28:44.678)
Remember like on Facebook back in the day and like people would like post, Oh, like about to eat the cereal, this bomb ass cereal, about to eat this delicious Taco Bell. Just saw a bird laying an egg, just took a deuce like, and we're like, okay.

Bernie (28:53.726)
Yeah. Yeah.

Bernie (29:03.509)

Bernie (29:06.050)
We're like, oh my God, how was it?

Nia (29:09.306)
Like, okay...

Bernie (29:10.658)
Like, yeah, it has came back to that. Very that.

Nia (29:12.719)
I don't really care.

Nia (29:17.378)
Yeah, I don't know. People have just been irritating me. I'm just like, I don't know. I would just be going through stories. I'm like, God, mute. Unfollow.

Bernie (29:25.781)

Bernie (29:30.958)
I'm sorry.

Nia (29:35.282)
It might just be because I'm a bitch, but that's just how I've been feeling lately. That's just how I've been feeling. Real talk.

Bernie (29:39.094)
Mute, unfollow. And that's fine. Cause sometimes it's just a little mud.

Nia (29:46.706)
Sometimes it is. Oh, this is the post. I found the actual post. This man's an asshole. This says, I've seen some guys posting on social media lately about how they are winning because their wife is attractive. While I don't disagree, I think finding a wife who has a great mother is 500% more important. Thanks at her at name for being such a great mom to our kids.

Bernie (29:47.394)
But for this bit...

Bernie (29:53.182)
Oh, what the? Oh, okay.

Bernie (30:14.752)
God, you put the bitch out there?

Nia (30:17.862)
and then posted a picture of them and his family.

Bernie (30:21.834)
Oh, I mean, at least he's proud of, you know, whatever it is that he sees her for, which is just being a great mom.

Nia (30:31.302)
But like, why did he even round it back to the fact that he also finds her attractive too?

Bernie (30:31.458)
That is fucking insane.

Bernie (30:38.152)

Bernie (30:41.629)

Nia (30:43.142)
He didn't say he's winning because his wife is attracted. He just said, cause she's a good mom.

Bernie (30:46.742)
No, because she's a good mom.

Bernie (30:51.587)

Nia (30:53.678)
I just think that could have been better. That was so distasteful.

Bernie (30:57.534)
But I think though that's the differences though with like, I think women and men, men tend to care about like the

Bernie (31:07.958)
like looks or whatever that part of things, because it's like the visual perception of like, oh, if you appear to look a certain way, then it changes the idea of what somebody thinks about you. Like, oh, you got this bad bitch. Yeah, like you that nigga for real, yeah.

Nia (31:23.631)

Bernie (31:27.382)
Whereas women don't really, I think oftentimes women are like, oh, as long as he's a good fucking guy, you know, he got some money and we can work out the rest of this shit. You know.

Nia (31:35.034)
You got some money.

Nia (31:42.798)
Right. The purse gotta be heavy though.

Bernie (31:46.390)
You, that, it's gotta be right.

Nia (31:49.442)
It's gotta be right. Or else.

Bernie (31:51.235)

Bernie (31:53.965)

Nia (31:55.534)
Or else, I can't do it.

Bernie (31:58.262)
Because, well, I mean...

Bernie (32:01.934)
Essentially, in order for somebody to like, I think often when we're getting to know somebody to show whether somebody's committed to us and wanting to get to know us and be around us, it's shown through spending of money in a sense. Because we have no other way to showcase it when you're getting to know somebody, but by wanting to spend money on them or make sure they fit.

Nia (32:17.213)

Nia (32:25.486)
I feel like it's also like effort and stuff like that too. Like, I don't think everything costs money. I mean, the phone bill costs money. So I guess if you don't have money for the phone bill, then you can't really keep in contact. But I feel like it's not that hard to pick up the phone and text or, you know, communicate, like, communicate effort.

Bernie (32:28.486)
Yeah, yep. How much time you're spending with them.

