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Breeding Kink

May 23, 2023 Season 1 Episode 133
Wise Freaks
Breeding Kink
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This episode, we boldly venture into the intriguing world of Breeding Kink. We unravel fantasies, and intricacies surrounding the Breeding Kink, aiming to demystify and destigmatize this often misunderstood aspect of human desire. 

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Nia (00:00.088)

Bernie (00:03.514)
Okay, hello you guys welcome to another episode of wise freaks. It's your boy burn aka papasito per aka your fucking stepdad

Nia (00:15.521)
And hey guys, it's your co-host, host, Nia Rell, Nizia Baby, and a lieutenant.

Bernie (00:27.715)
baby like the way you see that was kind of kind of like baby you're mine

Nia (00:29.179)

Nia (00:32.848)
It was kinda country.

Nia (00:37.31)
Is that a Miami accent?

Bernie (00:39.37)
No, I don't know if it was. I think it was more like Georgia, like Southern Vail kind of as opposed to like the Florida. Yeah. Still Southern though. But we were just having this conversation y'all about just sometimes it's just not enough. And it's not. And then it's maybe for someone else. It will be. In accepting that.

Nia (00:43.272)

Nia (00:47.378)
Yeah, yeah. It was a little clear.

Nia (00:59.646)
It's sometimes it's not. It's just not.

Nia (01:07.146)
Yeah, and I can go for, you know, many different scenarios in life. So just because sometimes you're not enough for somebody, you might be enough for someone else.

Bernie (01:14.694)
Many. Like especially if that's somebody's back.

Bernie (01:23.662)
apps so fucking lube-ly. I feel like that's a great way to come into this bitch. Don't take it personal. You might not be enough though. Or maybe you're too much. You know? That's possible. That's possible.

Nia (01:27.574)
Don't take a person though.

Nia (01:31.126)
And don't be too hard on yourself.

Nia (01:37.09)
Or you can be too much. Yes. That, that, that is definitely possible.

Nia (01:46.614)
I've dealt with people who are too much.

Bernie (01:49.81)

Bernie (01:52.946)
I don't know if I have.

Nia (01:55.487)
I'm sorry.

Bernie (01:56.884)
Because that'd be a lot.

Nia (02:01.647)
I'm done with it and it's...

Nia (02:07.094)
But somebody might love it. Anywho.

Bernie (02:09.834)
somebody else might love it. But.

Nia (02:12.951)

Bernie (02:17.042)
So I was just thinking about this. This is so random before we even get into it. This was such a random thing. I had to write this down because I was like, I wonder when that happens for people, but like, when did you start to like realize, like, like kind of like step really into like being a bad bitch and like, okay, like, kind of like your confidence of like, you know how you present yourself, you know how you really step into like owning yourself? Like, like what age did you feel like you really stepped into like, you know, being a bad bitch? Like what age?

Nia (02:40.331)

Nia (02:47.581)

Nia (02:50.99)
I feel like I really stepped into it.

Nia (02:55.886)
Honestly, I feel like 21. 21? Yeah. 20 or 21.

Bernie (02:59.774)

Bernie (03:02.886)
Okay, I was thinking that I was thinking that too. I was I was more edging towards like 22. Because I think 21 I had a taste. And I was like, this is, you know, I was teetering. And then like 22, I really started to step in and like, really own like, okay, this is who I am, you know what I mean? Like embrace that shit.

Nia (03:22.866)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, probably 22. Yeah, 21 I was pretty drunk, so I'll say 22.

Bernie (03:28.625)

Bernie (03:32.79)
Yeah, but it's like a weird feeling though. Yo, really though.

Nia (03:33.731)
Kind of hard to remember 21.

Nia (03:38.526)
I was like, I was like, damn, I was doing so much. Like I was doing so much, but it was just like, I could never do that today. Like, I don't know like how I did everything in school where turning up, traveling. I don't know how I did all of it, just living life.

Bernie (03:57.586)
And we're just like, but it was like a different level of what kind of energy you had then too though. You know what I mean? Like you just had a different wind about, or a wind about yourself because you was chipper. Like.

Nia (04:04.078)

Nia (04:10.73)
And that's how I feel like, yeah, that was like really stepping into the bad vitri because I could do that.

Bernie (04:14.876)

Nia (04:18.91)
It's a different type of dentistry now.

Bernie (04:19.002)
Exactly. It is it's it's it's more of like settling into like yourself of like, because I felt like you step into like figuring out like, oh, I am this person. And then now you're more of like, I you know, I can own this person and don't have to, like be that you know what I mean? Like, all the time, you find a level to it. Like it tapers off.

Nia (04:42.378)
Yeah. Like you're really just your authentic self. And you don't really give a fuck. Yeah. Yeah.

Bernie (04:46.682)
Yeah, you keep trying to like peel these layers back. Yep. Because now you reach the point where you're like, I really don't give a fuck. I'm just like, this is me. And that's it.

Nia (04:56.842)
Yeah, I don't give a fuck what anybody really thinks, I don't care. I really don't.

Bernie (05:03.242)
I don't know why I was randomly thinking about that shit, but it just came to my mind. You gotta scroll into the pencil.

Nia (05:08.13)
That's a good question though. What, at what age did you really step into the bad bitch role? Let us know. Let us know. When, at what age did you really step into the bad bitch role? And what was it for you? What was the turning point?

Bernie (05:18.831)

Bernie (05:25.202)
Mm-hmm. The turning point for me, I feel like it was...

Nia (05:26.934)
You know?

Bernie (05:32.154)
more independence, you know? And then it was like, oh, I don't have any like confinements or anything controlling me, telling me what to do, how to wake, how to shave my ass or not shave my ass, how to suck it, you know, nothing. I could do whatever I, you know what I mean? Like.

Nia (05:35.497)

Nia (05:46.158)
Thanks for watching!

Nia (05:52.206)

Bernie (05:53.97)
I didn't have any of those things. I just was like, you know, boom, like, damn, this is me. I can do all this shit. I'm feeling, you know, you start to really feel yourself because of that. I think the independence part of it.

Nia (06:02.153)

Nia (06:05.982)
Yeah, definitely say like the independence like Living on your own like I think for me it was like when I finally like when I went overseas to Japan and like I was doing like a lot of stuff it was just like I Don't know it was like I'm not afraid to take on like Something fucking crazy people be like wow, that's a lot like I wouldn't do that But it was like I would and I just be like Yes, it kind of crazy

Bernie (06:18.342)

Bernie (06:29.171)

Nia (06:36.214)
Did it anyway. Still gonna do it. Yeah.

Bernie (06:36.762)
Yeah, that you can make a decision to do that and then do it and then you're like, fuck, I really did do that. And like, oh, I can continue to do shit like this because.

Nia (06:45.77)
Yeah, I was like damn, yeah I was like I'm kind of that bitch. I'm okay. Like I take risks and I don't... I was just thinking though I was like I I don't know if I would still do like the same stuff that I did at 21. Like now like if I was presenting if I was presenting the opportunity to go to Japan where I didn't know anybody like in the group that I was going with. Would I go now?

Bernie (06:46.703)
I can do what I want, you know?

Bernie (06:52.401)

Bernie (07:03.582)
knowing what I know now?

Bernie (07:16.735)
Mmm, would you?

Nia (07:18.05)
First time? Probably not.

Nia (07:22.334)
I feel like that was safe because it was like through school, but like I'm trying to think of like any other scenario where you're just meeting up with a bunch of people that you never met before. To go to something like that. I don't know.

