Wise Freaks

Now I'm Eating His A**

June 06, 2023 Season 2 Episode 135
Wise Freaks
Now I'm Eating His A**
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This episode the wise freaks are full of advice. The girls and guys are looking for advice from eating ass, to being with a partner who cheated to be with you, and a 27 year old virgin starting a "hoe phase"... Tune in to hear the stories.

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Nia (00:01.402)
Oof, okay, so mine's real old. Damn. Yeah, I think it's time.

Bernie (00:05.158)
Yeah, but ours probably the same edition because I may have got mine in 2019. Girl, me too. This show is because there was an influx in their 2015's girl for a minute and them

Nia (00:09.866)
It's a 2015. Yours a 2015? Okay, yeah. It's the same shit.

Nia (00:18.422)
Mm-hmm. But it still wasn't she.

Nia (00:24.299)
It took me a whole year to pay that shit off.

Nia (00:30.646)
They did the zero APR and I had to spend a whole year pay that bitch off. And I had to throw my entire taxes down to pay the remainder of because I still didn't pay it off.

Bernie (00:34.786)
Good. Okay? Damn it.

Bernie (00:40.962)
to pay that motherfucking thing off. Girl, I so didn't pay that off in time. Then I might remember my camera when I was doing like YouTube and stuff. I got that on the same type of plan, honey, because that was like a five, $600 camera.

Nia (00:50.716)
Oh shit, that's who.

Nia (00:55.316)
Mm-hmm. Like, I ain't got it.

Bernie (00:57.471)
I ain't got it.

Nia (01:02.41)
Never did. I was so broke.

Bernie (01:02.718)
Um, hey, uh, welcome to another episode of wise freaks. It's your boy, burn your stepdad, AKA Boppacito Pearl. What's good.

Nia (01:12.854)
Hey guys, it's your girl Nia, Nia Rae, Nia CF baby, the Lieutenant Purr. And I'm not nobody's step mama and I don't wanna put that out in the universe for me.

Bernie (01:25.542)
No, you wouldn't do be like, you're not, you wouldn't step into the step mama role.

Nia (01:34.174)
Maybe. But I just don't want to put that in the universe for me. If it happens, it happens, but I don't want to be like, this is exactly what's going to happen. No, I don't. I'd rather not. But it's okay. It's okay if it does.

Bernie (01:37.267)
Yeah, I feel you.

Bernie (01:44.479)

Bernie (01:48.278)
See, if I was ever step, I would wanna be like, the fun, like, yeah, okay, let's, we can go do the fun shit, but that's about it. And I've always said, I would like desire, they would need to be like, not deadbeat, but like, half time, just every other weekend to be bothered with them motherfucking kids every weekend. Like we got places to go, we got cities to, no, but we got cities to hop to.

Nia (02:05.131)
You actually...

Nia (02:11.286)
That's what I'm saying, because you don't want to be dead, but then also you don't want to be around your kids all the time.

Bernie (02:17.254)
I can't, I can't, I can't. I can't.

Nia (02:20.47)
But if they're not with their kids, then they're a Debbie Da- They're a Debbie Dad! Eh, not about to be a Ronald Debbie Dad!

Bernie (02:31.632)
Honestly, that would just be the perfect setup though, because for me, you know, I got a thing. And I am. And I am. And I am.

Nia (02:32.203)
I'm not.

Nia (02:36.179)
So why don't you just be with someone who don't have no kids? Just say that. Anna Emmys!

Nia (02:45.378)
Just say it.

Bernie (02:46.678)
Just say it!

Nia (02:49.999)
Yeah, I mean, I could do it, but if he never had the kids, just be with somebody who don't have kids.

Bernie (02:54.398)
This ain't no somebody who don't have kids. But, but yo, but that's a good point though. I feel like a lot of people have these things and then they go and do this shit and then you like, Okay, but that's what you say you ain't won, but now what you gonna do? Now what you gonna do? So what now? This was exactly the nigga you said you didn't won. You got him.

Nia (03:07.042)
So what now? So what you gonna do now?

Nia (03:15.138)
Sometimes I feel like they do.

Bernie (03:16.15)
And it do be like that. And I think maybe that is just, is that like unintentional manifesting? Like, you're like, oh, I don't want that nigga to be broke or, oh, I don't want that nigga to be whatever. And then, dang it, that's the nigga that you get. Do you think that?

Nia (03:24.274)
I don't know. I mean you end up with a broke ass nigga. I don't know. I think that's just like, I think that's just like, I think it's more settling than manifestation. You settling for the first nigga to come around and he broke. And you're just like, okay, this is fine. Because he's nice.

Bernie (03:41.751)

Bernie (03:50.358)
but gave you attention maybe or whatever it was that you needed.

Nia (03:52.982)
gave you attention or whatever he's nice like that's okay but there's also nice guys out there that aren't broke so you know like maybe keep your options open and play the field and now that you can't fuck with a broke nigga but just don't expect like you know him to hmm pay for your dinner

Bernie (03:55.246)

Bernie (04:00.98)

Bernie (04:05.238)
And that's such a good point. There are.

Nia (04:17.666)
pay the bills or you know just do not broke shit you know

Bernie (04:19.564)

Bernie (04:22.646)

Nia (04:25.27)
I'm serious, like it's just-

Bernie (04:25.49)
Yeah, no dead ass. What could you expect?

Nia (04:28.79)
Not that you can't talk to them ever again, they may be a very nice person. You just got to know where you can, you got to meet people where they at and realize like, okay, this is, this is where they at and match their energy. If you broke or you not giving me a time or an attention, I'm going to meet you there. I'm going to match your fucking energy.

Bernie (04:37.45)
Yo! You gotta meet people where they-

Bernie (04:50.506)
Match your energy, yeah, that's right. That's goddamn right. Yeah, you goddamn fucking right.

Nia (04:53.39)
I'm gonna give you that same fucking energy.

Nia (04:58.262)
meet them where they at don't expect anything more from them just meet them where they at you know that okay we going out to eat you're gonna have to eat with this broke-ass nigga chances are he probably not gonna pick up the tag be prepared to pay for your own shit and maybe even his it's just you know meeting people where they're at and that's okay

Bernie (05:17.578)
And that's okay. Yeah, it's about like lowering that, I guess your expectation and kind of just set a goal. The goal I guess would be just for the nigga to show up. You know, that might be the hardest part.

Nia (05:18.126)
I just don't have expectations.