Bernie (32:39.346)
Yeah, in time costs money too, you gotta pay for that. No, yeah, true. Yeah, like, true.

Bernie (32:52.043)
It's not.

Nia (32:55.230)
It's not that hard, but apparently people think it is.

Bernie (32:57.054)
It's not, and that's why it's like, yeah, people really think that it is. And it's like, it's really not, if somebody really is going to, they will.

Nia (33:05.506)
Yeah, if they want to fuck with you they will and if they don't Then they don't Because it's not hard You have your phone in your fucking hand like 90 percent of the time 90 of your day, you don't go anywhere without your fucking phone. So you mean to tell me you didn't think about Text me good morning or how my day was or anything all week or all day like No, hell no

Bernie (33:07.927)
They were.

Bernie (33:11.862)
You'll see it in their lack of effort.

Bernie (33:25.090)

Bernie (33:27.750)
I never ran across your mind not once. Yeah. It could, yeah. Especially when you're at the beginning parts of the relationship, I think, too. Because you don't have a foundation yet.

Nia (33:33.406)
Come on.

Nia (33:38.174)
Yeah. Right.

Bernie (33:42.102)
You gotta have a strong foundation to know all this shit is tight. Otherwise you're going to have worries or concerns like.

Nia (33:46.059)

Nia (33:51.826)
But a bitch like me, I need to know every day.

Bernie (33:55.720)
Oh, no!

Nia (33:56.966)
Do you still like me? You still like me? I need you to tell me every day. On the wedding day, I'm telling you, it's gonna be on my wedding day. And I'm gonna be like, do you still like me?

Bernie (33:59.646)
Even on the wedding day. Even on the wedding day. Are you sure?

Nia (34:13.490)
He gonna be in a full tuxedo. Ready to walk down, ready to walk down the aisle and gonna be like, are you, are you fucking kidding me? I'm dead ass. I'm dead ass. Do you still fuck with me or not?

Bernie (34:22.466)
like beef sub o'clock and for real right now.

Bernie (34:27.662)
just 60 racks on this wedding and you're being so serious right now.

Nia (34:31.799)
I'm sorry.

Nia (34:35.194)
the worst. I know I am. I require a lot. I like reassurance. I just like to hear it.

Bernie (34:43.058)
And that's some people don't need that some people do and then you gotta learn it like what is it that you need and If somebody's not willing to do the get give you the things that you need you gotta go where you gonna get it

Nia (34:55.887)

Bernie (34:58.350)
Because at the end of the day, you're going to all yearn for that if that's what you need.

Nia (34:59.268)

Nia (35:01.870)
Right. I might have a praise king. But anyways, uh...

Bernie (35:07.379)
I've considered that for myself as well too.

Nia (35:10.610)
But it's not like good girl stuff like that. It's just like, oh, you're pretty. You're so pretty. Or you're so funny. You're so smart. Stuff like that. I don't know. Yeah. It doesn't have to be like good girl, good job. Just compliments. Hype me up.

Bernie (35:21.078)
Yeah, just like things that make you feel good.

Bernie (35:27.114)
Yeah, yeah, I could, yeah. I forgot to.

Bernie (35:34.610)
Yeah, and also like wanting to please, too, a little bit of like, what is it that you need? Can I do something like sexual or non-sexual?

Nia (35:39.630)

Nia (35:47.778)
right yep that's me this next one is messy whoo somebody might need to ask beat on this one too just from like kind of just skimming it I male 20 just found out my best friend male that's 21 of 12 years is now dating my ex who's a female 20 years old

Bernie (35:53.059)

Bernie (35:55.745)

Bernie (35:58.949)
Oh, that's me.

Nia (36:14.394)
So I used to date this girl for five and a half years. We ended our relationship a year ago because we grew apart and we didn't love each other anymore. Damn, we ended things on good terms and remained friends. So today I found my best friend and my ex kissing each other in public. They didn't see me because I was far away. I am not jealous, but I feel betrayed by my best friend. There are a hundred thousand other girls in our city and he chose my ex. I am at a loss for words and I don't know what to do.