Bernie (07:28.713)

Bernie (07:33.802)
for a little bit like a month.

Nia (07:36.242)
Yeah, like would I do that now? Go on a trip with a group of strangers.

Bernie (07:37.782)

Bernie (07:40.153)

Bernie (07:45.235)
I don't know.

Nia (07:47.134)
It was basically like going on to it. Yeah, it was basically like going on to Bad Girls Club without the fight.

Bernie (07:47.762)
We would definitely have more questions than we did at that time. You know.

Nia (07:56.834)
Or like going on to like a reality show when they put you all in a house.

Bernie (08:00.15)
Yeah. Low key, that was your real world moment. That was your baddie. That was your baddie's Japan moment.

Nia (08:04.214)
But it was like, yeah, it was kind of like a real Warwell. It just wasn't, it wasn't filmed. But it was just random. Like who does that?

Bernie (08:11.07)

Bernie (08:18.128)
I'm dead. Baddies Japan. Well girl, some of these bitches don't be getting paid either.

Nia (08:18.55)
Cause I didn't get paid.

Nia (08:23.918)
I ain't had no booking fee. Okay. I was just showing up. I was paying to go.

Bernie (08:26.354)

Nia (08:35.074)
Oh yeah, that's interesting to think about. That part of me, I'm like, I need to still be more like that. Just like doing something crazy. Okay.

Bernie (08:39.198)
Yeah, it was just like jam.

Bernie (08:43.614)

Bernie (08:46.43)
Well, cause you gotta find the balance, cause you can't do that all the time, but then you can still do it sometimes, you know.

Nia (08:53.266)
Yeah, yeah. Good question, good question. I want to know what other people think or what was their experience.

Bernie (09:02.474)

Nia (09:05.35)
Okay, on a less serious note, I saw this on Twitter and I had to, I had to bring it up. This is like a would you rather, but it's crazy.

Bernie (09:08.874)
What else we have going on?

Bernie (09:12.572)
Oh, fuck.

Bernie (09:17.031)

Nia (09:21.619)
This is...

Nia (09:24.975)
Okay, so would you rather get fingered by the flash, get hit from them or back shots from home?

Bernie (09:33.207)
Okay, get fingered by Flash.

Bernie (09:37.55)
8 out by Venom. Back shots from the Hulk. Ooh, shit.

Nia (09:44.738)
What you doing?

Bernie (09:48.726)
I'm just gonna say on a cuff, I'm choosing back shots from the Hulk. I don't know why I'm feeling drawn to that for some odd reason. I don't know why, because I don't know if I wanna, I definitely don't wanna give finger by the flash. That just seems like way too much too quick. I don't know.

Nia (09:54.835)
What? Are you insane?

Nia (10:07.466)
Yeah, it seems like it's gonna be like... Like, burn your Gucci or something. You know, like, too much friction? Yeah.

Bernie (10:12.954)
It's just, yeah, it's too quick. Yeah, I don't like all that speedy shit. Nigga, you moving too fast, slow the fuck down. You know what I mean? Yeah, and then I'm thinking, you know, head from venom. Ooh, I don't know. Even if he ain't. Right.

Nia (10:19.682)
Seems like it's gonna generate a lot of heat.

Nia (10:28.802)
Somebody said, somebody poked, somebody poked, tweeted and said, getting half a venom would have my legs shaking. Oh my God.

Bernie (10:36.892)
Oh my god!

Bernie (10:44.138)
fucking in saying.

Bernie (10:48.759)

Nia (10:50.377)
You know what venom looks like, right?

Bernie (10:53.714)
Yeah, the fucked up mouth, right?

Nia (10:57.323)
with that tongue.

Bernie (10:58.866)
Yeah, the tongue, yeah. I don't know if, I don't know. See, that's why I'm like, low key that might go off, but don't it turn into something?

Nia (11:14.768)
That is what it turns into.

Bernie (11:16.698)
Yeah. What you do then?

Nia (11:18.477)

Nia (11:22.074)
I'm probably gonna have to take that.

Bernie (11:24.082)
I'm dead.

Nia (11:28.613)
I think I will have to.

Bernie (11:30.378)
I think I'm gonna stick with the back shots from the whole.

Nia (11:33.13)
You're a psychopath.

Bernie (11:35.186)
Like go ahead, let's see what's up.

Nia (11:40.982)
So you were never walking in. What are you talking about?

Bernie (11:45.714)
And that's the possibility. So that's why I'm willing to see what's up. Because I'm just not, the venom that I can't.

Bernie (11:59.338)
Mm-mm. I'm taking back that.

Nia (12:00.349)
Okay, okay, that's you. That's you.

Nia (12:06.99)
What would y'all choose? What would you choose? I'm going with Venom. They don't seem like it would be a little crazy.

Nia (12:16.758)
That was wow. Yeah, I don't know. Someone said, oh my god, y'all need a diary.

Bernie (12:19.334)
A lot of people are saying it's been in the comments.

Bernie (12:24.994)
Yeah. And a lot, I'm seeing a bunch of people saying like, venom, venom, somebody's posting it. I'm like, oh yeah, no, oh yeah. I'm sticking with all.

Nia (12:27.391)
Twitter is so crazy.

Bernie (12:39.306)
Somebody says the only logical choice.

Nia (12:39.345)
Oh my god.

Nia (12:43.85)
It really is because the rest are going to go crazy. We're not doing it. Oh my god. Okay. Last thing for the intro. I saw this also on Twitter. Go for it. Spending more of my time there. These things. This says, My wife can't bear me a son. I have exactly four daughters.

Nia (13:12.49)
Like, was it going to be exactly anything? Like, why did he say exactly four? Anywho.

Bernie (13:17.822)
That's a weird terminology to use.

Nia (13:22.547)
Okay, I have exactly four daughters, but I still don't have a son to continue my lineage and blood I'm thinking of exploring getting someone else pregnant. I'm starting to resent her. What should I do?

Bernie (13:37.134)
Oh That's messy as fuck like

Nia (13:38.513)
Like what?

Bernie (13:42.514)
He's asking, do his wife know that he asking this?

Nia (13:42.858)
Why would he do it?

Nia (13:47.883)

Bernie (13:50.842)
I mean, what should he do? I feel like he just off the top of my head, like be thankful for the four girls that he does have. Like, how about that?

Bernie (14:03.23)
That's a good place to start.

Nia (14:05.999)
I wonder if he knows that the fact that he doesn't, he's only making daughters and now Senya is his fault.

Bernie (14:16.242)
That part.

Bernie (14:19.055)
He don't even know that.

Nia (14:19.254)
Like, it... yeah, he probably doesn't even know that.

Bernie (14:24.274)
He doesn't even know that.

Bernie (14:29.367)

Nia (14:31.256)
Someone put in the comments, says beware of the man that can only produce girls. God does not want to replicate that man back onto her.

Bernie (14:40.006)
That's exactly what the universe is fucking telling him. I know they tearing his ass up in these motherfucking comments, but Twitter don't play it. As they should. As they fucking should. Like listen to the universe. The universe is clearly telling you something.

Nia (14:45.811)
You're eating him alive.

Nia (14:51.591)
You're him alive.

Nia (14:56.963)
Yeah, Sarah's not gonna happen. We don't need another you.

Bernie (14:59.322)
And not to mention, how about talk to your wife? Is her body good with going through another situation? How about that?

Nia (15:09.306)
No, he's ready to get somebody else pregnant. Because...