Nia (05:30.034)
show up. Show up. Maybe have his wallet with him. Like he brought his wallet. This is this is great. This is a step in the right direction. It may not be any money in it or enough to cover the tag, but he didn't forget it this time. He actually brought his wallet. You know.

Bernie (05:36.388)

Bernie (05:49.098)
And ladies and gentlemen, this is what we would call the bare fucking minimum. So anytime you think about like the nigga that you're with or the bitch or whoever, the partner, whatever you think about those things, I'm using horrible terms to refer to people. But like, you really gotta think about, you know, break it down, what's really happening in this? Is this what's really going on? Is this okay? All right.

Nia (05:53.07)
the bear fucking with.

Nia (06:14.394)
people will show you exactly who they are and that's okay just meet them where they are.

Bernie (06:17.066)
Yes, and they will show you their ass to kiss. Just be prepared with lips or to turn around. You choose. I see somebody coming up with the lips. Nah.

Nia (06:21.427)
and don't have any expectations.

Nia (06:34.638)

Bernie (06:36.779)
Um, okay, so...

Bernie (06:41.226)
I don't even know, we just got started and I... Okay, any intro shit, anything that popped up. Anything I'm, I can't think of anything. I feel like a lot of shit really went down, but I can't pinpoint what exactly was what.

Nia (06:45.984)

Bernie (07:00.598)
But no, I don't got nothing.

Nia (07:01.346)
It's been a lot. I've... Let me check my inbox with you cause that'd be the shit, I'd be fine.

Bernie (07:09.238)
That really do. But it really do, it feels like it has been a lot that's going on like in a lot of things. Like it's been a lot of energies. You know what I mean?

Bernie (07:21.25)
shit just kind of run and ramp it and all of that like.

Bernie (07:27.15)
especially I saw...

Nia (07:27.953)

Nia (07:30.499)
Go ahead.

Bernie (07:32.047)
What happened with DC Young Fly's baby mama in Miami? Girl.

Nia (07:37.606)
Oh shit. Yeah, that's fucked. That's just too damn bad.

Bernie (07:42.366)
Yo, and I seen a fucking tweet today. This could be, I could be wrong, but they were saying that the person, one of them was a video talking about how the doctor deleted all of his Instagram. And then somebody else tweeted the same thing saying like, yo, he wasn't even a doctor, bro. He was not board certified. So, I'm gonna go ahead and do a little bit of a

Bernie (08:02.922)
And I was like, oh my God. And then it made me actually start to think about this. Like, do you go into doctor's office and look like, yo, where my doctor degree at up in this bitch? Like, let me see where it's hanging at in this motherfucker. Let me see your certification, honey. You know what I mean? I don't know if I ever looked for that.

Nia (08:02.982)
Oh my God.

Nia (08:24.838)
I've never looked at my general doctor's office or anything like that, but I feel like it's... Can't you look that shit up online? I'm sorry, if I'm going to get surgery like that, I'm doing all the fucking research in the world, bitch. I don't know, that's why I don't understand how people are going overseas and stuff like that. Not to say overseas doesn't have good medical or whatever, but it's just I need to...

Bernie (08:35.562)
Yeah, that's true.

Bernie (08:48.159)

Bernie (08:52.162)
But I think it just goes back to like, yeah, your research.

Nia (08:53.494)
do the research, I would prefer to have some people who've gone beforehand and you know, survived and you know, look good. That's just me. But like, I'm gonna research the hell out of I researched the hell out of just basic shit. But before someone I'm trying to think like when I went for like, my lips today. Look on the walls and stuff like that. But I did hella fucking research though.

Bernie (09:09.995)

Bernie (09:19.07)
I know, I'm like, I don't remember looking ever in the doctor or anything, but you did have a research. Okay. Yeah. That's just so sad though.

Nia (09:23.598)
I did hella fuckin research. Yeah. I did hella fuckin research.

Nia (09:31.922)
It's so sad. That's too damn bad.

Bernie (09:33.207)

Bernie (09:37.736)
Uh... Mm-hmm.

Nia (09:38.095)
Yeah, that was sad. I hate that. They have three kids. They have three kids.

Bernie (09:42.327)

Nia (09:48.358)
Yeah, people gotta do their research, man.

Bernie (09:49.129)
Mm-mm. Yeah, sending in some healing energy, good vibes, and condolences. Shit.

Nia (09:56.622)
thoughts and prayers, but like the ones that actually are meaningful, not the ones that y'all do when someone gets.

Bernie (09:58.062)
thoughts and prayers.

Bernie (10:01.226)

Nia (10:05.942)
when there's another school shooting and you guys are like, oh, thoughts and prayers. No, like actually, thoughts and prayers.

Bernie (10:12.018)
Right. Exactly.

Nia (10:15.918)
because people just be like thoughts and prayers because it just happens every other fucking week, you know.

Bernie (10:20.894)
Yeah, so much so that you don't even be seeing this shit in the news and realize like how many there really are actually happening because it's so many actually.

Bernie (10:30.858)
It's not okay. A whole nother story. Baby fathers, baby mothers, perhaps.

Nia (10:31.522)
That's another story.

Nia (10:40.606)
My favorite's perhaps? Um, let's see. Let's see, what do I wanna do? Perhaps, perhaps not. I'll have the rack ribs, mashed potatoes, smothered in garlic.

Bernie (10:42.146)

Bernie (10:45.502)
A salad perhaps? Perhaps not.

Bernie (11:00.206)

Nia (11:01.378)
bro that's one of those shits where i'm like that's one of the parts of the movie first of all i know that whole movie like word for word mind you that shit came out when we was young as hell and i shouldn't have known it word for word the way i did but that's one of the ones where that part that's my part and for the later perhaps a salad perhaps not

Bernie (11:09.446)
Same! Same!

Bernie (11:13.698)
Yeah. No, it's not okay. That shit was so fucking great. Yeah.

Bernie (11:25.546)
What the frick?

Bernie (11:29.348)
What the fuck was that?

Nia (11:35.201)
Oh my god!

Bernie (11:35.643)
Yeah, honestly, the most iconic scene was the bathrooms, like the bathroom scene and watching those fucking legs. And with them, the big ass panties. Yeah, like

Nia (11:44.707)
Move, bitch.

Bernie (11:49.742)
Siff, you okay in there? Yeah.

Bernie (11:55.647)
We're just gonna say that was my mistake!

Nia (11:56.162)
You suck.

Bernie (12:03.902)
Oh my god.

Nia (12:04.594)
Oh my God, that movie is goaded.