Bernie (36:22.038)

Nia (36:43.966)
Should I confront him? Should I tell our mutual friends and shame him? I will gladly answer questions and give more details. I am so sorry if this text is just a rumbly mess. I have no idea what to do. He's a straw.

Bernie (36:57.662)
Oh, this is messy. You know, my first reaction is to do a little bit of both, confront him and shame him by telling your mutual friends. And I'm always saying that because like, if he would do this to you, it's possible that he might do it to them. So you may as well let niggas know and put them on game two.

Nia (37:01.022)
told you.

Nia (37:15.735)
Let him know that he is a serial X-Bucker.

Bernie (37:21.311)
And also the fact that like

Nia (37:21.486)
and he will fuck your exes too, none of your exes are safe he will fuck all your exes

Bernie (37:24.998)
None of your exes are safe. But he made a point when he said, it's 100,000 other girls out here. Why you gotta pick my ex?

Nia (37:34.555)
You had to choose my bitch?

Bernie (37:36.466)
Yeah. It's like, oh, and then it makes you question like, damn, was you already thinking about this bitch when we were together because he dated her for five years? That's weird. Like you, you've been around this bitch. How long would you ever know?

Nia (37:39.055)
I don't know.

Nia (37:46.138)
right dating for five years is crazy like that's a solid ass relationship it's not like oh yeah i hit that bitch once and you know she was for the team that was a whole relationship i'm knocking your teeth out and shaming you

Bernie (37:52.798)

Bernie (37:56.957)

Bernie (38:00.450)
It was a whole fucking relationship. Yeah, we might have this wobble. Yeah, I'm gonna shame you too and we might have this wobble because why?

Nia (38:10.516)
Why would you do it?

Bernie (38:12.394)
Yeah, we're definitely not gonna continue probably being friends after that either. Because I'm gonna look at you different.

Nia (38:15.856)
Oh hell no.

Nia (38:19.598)
Yeah, because why do you always want my stuff?

Bernie (38:24.214)

Nia (38:24.218)
You like the steel? No, I can't. I can't trust nothing around you.

Bernie (38:30.398)
Right, that's what it really gives, because it's like, damn, why this?

Nia (38:35.094)
What else of my stuff have you been eyeballing and you just... I don't know, might fucking take one day. My purse?

Bernie (38:39.958)
Just gotta wait for an opportunity.

Nia (38:45.838)
My computer? My dog?

Bernie (38:46.338)
very fucking valid.

Nia (38:51.198)
Who knows?

Bernie (38:54.871)
Very fucking bad.

Nia (38:55.102)
Can't be trusted, he needs to go. But also, they're only 20 and they've been dating for five years, huh.

Bernie (39:02.647)
Mm, okay, 15.

Nia (39:04.294)
You don't really see that a lot, do you?

Bernie (39:06.250)
You don't know, not especially when they break up, you usually see it where they, oh yeah, we've been dating for 15 and they're like, they've been married for 20, 40 years and shit like that.

Nia (39:15.106)
Yeah, it's either like you make it or they break up at like, like, you know, end of high school, and they go to college or whatever you don't really see.

Bernie (39:21.088)

Bernie (39:27.802)
They did their thing, but not really. Yeah, he definitely gonna just confront that. He definitely shouldn't say anything to the girl though. She has nothing to do with anything.

Nia (39:39.375)

Nia (39:41.918)
She might have been doing that on purpose to get back at him. But they said they ended on good terms. I don't know. That's like something that you do if you don't end on good terms and you're like, I'm about to fuck your homeboy. You know?

Bernie (39:41.962)
This is more so if you're gonna work. Right, that narrative.

Bernie (39:52.598)

Bernie (39:56.066)
Like, can your friend get a turn? Yes. But that's if we, you know, yeah.