Bernie (15:11.826)
He's like, I'm gonna go get another bitch pregnant because this bitch don't have, she can't produce a boy. She can't produce a boy.

Nia (15:15.17)
because she only made girl.

Bernie (15:20.062)
So he said, I'm gonna go get you a sister wife.

Nia (15:20.938)
It's your phone.

Nia (15:24.142)
it's his fault. I want him to do it and have like more girls with the new chick and she still don't give you a sign. Like it's you. You just don't have any why. You have no why chromosomes that work.

Bernie (15:29.352)
I'm another girl.

Bernie (15:35.271)

Bernie (15:41.982)
That's when you need to go get checked. Go check that out.

Bernie (15:48.986)

Nia (15:49.17)
We can't just be grateful that we have.

Nia (15:53.166)
for children.

Bernie (15:54.986)
How about fucking that?

Nia (15:55.966)
And how does that not continue in the bloodline? Aren't they still your blood?

Bernie (16:00.494)
Right. I guess it's just the whole name situation.

Nia (16:05.828)
Here's a photo.

Bernie (16:07.05)
That's what people get hung up over in the fucking name. Yes.

Nia (16:10.231)

Nia (16:13.602)
You don't have like somebody else in the family that the name might stick. A brother.

Bernie (16:17.586)
And he must say he got no brothers. So it clearly must be a situation that's in the bloodline. It's just not a lot of men producing, you know.

Nia (16:31.094)
Who cares? Anywho, I thought that was kind of crazy. I thought it was nuts.

Bernie (16:33.606)
It's another thing. It is kind of wild. It is really wild. Oh, I am very excited for the baby daddy this week. Okay, the baby mother because I have a baby mother this week.

Nia (16:45.363)
Oh, okay, let's get into it.

Nia (16:50.164)

Bernie (16:51.966)
and it's really fitting for the moment that's happening.

Nia (16:57.183)
I'm scared.

Bernie (16:59.783)
Halle Bailey.

Nia (17:02.31)
Okay, I have her on my list too. Yeah, it's mermaid week. It's Little Mermaid week.

Bernie (17:03.529)
Little mermaid. Yeah, little mermaid.

Bernie (17:08.838)
Yeah, it's a Sunday week. So that comes out Friday, right? It's Friday, or is it Thursday, like 12 premiere or whatever the fuck.

Nia (17:15.71)
Yeah, I think it's, yeah, they're gonna do one of those, but...

Bernie (17:17.566)
How do movies work now? I feel like they just be on the streaming like immediately. They've come out and then like, you can just download the shit. Is that how it works? Okay.

Nia (17:25.718)
Some do. Some do. But no, they're trying to get back into like the theater shit.

Bernie (17:32.998)

Nia (17:35.406)
I guess. If it wasn't so damn expensive, I would I would go to the movies there. But I told you how it was when I took them kids and they wanted some food. I was like

Bernie (17:42.752)

Bernie (17:45.911)

Bernie (17:48.902)
It was like what, $80?

Nia (17:51.854)
I dropped money in there for a two-hour movie.

Bernie (17:54.574)
No, that's the only, that's not a problem. Oh, you know what the hack is? And I've done this girl, Groupon. You can find some theater tickets in Groupon.

Nia (18:06.466)
Hmm. It wasn't the tickets that was the problem. It was the food!

Bernie (18:09.655)
Oh, with the snacks!

Nia (18:13.662)
We saw a man knee.

Bernie (18:16.298)
I'm sorry.

Nia (18:17.546)
We did, we went and saw a manatee and it was still... The food wasn't discounted, the tickets were. I said, I got two kids, we went in the morning and I said I was still a student. I was scrambling. What's the cheapest you got? Can we use my mama's AARP discount? What the fuck?

Bernie (18:27.434)
Damn, I'm...

Bernie (18:33.546)
Pfft. Heheheheheheheheh.

Bernie (18:45.646)
Loki the movie theater dude be trying to rob you blind up in that bitch and then I don't know what it is about the ambiance in that motherfucker but it be like it makes you want to eat like it makes you want to have some popcorn or a press with cheese and some Sour Patch Kids and a large soda and a big buttery popcorn.

Nia (18:55.688)

Nia (19:02.05)
You can eat right before and you be like, mm, I should grab a little snack though. Like.

Bernie (19:07.115)
Yeah, dead ass. You can literally go to dinner beforehand and then be like, you know what, I just want something to nibble on. Like, what the fuck?

Nia (19:10.71)
There's something. They do something.

Nia (19:17.086)
I think they put something in the popcorn. Like they do it at Disney World, where they put like the scent chemicals and they spray it in the air to make people want to eat and buy food.

Bernie (19:22.363)

Bernie (19:30.226)
Oh, that's a thing?

Nia (19:33.098)
Yeah, so they intentionally spray like the scent of like fresh cookies or something like that just to make people like, oh damn, that smells good. And it makes people want to buy.

Bernie (19:48.51)
This is so out of pocket, but like I'm wondering.

Nia (19:49.738)
And it makes those kids want to eat. So they run up a chin.

Bernie (19:55.166)
This is so out of pocket, totally different scenario, thinking totally different, nothing to do with Disney. Can that same method operate if you were to bottle, I don't know, let's say sex as a scent and were to spray it over a club? Is it possible? Would that make people wanna fuck? I don't know.

Nia (20:15.918)
Well, wasn't that like the whole idea of dabbing? Kinda.

Bernie (20:21.314)
Oh, with the pussy G, yeah.

Nia (20:23.926)
yeah like the pheromones or like i've seen like pheromone perfume i was like what y'all trying to do where do you wear this you just wear that every day

Bernie (20:26.767)

Bernie (20:30.726)
What you seem like? Phamom? There's phamom perfume?

Nia (20:36.658)
seen ads for it just pop up and I was like why are y'all sending me why am I seeing them?

Bernie (20:40.254)
Hold on, what the fuck would that smell like?

Nia (20:44.526)
I don't wanna know. No.

Bernie (20:45.65)

Nia (20:48.076)
I don't know.

Bernie (20:51.09)
Like what the fuck does that smell like? Is it sweet? Is it? Like, I don't, okay.

Nia (20:58.322)
And so that to me is giving like sex break because what else are you trying to do other than attract a mate?

Bernie (21:04.062)

Bernie (21:09.502)
That has to be it.

Nia (21:12.611)

Bernie (21:16.23)
Yeah, even thinking about that from my sense, I don't know if I would want to like, my outer like body or my pheromones to be, I wouldn't want like the smell of my dick to be smelling off of me like in the club or some shit like that.

Nia (21:27.394)
I don't think it has to be OD. I think it's just like, I don't know how the fuck they do it. I just thought it was weird and I scrolled past it. I should have clicked the little thing that said, why am I seeing this? You know, you can like ask like the ad thing. Like, I know y'all taking my information, but like, how did we get here? You know? Why me?

Bernie (21:37.544)
Like I do it. Yeah.

Bernie (21:46.332)

Bernie (21:49.414)
Like let me know, what about me that made you think that I would wanna spray this shit?

Nia (21:49.815)
Why me?

Nia (21:56.65)
Yeah. So Halle Bailey.

Bernie (21:57.714)
I get the only scenario I can think of that being appropriate is like a sex club situation.

Nia (22:03.046)
Ew, and then everybody just starts.

Bernie (22:06.818)
Yeah, so you're like, okay, let me get this shit popping. Let me get smell like sexy here. All right, cool. Spice it up. Go crazy.

