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Spinning The Block

June 13, 2023 Season 1 Episode 136
Wise Freaks
Spinning The Block
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Show Notes Transcript

This episode the wise freaks discuss "spinning the block". When should you not spin the block? The freaks hash it out.

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Purr (00:03.638)
Rip me out the plastic I've been acting brand new.

Purr (00:10.469)
Oh, welcome back guys another episode of wise freaks podcast we actin brand new over here ripping us out the plastic. Yeah.

Bernie (00:14.04)
Welcome back.

Bernie (00:19.168)
Rich, what she say rich niggas? Broke niggas make you pick, rich niggas get you both.

Purr (00:23.938)
Broke niggas make you pit, rich niggas get you both.

Bernie (00:29.384)
period. Okay.

Purr (00:29.698)

Bernie (00:31.828)
Rip me out the place that I've been asking brand new. It's crazy though, watching people jump on this trend, because I just seen Sheree Whitfield jump out of a plastic bag today too. I'm like, yo, bitches is really jumping out of plastic bag. They are literally ripping themselves out of plastic bags right now.

Purr (00:33.11)

Purr (00:41.974)
Not a job, not a job.

Purr (00:48.374)
out of bags, out of the plastic. I'm waiting for someone to end up like almost suffocating. Like it's bad, but like I don't want Big Lotto to get sued, but I just see it coming because people are so fucking dumb. But I really, I'm really excited and I'm really happy though to see like all the black people finally having a purpose for their plastic bags that they have just been hoarding over the years. Like I'm glad to see y'all.

Bernie (00:53.976)

Bernie (00:58.09)
Yeah, somebody just taking it too far

Bernie (01:13.184)
Yeah Fags fags Niggas is finally using them Kroger's and Ralph's and public's bags all them fucking plastic bags in the corner in the house And then getting used finally no

Purr (01:17.186)
Finally using these big collections.

Purr (01:23.97)
That big collection of plastic bags. There's not a plastic bag safe right now.

Purr (01:31.67)

Bernie (01:33.804)
But yeah, that turn is kind of funny.

Purr (01:36.31)
because using them as a shower cap and a lunchbox wasn't enough.

Bernie (01:41.908)
Yo, I do remember using that shit as fucking, when I would use it, like, you know, when you used to put like the S curls back on your head back in the day, you used to be like, have to put like a little plastic bag, let it be. Deep condition plastic bag, like.

Purr (01:52.07)
Oh, baby, I will conditioner deep condition.

Purr (02:00.226)
plastic bag. I was running around here like that until I got a big box of shower caps from Sam's Club. Oh yeah. I'm bougie now.

Bernie (02:01.88)
Plasty bag.

Bernie (02:14.012)
Okay. I feel like now it's just even convenient. It's it's just like convenience because you can just order that shit quickly on the Amazon like when they're like mass producing, you can find it quick. Like before I feel like it was hard to find that shit. I don't know. Or it was like, well girl, why even do that? We got them plastic bags in the kitchen.

Purr (02:14.446)
But I wasn't always.

Purr (02:30.987)
Yeah. Why we got it? Or what? But now it's not a plastic bag. Same. All the I bet I bet everybody collection is just because chances are you making a TikTok of it. You're not getting that in the first take. Let's be real. You're doing a couple takes. That's a couple plastic bags that's getting ripped apart.

Bernie (02:38.368)
Not when.

Bernie (02:43.012)

Bernie (02:48.896)
You're not, you're doing a few tags. Listen, I'm not throwing shade because I might have to be jumping out one of these goddamn plastic bags, Joe. So we gotta see me. Don't say shit, just salute. Show a bitch some love and share it.

Purr (03:05.91)
Show it, I guess, some love. Oh, God. Where it's world's longest intro. What it do, y'all? It's the wise freaks, it's your girl, Nia Rell, easy ass lady and the lieutenant. We didn't, no.

Bernie (03:11.176)
Like I wanna...

Bernie (03:14.724)

Bernie (03:19.66)
Oh my God, we didn't even get there.

Bernie (03:24.3)
and the motherfucking lieutenant. Yes, you guys, it's your stepdad, Vernon and K-Pop Aceto Purr. It's another fucking fat Tuesday, y'all. It's been a lot going on this week.

Bernie (03:41.472)
My god, my heart is really like just today everything that's come out just today, honestly Now I'm like, how are we gonna get Johnson's Cabaret if we don't have Jocelyn? We need her What do you need? Miss Hernandez? Oh my god, the way she was tearing into everybody ass like that was insane

Purr (03:41.814)
or just today.

Purr (03:51.309)
I'm sorry.

Purr (03:55.042)
She's in jail.