Nia (40:00.178)
But not... Yeah, if it was bad.

Bernie (40:06.558)
Okay, this next one is interesting as well. 31 year old woman, it says my boyfriend talks. My boyfriend's dirty talk kind of concerns me. Our sex is epic, he's 39, checks all my boxes, kind of kinky, raunchy, passionate. We get pretty nasty, a lot of degradation, role play, some fucked up scenarios, DS kind of dynamic, Dom sub.

Nia (40:07.258)
Nancy, boo.

Bernie (40:34.770)
I showed him a family photo album of one of our dates, and he commented on how cute of a kid I was. Then later that day, while we were fucking, he whispered in my ear, go get your album. I wanna look at that little girl, you. And your tiny pussy feels like you're still X, X years old.

Nia (40:49.390)
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Pause. Jail.

Bernie (40:58.168)

Nia (41:02.778)
this short-circuited jail time.

Bernie (41:07.523)
This is yeah, this is yeah, this is like see this is when a king can get kind of just kind of weird like I don't know

Nia (41:14.054)
Yeah, this is where I king shame. I'm sorry. I do, because.

Bernie (41:16.926)
It says, he goes, you won't tell mommy or daddy, right? Just spread your legs for me and I'll be gentle. Okay, that's kind of out of pocket for him to be. And it's the little girl picture, the little girl picture of her.

Nia (41:23.767)
Okay, I want him arrested.

Nia (41:29.918)
The fact that he wanted to get the picture out, what's his ad? I want him to go to jail.

Bernie (41:33.770)
She said, well, she said, I like feeling younger. So when he makes the comments, it does get me hot, but I picture myself at 18, not any younger. She was like, so is this just age play? Is this role play? Am I reading too far into this? What, at what point does dirty talk cross the line?

Nia (41:52.090)
when he asked you to go get the album.

Nia (41:55.814)
That's where it crossed the line.

Bernie (41:57.741)
That's the I think that's right. That's when he actually wrote the album. That's when it crossed the line. I guess like, the other shit is fine. It's all in just but the album and wanting to look at the photo. It's sketch. But the crossing the line was definitely the photo album.

Nia (42:07.094)
The other two is sketch too.

Nia (42:11.302)
The other show is sketched too. Don't tell mommy and daddy. Nigga, you're going to jail.

Bernie (42:17.455)

Nia (42:20.010)
I don't care. Cause who's to say you won't do some shit like that? You're going to jail. Like a nigga.

Bernie (42:27.052)

Nia (42:31.086)
Lock them up. Throw away the key.

Bernie (42:31.210)
Mm-hmm. I'm gonna say you're gonna have to move on from this one, or at least tell him that that is not fucking appropriate if you're gonna continue to be with this man. Like, we can't. The getting of the photo album and wanting to look at the little, yeah, that would freak me out.

Nia (42:42.354)
That would freak me out. That would literally freak- like I would have a full on panic attack because like who have I been sleeping with?

Bernie (42:50.058)
You wanna fuck little me? Don't claim. UF

Nia (42:56.150)
I would literally run out of the house.

Bernie (43:01.250)
Yeah. Mm-mm. We have somebody else to do it.

Nia (43:02.069)

Nia (43:05.158)
Wow. Get somebody else to do it. Well, I actually don't get somebody else to do it.

Bernie (43:13.842)
Actually, yeah, never mind, you're right. Don't do that.

Nia (43:19.360)
actually no okay moving on this next one oh damn I'm getting all the messy ones I mean that was messy but that was like a different type of messy that was like jail messy yeah

Bernie (43:32.278)
That was a different kind of message. Yeah, the niggas was playing with their freedom.

Nia (43:39.106)
I think it was going straight to hell. He will never see the pearly gaze. Um, okay. This is threesome aftermath between 22 year old female and 24 year old male partners says so I need some advice on or perspective from people who have had threesomes with their long term partners and a stranger. Um, me and my boyfriend.