Bernie (12:08.938)
Y'all, if you don't know, please know it's white chicks. Honestly, they can't make movies like that anymore, I feel like, because shit is hella sensitive now. Which is unfortunate, we're missing some good cinema. That's probably why they keep recycling these same ass shit over and over and over again. Cause niggas can't let a great idea flourish. Like it's all in just y'all, it's a fucking joke.

Nia (12:17.654)
Yeah, people are way too sensitive.

Nia (12:24.234)
Right. Right.

Nia (12:31.038)
And then they recycle this shit and then they get mad because the character black or some shit like

Bernie (12:37.562)
What you wanna do? It's a fucking mermaid. That shit doesn't exist.

Nia (12:38.126)
The ship was make-believe! It's a fairy tale!

Nia (12:45.299)
Have you seen a mermaid? When's the last time you seen a fucking mermaid? Cause I couldn't tell if it was a nigga or not. Like I...

Bernie (12:47.17)
Have you seen a fit with no fucking feet?

Bernie (12:56.446)
It's the most, it is the most insane thing ever.

Nia (12:56.526)
cause I haven't seen one.

Nia (13:01.162)
damn we can't even recycle this shit either.

Bernie (13:03.691)
We can't do shit. Okay, where were we at? Baby mother, baby father.

Nia (13:12.789)
Yes, who you got?

Bernie (13:14.642)
Okay, so I have, so in Nashville, I watched a lot of basketball. And so I'm back on the court real sporty shit. Nah, I got Tatum from the Celtics. This nigga Tatum.

Nia (13:27.083)

Nia (13:31.406)

Bernie (13:35.778)
So now the thing about Tatum is this nigga, I think he put up like a triple double.

Bernie (13:44.262)
And at the end of the day, he got me some money though too.

Nia (13:49.464)
Oh, okay. We love a nigga that gets us paid. Okay.

Bernie (13:53.287)
Yeah, and he's cute, right?

Nia (13:56.45)

Bernie (13:57.577)

Nia (13:59.826)
This is very my type. Oh, her.

Bernie (14:04.086)
You know who he looks like, Ceronis, don't he? Like, slightly, when you just glance.

Bernie (14:10.53)
Glance at the nigger. No.

Nia (14:16.084)
This is real quick.

Bernie (14:19.324)
Yeah, that might have been...

Nia (14:21.691)
He look like any light skinned nigga.

Bernie (14:23.366)
He said he looked like a lot of niggas. I mean, low-key, right? He do, you glad? You need? You need? You need?

Nia (14:25.984)
Yeah, like that!

Nia (14:30.462)
I mean, no offense, like, at a glance, he was like any other, like, skin nigga I've ever seen.

Bernie (14:36.45)
True T, you glance this, he do look like a lot of niggas. Nah, I'm thinking about it.

Nia (14:45.078)
me no shades just...

Bernie (14:48.718)
Heh. Heh.

Nia (14:51.726)
I know a lot of light-skinned niggas with that same haircut.

Bernie (14:55.586)
same beard.

Nia (14:57.794)
Same here.

Bernie (15:02.414)
True, this is true.

Nia (15:03.106)
That's at a glance though, not just saying he looked like every other light skinned nigga, but at a glance he looked like every other light skinned nigga.

Bernie (15:09.43)
He do.

Bernie (15:12.098)
He really do. But yeah, he did his thing though.

Nia (15:13.042)
Okay, that's a good one. You watched a bunch of basketball, huh? Hehehe.

Bernie (15:17.598)
Yeah, girl. Vindictive was jumping too.

Nia (15:22.959)
Ah, ah, you was watching for all the wrong reasons.

Bernie (15:26.016)

Nia (15:28.541)
Ah, the raw reeds.

Bernie (15:31.359)

Nia (15:33.42)
Mm-mm-mm. Okay. Um, my baby daddy this week is gonna be D-Ray.

Bernie (15:41.214)
Okay, yeah, D-Ray Davis.

Nia (15:46.343)
Yeah. All right. We're just gathering all the light skinned niggas this week. Ciao.

Bernie (15:49.354)
Yeah, just like Infinity Stones, honey, it's fine. D-Ray's cute. I mean, hold on. Let me pause here. He's had his moments of being cute at times. Wait.

Nia (15:53.678)

Nia (15:56.728)

Nia (16:07.022)
Well, goddamn.

Bernie (16:09.031)
because reason why I saying that because I'm swiping through some of these photos I'm like what the fuck going on cuz I'm like this cute I'm like what the fuck this cute what the fuck this cute what the fuck

Nia (16:14.019)

Nia (16:18.702)
So start going on.

Nia (16:24.426)
really back and forth. I don't think he's I think overall overall nice looking he's funny as fuck I love me a hee-hee ha ha as nigga as I am a very hee-hee ha ha as bitch so

Bernie (16:25.93)
It's very bad. No, but overall he is cute. Overall. Oh, no overall he's cute and he's funny as fuck.

Bernie (16:42.343)

Bernie (16:48.395)

Nia (16:51.426)
That's kinda weird that I never did no hee hee ha ha ass. Nigga because I-

Bernie (16:57.55)
They all be born. They not funny?

Nia (17:01.526)
I mean, enough on the air that like, I feel like no one has been able to compete with like my level of hilarity. Or it's just like, as goofy as me. And I'm kind of like, is that for a good reason? Because somebody got to be fucking for real, you know, like, we both can't be laughing and shit or otherwise, it's gonna be.

Bernie (17:06.866)
Yeah, like to be able to pop a joke and like.

Bernie (17:12.046)

Bernie (17:14.987)

Bernie (17:23.116)

Nia (17:28.642)
weird ass scenarios like funerals and shit like that. And we gonna be laughing at a niggas suit. And so like you can't.

Bernie (17:35.532)

Nia (17:39.102)
I don't know, you know?

Bernie (17:41.222)
Yeah, I feel like it can work.

Nia (17:45.678)
can. Might be one today.

Bernie (17:46.567)
It can.

Bernie (17:50.558)
Yeah, maybe one day.

Nia (17:50.862)
Maybe one day. But like, I can't imagine dating somebody like D-Wrek. Like just, you just funny all the fucking time. Or like Marlon Wayans, you just too fucking funny all the time. You never for real. You play too much.

Bernie (18:00.142)
These niggas look like they play out there. They do look like they play out there. Yeah.

Bernie (18:08.77)
I wonder what he's doing now. I know he had like a new special that came out on Netflix, but I know he was like acting and shit, but I ain't seen him.