Purr (04:03.123)
She was slithering fire into everybody. What's that movie where Bernie Mac's walking through the subway and he's just slapping the shit out of everybody?

Bernie (04:15.195)
Oh shit!

Purr (04:17.441)
That's that's like how like same energy, same mood.

Bernie (04:22.82)
same fucking energy. That is a move. Like the only thing I can under I'm the only thing I understand with Jocelyn is when you get angry, you just want to do angry shit. And I'm like, girl, me too. When I get angry, I just wanna do angry shit. But damn, bitch, you slapping the biggest security in the building.

Purr (04:27.69)
I don't know what movie that is.

Purr (04:34.766)
Thanks for watching!

Purr (04:41.198)
Twice. Dos.

Bernie (04:44.856)
She said, pa, pa. Yeah, she did slap him twice. She gave him two. She slapped the other one that was big too. I was like, girl, you just putting hands on everybody. Hehehehe.

Purr (04:52.188)
Dose. I count very well. And I saw two, two.

Purr (05:01.462)
The tools are used.

Bernie (05:02.356)
Oh, damn. It went from all of that shit going on at the auditions. Girls was eating pussy, they were eating ass. Allegedly. Everything is alleged. Yes.

Purr (05:12.142)
from what allegedly, from what they said on Reddit. It was crazy and I am scared to see the cabaret.

Bernie (05:23.864)
I'm like, how do you salvage that footage and all that shit happens just on the audition?

Bernie (05:30.34)
How do you cut that up in the production room?

Purr (05:30.538)
What type of NDA are these bitches what type of stuff are these people signing?

Bernie (05:34.968)
That is true. Like what? Yeah.

Purr (05:38.082)
to experience and have to go through like some of this. Didn't they say that one girl got like um somebody got scalped? Allegedly.

Bernie (05:46.664)
Yeah, like somebody got a scalp, allegedly. And they was having them do one-on-ones and winners. Like this was fucking WrestleMania. They was turning it into like a fucking the NCAA champion. Like she was literally trying to turn this into, you guys have a duel, y'all have a duel. The winner of y'all. That's what they were saying was happening.

Purr (06:05.823)
Not a duel!

Purr (06:10.898)
A duel is so crazy, bro. I challenge you to a duel.

Bernie (06:15.02)
To a door.

Purr (06:17.25)
to the death. Fight. Fight to the death. Like this is crazy. Zeus must be stopped.

Bernie (06:21.976)
Like what is going on? Yeah. Yeah, like they gotta like find some way to like reel that content in before it gets too crazy where they can't come back out of it. Because like, yes, this shit is entertaining, but at what expense?

Purr (06:37.41)
They're on track to be like, they're on track to be like a Netflix docu-series, like surviving Zeus Network.

Purr (06:46.778)
surviving the cabaret, surviving bad ease. It's just...

Purr (06:52.782)
Because bitches are ending up in the hospital, like damn.

Bernie (06:53.92)

Bernie (06:57.54)
It's kind of crazy. It's never been that serious for TV, I promise. Like that 15 minutes. Ciao. Damn, it's entertaining though. Keep it coming. This.

Purr (06:58.058)
This is not normal.

Purr (07:11.642)
It is, but at this point, I don't know. If they released that on Zeus, that's crazy, because what I saw was insane.

Bernie (07:19.315)
I'm yeah, I'm curious. We'll see how that goes

Purr (07:25.77)
Like that was bad.

Bernie (07:28.204)
Yeah, yeah, that was bad. That was bad.

Purr (07:31.206)
It was, it was giving powder.

Purr (07:36.682)

Bernie (07:37.24)
That's it.

Bernie (07:41.205)
Okay, so then I ran across this other Reddit before we get into the baby daddies and it was like is showering every other day that bad?

Purr (07:46.517)
Oh dear.

Bernie (07:51.532)
And it said, I accidentally mentioned to a close friend that I shower every other day at the time, was concerned about my skin if I showered every day. She was disgusted. I did some further research and it seems not everyone shares one opinion on the matter. Not even medical professionals. Although a lot of people were saying you're straight up disgusting and smell if you don't shower daily. So now I kind of feel ashamed. So for context, I used to shower every other day. I'm also homeschooled. Oh shit.

Purr (08:00.843)

Bernie (08:19.497)
and not sorry.

Purr (08:26.286)
Oh shit.

Bernie (08:26.756)
Oh, I didn't mean I didn't even mean to do that. Oh, okay Not oh It says okay, hold on. Oh, all right. Let's get through this for context. I used to shower every other day I'm also homeschooled not physically active One day is my maximum. I would shower every two days unless I had good reason obviously I've always taken care of my hygiene besides so I don't think I ever smelled that bad

Purr (08:40.094)
I can't breathe.