Nia (22:15.986)
Okay, I think people are kind of already there for that anyway, I think that would just kind of be overkill Like y'all know why y'all here Let's not like

Bernie (22:17.181)

Bernie (22:21.644)
Yeah, it could be overkill. Yeah, it's like let's not have Randy with this motherfucker. It's not. Don't be shy now. Pull the dicks and titties out.

Nia (22:29.015)
Don't be shy now.

Nia (22:36.887)
You know, I really grinds my gears is when people talk about Halle Bailey and they say they call her Halle. I said, so y'all think her name is Halle Bailey? Why would her parents do that?

Bernie (22:45.567)

Nia (22:53.546)
Why would they name her Haley Bailey?

Bernie (22:56.346)
Haley Bailey. Yeah, that's true.

Nia (23:02.582)
Say it out loud. Say it out loud. It sounds crazy.

Bernie (23:03.99)
Say it out loud. Haley Bailey, that sounds fucking crazy.

Nia (23:09.39)
Ah, that's gonna sound like a real person. Hehehehe

Bernie (23:14.518)
That shit do sound like a cartoon or something.

Nia (23:17.45)
Yeah. Hey, why would her name be that? It's Halle. Like Halle Berry.

Bernie (23:21.737)
Yeah. Yo, that really does, that makes so much sense. Yeah.

Nia (23:28.098)
So that irritates my soul and they're like, oh yeah, hailing.

Bernie (23:30.122)
I'm sorry.

Nia (23:33.558)
Who's that fucking hilly?

Bernie (23:34.33)
What be killing me is like the reporters and shit too. I'm like, nigga, you had one job. You knew you was gonna interview this bitch. This is how you doing her. It's just disrespectful of this bitch.

Nia (23:47.106)
I just, I kind of love hate how DDG is just getting, catching every stray bullet known to man. He has just been in the crossfire.

Bernie (23:59.663)
Is he- are they still together?

Nia (24:03.418)
I think so I saw something recently where she was like talking about like you know like they're in love and like people are just on the outside looking in and

Nia (24:15.454)
And like, they don't fucking know that. But here we get it.

Bernie (24:17.574)
At one point, weren't we on the inside looking out? Cause we was all in a motherfucking business. But I'm like, why do we notice information?

Nia (24:26.05)
So, uh...

Nia (24:30.03)
Why do I know this? Because I don't, I don't really look for it. It finds me. So yeah, but yeah, I just love how he catching all the stray bullets. I'm like this can't get a break. I open my shit every day and I see him getting dragged.

Bernie (24:31.55)
Cause you're a goddess.

Bernie (24:46.717)

Bernie (24:49.37)
This company ain't doing much content.

Nia (24:52.798)
Oh, I kind of love it though. When they call him an E-List rapper, I said not E-List.

Bernie (25:00.966)

Nia (25:01.355)
Not even.

Bernie (25:05.834)
Why they trying to blame him? I only know one song from him. That's insane. I only know one song. It's called like, I think it's like Moonwalking in Calabasas. I want to say that's him. If it's not, then shout out to that young man.

Nia (25:06.662)
E-List is crazy.

Nia (25:10.182)
I don't know a single song.

Bernie (25:22.022)
It could be possible, but.

Nia (25:22.142)
I don't know a single song. I thought he was a YouTuber.

Bernie (25:26.29)
That's what I thought too. And then I found out that he did rap and then I want to say that

Bernie (25:35.09)
But anyways, from her also I saw the trailer from the color purple.

Nia (25:40.91)
Oh, I just saw that. I don't know how to see you.

Bernie (25:43.078)
Yeah, it actually, I'm like, it was, it seemed like it was well done. You know, it did. It was, I know it's such a classic and it looked like it was well done, not gonna lie. It looked really well done. But I'm like, more slave move. I just, I don't know, you know, that type of shit. And seeing us in that way. I know, but like in that light.

Nia (25:50.098)
It did. It did. I just, it's just such a classic that...

Nia (26:02.838)
Do you wear a night fucking sleigh?

Nia (26:08.242)
Or you just mean like, uh, like trauma, more like, like trauma, yeah.

Bernie (26:13.483)
Yeah, yes, and all of that type stuff.

Nia (26:19.935)
Yeah. Yeah. I get you. I see that. I see that. But I was like, someone else said that they're like, slave movie. I was like, they are not a slave. It's not a slave movie.

Bernie (26:24.028)
And also...

Bernie (26:28.122)
No, but you know that it's the whole all of that. But also I'm thinking like, damn nigga, they can't come up with nothing else. Why are we making, we're making movies?

Nia (26:40.586)
Yeah, like do something else. Like come up with something original. I don't know why we have to remake everything.

Bernie (26:44.879)
Man, there's no original content.

Bernie (26:50.754)
everything. I'm like, some shit just don't need a remake. Some shit don't need a fucking reboot. We don't need to see that shit again. It wasn't that great the first time around. And I'm not saying this about anything in particular. I'm just saying in general, like come up with something fucking else.

Nia (26:51.752)

Nia (26:58.847)

Nia (27:09.49)
I am saying about something in particular and that because I saw that they were gonna try and remake Zoe 101 and make it Zoe 102. I said first of all and they said they were supposed to be in their 20s. I was like Jamie Lynn Spears looks like she's in her fucking 40s. Let's be so fucking for real. Let's start there.

Bernie (27:11.402)
I'm sorry.

Bernie (27:20.606)
Shut up.

Bernie (27:28.67)

Nia (27:35.539)
and be realistic.

Nia (27:39.466)
At least iCarly was realistic, like she's in her 30s.

Bernie (27:42.65)
Yeah. Yeah, like it made sense. But like they said when they're 20s.

Nia (27:45.667)
She's there.

Nia (27:51.286)
What? Like what are we doing? Make it realistic for like the people who are The people who are in their 20s probably weren't even like watching it Yeah, like make it make sense for the age range that you're rebooting it for then Yeah

Bernie (27:51.327)

Bernie (27:53.822)
They don't know.

Bernie (27:58.794)
Well, you weren't to watch it. Yeah.

Bernie (28:08.294)
Yeah, like that's why they did the reboot for that. I just saw this. I keep seeing these like, I don't know why they keep having these posters out still anyways, but the, when they rebooted Gossip Girl, it flopped and then it got canceled, but it didn't need to be reboot. They can go watch the old classic Gossip Girl. It was classic. It doesn't need to be Rejohn. It was great. Just let it be.

Nia (28:20.414)
and yeah.

Nia (28:25.006)
Just make something up.

Nia (28:30.494)
Right, just put it on like Netflix or Hulu or something like people would just appreciate that.

Bernie (28:37.126)
And let that be it. Shit don't need to be brought back up.

Nia (28:41.234)
No Good god, that's a good point. I can't stand that shit. I'm kind of over it too. Like why are we? Remaking everything. I'm still gonna go see the little mermaid though. I'm not talking about that, but

Bernie (28:44.329)
Uh huh.

Bernie (28:52.512)
It is. Oh, me too, I'm gonna support that. I'm gonna support that.

Nia (28:57.074)
Yeah, I'm actually gonna show up to the movie theater because I was no bootleg I'm not trying to be supportive

Bernie (29:04.744)
Please don't move like our sis like that.

Nia (29:08.302)
I was like, it's just a horror black movie. Tired. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But... But I'm in a support. I'm an avid supporter. I made my parents go watch Black Panther and not get the bootleg from the corner store. I said, we don't do that. We support.