Nia (18:19.186)
I don't know what he's doing lately. I think I saw something on TikTok of him and that's how he ended up on my list. Because usually I just have to scroll through and find somebody and I'm like, oh, okay, yeah, they are cute. Add them to the list. Because otherwise, I can't just think of people out the blue.

Bernie (18:19.47)
But I know he doing his thing.

Bernie (18:26.215)
Okay. I know he's getting his moment.

Bernie (18:33.206)

Bernie (18:36.902)
No, I have to like be seeing something or watching something or something like that. Like that's usually how I will see some.

Nia (18:46.87)
I almost had this white man as my baby daddy this week. And I was like, nah.

Bernie (18:50.122)
Ooh, the islands of Caucasus. Tamara was on the line.

Nia (18:54.718)
Mirror on the main line. It was under further investigation. It was going to be the guy that played Prince Eric in the Little Mermaid. He's a good Prince Eric. We'll put it at that.

Bernie (18:56.342)
Tell her what you want

Bernie (19:03.81)

Bernie (19:09.996)

Bernie (19:15.614)
Oh, okay. Yeah, he's a good Prince Eric. Yeah, he's a good Prince Eric. And that they can't see the shit out of him. Yeah, you're right. You're absolutely right. He is a great the beard helps

Nia (19:16.054)
looks just like just like Prince Eric.

Nia (19:24.354)
Like they casted the fuck out of him. Down to the dimple?

Nia (19:31.114)
Down to the dimple.

Bernie (19:39.03)
but he's still a great Chris, yeah, he's still a great Eric, yeah. Yep, yep, yep.

Nia (19:39.138)
down to the den.

Nia (19:48.866)

Bernie (19:50.974)
All right, so y'all the meets this week, we got some reddits. We're just gonna dive into some reddits.

Nia (19:59.114)
Yasss yasss. Dive in, okay. What do we have here? So this first one is, yes the girls need advice. This first one is in dating advice. This says, is leaving your girlfriend for another woman ever acceptable? Is this just the way of life?

Bernie (20:07.074)
The girls need advice.

Nia (20:24.326)
It says this man who was in love with me plans on leaving his long-term girlfriend for me I found out he was cheating on his girlfriend with me and I am angry and disappointed But I've fallen in love with him, too. I want to cut him off I've asked friends and family and they said that if you are both in love, we should go for it I have I've been the girlfriend Being left for another woman several times and vowed I would never cause this type of pain

Nia (20:52.754)
on another woman. Is this thing, is this just the way it is? I feel like cheating is never acceptable though.

Bernie (20:52.834)
Damn, it's definitely-

Bernie (21:02.998)
Um, I'm sorry, the fact that this, how does this happen to her several times? But that's what's kind of blowing me a little bit. But, um.

Bernie (21:13.386)
I don't know, what do you think? Cause I always feel like, are you a believer of the saying like, you're gonna lose them how you got them?

Nia (21:21.171)

Nia (21:23.978)
Not entirely, but it kind of like already kind of raises a red flag to me that you're cheating on the girl on your girlfriend with me.

Bernie (21:39.134)
Yeah, I agree.

Nia (21:39.766)
doesn't necessarily mean that I'll lose them the way I got them, but it's like you're coming into the situation already with a red flag.

Bernie (21:49.61)
Yep, I agree. I think it's something to kind of want to know more about because you never know what the situation is, honestly. They could not even, they could have not been in a good situation for a minute. You don't know what somebody's business is. And it's really not necessarily your business. But I also think it is possible to date someone's partner and take them and be happy and marry with them after. I mean, we've seen it done before. Alicia Keys.

Nia (21:51.019)
I guess that goes a long way.

Nia (22:04.204)

Bernie (22:20.138)
Allegedly. We just, we've seen it. You know what I mean? We've seen it happen.

Nia (22:27.231)
Thank you.

Bernie (22:29.71)
I feel like there's some other like more iconic ones. Didn't Angelina still grab from Jennifer Aniston or whatever. That did work. I would have to say it was successful because they were married for X amount of years and they did have some children.

Nia (22:30.658)

Nia (22:37.654)
Yeah, but we see how that worked out for her.

Nia (22:44.79)
Wasn't he beating her ass?

Bernie (22:49.034)
Is that?

Nia (22:49.474)
Like they was on some real life Mr. and Mrs. Smith type shit, right? Allegedly.

Bernie (22:56.31)
I didn't know if that was like, I thought it was maybe a legend. Oh, was it? Okay. Well, yeah. Everything on here is a legend. Everything on here is a legend. Yeah. That is a little wild. But I mean, it has been successful. It's been, it's been seen to be successful. So.

Nia (23:01.518)
So I heard allegedly everything said on here is allegedly. I don't know. I just hear from the blog. I heard from the blog.

Nia (23:13.826)

Nia (23:19.65)
that we know of.

Bernie (23:21.214)
I guess if you're in love, go for it.

Bernie (23:27.267)

Nia (23:27.599)
Yeah, I guess so.

Nia (23:31.702)
Somebody said he's probably either gonna...

Bernie (23:31.982)
I think it also, you gotta be careful in that situation though. You really do. Go for it, but be hesitant.

Nia (23:36.514)
I just, I think so too.

Nia (23:40.682)
I said well you're already going into the relationship with a red flag

Bernie (23:44.21)
Yeah, you would have to really ask that person what makes this, our situation different and unique from this one. Because, you know, yeah. You know what I mean?

Nia (23:53.899)

Bernie (23:58.339)

Nia (24:02.887)
I don't want to be the bitch that somebody cheat With because what that bitch crazy and then I'm gonna have to she don't think she can come over here and try some shit And I'm gonna have to kill her allegedly

Bernie (24:15.106)
Allegedly. Yeah. And it would just be so much of a situation to be involved in because if you're in the same city, you gotta be like ducking, looking out for bitches and niggas like, I don't know who this person knows. You know what I mean? Who wanna be on guard like that? If for a situation that really you don't even need to be involved in.

Nia (24:31.809)

Nia (24:35.01)
Just make it a clean break and then we date and get together. I don't know. I don't understand why it just has to be cheating.

Bernie (24:45.522)
Yeah, I don't know. I agree. It doesn't have to be that. Messy.

Nia (24:50.85)

Nia (24:56.206)
Okay, this is another dating advice one. It says, single woman, what is stopping you from approaching men in real life? Assuming you've been single for a long time, slash guys just don't approach you, question mark.

Bernie (25:13.358)
Hmm. Okay, so the question would be, what would be stopping you from approaching men to kind of be the one to be like, hey, how are you? You look nice this evening or whatever the fuck you wanna say. Ooh.