Bernie (08:55.392)
I get compliments in the summer. Okay.

Purr (08:59.848)

Bernie (09:05.688)
So they just really had some concerns about like, is showering every other day that bad?

Purr (09:12.371)
Oh my chest.

Purr (09:15.498)
Um, okay. So a couple things. I, we keep having this debate. I don't think it's bad under certain circumstances. Every day. I don't think unacceptable. Because like what excuse do you have to like not shower every day, you know? But there are some instances where it's like, okay, you know, but like a day, you know, not.

Bernie (09:18.564)
I feel like this is, we keep having this debate over this.

Bernie (09:37.782)

Bernie (09:44.586)

Purr (09:44.758)
like the week, you know, and then like, the other thing that I have a problem with when people are like, Oh, I don't shower for like a week or whatever and stuff like that. And I know for a fact that you don't have a work from home job. So I know that you are going and working and you being around people because that's a big thing. Like you, okay, you at home and you musty. You're offensive, but you offensive at home. Like nobody's got to share that with you, you know.

Bernie (09:59.172)
I'm sorry.

Bernie (10:05.921)

Bernie (10:11.572)
Yes, so true, yeah.

Purr (10:13.822)
It's when you take your funky ass out into the world and you're offending other people's nostrils. That's when I have beef with you.

Bernie (10:17.896)
Yeah, it's when I run into you at fucking Ralph. Yeah, that's when I have the fucking problem. It's like you knew that shit was crazy to come out to the grocery store like that. Spoiling people's appetite and shit.

Purr (10:25.622)
Because you fucking...

Purr (10:29.022)
Okay, like I'm here, I'm trying to get food and you making me want to vomit like come on now like you didn't have to come outside. Now you want to be musty as hell you work from home and that's what you want to do. That's cool. Don't shower. But I feel like when it's time for you to like go around people and stuff like that like wash up. So have I changed my stance a little bit.

Bernie (10:43.044)
That's fine.

Bernie (10:47.373)

Bernie (10:53.92)
Otherwise keep your stinking ass at home.

Purr (10:56.978)
If y'all wanna be musty, be musty in the comfort of your own home. I feel like that's your right. I don't care if y'all don't shower for weeks, whatever, okay. Stay at home now.

Bernie (11:01.996)
That's absolutely you're right. So yeah, is showering every other day that bad? As a consistent plan to just kind of navigate through life like that, yeah, that's fucking gross, dog. You need to wash your ass every day. I don't know what excuse you have not to physically active or not. The pussy still is gonna need a refresh. The ass still needs a refresh. The dick and the balls need to be dipped and dunked and soaked, my nigga. Like you cannot just do it like that. You can't.

Purr (11:31.154)
Lord Jesus.

Bernie (11:32.92)
You just can't.

Purr (11:34.178)
dipped and dunked and soaked.

Purr (11:41.919)
You in life!

Bernie (11:44.192)
Not one lie, bro. Like, you just can't.

Purr (11:45.078)
He might tell you a joke, but he will not tell you a lie.

Bernie (11:48.588)
Never laugh.

Purr (11:50.962)
I just, for me it's the shit, honestly. It's you, you have a gnarly ball movement.

Bernie (11:58.741)

Purr (12:05.826)
So to say, you know, it took several, several wipes, almost half a roll of toilet paper. And you're not gonna get in the shower? What the? No, no.

Bernie (12:05.933)
insane. Like, yeah.

Bernie (12:16.672)
Fucking bananas.

Bernie (12:23.333)
Yeah, especially like for me when I have some wicked shits like that Pack it up like if you really gotta wipe that shit like five and six get in the shower get in the bath wash your ass Yeah

Purr (12:25.706)
If you're going in there 12 times, go ahead and pack it up and get into the shower dog. Like that's crazy.

Purr (12:34.71)
And it's still not clean. Just hop in the shower. Like that's crazy. That's crazy.

Bernie (12:41.344)
And the average person is having anywhere between one to like five bowel movements a day and What if I like you can have one to five bowel movements a day So if you're thinking that okay, maybe you shit you shit in the morning you shit in the afternoon and you shit at night That's three shits. That's all just from one day and you still not and you still not hit water

Purr (12:48.257)

Purr (13:01.194)
Okay, that's three, five.

Purr (13:06.998)
Yeah, that's crazy. Like if I go more than twice, no, there's no way I'm going a day.

Bernie (13:08.641)

Bernie (13:16.824)
That's how you get them booty crumbles and shit like that. And you know, especially these niggas, them asses don't be groomed. So it's like, yeah, you gotta be careful, babe. Put that shit, yeah. Ooh!