Bernie (29:12.134)
If you go see it first then bootleg it, that's probably fine. Yeah.

Bernie (29:32.474)
No, not to the black films, we cannot do that.

Nia (29:35.794)
We support. We don't do that.

Nia (29:39.718)
Anywho, okay, I have a baby father this week.

Nia (29:49.685)
You hear that?

Bernie (29:52.062)
Uh oh.

Nia (29:53.078)
Hello, Tamara? Is that you? It's the spirit of Tamara calling this week because my, this week, I'm choosing Matt Wright. Matt Wright.

Bernie (29:56.146)
Oooh, not a mirror!

Bernie (30:00.66)

Bernie (30:03.206)
It is... ..a white myth.

Bernie (30:07.767)
Oh, I love Matt Wright.

Nia (30:12.401)
Me too. I do. I really do. He's hilarious.

Bernie (30:13.298)
He's cute. He's funny, he's cute. And yeah, he's fucking hilarious. He's having his moment right now, low key, right?

Nia (30:22.926)
He is. I think so. Yeah, he's fucking hilarious. Like, not many people can genuinely make me laugh. He's funny. He's fucking funny.

Bernie (30:25.086)
Yeah, yeah, he really is.

Bernie (30:34.81)
No, that motherfucker funny. Now get me right, is he from, did he come from Wild N Out? Is that how we got to know him?

Nia (30:45.992)
I don't know. I honestly just for me it's just been ticked off.

Bernie (30:50.962)
Oh, I seen him pop up on a Wild N Out episode, a few of them, and it was like consistent. Maybe he was there for a season or two. And I'm like, is that how we got to know him or something like that? I'm like.

Nia (31:02.738)
I haven't watched Wild'n Out consistently like that since like

Bernie (31:08.746)
I'll be catching the clips on YouTube. Them shits be taking me out. I'm like them niggas be funny on that motherfucking show.

Nia (31:15.03)
But I just don't be tuning in to like watch and stuff like that. Especially like not on a consistent basis like I used to. So, um, and also Nick Cannon irritates the shit out of me now. So there's that.

Bernie (31:18.91)
I don't know.

Bernie (31:27.598)
Yeah, that's true. Best. Yeah, that's, that is true. But then, it seems to be funny, it's probably YouTube.

Nia (31:31.399)
Let me see, let me do like a little, let me do a little background check. I don't know where he's from.

Bernie (31:38.866)
But no, he's been in, I know he's been in a couple movies. He's been doing his thing. Like I think he's really having his blow up moment. I don't know if he's had like, I don't know if he's had his big one yet, like a special or like a big film, but I think he's on his way to getting his big one. I think his big one has come.

Nia (31:46.122)
Do his big one. Do his big one.

Nia (31:55.426)
Uh huh.

Bernie (32:03.218)
Because we haven't, when's the last?

Nia (32:04.344)
Oh, yeah, so yeah while it out he was on

Bernie (32:07.874)
Okay, that's what I was like, I knew he was from there from something or he was on there at some point.

Nia (32:13.25)
Hmm. Okay. Cool. So,

Bernie (32:15.674)
But yeah, I think he might be getting ready to have his big one because I don't know if he's had something like big and crazy yet, but I think he may be having it.

Nia (32:26.07)
I love that friend. He deserves it.

Bernie (32:28.498)
Same, because I feel like he's been grinding because I've been seeing him on TikTok too. Just like the clip and shit and the nigga is funny.

Nia (32:34.9)

Nia (32:38.454)
hilarious. And they get hilarious.

Bernie (32:39.322)
And he's off the cuff funny too, because I seen him going back and forth with the crowd and shit. I'm like, oh, I like that.

Nia (32:45.843)
Yes, the crowd was heckling him and he was like right back, quick with it.

Bernie (32:48.038)

Bernie (32:50.986)
Yeah, I'm like, if you can fire back at the crowd, I'm like, that's a good comedian. Like, you can go with it. They can fuck your show up and you can start lighting the asses up. Like, yeah, you did that.

Nia (32:58.91)
Right. Cook them on the fly. Yeah.

Bernie (33:02.258)

Nia (33:04.226)
You good, you good. So yeah, Spirit of Tamira calling once again, Matt Rife.

Bernie (33:11.363)
Rightfully so. That was a great call.

Nia (33:16.595)
That was Elite Note. That was Elite Note.

Bernie (33:18.566)
Yeah. Yes. Yes.

Bernie (33:25.458)
very much illegal.

Nia (33:33.154)

Bernie (33:33.266)
so into the meets this week, right?

Nia (33:35.842)
Oof, let's get into the chat.

Bernie (33:39.006)
So y'all this week we're talking about breeding kink. I don't think we've ever even discussed it. That's what this nigga has. I don't even think we've ever discussed this on here, have we? Or maybe we had like a Reddit or something that we briefly mentioned it.

Nia (33:44.558)
Speaking of Nick Cannon.

Nia (33:52.211)
I don't think so.

Nia (33:58.022)
Yeah, we've talked about like the pregnancy king, but not like the actual breeding king.

Bernie (34:04.374)
No, no. So basically, here it goes. Breeding kink is a fetish, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. A breeding kink refers to the intense arousal at the thought of being impregnated or impregnating someone. So a breeding kink means that you are literally turned on by the idea of becoming pregnant during sex or of making your partner pregnant.

Bernie (34:33.61)
So this means wanting to ejaculate inside, means wanting someone to ejaculate inside of you or wanting to ejaculate inside of your partner, either as a fantasy or as a reality. This can be practiced by many couples, groups, in any and all genders.

Nia (34:51.17)
So, Nikkia and his gaggle of baby mothers.

Bernie (34:53.566)

Bernie (34:59.838)
How many do we have for row for row?

Nia (35:02.27)
I don't know. I'm just, I-

Bernie (35:04.562)
It's like eight or nine, but like that's still crazy.

Bernie (35:10.522)
And I think my young, young NBA, I think like young NBA has, he's like on Nick Cannon's ass too, girl.

Nia (35:11.884)
I really can't stand him.

Bernie (35:20.518)
He is like 12. He is like 12.

Nia (35:20.594)
Yeah, and he's only like, he's only like 21. Las Vegas started having kids when he was like 14. Like what is going on?

Bernie (35:25.234)
That is crazy. It's insane.

Bernie (35:30.995)
Oh my god.

Bernie (35:34.578)
Maybe these niggas have breeding kinks. OK, so well, that's insane. But OK, so it says that many folks with a breeding king do not actually wish to become pregnant, and many use some form of birth control. So this kink is often more about the risk, intimacy, and potentially dominant submissive aspect of unprotected sex rather than the actual desire to get pregnant. So.

Nia (35:34.61)

Nia (35:39.278)
Because you can't just be that irresponsible that many times.

Nia (35:43.882)
It's on purpose.

Bernie (36:04.99)
We have a.

Nia (36:05.084)
So it's not McCann and his gaggle big mouth.

Bernie (36:09.29)
Yeah, it's more like I guess fantasy but not wanting to actually do it and these niggas are actually going through with the deed.

Nia (36:18.61)
I was thinking when you were reading the definition that it was like the idea of, the thought of, but it didn't say like actually doing it. And I was like, I'm not.

Bernie (36:27.108)

Bernie (36:31.562)
But like not them becoming pregnant, but like putting a load in them. Like, yeah, I'm putting a baby in. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. Um.