Nia (25:28.675)
Oh Somebody said same thing as men. I guess fear of rejection Someone said social stigma and risk of physical assault

Bernie (25:39.586)

Bernie (25:42.622)
Is that a thought that like if you approached a man to be like, Hey, you look lovely this evening and you just are like fucking punch in the face or like push?

Nia (25:51.942)
No, I think it was more along the lines like It's usually like the other way around like if a guy approaches you and you are just not interested and they just don't take No for an answer And if you anything from fuck you bitch to stabbing you 29 times so

Bernie (26:04.231)

Bernie (26:09.75)

Nia (26:13.566)
no i think i just saw something about like a girl rejected the guy's advances and he stabbed her like 29 fucking times

Bernie (26:21.482)
Where the fuck have we gone in society where you tell a nigga no and he pulls out of his knife a shank and begins to shank you because you don't want to provide him with the pussy of the evening. Is this like real fucking life?

Nia (26:27.97)
That's y'all people. That's your people.

Nia (26:34.902)
Bitch, not even a pussy, like a phone number.

Bernie (26:38.465)
Like, what the fuck is going on?

Nia (26:40.438)
Who? What?

Nia (26:43.33)
So you stabbed someone 28 times. Okay, so what now?

Bernie (26:51.062)
So now you can never call them again. So what's the fucking solution?

Nia (26:54.246)
Now you can't call me and you're going to fucking prison.

Bernie (27:02.774)
I don't really understand the logic behind that. I know you can be like drunk and like on some other shit, but like that's just wild and insane. Like that's a real chemical imbalance or something. Cause to go from like, can I have your number to like, all right bitch, come outside. Like, or no, like what the fuck? Like that's insane. I feel like that alone of course stops single women from approaching men.

Bernie (27:33.922)
I don't even, I feel like single women, I feel like, I'm giving it if I'm wrong, do you really have a fear of rejection from a man though? Like if you were to ever approach in that sort of way? No.

Nia (27:42.45)
No. Not really. I feel like you don't really have to approach guys. I mean, I guess you can, but like, I feel like if you just make eye contact from across the room, done. Deal. Done deal. That's it. That's all you gotta do.

Bernie (27:46.38)

Bernie (27:59.794)
Yeah, there's other ways to like make it.

Nia (28:02.626)
That's it. Just lock eyes. Little bit of eye contact, they'll come over.

Nia (28:10.718)
not rocket science but if you want to be like I wish I could be one of them bold bitches I can be when I'm drunk that just

Bernie (28:18.174)
and walk over there and be like, what's up with you? What's your name? Yeah.

Nia (28:22.27)
I've so I've heard that.

Nia (28:26.978)
I've been wiling before. But I don't usually do that.

Bernie (28:34.186)

Nia (28:38.838)
I feel like I have to. That's not being on like no prissy bitch shit. I just, I know it works.

Bernie (28:45.118)
Yeah, like you know what works for you and you gotta sometimes stay like do what works for you

Nia (28:51.533)

Bernie (28:53.543)
Use your skill set.

Nia (28:56.131)
Use your skills. I have a specific set of skills.

Bernie (29:03.338)
Uh, let me see.

Nia (29:03.814)
Oh no, someone said, oh no, someone said I'm overweight. And I've read enough that men's thoughts on dating women overweight to stop me and it stops me in my tracks every time. Damn, that's it.

Bernie (29:18.276)
They don't like dating women that are overweight.

Nia (29:22.454)
That's what she said, that she learned enough from Reddit threads that men's thoughts on dating women over weight are usually negative and it stops her from approaching.

Bernie (29:31.35)
Babes, stay off of Reddit threads, because Reddit threads are not a depiction of what it's really like to date in the real world. The Reddit threads are...

Nia (29:36.078)
It's not real life.

Bernie (29:43.114)
It's always like, oh, they're very weird, different type of guy when, especially in these kinds of like, ask men with some of the responses. It's like these like very alpha type dudes trying to present something, but that's not really how they get it down in real life. I feel you got to find a real, real thread if you want to get some feedback, but ask in the ask men, sweetie, or whatever, the, whatever thread she was in and she'd be reading that shit from.

Nia (30:03.287)

Bernie (30:13.19)
I know exactly what she's talking about. No, girl, you in the wrong threads.

Nia (30:13.826)

Bernie (30:23.698)
Okay, so this one says...

Nia (30:24.886)
just seeing if there are any other interesting ones.

Bernie (30:30.731)
Any other, was there any?

Nia (30:33.794)
Mm-hmm. Not that I saw

Bernie (30:36.686)
Okay, this one seems kind of wild.

Bernie (30:41.11)
Wife tells me to beat her up while having inter... Okay, this isn't the... Oh, that's why. All right, nevermind. We're good. BDSM advice. Wife tells me to beat her up while having intercourse. My wife always says, beat me up. She likes me to choke, slap her in the face, boobs, et cetera. It makes her orgasm extremely fast. Can someone please explain this behavior to me? I don't know if there's... I mean, she just likes a little physical aggression.

Nia (30:48.654)

Bernie (31:10.958)
I think it's just a kink.

Nia (31:14.974)
Yeah, someone said it makes your orgasm extremely fast. You already explained it.

Bernie (31:15.733)

Bernie (31:19.826)
Yeah, that's what happens to her. Some people have different reactions to things that happen like that. Make them more cast. And hers just happened to be being slapped and choked.

Nia (31:30.359)

Nia (31:33.838)
She's a masochist. Masochist.

Bernie (31:35.262)
Yeah, yep, she's a masochist. She likes pain.

Nia (31:41.846)

Bernie (31:42.753)

Bernie (31:45.691)
Um, guess why-

Nia (31:46.91)
Yeah, she just likes being submissive and she likes to slink around a little bit.

Bernie (31:49.743)

Bernie (31:52.91)
And yeah, that's all. Tag her ass. Boo! Hahaha. I'm dead.

Nia (32:00.34)
Tag her ass. Bink. Mink. They're fucking her ass up. And she loving it. She like, yeah, black my other eye.

Bernie (32:02.35)

Bernie (32:08.879)
She'll love it. Yeah.

Nia (32:14.327)
is consensual.

Bernie (32:15.642)
It's consensual, you know, you have to just figure out what y'all safe words are, you know. And when it goes too far, it goes too far. But as long as you guys...

Nia (32:22.488)

Nia (32:26.254)
Remember that Reddit about that, um, what was the one she was, was it the wife was beaten, um, the girlfriend was beaten his ass and he was like, it's too much or something like that.