Purr (13:17.384)

Purr (13:24.686)
because they would be a no-sale back there.

Purr (13:32.635)
Gnarly. Nasty. With a G.

Bernie (13:32.915)

Bernie (13:37.24)
Dink Bud.

Bernie (13:40.7)
stink, but Okay, baby daddy's this week

Purr (13:42.983)

Purr (13:47.679)
Oh lord, okay.

Bernie (13:48.848)
Who you got?

Purr (13:52.045)

Purr (13:55.19)
Let me find that man's actual name because right now in my list it says that man from Transformers. His name is Anthony Ramos.

Bernie (13:58.956)

Bernie (14:07.808)
Okay, I don't know who this is but Let's see if you what else has he done? Oh He's cute. Oh, he looks short Sorry, but he is cute. I Can put this nigga right in my pocket

Purr (14:18.89)
Um, I don't know. Oh, yeah, it's giving. He was in, uh, Hamilton. Shut up. Hamilton and in the Heights.

Bernie (14:27.548)
Oh, okay.

Bernie (14:32.826)

Purr (14:35.786)
Oh, hmm.

Bernie (14:35.796)

Bernie (14:38.924)
Very cute.

Purr (14:42.082)

Bernie (14:45.341)
How'd you run across him? because of the Transformer

Purr (14:45.931)
I thought so too. He's in the new transforming. You Puerto Rican.

Bernie (14:54.541)
Hey, Puerto Rico.

Purr (14:55.022)
Good luck.

Purr (14:58.666)
I'm a big, super mess at it.

Bernie (15:00.637)
She a Mexican. That video's still so untamed.

Purr (15:03.746)
Well she also did Motown but Jova, Jova went to Motown.

Purr (15:10.19)
Like what does that have to do with anything?

Bernie (15:12.196)
That has nothing to do with nothing. But that, I swear to God, that's some nigga shit that we always are like bringing up something that has nothing to do with nothing. Just like that fucking video you just sent me of Sukiana where she was like, yeah, bitches be hating on me. Yeah, cause my wig was stiff, she said, but now the bitches be hating on me, cause this cat. What? Does that have to do with anything?

Purr (15:19.327)
Right, but that is so funny.

Purr (15:32.926)
Yeah. She said, yeah, my wig was thin. You thought you ate with that? You didn't know I was going to be humble about it. Yeah, my wig was thin. I ain't had money back then, but these bitches be hating on this good coochie. Like, what are you talking about?

Bernie (15:39.726)

Bernie (15:47.244)
What did that have to do with anything? That was not on topic. She's crazy, I love her.

Purr (15:50.59)
Yo, that made me laugh so hard. She is so funny.

Purr (15:56.338)
Insane but funny.

Bernie (15:59.412)
Yes, very much so. Which honestly, that kinda is in line with who my baby mother is. So my baby mother this week is big sexy.

Purr (16:10.339)

Bernie (16:11.808)
Big sexy. Pound town, just left pound town. Left my nigga, he just took a bitch down. He was looking at me down. Yeah, that nigga hit me out. Pound town, just left pound town. Yes, sexy red. Big sexy. Miss Pound town. Yeah, she put out like a mixtape album or whatever. She got some bangers on there.

Purr (16:15.894)
Burp-Pow-Town! We might never hear that again now! Oh my god!

Purr (16:23.431)
I hate you.

Purr (16:26.57)
Big sexy, sexy red. Okay. Miss Poutail.

Bernie (16:40.736)
My favorite one right now is, I know, so ratchet, is looking for the hoes. I'm looking for the hoes. It's fire. She got another one that she'd be like, hey, I'll cast SRTs. It's so ratchet.

Purr (16:41.43)
We are so ratchet.

Purr (16:53.716)
We are so fucking racist.

Purr (16:58.544)

Bernie (16:59.78)
It's so fucking ratchet, but I love it. And it's so like real too, you know what I mean? Like it ain't like she trying to like put on, they just, Suki too, they just be so like, you know, they're not trying to put on for nobody. Like this is me.

Purr (17:10.866)
I just look. This is what it is. This is me. Take it or leave it.

Bernie (17:18.516)
Yes, I fuck with that so heavy, like, just, I'm just being mean.

Purr (17:25.33)
I can respect that.

Bernie (17:25.74)
But yeah, yeah. Pound Town, just love Pound Town.

Purr (17:33.423)
I'm not gonna get hit, I gotta beat it down.

Bernie (17:36.864)
Now I'm eating his ass. I'm eating nigga ass. Now we eating nigga ass. Like Suki, what is going on, man? Ew.