And I have been fantasizing about threesome for about a year. We've been together for two years. Originally, the fantasy was just an abstract idea. Yada, yada, yada. It was exciting for us. We watched threesome porn together, dirty talk about it. Yada, yada, yada. About four months ago, however, the concept started to become more tangible. We both believed that we were secure enough as a couple to bring in a third without any consequence.

Nia (44:35.246)
So they made a joint Tinder account in January and matched with a by girl and you know, they explained the circumstances to her, gave her the rundown or whatever. Everyone was on board. They met up with her a couple of times. Yup. And

Bernie (44:45.670)
This is how we setting up shop.

Nia (44:55.378)
trying to sum it up because it's just like a lot. After getting drinks a few times we finally scheduled a time to have a threesome at the apartment. My boyfriend and I talked extensively about the boundaries going into this. I was comfortable with most things. Ten a girl just said no but stuff which we readily agreed with. My primary boundary. My primary boundary with the whole thing.

Bernie (44:58.990)
business man.

Bernie (45:16.888)

Nia (45:21.722)
was that I did not want to feel like I was simply on the sideline as my boyfriend fucked someone else. Meaning I wanted just slightly more attention in all of this. Which, you know, yeah. Makes sense. Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Bernie (45:30.264)
be a party.

Nia (45:39.023)
Um, he talked a lot about being turned on about.

Bernie (45:39.498)
I'm still interested in the fact that the immediate thing was no-butt stuff. They were like, we'll n- I guess I wouldn't think that that would be a thing. Considering like it's two women in the room, I just wouldn't think that that would be a go-to to like, there's two vaginas in here. Yeah, I guess.

Nia (45:45.106)
She had no other boundaries, just no butt stuff.

Nia (45:53.496)
Oh, to like do that in the first place?

Nia (45:57.510)
Maybe he was just like, you know, into that stuff with her. And he didn't wanna... It's like, no, you can't fuck anybody else in the vagina, because that's cheating. You gotta fuck her in the butt.

Nia (46:09.990)
That sounded like something somebody would probably say, you know, like, you gotta keep it sacred. Cause otherwise it's cheating. I don't know.

Bernie (46:13.030)
Yeah, I could see that. I could see that.

Bernie (46:19.670)
People come up with some shit.

Nia (46:21.578)
Yeah. Um, okay. Where was I at? This is long as fuck. Damn. Okay, hold on. It's still going. I didn't realize it was that much. And she's going into detail. Let me see if I can sum this up.

Bernie (46:37.938)
Yeah, does it get to the point at least to where what what something obviously from what I'm getting something happened during the situation that she wasn't cool

Nia (46:47.842)
Okay, so this is without going into sorted naughty details, just know this weird imbalance occurred the entire threesome. So I guess he was kind of like, he was definitely giving her more attention, it seems like then than the girlfriend. And he was clearly more engaged with her as evidenced by him always touching her in some way, but not always touching me.

Bernie (47:04.682)
Hmm. Yeah.

Nia (47:16.826)
She probably got fucked by him for about 30, 40 minutes more than I did collectively. At one point, I got the short end of the stick where I was on my back and she was going down on me and fingering me and he was fucking her from behind. He kept stopping to get on his knees and eat her out. And then went back to fucking her. Meaning there was probably at least 20 minutes where I got nothing at all from him.

Bernie (47:37.578)

Nia (47:46.038)
was my only boundary. Okay, yeah, so I see where she's coming from because she said that upfront, like, that's my only thing.

Bernie (47:50.344)

Nia (47:55.478)
Okay, so as they were driving her home, it was obvious he was... I know, right? They're doing a whole lot for this. Um, BIRD.

Bernie (47:56.371)
And he didn't notice.

Bernie (47:59.158)
Damn they get it a bit too right, huh?