Bernie (32:35.906)

Bernie (32:40.574)
Yeah, he said that he asked for her to be his ass and it just went a little too far. Yeah, he said he had a busted lip, a cracked rib. She was turning his ass out in there. He said that she had put on the boots at one point and stomped his balls. She was going to work in there. Remember that? I think that's what was happening. Shorty was really going in. She was tearing his ass up in that room.

Nia (32:47.102)
And he was really like, And he was really like, nothing about with that nigga, and really like... Jesus Christ!

Nia (33:06.062)
Hehehehe Shadi was put on the tips and was working his ass out Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Bernie (33:10.386)
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I think she proceeded to fuck him after that. And he said that he thought he said he didn't fuck. But he said that he was like, how do I tell her that? I think that maybe it went too far. I'm like.

Nia (33:26.022)
I'm white-toed or I have three broken ribs. I'm broken collarbone.

Bernie (33:31.261)
Like, nigga, you missed your moment that night she was whipping your ass. That was the night you should have told her she went too far.

Nia (33:35.75)
internal- internal bleeding yo i'm dead

Bernie (33:39.946)
As soon as she took the third shot with those Timberlands to your fucking ribs, that's when you should have said, mmm, I think this is chicken fuck.

Nia (33:47.518)
Oh yeah, cause she said, he said that she kicked him like in the sides or something, like kicked him with the boots on. That shit is crazy as fuck.

Bernie (33:52.454)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, she was cracking his shit, but like, that's when you should have told her it went too far, babe. Not after on Reddit trying to explain the scenario to us on what happened to you, baby. That's when you should have been, all right, let's just cut it. Yeah, use the safe word, babe.

Nia (34:04.099)

Nia (34:10.948)
Use the safe word!

Nia (34:16.674)
He was getting his ass beat. She was taking all his, he did something to piss her ass off. And she was like, okay, you wanna do a little BDSM in the bedroom? You wanna get a little freaky? All right. I'll be right back. Showed up in fucking Timberland boots, joggers, and a wife beater, slick back butt.

Bernie (34:36.072)

Bernie (34:39.042)
Just make it crop top, it'll make it a little sexy. Then boom.

Nia (34:42.21)
slip back button and headband on and got to work.

Nia (34:50.536)
went to the rain.

Bernie (34:51.778)
Went to the ring on that nigga, bro.

Nia (34:55.79)
That's insane.

Bernie (34:57.55)
Kind of insane. That's probably a little too far, but again, maybe for the right person it's okay. He may have been, you know, for the right person, they may have loved that shit.

Bernie (35:11.03)
Think I want to say that was the wrong name.

Nia (35:13.73)
to each their own.

Bernie (35:14.839)

Nia (35:18.49)
Okay, this one I thought was interesting this one was in Sex it's just sex It says I'm a 27 year old female virgin I have missed my year have I missed my years of being in my prime sexually I'm very insecure about my virginity and I feel like I wasted my 20s by remaining celibate I mainly didn't date for a while because I prioritized my education I was dealing with a lot of mental health issues and insecurities

Nia (35:46.814)
I wanted a relationship but I didn't have the confidence to put myself out there. Now I feel like I've wasted my years that I was supposed to be in my prime and having amazing sex. But I have always wanted to wait for the right person and I never wanted to engage in casual sex. I know 27 is not old but I still feel like the years of being in my prime should have been my early 20s.

Bernie (36:13.038)
Damn, I mean.

Bernie (36:16.914)
I guess I'm just trying to think.

Bernie (36:20.906)
Yeah, I mean, uh...

Nia (36:24.402)
I feel like if she started fucking now at 27, I feel like, you know, and she's fucking people her age, that she will miss out a lot on like the men who didn't know what the fuck they were doing in their 20s or like the Jackrabbits and the you know, one-pump chumps and that she will probably have quality sex that a lot of people have to fight for.

Bernie (36:44.034)

Nia (36:54.158)
to get to. And she won't have the wasted bodies, you know, just, I think she'll have quality bodies.

Bernie (37:05.85)
Yeah, that's true. She's going to be on the better end of

Nia (37:07.634)
if that's what you want to start doing. Or date with a purpose and date with, you know, date somebody exclusively.

Nia (37:17.399)
do that.

Bernie (37:17.454)
Yeah, I don't know. I always say I recommend having a whatever your version of a whole phase is is important. And I don't mean it in the way it sense of like, were you fucking everybody? I think we talked about this. But go caught up with a bunch of niggas or something like you got to have a whole face. So I know she's like, you know, been exclusive or whatever. But if she's trying to get back out there and date, have your whole phase, whatever that looks like.

Bernie (37:43.126)
and enjoy that shit because you're gonna get quality. Like you mentioned, she really is on the better side of receiving good dick because she passed all the scrubs that don't know how to fuck. I mean, they old enough now to where they've gotten some pussy somewhere. Yeah.

Nia (37:53.678)

Nia (37:57.278)
Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, have that whole face that doesn't mean you're fucking everybody like you said, could just be

Bernie (38:07.906)
Be here.

Nia (38:08.078)
dating, dating a bunch of people, cuddling, whatever.

Bernie (38:13.042)
Or maybe you figure out that you're the queen ahead and you just talking dick and that's what it is. Cool. Or maybe you figure out it's box eating time. You know, you never know what you're.

Nia (38:24.674)
Maybe you find a community of munches, and you're like, this is cool for me. I like that.

Bernie (38:30.254)
This is great.

Bernie (38:34.058)
And that can be your thing. And again, she's gonna be on the better end of receiving good head too, because by 27, guys in her age range, they're gonna know how to eat some kooch.

Nia (38:36.766)
Yeah, but I don't think all hope is lost. Like...

Nia (38:48.702)
And it's gonna be like the first time. So it's just gonna be like 10 times better.

Bernie (38:55.991)

Nia (38:58.414)
because you've waited like 10 years longer than the average person, so.

Bernie (39:03.678)
I wonder if she's like even played with toys or she's like really abstain. Or no, maybe that's what it is. Celebit means that you just, you don't fuck. And abstinence means you don't do, you don't masturbate. Ever?

Nia (39:22.334)
I think absent is you don't have sex before marriage period.

Bernie (39:28.47)
Oh, so basically that's what, so she's never fucked before, ever.

Bernie (39:34.318)
So would she be abstinent?

Nia (39:37.61)
Yeah, I don't think you can be celibate. I don't think you can be abstinent once you've had sex for the first time. And you're you weren't married.