Purr (17:41.852)
Eat a nigga ass. Like you are so aggressive with it though.

Purr (17:49.027)
When did bitches become so aggressive?

Bernie (17:53.164)
We was just having this conversation.

Purr (17:56.722)
I'm sorry.

Bernie (17:59.476)
Oh my god, we're watching some music videos, y'all, and the girls was toting the toolies. The girls had the hammers. The girls was in the Timberlands. The girls was in the ski mass.

Purr (18:06.374)
They was totin' the Toulis, they had the lean bottles, they had the ski masks, they had the parkies. And I was like, bitch, who was these niggas? Because...

Bernie (18:10.87)

Bernie (18:21.896)

Purr (18:23.346)
These bitches are taking nigga drugs like

Bernie (18:27.392)
I'm sorry.

Purr (18:30.918)
What happened to like the little cutesy drugs? Y'all was doing nigga drugs.

Bernie (18:31.279)
That was it.

Bernie (18:36.852)
The girl blend.

Purr (18:39.114)
The girl blood what happened to that? What happened to the little cute drugs? I'm doing nigga drugs not lean. Oh my god perks Okay, I guess

Bernie (18:55.404)
Yeah, that shit is crazy though. That's really where we're at though. Like, nah.

Purr (18:56.61)
It's not my thing.

Purr (19:01.122)
but it was just it was giving very like damn like these bitches are some hood niggas for real like I just I just can't imagine like imagine you getting robbed by these bitches right in the music video and stuff like that are you getting you like getting your ass beat by these bitches and you're like damn he's like some hood niggas that he's pulling up on me and they just start shaking ass and you just like

Bernie (19:17.291)

Bernie (19:27.704)

Bernie (19:30.82)
That's right, they were holding hammers, but it was holding hammers and twerking. That's right.

Purr (19:31.562)
They twerking though, they like...

Purr (19:35.378)
and twerk and it's just like I'm so confused.

Bernie (19:39.268)
We just got beat up and twerked on the fuck is happening the fucking Twilight Zone It's kind of beat up and twerked on

Purr (19:43.454)
What is going on?

Purr (19:48.842)
And then the bitch just starts twerking on your head after she has pistol whipped you.

Bernie (19:52.577)
It's like doing a drive by and somebody's shooting and somebody else is twerking out the window. Like, what the fuck's happening? Like, what the fuck is going on? But no word of a lie though, that was how these music videos were. Not even kidding.

Purr (19:57.706)
And the bitch twerking out the passenger side.

Purr (20:10.886)
no exaggeration. I actually didn't exaggerate one time.

Bernie (20:12.784)
No exaggeration.

Purr (20:18.218)
I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm terrified.

Bernie (20:20.964)
the earth.

Bernie (20:26.508)
But, okay, Sexy Red and Anthony Ramos too. I still think I could put that nigga in my pocket, but he cute.

Purr (20:27.33)
Oh, right.

Purr (20:31.43)
Anthony Romano. Yes, cute. It's giving pocket size but you know, oh it's giving five nine. Exactly, it's giving five.

Bernie (20:40.446)

Bernie (20:45.908)
Yep, that's, I just, so we know that it's a real five-seven because niggas lie.

Purr (20:50.366)
So I was about to say, so it's giving five seven. It's giving eye to eye.

Bernie (20:53.516)
Five seven and make, he said, I do. Yo, yeah. Maybe even five, six, honestly.

Purr (20:57.486)
We're going to have to wait for the next one.

Purr (21:01.779)

Bernie (21:04.972)
Maybe. Ooh.

Purr (21:05.043)

Purr (21:09.364)
It's giving very much a goofy movie. It's giving power line eye to eye.

Bernie (21:16.482)
I too, uh...

Purr (21:19.158)
That's okay, we love a short king.

Bernie (21:20.504)
That's okay. We live, short kings. Shout out to the short kings. Are you still filming? Yes.

Purr (21:26.334)

Purr (21:33.51)
Alright, well this week we just want to talk about something that's a little... I feel like it's a little on brand right now. Just something I feel like I've been seeing a lot more and it might have crossed my mind once or twice before but I never acted on it. Um we're talking about spinning the block.

Bernie (21:43.021)

Bernie (21:53.9)
Really? Okay. Yeah.

Purr (21:57.774)
spinning the block. For those of y'all who are not up on your AABE.

Bernie (21:59.872)
Okay, so let's break that down for those that don't know what. Yes, spinning the block. Okay, ladies and gentlemen to spin the block that means to go back into your histories and date a person that you may have previously dated before and you're giving that another opportunity. So you're spinning the block.