Bernie (48:02.658)
I'm already in the car! That's what they fucked up too.

Nia (48:07.730)
So they drove her home and he was super happy and satisfied. He kept asking the two of us how it felt and how it went. I was pissed and she was most awkward person on the plane. So there was a lot of awkward silence in the car. Oh God, I need to wrap this up.

Bernie (48:16.983)
I'm sorry.

Bernie (48:27.810)
Damn, this is messy boot stuff.

Nia (48:32.306)
So the next day he clearly didn't see the error of his behavior until she explained more in detail about how she felt disrespected and that he didn't respect her boundaries. And then he started feeling guilty about that. Um, you know, he feels bad that he hurt her.

Nia (48:52.222)
and he said he felt like he broke the seal of their relationship by engaging so intimately with someone else and now says that there's some voice in the back of his head telling him that maybe he wants to continue sleeping with other people AHHHH

Bernie (49:06.370)
I knew it. I was like it was some new pussy in the room and he went crazy and the girlfriend saw her look I knew that's what was going on. The girlfriend saw the look on his face He was too fucking eager and she lost her mind. Oh hell no Yeah, girl Yeah, he was hitting her from the back and was eating her out and was doing and when the girlfriend which is laying there flat on Her back doing she said she was there was nothing happening with her for 20 minutes

Nia (49:17.206)
Yeah, he started eating her out too. He was giving her the double whammy.

Nia (49:30.370)
No, like that's our thing. What are you talking about? Yeah, so now she's like, I'm trying to figure out if this is so catastrophic that it's going to end the relationship. I don't know when he will get over the feelings of guilt and I don't know if he'll get over the feelings of this guy's I love him very much and we have a very invaluable relationship so I hate to think that it could end over this advice.

Nia (49:58.352)

Bernie (49:59.148)

Bernie (50:01.550)
Did it sound like she had kind of forgiven him for it and was ready to move on and he's just beating himself up now?

Bernie (50:10.190)
Because if that's too bad, she needs to make him feel that she's good and like they can move on.

Nia (50:10.234)
Yeah, it kinda sounds like...

Nia (50:20.034)
Yeah, cuz now it definitely sounds like he's feeling guilty and he's upset. He's upset by it. And now she's feeling like this is a dis there's a disconnect between them and that that might be threatening the relationship.

Bernie (50:34.059)

Bernie (50:37.910)
they need to talk about it again and really talk about through the whole situation, I think, and be like, so this is everything that happened. And this is where I started to feel this, you know, disconnect with us. How do we move forward? I mean, do they, and maybe they need to have another threesome and just like understand that like, you can't really have. Yeah, okay. Well, because like.

Nia (50:40.796)

Nia (50:56.926)
I think they need to stop having threesomes. Stop having people in the bedroom, would you?

Bernie (51:04.634)
Yeah, because it's not it's hard for it to go down. You can't dictate how it's going to go down. I mean, it's going to go down how it's going to go down.

Nia (51:12.294)
I mean, clearly he doesn't know how to read the room and he just had his girlfriend laying there like a dead fucking starfish.

Bernie (51:20.430)
Yeah. That's just a big mistake, period. I feel like you shouldn't, you should make sure everybody is involved. And he just didn't even notice he was so busy with homegrown that he was, oh, I forgot my business.

Nia (51:22.490)
I don't know.

Nia (51:33.746)
That's why I feel like the other girl should just be a pet.

Bernie (51:38.078)
Yeah, like more like a more an added on like an add on. Yeah.

Nia (51:39.087)
That demeaning.

Nia (51:42.774)
Yeah, like you sit here and wait your turn.

Nia (51:47.158)
or you know, I don't know.

Bernie (51:47.281)

Bernie (51:51.666)
I think maybe they also probably went into it too quickly. Like they should have eased into it and tried like, I don't know, let's just make out with a bitch or something and then go from there. And then they just went in and just started fucking.

Nia (52:06.506)
Yeah, and that was a lot.