Bernie (39:44.635)
Oh, okay, so then you would just be still a bit.

Nia (39:50.326)

Bernie (39:51.144)
So then how is she celibate if she ain't ever fucked before? She would really be absent. I think she was using the wrong.

Nia (40:00.598)
Maybe not. What is celibacy then?

Bernie (40:03.574)
Because I thought celibacy is just not having sex for a period of time, although you have had sex before, which you're just not engaging in, no. Excellent. Let's go.

Nia (40:15.326)
It says literally says the state of abstaining from sexual relations. So I guess they're kind of one of the same. I know like they taught in like sex ed, which probably was never really that good or educational to begin with that, you know, like, oh, if you choose abstinence, the only sure way to not get pregnant is to choose abstinence.

Bernie (40:22.119)

Bernie (40:31.207)

Bernie (40:39.91)
Right, that was the bullshit. No, they never said celibacy.

Nia (40:42.242)
They didn't say celibacy, they said abstinence. I just figured abstinence was not having sex until you're married and you're ready to have kids or, you know, whatever.

Bernie (40:58.819)
Huh. Okay. Well...

Nia (41:02.362)
I think this is great for her. I'm glad that she is finding herself and I Wish all the good sex to the girl me too

Bernie (41:08.722)
I'm amazed that she waited this goddamn long. I wonder if that's made her super excelling her career or was super focused in school. I'm just trying to think of the positive things that would have happened if I wasn't fucking or thinking about dick. You know what I mean?

Nia (41:20.578)

Nia (41:26.83)
I sometimes I think about what would happen if I left these niggas alone

Bernie (41:31.95)
Yeah, being out really thinking about like, damn, what would that really have done for me? I really just left these niggas alone and was focused on me. And I was like, not even thinking about

Bernie (41:43.17)
Can't even imagine it.

Nia (41:43.274)
I probably would have having a soft.

Nia (41:49.098)
I'd probably have an assault charge though, because I would be mean and I probably would have put my hands on somebody if it wasn't for the dick that I've gotten over the years. There's no way I wouldn't have been to jail by now. I don't know how I haven't been to jail yet anyway. Knock on wood. But I definitely would have had an assault charge.

Bernie (42:05.75)

Bernie (42:11.352)

Nia (42:13.534)
I'm a much better person once I get broken off.

Bernie (42:14.26)

Bernie (42:19.278)

Bernie (42:21.926)
Yeah, I don't even know. I couldn't even imagine. Couldn't even imagine.

Nia (42:32.32)

Bernie (42:34.306)
couldn't even imagine it.

Nia (42:38.667)
Don't want to.

Bernie (42:42.038)
No. Okay. Is there another one? Let me see. Okay, this one is also in the sex thread. This says concerns while oral sex. As the title states, my wife and I have recently started with oral sex. She gives me head I lick her vagina, but I'm not sure if this is safe to lick and eat her out when she's wet. I mostly lick and play with her clip with my tongue. I tried to lick all over her vagina once when she was wet.

Bernie (43:11.434)
she gets extremely wet and I didn't like the taste. It was somewhat salty. Number one, how safe is it to eat her out while all her juices are flowing? Can it cause any health issues for me? Number two, can this smell and taste of her vagina be changed or improved? Sometimes she smells good, other times she doesn't. I'm new to all this. Basically we both are. I just want to make her feel good.

Nia (43:18.226)

Nia (43:43.191)

Bernie (43:46.22)
Okay. Should we go by, should we start with number one or number two?

Nia (43:50.732)
I'm sorry.

Nia (43:53.134)
Let's just work our way down. Let's start with, yeah, let's start with number one. So it sounds like he's scared to get a little wet. That's what I'm getting. He doesn't want to get a little wet. Sir, if you don't want to get wet, you shouldn't go to the water park, you know?

Bernie (44:04.456)

Bernie (44:08.874)
He doesn't want to get a little wet.

Nia (44:19.842)
That's just, that's just me though.

Bernie (44:24.255)
So that's number one. You're gonna get wet.

Nia (44:29.946)
You will get wet. Caution will get wet. Period. I hate this light.

Bernie (44:36.982)
Period. Heheheheh.

Nia (44:41.198)
caution will get wet. Number two, so the smell. Smell and taste apparently.

Bernie (44:51.118)
I mean, first of all, I just want to start with him saying that his wife's pussy is stinking in and everything like that. This is insane.

Nia (44:59.758)
She said it'd be a little salty. That means it's got the day on it. Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Bernie (45:07.219)
Honey, honey, check.

Nia (45:07.966)
It's got the day, you know you taste a little salt. You know you lick that neck and it be a little salty. Okay, a little, a little bit of the day on here. Okay.

Nia (45:23.536)
Your neck a little salty.

Bernie (45:27.069)

Nia (45:29.077)
Um, so maybe just do a little rinse, run it through the shower real quick. Uh.

Bernie (45:33.079)

Nia (45:36.958)
As far as the taste, there are certain things you can do for the taste. So like number one thing is water. Unless there's something medical going on down there. I don't know. But water just helping flushing and everything sounds like she's very well hydrated because sound like she's a sister the water part. But

Bernie (46:00.098)

Nia (46:04.494)
fruits, having a balanced diet.

Nia (46:10.974)
our friends at Vitaly Blues no kidding. Still shout out to y'all. She can get some from me. There are different supplements you can take. But honestly what I really feel like he kind of a bitch. Like

Bernie (46:13.252)
Hahaha, yeah!

Nia (46:31.172)

Bernie (46:31.958)
That's kind of what it's giving like boy just dive in there and stop playing. I don't know why you doing all that and worried about this. Were you worried about the wrong shit? Make sure she's feeling good and go in there and get after all you got to do is shower beforehand and go in there and get after it is what it is.

Nia (46:46.61)
Wait, like are you gagging down there? I don't know, like... Is it that bad?

Bernie (46:48.214)
Yeah, like... I mean, okay, I mean, yeah, damn, is it that bad?

Nia (46:56.52)
But I'm like, it ain't gonna smell like roses, and it's not gonna be dry. If it's dry, then you suck. You know? Like.

Bernie (46:59.879)

Bernie (47:07.302)
And he's worried about it being wet while he licks it. Like that's best case scenario, my nigga. Like you would want it, you want it to be like, that's amazing.

Nia (47:12.398)
That's great.

Nia (47:15.466)
That's what we... Hello? Okay.

Bernie (47:22.542)

Nia (47:23.306)
I'm a little new to all this, yes it shows, so. Basically we both are. Okay.