Nia (36:32.406)
This may not be him. Yeah.

Nia (36:39.234)
They're actually going through with it.

Bernie (36:42.298)
Okay, so that's baseline. That's the definition of what this is. So now we've got some other definitions that came from like actual people kind of looking at it. And somebody said that it was basically getting turned on the concept of being impregnated. And then somebody said it was cream pies. Now, a cream pie, I don't think necessarily completely qualifies as a breeding kink. I did say that's more so of just like.

Bernie (37:12.03)
a cum kink, because the cream pie is basically going, putting the cum in and out. And it's like more so about the fascinating of the cum being in. It's more about the cum as opposed to the, you know, putting it in them. You know, that whole act of wanting to cum in them. It was the cum seeing it.

Nia (37:21.538)

Nia (37:35.778)
Mm. Okay.

Bernie (37:37.37)
Right? It seems.

Nia (37:39.914)
I wouldn't know.

Bernie (37:43.299)
That's my guess. Somebody wrote Nick Cannon though.

Bernie (37:47.646)

Nia (37:48.16)
See? See? Now, I'm not the only one being shady.

Bernie (37:52.05)

Bernie (37:54.61)
But I do think basically the definition was wanting to have sex with somebody without a condom and coming inside. And for men on men, it basically it's anal. Yeah, basically. Yeah, man, so like man, basically anal coming inside somebody's butt. And then.

Nia (38:02.782)
wanting to, not actually doing.

Nia (38:12.503)

Bernie (38:14.118)
Yeah, then obviously coming inside the vagina or coming inside the butt too. You can do any of them there too.

Bernie (38:25.47)

Bernie (38:28.85)
Here is the first, we have some reddits.

Nia (38:32.374)
Ready? Yes. I know these are probably gonna be crazy.

Bernie (38:40.159)

Nia (38:42.243)

Bernie (38:44.67)
So this first one, this person was talking about that, breeding kink isn't really a kink, it's just a fascination with being pregnant, so they have unprotected sex and no birth control risk. Is if they will get pregnant, lots of people do this, does that mean that every person that does this has a breeding kink? The guys that don't wanna wear condoms, does that mean that they have a breeding kink?

Nia (39:03.958)
No, they just try.

Bernie (39:06.05)
Yeah, I have to disagree. I think it still can be a kink though. It's not a fascination with being pregnant. I think it's a possibility for some women to enjoy being pregnant, but and some men to enjoy women being pregnant and like their woman being pregnant. But that's a pregnancy.

Nia (39:23.518)
Yeah, I don't think it's a pregnancy king. I think just niggas just be trifling don't want to wear it

Bernie (39:29.59)
Right? I think.

Nia (39:34.768)
So... I don't think it has anything to do with it.

Nia (39:41.578)
If I'm just being honest, I can't be anything but odd.

Bernie (39:43.499)
Um... No, it's a great assumption. It's a great assumption.

Bernie (39:49.3)

Nia (39:49.902)

Bernie (39:53.918)
Here's the first one though.

Nia (39:56.142)

Bernie (39:57.338)
It says, Breeding King is taking over. I've been having consistently mind blowing mutual earth shaking shattering sex with a guy. Ooh, descriptive. We are exclusive but not dating yet for a while now. He introduced me to the Breeding King. I didn't know I had, and I really feel it's taking over my brain. I'm on birth control and I'm in my late twenties, but I have literally never been hornier. Ever since this new found obsession with having him come inside me, it's like part of me literally craves it now.

Bernie (40:26.446)
and I feel a hollowness with outer, crazy sounding I know. I don't understand what is going on, but my lizard brain has taken over and makes me obsessed a little too much over when I will get filled up again.

Nia (40:27.423)

Nia (40:40.674)
Ha ha!

Bernie (40:41.63)
How do I overcome this strong desire? Yeah, she's like, I just want the nut, baby. I'm like, listen, honey, she's giving squirrel. Wow, that's really taking over. Like she's like, I just want a fucking nut in me. Yeah.

Nia (40:43.174)
This is down bad.

Nia (40:48.654)
Oh, she's a squirrel.

Nia (40:57.634)
She is a shit man.

Bernie (40:59.854)
I think she might need to I'm like, I don't know. I mean, you would think that's an issue.

Nia (41:04.394)
Yeah, that definitely sounds like that's exactly what she had.

Nia (41:09.794)
That was textbook definition of a breeding game. She's craving it.

Bernie (41:10.106)

Bernie (41:12.75)
Yeah, and she's like, how did she overcome this strong desire? Because she said it's like really taken over her life. I think she might have to abstain for a little, right?

Nia (41:22.424)
It's kind of sounding like addiction.

Bernie (41:24.732)

Nia (41:27.644)
It's like a lot.

Bernie (41:27.726)
I think actually maybe some therapy because maybe she can figure out why she really is craving that maybe there's something else that she's missing in life. And that's the reason why she's like,

Nia (41:34.079)

Nia (41:38.058)
don't want to get to the addiction point.

Nia (41:44.07)
that's what a Sami like. Little, little, little bit.

Bernie (41:45.634)

Bernie (41:49.018)
Because she said, it's literally part of me literally craves it now and I feel a hollowness without it, honey. She said her little cootie bag is empty without that nut inside it.

Nia (41:56.045)

Nia (41:59.586)
It was the hollowness for me. Oh my girl. Stand up. Stand the fuck up. Oh my God.

Bernie (42:01.847)
The hollowness was like, okay, dude. We're a fan app!

Bernie (42:08.448)

Bernie (42:15.131)
Okay, what's the next one?

Nia (42:15.57)
Okay, this one looks stupid. This next one says, I just skimmed through it. I was like, oh this sounds dumb. This says, there's no such thing as a breeding king. I saw someone argue about that on Twitter and I think it's so stupid to call this a kingcrow or a fetish. Wanting to reproduce is one of the basic needs when it comes to literally any animal or human being.

Bernie (42:19.221)

Nia (42:41.534)
It's natural that we want to keep our species alive. It's not some fetish. Who says who? That's you.

Bernie (42:50.398)
That's you, yeah, that's you. Not everybody feels that way.

Nia (42:54.358)
What's that there?

Bernie (42:56.042)
Who said it? Who said it?

Nia (42:59.603)
That's it. Not me.

Bernie (43:00.204)
And that post felt really aggressive.

Nia (43:04.81)
That's why I said, oh, this is gonna be stupid. Just by reading through it, I was like, oh, this a dumb ass.

Bernie (43:06.747)

Bernie (43:12.622)
It has to be.

Bernie (43:17.402)
Yeah, that was real corn.

Nia (43:17.558)
that says isn't a fetish, it's our biology. But someone said no, it's different. It's definitely different.

Bernie (43:23.149)
Yes, but we-

Bernie (43:26.934)
Exactly. It's like, no, this is a little different. People are getting confused with wanting to get a catching nut for a baby or because you guys are trying to plan to get pregnant then like craving to catch a nut day in and day fucking out and like taking over your day like they're totally different type of situation.

Nia (43:42.998)

Nia (43:53.102)
Right, no one said that they wanted to like...

Nia (43:57.234)
result in a baby is the idea.

Bernie (44:00.45)

Nia (44:01.986)
That's stiff.

Bernie (44:03.802)
It's more like, okay, the idea of like, okay, we're gonna have sex. Oh, I prefer for you to nut in me. I like to hang on to it.

Nia (44:12.588)

Nia (44:15.406)
You want to carry your love with me. Is that what that song is about?