Purr (22:06.091)

Purr (22:21.023)

Purr (22:24.19)
Yes. So you're just like going around the block one more time, you know? Just spin the block.

Bernie (22:29.617)
One more time, give it another shot, you know?

Purr (22:33.382)
Yeah. So.

Bernie (22:34.74)
And we've seen that with, okay, obviously Nelly Ashanti.

Purr (22:40.23)
Yes, JLo and Ben. And I don't know, how do we feel about that? Spinning the blind.

Bernie (22:44.404)

Bernie (22:51.256)
Um, for me personally, I've never really spun the block. I'm really one of those where I'm just like, okay, I'm all set. Like we're not really gonna try that again. I felt like I've done it once, but it was only like a hookup situation. Like I had broken up with the guy that I was with at the time. And then I think I like pulled up in town or something like that. And I don't know how we even started messaging, but basically long story short, I got my ass ate. And I was just like, was that a shot to try and like a,

Purr (23:18.862)
Thanks for watching!

Bernie (23:21.196)
Like, let's give this another go. But I also was like, you know, I just got my essay in school. So yeah, so it was like that was. But that was like the only time I guess I spun the block. Never like tried to like talk, you know, again.

Purr (23:27.838)
It was cool. That's crazy.

Purr (23:39.786)
First of all, I just wanna, I'm gonna go completely on record and say this. The way I would launch myself out the window if I ate a nigga ass and then he go, it was cool.

Purr (24:01.682)
It was a high?

Bernie (24:02.548)
really though it was alright like I feel like now that the reason why is because I know what it's so I know what it's supposed to be like and that shit was not looking that shit was not giving that no hope no damn just fucking melt

Purr (24:09.375)
I would die.

Purr (24:14.91)
It wasn't hit like that.

Purr (24:18.466)
Damn. I would die.

Purr (24:26.79)
I will literally just evaporate. Holy shit.

Bernie (24:31.02)
I'm trying to think of the first thing as ASI8 because I know it probably was no good.

Bernie (24:36.572)
I know it was no good.

Bernie (24:42.068)
It's no way! Shout out to you, I'm sorry, I don't know, whoever that was, I can't even remember Chow. It's no way that it was good.

Purr (24:44.882)
Oh my god. Oh my god, lord have mercy. I can't. Yo.

Bernie (24:55.281)
Okay, so have you spun the block?

Purr (24:57.387)
the like.

Purr (25:00.666)
I have but not in like a relationship. I've gone back like, hmm, let me see what he talking about again, you know? But never for relationship. And I don't think I would for like relationship-wise. Mm-mm. Or like people that have like, you know, heavily been involved with, I don't think I will go back. Cause a lot of the times I found out, them niggas was crazy.

Bernie (25:08.19)

Bernie (25:16.024)

Bernie (25:23.773)
Is it due to how you broke up?

Bernie (25:28.356)
Oh, okay, so it has nothing to do with, does it have to do with how you broke up the person that they are, or like, you know what I mean? What is it, what would it like lean on? Like, you like, we just not, or we're just like not that kind of people. We're like, oh, we're just, we didn't mesh.

Purr (25:39.728)
Yes and yes.

Purr (25:45.33)
Yeah, so it's like a combination of all three of those for anybody I've been in a relationship with or involved with it's just kind of like They broke his hill or just like have different goals Their goal is to stay broke and mine's not so That's a no Um, they crazy as fuck. So like the way we broke up. No um What was the other one

Bernie (25:49.928)

Bernie (25:57.916)
Oh yeah, that'll do it alone. Yeah. Ooh.

Bernie (26:13.252)
Um, shit, I can't remember what the other one was. It was good too, but yeah, basically all of it, yeah. I guess my reason why I wouldn't spend the block is because.

Purr (26:15.506)
All done.

Purr (26:20.064)
Cut it.

Bernie (26:27.013)
I don't even have any interest in any idea. Yeah.

Purr (26:28.502)
But I've spent the block multiple times.

Purr (26:34.128)
certain individuals.

Bernie (26:35.912)
Yeah, okay, that's fair, but maybe okay, but maybe you never dated them like properly so you probably never gave them like an opportunity Yeah Okay, that's fair maybe I have done that like one I have done that once I did I lied I did that one time And it's done. It just how it did the first time honey. It just it just it wasn't gonna work anyways

Purr (26:44.294)
Right. Yeah.

Purr (26:48.462)

Purr (26:56.426)
Right. Yeah, it's like, I don't know. It just seemed like to me, it would be giving the same thing the first time but I don't know under different circumstances, I think, you know, people can change and evolve you hope people grow shit and that you're not the same person from like three years ago or whatever whenever you dated like, damn evolve.