Bernie (47:26.592)

Bernie (47:30.271)
Okay, so she, okay. Well, that's great, honestly. That's best case scenario that she don't know what the fuck going on. Me too.

Nia (47:34.199)
I'm glad you're both new. Yeah. Thank God.

Bernie (47:38.454)
We don't know what the fuck going on, neither does he. Somebody's here to get the information, thank God. Because had she known what was going the fuck on and you was doing this, Lord Jesus.

Bernie (47:53.13)

Nia (47:55.615)
Uh huh.

Nia (48:00.694)
All right, let's do one more.

Nia (48:07.414)
Um, okay, what is this?

Nia (48:12.443)
Oh, that one got removed. Okay.

Bernie (48:16.787)
Oh, yep, I saw. Damn, that was quick.

Nia (48:21.09)
Um, this is in gay. Just gay.

Bernie (48:26.562)
Oh, okay. To the gays. Oh, happy pride. It is pride. Yes, happy pride. It's pride, man. All right, what do these fags want?

Nia (48:30.506)
Happy Pride. We forgot to shout that out. I'll bet.

Nia (48:38.07)
So this... Oh Jesus!

Bernie (48:48.357)
Ahhhh shit.

Nia (48:48.914)
So I'm serious. Oh my god Okay, this one says my husband never wants to have sex with me. I am 24 and my husband is 25 So we are very young Unfortunately, since we moved together our sex life has been downhill. We've been together for five years Damn, and y'all 24 25. Okay. Anyway, and we never had such low level of intimacy sexual intimacy I

Nia (49:17.118)
I'm always the one asking him or setting the mood and he seems pretty off. I talked to him about it and he said that he is just tired or it's too late to do it yada yada yada. Also he used to talk to me but now he just wants to get fucked saying it's more natural this way. Okay. Which I totally respect but my game is not over if I have not been cooked both ways. Oh okay.

Bernie (49:37.489)

Nia (49:45.75)
What can I do in order to change that? Not cook both ways, chat.

Bernie (49:51.548)
Oh, damn.

Bernie (49:57.478)
He said he don't want to have sex with him ever again? He told him that?

Nia (50:02.346)
Um, no one's gonna say that, do they?

Bernie (50:04.51)
Oh, we say he never wants to have sex with me. Oh, okay. I feel like he, what can you do to change that? Just keep having conversations. I mean, I feel like you're cute talking about it. Like what's going on? Like what can we do? Are you into something different? Like what are you trying to do? Like we moved in, things change. Where are we at?

Bernie (50:28.286)
And maybe, maybe you just gotta start eating a little ass or something, I don't know. That might help.

Bernie (50:36.718)
Be some ass. Prepare to play. Sit on his. You know what I mean?

Nia (50:46.814)
I'm laughing because I'm thinking about this video.

Bernie (50:49.262)

Nia (50:53.418)
I'm pretty sure I said the D with Joelle. But it had me crying.

Nia (51:00.954)
And now anytime I hear eating ass, I fucking cry laughing because I think about that song.

Bernie (51:07.22)

Nia (51:11.543)

Bernie (51:12.244)
Nah, we eat his ass. We eat his ass. We eat the big ass.

Nia (51:15.166)
You're insane. You're an idiot.

Nia (51:20.93)
Oh my god. Yeah, uh...

Bernie (51:23.03)
Yeah, and maybe, yeah, maybe him and his partner, maybe they go to men need to go eat a n***a.

Nia (51:33.134)
I think maybe, like you said, a conversation needs to be had. Maybe he's going through something. Maybe he's depressed. Um, could be a multitude of things. So just talk about it. Try to meet him where he's at. You know? Talked about that. Meet him where he's at.

Bernie (51:50.966)
Meet him where he is at.

Nia (51:56.775)
Um, but yeah, talk about it. I mean, you bound to hit a dry spell y'all been together for five years.

Bernie (52:04.55)
No, like it's gonna happen. It's just now about how you get through it. And I feel like conversation is always how you get through. How do you get through anything? Conversation and fuck, and I'm just playing. It's conversation though. It really is. Conversation is how you get through everything. You gotta express yourself. And then you're gonna get through it.

Nia (52:06.21)
The fuck?

Bernie (52:25.686)
Yeah. Yeah.

Nia (52:29.142)
Um, that video. Did you watch that video?

Bernie (52:34.41)
Is that you saying on TikTok?

Nia (52:37.038)
I sent it on Instagram. This girl was listening to... to the song by Suki.

Bernie (52:39.899)
Oh no, I haven't.

Nia (52:47.914)
And she started singing it out loud while her parents was in the car. And they was like, you doing what? Now you eating his ass. Like, girl, you're a lot show motherfucking.

Bernie (52:56.014)

Nia (53:05.798)
like you eat a n***a ass. What the hell? Me and my kids be listening to these things. Oh my god that's so funny. It's so funny. I'm gonna post it on the pod page because oh my f***ing god. Oh my god. I said these kids are brave because I would never ever in front of my mama.

Bernie (53:18.958)
No, I'm not gonna look. Please, I'm dead. Hehehehe.

Bernie (53:29.07)
That's insane. The shit that they like be pranking their parents when and doing to their parents now, I'm like, oh my God.

Nia (53:36.802)
Do you see them making their parents dance and then act like they eating to that song? No, no, no.

Bernie (53:42.046)
Yes! I'm like, what are y'all doing?

Nia (53:48.503)
I would fucking kill you if I saw that. Like I would fucking murder you. Yo, they had them looking so stupid.

Bernie (53:56.246)
It is insane.

Bernie (54:01.554)
I can't, I literally can't.

Nia (54:04.79)
Those are so funny, but those kids are out of pocket. Like this generation is built different and built brave because I would never.

Bernie (54:07.82)

Nia (54:15.756)
Mm, mm, mm.

Nia (54:20.898)
Alright, is that all we have?

Bernie (54:25.122)
That's all folks.

Nia (54:29.82)
That's all folks.

Bernie (54:29.91)
I know I was just thinking that, I'm like, fuck it. You guys know where to find us, Y-Streaks pod on everything, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow us on all the socials, share, share, share. Do us a favor, go over there to Spotify, give us a raid, add a star, or two or three or four or five. Leave a comment, the comment is the important part. And share, otherwise, it's Fat Tuesday.

Nia (54:58.882)
Fat Tuesday, we'll see y'all pussy assholes next week.

Bernie (55:01.939)
Yes, bye!

Nia (55:04.482)