Bernie (52:08.934)
Yeah, and that was a lot. And it was like, Oh my god, all this shit is happening. Yeah.

Nia (52:13.838)
I just can't believe he left her hanging like that. I'm like, get up bitch.

Bernie (52:15.926)
You left her hanging like that? She was over there like, okay, when am I next? And she bowled for sitting there for 20 minutes and nothing was happening. Are we going?

Nia (52:24.422)
She said he fucked her for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Bernie (52:30.189)

Nia (52:30.423)
Ah? Excuse me?

Bernie (52:33.234)
And where were you at when this was going down?

Nia (52:37.182)
She was just there. I hate that for her.

Bernie (52:39.107)
Yeah, they need to have some more conversations.

Bernie (52:44.922)
Um, let's see. Okay. This was so, this was a slutty confession. This is so out of pocket. I brought my best friend's panties to squirt in them. I was at my best friend's house for a sleepover. We were having a great time drinking wine and watching movies. I went to her room and put on her PJs. Like, what are you? She wanted to squirt in them. Maybe that's like a king. She wanted to squirt in her friend's panties and like, oh, he squirted in his pants.

Nia (53:04.551)
Ha ha!

Nia (53:09.822)
She need her ass beat. Tell you right now.

Nia (53:19.614)
Yeah, why would you do that?

Bernie (53:22.195)
Why would you do that? She said, I knew I was wrong, but the thought of squirting in my best friend's panties was just too tempting to resist.

Nia (53:34.450)
She's an asshole. She's a freaky asshole. That's what she is.

Bernie (53:38.194)
Yeah, she said that's not. Oh, yeah, she's crazy. He said the thought of her pussy touching the bannies did something to me. So after I was finished, I took the panties off and put them back where I found.

Nia (53:51.506)
Oh! Oh!

Nia (53:56.774)
Word? She took him off and put him back? Yeah, I'll have to like... Keep him at that point. Keep him. They're yours. You know, I'll get over it. Is it weird? Yes. Still very fucking weird. But you put him back after you soaked him? What are you talking about?

Bernie (54:00.962)
I thought she was gonna say she stole her panties and she took them home or what. Right?

Nia (54:21.722)
So you just pee in my panties and put them back in the drawer.

Bernie (54:25.233)

Nia (54:26.638)
I would knock her head clean off her fucking shoulders.

Nia (54:32.978)
like be so fucking for real

Bernie (54:35.010)
When I saw the title I was like, what is going on here? Let me just...

Nia (54:38.050)
Oh my god. At first I was like okay we're we can maybe still be friends but I'm gonna have to watch you because you seem like the type that might eat my pussy in the middle of the night.

Bernie (54:46.602)
Yeah, okay, you still look hair in my panties, whatever.

Nia (54:53.714)
But the fact that you put them back after you squared in them, you're disgusting. You're not just freaky. You're just nasty.

Bernie (55:04.494)
I'm out.

Nia (55:06.790)
Just take them with you.

Bernie (55:09.070)
Just take the fucking panties. Oh, Jesus Christ, oh my God. Okay, here was this other one.

Nia (55:15.582)
She just pissed me off. Okay, should that be the last one?

Bernie (55:19.262)
Yes, the last one. It says 25 year old woman, boyfriend 29, asked me to come through penetration, but I can't. My boyfriend will say, I want you to come, come for me. Give me, given and come. When he's been fingering me for 20 seconds. I don't even, I don't and never have come from penetration. Only clitoral, yeah. I'm like, nobody's gonna come after 20 seconds of being finger fucked.

Nia (55:22.673)
Nasty bitch.

Nia (55:34.110)
20 seconds.

Bernie (55:42.326)
She said, his comments put me off and make me uncomfortable. I feel like telling him, that's not how girls usually come, but I don't want to be mean or disappoint him. He's obviously been watching porn and thinks women will come from 20 seconds of fingering inside of them. The comment put pressure on me, honestly, and makes me feel sick and put off. I don't know how to tell him to stop saying those things, but I will never come from penetration. So what should I say to him?