Bernie (44:15.406)
Right. Yeah.

Bernie (44:20.117)
What? I'm sorry.

Nia (44:25.149)
The TikTok song? No? I'm carrying your love with me. Oh!

Bernie (44:26.898)
What the?

Bernie (44:32.902)
I'm killing you.

Nia (44:38.518)
Am I going to hell? I might be.

Bernie (44:41.126)
Wait, I think that might be actually a TikTok. Can you put that together and post it?

Bernie (44:49.87)
It's a POV, me leaving his house.

Nia (44:54.775)
Yeah, that sounds like something to eat. Oh.

Bernie (44:58.414)
Okay, I think I'm gonna do it. Send me the sound. I will do it. POV, me leaving your nigga house. I'm tearing your life away.

Nia (45:05.43)
Yeah, that's so sweet.

Bernie (45:09.463)

Nia (45:10.998)
I don't know what the song is about. I feel like it's a very innocent song, but not after today.

Bernie (45:16.391)
Why don't you be like a fucking song about God or some shit like that? Like that's, that is right up my alley.

Nia (45:21.852)
Oh, I don't know. I never listen to the content of it. Oh no, I'm going to hell. No.

Bernie (45:27.434)
That's right up my alley.

Nia (45:29.93)
I've really never listened to it longer than a TikTok clip of it. Anywho. Oh my god!

Nia (45:41.811)
and let's see what else.

Bernie (45:42.986)
Okay, what else we got? My shit is acting. I'm clicking her and she is not.

Nia (45:53.528)

Bernie (45:56.638)
Let me see.

Bernie (45:59.914)
This one says, oh, this one says, bitch. I captioned it as bitch. It says, I have a breeding. What?

Nia (46:09.141)
The captions are, I'm choosing them by the caption, by whatever you put in the note, whatever the caption is. I'm like, oh that looks juicy.

Bernie (46:17.918)
So this one says, bitch, I have a breeding kink. So I became a surrogate. Okay, so I've known since I was a teenager that I have a breeding kink. It wasn't until I was actually able to responsibly get pregnant at 25 that the kink was confirmed. Before that, my husband and I just played it up. But when we were actually trying, when I was actually pregnant, it intensified. I absolutely enjoyed pregnancy, even the negative side effects. I had never felt more at.

Nia (46:26.06)

Bernie (46:47.262)
peace with myself, I felt like something I was meant to do. Now my husband and I have two beautiful daughters, ages four and three, and we agreed that two is perfect amount for us, but I knew I would miss being pregnant, my husband suggested we look into becoming a surrogate, it was a perfect solution for us. Currently 36 weeks pregnant with a baby for a couple that had trouble conceiving, it's an absolute win. My husband and I both love when I'm pregnant, and I'm excited that I'm able to do this.

Bernie (47:15.026)
That's kind of a dope way. So I will say, I don't think she had a breathing king.

Nia (47:19.022)
She's fufi- I don't think- no, from the definition that you read, that's not a breeding king. It might be a pregnancy king?

Bernie (47:32.594)
Yeah, I think it's a pregnancy like fetish. Yeah.

Nia (47:35.126)
But from like the, from like the woman's perspective, cause she just injured, there are women that just love being pregnant. They're like, I just want to be pregnant. I want to be pregnant again. I just love being pregnant.

Bernie (47:48.662)
Yeah. And she said the husband loved it too.

Nia (47:51.771)
I don't know what that's called but Yeah, it's even pregnancy king because she's actually she's she's letting the nut Turning to a baby Everybody else was like birth control Green pie No, baby there She holding on to it like for good

Bernie (48:03.3)
Yeah, you're right.

Bernie (48:11.61)
No baby, yeah. No baby. She said baby. She said no, no, baby, baby. It's baby for us.

Nia (48:22.155)
Oh my.

Nia (48:26.827)
Yeah, that's, I mean, I always try to look at it, I was like, one benefit I always thought would be kind of dope to like just be able to eat off my stomach and just like put the plate there, little table and just like, yeah. And you just set it on there. But that's about it for me.

Bernie (48:29.383)
I guess that's almost-

Bernie (48:40.99)
That's kind of fire. It's just right there in front of you. Boom, bat. You ain't gotta worry about nothing.

Bernie (48:52.146)
Just during the entire pregnancy, that's the only thing you could think of the positive. Like, okay, great. Play dance belly. Yeah.

Nia (48:57.962)
Yeah. Yeah. Like, okay, just got like a built in little table.

Bernie (49:04.882)
Dinner table, yeah.

Nia (49:08.658)
Yeah, because otherwise I feel like it's in the way. I just don't want to do it. I might feel differently one day. I just don't want to do it. I really don't.

Bernie (49:18.951)

Bernie (49:22.159)
I feel you.

Nia (49:22.304)
I really don't.

Nia (49:25.239)
Do you?

Bernie (49:26.874)
I don't, but I'm empathizing, because I wouldn't do it even if I could.

Nia (49:28.718)
Thanks for watching!

Nia (49:32.014)

Nia (49:34.966)
I don't think you do. I don't think you feel me.

Bernie (49:36.026)

Bernie (49:39.37)
I sent one up for y'all though.

Nia (49:43.05)

Nia (49:46.478)
Okay, let's see this one, because this looks interesting.

Nia (49:52.836)

Nia (49:57.235)

Bernie (50:00.412)
Uh oh.

Nia (50:01.05)
Okay, hold on. Let me actually read it to make okay because you said the first comment and so I read the first comment but I didn't read the actual post. So let me read the post. This says Breeding Kings and how to make the most of them. It starts off by saying so this weekend I have discovered I might have a breeding king. I asked for my partner to breed me when we were in a

Nia (50:30.838)
ever crossed my mind that it was something that I wanted. I always knew of reading kinks, but never been with someone made me want it. I'm asking for advice on how to explore this kink, have fun with it, and scenes that we can try and just don't involve being shoved into the pillows begging to be bred. Any advice appreciated. So I take a she does.

Bernie (50:59.372)

Nia (51:00.502)
and the first coming.

Nia (51:06.178)
The first comment is wild. It said, you can take the cotton off and lay on your shoulder while he rails you for psychological effect. He could put the pillow under your ass to keep you from spilling a drop after use a toy to plug you up while waiting for round two and then go out of the key.

Bernie (51:29.658)
It was the condom on the shoulder for me now. I was like, okay, that's one way to do it. Why? I'm like, I don't think we need any psychological anything about the condom being off. I mean, you can look down and see it.

Nia (51:34.362)
Why? Why?

Nia (51:43.842)
The other two Macy's. The other one was like.

Bernie (51:52.583)

Nia (51:53.29)
You know how mad I would be if I could just slap the condom over your shoulder like hold it.

Bernie (52:01.306)
And you're like, what do you mean? Put that shit on the floor.

Bernie (52:06.73)
Like we don't need to pretend to do this. Like I don't, I don't get it. Horrible scene. That was a terrible idea. I would like to say that is a horrible, horrible idea.

Nia (52:14.3)
Oh my god.

Nia (52:20.078)
Oh my god. That was just the first thing I read and I was like, what are we talking about?

Bernie (52:26.602)
What are we fucking talking about? No, the other suggestions were love.

Bernie (52:32.074)
It was perfectly fine.

Nia (52:32.79)
They're lovely. It makes it.

Bernie (52:35.272)

Bernie (52:38.634)
So here's that last one, the OK Stink.