Bernie (27:01.597)

Bernie (27:17.289)

Bernie (27:25.484)
That would be such the biggest letdown is to like be that same fucking person that you were from X amount of years ago And like have no fucking evolution like wow this person is still fucking sucks That sucks, right? You just still in that same mindset

Purr (27:25.825)

Purr (27:28.738)
Oh my god.

Purr (27:37.718)
Yeah, like, even if you was like, broke, like, damn, you couldn't at least like level up a little bit. I'm not trying to shit on people that was like working at McDonald's and stuff. But let's like, okay, when I was fucking with you, you was working drive through you ain't the manager now. Like, damn, at least. Come on.

Bernie (27:46.475)

Bernie (27:58.77)
Yeah, and I think that just has to do with ambition any person like with ambition is gonna be able to kind of like move through those ranks or find their way to or have some kind of I mean you can't my thing is you can't lose every fucking day like you're gonna have some W's at some point you can like work as hard as you can like damn you can't lose every day like so you had to have some fucking movement or you got to have some goals yeah.

Purr (28:19.686)
Every day? That sounds tiring.

Bernie (28:25.888)
Or maybe it was going after the wrong shit. That again, yeah, that's a huge problem. But I think it can depend on how you end the relationship, though, to a lot of it with spending the block. I think I use this example of, let's say you were in a relationship with someone, it started off long distance, and then...

Purr (28:26.518)
That's a problem.

Bernie (28:49.256)
you know, that's how it stayed. You guys broke up because of the distance. And then finally you move, you're in the same city by chance or whatever. And then you give it a shot. I feel like that could definitely work because before it was long distance, you never were in the same place. You didn't really kind of give it a fair shot.

Purr (28:58.709)

Purr (29:01.854)
100% Yeah Absolutely. That's one situation. I'll be like, okay

Bernie (29:07.36)

Bernie (29:10.676)
Yeah. And then what about like if it was, if you were in the same city, you move apart and you're still together and then you break up because of the long distance, but you were already together for like, I don't know, five years. And then you happen to be back in the same city and you're like, oh, we dated for five years, but yeah. Ooh.

Purr (29:41.336)
but you dated for five years and it was long distance?

Bernie (29:44.696)

Bernie (29:47.64)
But no, you were together for five years and then you broke up because you guys went long distance. It just didn't work because of the distance.

Purr (29:54.578)
Oh, okay. And then like years down the line, you end up in the same city.

Bernie (29:57.88)

Purr (30:00.342)
I don't know because now at this big grown age I feel like at some point someone should move to make the distance work. Like okay we get it. It's a little bit you know at first like or like shit happens in college like okay no one's about to fucking do that like we're 18 like break up. You know that shit happens but now at this big age I feel like okay we long distance and we rockin with each other.

Bernie (30:11.158)

Purr (30:29.086)
At some point somebody should do something to...

Purr (30:35.53)
you know, get into the same space, at least.

Bernie (30:36.936)
Yeah, because you kind of start planning your lives in some way together in some aspects, like some plans have to start. Yeah.

Purr (30:41.682)
Right, if you're in a relationship, I would think and if you're not doing that then...

Bernie (30:48.413)
Fuck you doing?

Purr (30:48.642)
what you're doing. Yeah, at that then we just kicking it. Like we just cool. I guess like I'll see you when I'm in town. Or see you know I'll see you when you're in town, you know, but not no point in pursuing a relationship then. So I don't know that situation is I don't know about that.

Bernie (30:57.928)
Yeah, that's it.

Bernie (31:12.848)
Even like cheating. I don't know if that's even possible to spin the block after like somebody's cheated or whatever. I feel like that's um Yeah, no, especially if that's like the parameter we set in that and you got outside of that We already declared this and you just make that choice. You've chosen your side, babe. We're good We're good

Purr (31:16.138)
I was gonna ask about cheating. I was like, cheating? I'm done. That's a denzo.

Bernie (31:36.78)
We are all, we're all sad. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I fucking agree.

Purr (31:37.266)
We're good. We all the way good. One thing about me, I do not share. Bitch, I'm only child. I don't share shit.

Bernie (31:45.94)
Yeah, I'm not... HAHAHAHA

Purr (31:51.783)
And done.

Bernie (31:52.416)
Like if we're, and it's really like for me, it's the, it's a more so a disrespect of like, we've set this guideline for our relationship. You know that these X, Y, and Z things are not going to make me happy or be ecstatic or I'm gonna be thrilled with you, but you went and did them anyways, knowing that what the outcome could be of whatever it is, you've disrespected me. So no, I'm done because of that simple fact, because you didn't think about it.