Nia (56:11.998)
tell him to get out his bed and his fork and his knife and start eating because

Nia (56:24.086)
Yeah. Or if he could do a combo, if he can eat and finger at the same time, chest kiss.

Bernie (56:24.146)
Yeah, I think that's the best advice.

Bernie (56:32.179)

Bernie (56:35.178)
And just redirect him like, hey, babe, like that's cool and all, but I'm not going to nut from two things that put your face in it.

Nia (56:41.622)
yeah no one's going to from 20 seconds of finger banging

Bernie (56:43.394)

Bernie (56:50.318)
Who the fuck taught him that?

Nia (56:53.028)

Bernie (56:54.174)
Yeah, not knowing that the points be all cut out.

Nia (56:56.018)
This is why porn will ruin your lives.

Bernie (56:59.638)
Literally because the porn is all cut up. They probably have fucked for like two hours and you're only seeing 20 minutes of that

Bernie (57:08.982)
So no, no one's coming in 20 seconds from a finger pop.

Nia (57:10.328)

Nia (57:14.298)
No, she needs to be more direct with her desires and her wants in the bedroom. Like this is not doing it for me. I just can't get finger pop so.

Bernie (57:24.898)
Yeah, but he's open today, so she should be.

Nia (57:29.978)
Right. Or get a new nigga.

Bernie (57:34.946)
That's always an option too, get a new nigga.

Nia (57:38.142)
Sprinkle, sprinkle.

Bernie (57:39.735)

Bernie (57:42.408)
On that note...

Nia (57:44.026)
That's my favorite bitch on the internet right now.

Bernie (57:46.346)
Low-key she's fucking fire should be like this should be off the top of her head like I know it do because it's too good To like she's not writing that shit down the gap She says something to About like something she was like somebody was like are you a life coach? She's like no, I'm not a life coach. I do not Something she's like, but I am coaching you to manage these niggas finances or some shit. It was some shit like that

Nia (57:53.078)
Yeah, that's not rehearsed. No. That is not scripted.

Bernie (58:17.310)
She's like, no, I don't do financial management, but I'm financially advising you. Yeah, she was somebody who was like, are you a financial advisor? She's like, no, I'm not a financial advisor, but I'm financially advising you to run these mixed pockets.

Nia (58:17.434)
Oh my god.

Nia (58:25.326)
I'm sorry.

Nia (58:31.086)
And with a straight face. Should just be straight faced the whole time. I'm so dead ass.

Bernie (58:34.718)
It was so fucking serious. Sprinkle, sprinkle.

Nia (58:40.058)
Sprinkle, sprinkle. All right, y'all. So let us know about these reddits. Please rate and comment on whatever platform you listen to the podcast on. Apple, Spotify, Google, wherever the fuck we at, wherever the fuck you find us.

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Nia (59:07.043)
It's on every platform.

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Nia (59:38.824)

Nia (59:42.830)
Mm hmm. And for those of y'all that fuck with us on TikTok, thank you. We love the engagement on the clips. Let us know if there's any topics you guys want us to talk about or

Bernie (01:00:00.094)
Yeah, for sure. If there's more information you want to...

Nia (01:00:00.830)
things, stories that you have, advice you want, confessions, any of that.

Bernie (01:00:07.990)
That too, if you are stealing your friends panties and nutting in them and then putting them back, let us know about that too. That's not, that's insane, but like.

Nia (01:00:12.151)
I hate you, if that's the case.

Nia (01:00:17.479)
You can let us know, but just know that I hate you.

Nia (01:00:22.590)
Because that is gross.

Bernie (01:00:25.654)
so fucking out of pocket. Otherwise, same place, same time next week on the order to find us another episode of Ice Race. Holla.

Nia (01:00:34.246)