Nia (52:44.926)
Okay, Steve. Yeah.

Nia (52:48.878)

Bernie (52:49.91)
My boyfriend expressed that he has a breeding kink and I want to surprise him this weekend by indulging in it fully. I need some help. Me and my boyfriend have wanted kids for a while but we can't at the moment because we are long distance. I'm on the pill and we already don't use condoms. He's recently expressed a desire to roleplay this kink a bit. And I would love to but I'm a bit lost as to where to start. I would love to... Okay, if anybody has been in the situation and has some advice for where I can start...

Bernie (53:17.33)
with dirty talk, clothing, any other role play tips, or has had some fun with conceiving, I'd love to hear.

Bernie (53:28.76)

Bernie (53:33.739)
Umm... I feel like, uh...

Bernie (53:39.198)
I don't know. I feel like people might normally think of this like breeding king. I think maybe it's because of the terminology as like, I'm just saying this, it's a trigger warning, as like a rape fantasy, but it's definitely not that. It's definitely not anything like super aggressive. And I think some people, just based on like reading some of the comments, people are thinking like, oh, it's like somebody's just gonna be ramming some dick inside of me and I'm gonna be like begging, oh, no comment. Like, no, it's not that. It's not that type of situation.

Nia (53:53.325)

Nia (54:05.506)
You know, like, tie me up and stuff like that. I don't think that's it.

Bernie (54:08.07)
Yeah, like not where you're like being forced to have a nut put in you like it's not that type of it can be a variety of different ways that doesn't have to be one of them.

Nia (54:18.078)
Yeah. And then somebody also put in this thread, they mentioned they're like, brain king is the idea of it, not actually like, it's not like she was actually trying to conceive for a baby. And that's not, that's not what a brain king is. It's like the idea of it.

Bernie (54:29.283)

Bernie (54:36.491)
If the idea of it is not the actual thing, no, it's definitely not that.

Nia (54:41.954)
So that's where it gets murky because she's like, ideas I'm conceiving, but I'm also on birth control. But I really want like, I think people are like, who have the kink are like confused on like, where, where, like what kink they actually have.

Bernie (54:57.898)
I think so too. And...

Nia (55:01.199)
Is that really a breeding thing?

Bernie (55:04.474)
No, I feel like the breeding kink is the idea of wanting to get pregnant, but not actually getting pregnant. The idea of getting pregnant is a pregnancy kink, and being pregnant and getting, like that is maybe a bit of a breeding kink with a pregnancy fetish. Like that type of scenario. But like a breeding kink is just, you like to catch nuts, simple and plain. I mean, it's just, that's how I look at it, as breeding kink is, oh, I like to keep the nuts.

Nia (55:20.355)

Bernie (55:34.778)
No matter whatever, whatever you like, you know, this, that, whatever the other, you like to keep the nut inside, cool. Then you got a breeding king.

Nia (55:35.795)
Thank you.

Bernie (55:46.822)
That's what I would say. The other one, that's definitely, yeah. The other one, that's definitely a pregnancy fetish. Like wanting to get pregnant and like, catch the nut and be pregnant.

Nia (55:49.482)
I mean, go for them.

Nia (55:58.386)
like being like being pregnant that's definitely different it's not a breeding king. Made for great content though but this was a teaching moment because that is not a breeding king.

Bernie (56:03.302)
way different.

Bernie (56:09.595)

Bernie (56:12.299)
No. No!

Nia (56:14.743)
I wanted a chance to shame McCannon and finally figure out what his problem was, but it wasn't that. Hmm.

Bernie (56:21.918)
He might have a pregnancy king because he like holds me in prayer.

Nia (56:28.094)
Yeah, but I'm trying to think back to the pregnancy fetish. That was a good episode. I just remember us talking about like the booty call, the pregnant booty call. Remember?

Bernie (56:29.851)
pregnancy fatigue.

Bernie (56:37.19)
That was. I miss you, Aquarius.

Bernie (56:45.634)
Yes, yes, the pregnant booty call. That was crazy.

Nia (56:49.834)
I'm trying to think about like the actual logistics of that episode though, like what was the criteria? And... I'm trying to think about like the actual logistics of that episode though, like what was the criteria?

Bernie (56:55.806)
I don't know what- I think the guy came over, right? And he was uncomfortable with her being pregnant. She's like, they want to tell him upfront?

Nia (57:03.89)
No, like this was a guy who was like cool with it. The idea, I think the idea of the pregnancy kit like people were like fascinated, like they were turned on by the idea that a girl was pregnant. And we talked about how women would like go out there. Like I feel like I got so much more, yes, it was specific to pregnant women. Like they wanted someone pregnant.

Bernie (57:08.766)
Oh, yeah.

Bernie (57:18.982)
Yeah. Oh yeah, that's right, there was a hookup app.

Bernie (57:29.926)

Nia (57:32.062)
It wasn't a mystery like, oh, you know, by the way, I'm pregnant. No, but also talked about how women would go out and they're like, I get so much attention and like guys hitting on me and I'm pregnant and it's like, it seems, it seems odd.

Bernie (57:32.455)

Bernie (57:44.062)
being pregnant.

Bernie (57:47.87)
But that's also a psychological thing too that probably plays in like getting the attention being pregnant and then thinking like, oh, maybe I do just like being pregnant because of the attention maybe I get while being pregnant. It could be that too, like playing on that.

Nia (57:58.114)
Mm-hmm. Yeah, like the perks that you get when being pregnant.

Bernie (58:02.838)
Uh huh. I mean park right up front, bitch is gonna get up off the bus for you and shit.

Nia (58:09.206)
Mm-hmm. People do a little extra stuff for me. Yeah, I like that. I like that.

Bernie (58:10.842)
I know it's good.

Bernie (58:13.866)

Nia (58:17.258)
I would like that too, I just don't want the baby.

Bernie (58:20.478)

Bernie (58:24.015)

Nia (58:24.586)
Is it worth the nine months of like special treatment?

Bernie (58:27.555)
Not only that, plus the 18 years, honey.

Nia (58:32.246)
That's what I'm saying, is that worth the special treatment? For me it's not. But that's just me.

Bernie (58:39.612)
Oof, meow.

Nia (58:43.55)
Love the kids though, love them. Love them to death. I love y'all kids. Love them to death.

Bernie (58:46.31)

Bernie (58:50.982)
Not a mile.

Nia (58:54.754)
but they ain't for me.

Bernie (58:55.974)

Bernie (59:00.027)
Okay, is that Fat Tuesday?

Nia (59:00.91)

Nia (59:03.63)
thank them for this Tuesday that was fat that was a big one that was a big bitch

Bernie (59:09.61)
That was fast.

Nia (59:16.322)

Bernie (59:16.594)
Well, y'all know where to find us on all of the social platforms, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter at wisefreakspod. We're here every Tuesday. Just the two of us, maybe some guests. Maybe we'll have some guests soon. Maybe we'll think about that. But every Tuesday, same place, same time, y'all already know. Wisefreaks Podcast. Yeah.

Nia (59:39.163)
Y'all know what the fuck that one is. Cause I'm gonna get acted too. Everybody get acted.

Bernie (59:44.044)
Get active! Because I'm gonna get active too.

Nia (59:54.11)
If you know you know. If you know you know.

Bernie (59:54.414)
Shut up! Alright, stop. Bye.

Nia (01:00:00.018)
Alright y'all, we gotta get the fuck outta here. Same place, same time, n-