Purr (32:08.522)

Purr (32:22.754)
That's my thing about cheating. It's like, it's not even like, Oh, you know, you just, Oh, you know, like another person, you disrespected me. Like you literally like you hate me. Why don't you just punch me in the fucking face? You know, cause like you hate me, you don't respect me. And to me that's like worse than just punch me in the face.

Bernie (32:37.132)

Bernie (32:40.844)
You hate me.

Bernie (32:51.224)
Just punch me, beat me up.

Purr (32:51.886)
Because you don't respect me. You fucking hate me.

Bernie (32:57.984)
And I think it's like, the part of they're like, trying to keep it a secret. It's like, now you're.

Purr (33:08.97)
Like I say, you hate me. You hate me, just beat my ass.

Bernie (33:09.02)
You know, you, yeah. Just beat me up.

Purr (33:15.598)
because that's so like, manipulative and just...

Purr (33:22.232)
Oh no.

Bernie (33:24.913)

Purr (33:26.566)
Oh fuck I did, I definitely ain't going back. Oh, he changed.

Bernie (33:29.18)
No, definitely not, especially spending the block on that. And yes, I think people can change from that because think about it like this, you think of the scenario of, I guess this is a legend, but Alicia Keys in Swiss Beats, you know what I mean? Allegedly she was the next woman of his former or whatever was going on.

Purr (33:33.131)
I'm not spitting the blood.

Bernie (33:56.584)
And he wound up with her, but he's been with her for X amount of years. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. She didn't lose in the way she got him, but you know, she still, she got, she got him and they say.

Purr (34:08.694)
But would his ex-wife still want to go back with him after that? Absolutely not.

Bernie (34:18.635)
I would hope not.

Purr (34:21.278)
I'm not talking about the chick that they end up with. I'm talking about you as the person who got cheated on going back to the person. It's going to be a hell no for me to hug.

Bernie (34:21.4)
But ooh, he...

Bernie (34:25.13)

Bernie (34:28.924)
Okay, then given this scenario, think about like, okay, Brad and Angelina, didn't he cheat allegedly with Jennifer? He cheated with Angelina on Jennifer Aniston. They broke up, he was with Angelina. They got married, whatever, blah, blah. Now they're divorced.

Purr (34:49.346)
Didn't he beat her ass, allegedly?

Bernie (34:49.544)
and you know alleged. I don't know. Yeah. So no, not her taking him back, but Jennifer.

Bernie (35:02.732)
Ooh, that's a myth.

Purr (35:03.65)
Jennifer, spin in the block.

Bernie (35:05.644)

Bernie (35:09.444)
Like, what's that?

Purr (35:09.634)
Mm. That's Brad Pitt though.

Bernie (35:14.32)
I'd probably spin it too if I was her honey.

Purr (35:17.386)
Not for a relationship, but just to say hi.

Bernie (35:19.452)
No, I mean, yeah, just, just with that dickhead from the fuck.

Purr (35:23.322)
Lucy what's going on? Hey, I see you in a minute.

Bernie (35:31.432)
I know it was good. Just wanna say hi to you, it's so damn long. No.

Purr (35:32.469)
Just let me see her.

Purr (35:38.198)
But no, I'm not taking that man serious for real. No, not after what you did to me. But just to say what's up, I just want to see little Brad one last time.

Bernie (35:45.506)
Oh god.

Bernie (35:51.588)

Purr (35:52.456)
one of those.

Purr (35:57.89)
Oh dear. So toxic. So toxic. This article has some other people I forgot about in this article. Uh I forgot um Gabriel Union Dwayne Wade.

Bernie (36:01.693)
So so dead.

Bernie (36:12.509)
Oh yes.

Bernie (36:17.024)
I forgot, yeah, they like had whole separate relationships and stuff too outside or whatever. Well, he had a baby. Yeah, he had a baby, that's right, you're right. Yeah, damn.

Purr (36:21.546)
Yeah, he had that whole other baby. He had a break baby. Ciao.

Purr (36:29.315)
Oh see I was thinking this when we were first talking about it Justin and Haley.

Bernie (36:33.976)
Yeah, I didn't realize that too, that they had broken up and then gotten back together and then, you know, now they're married or whatever. So I think really it just, I think honestly, it really does depend how you break up. Like it's hard to come back from cheating is one of the hardest things to come back from, I think. And that can make it tough. I also think, you know, whooping your partner's ass is definitely something very difficult to come back from as well too.

Purr (37:00.227)

Bernie (37:01.756)
I don't think anybody's got beat up, which again, hence why they were able to break up and get back together.

Purr (37:05.97)

Purr (37:09.494)
That's definitely a no. That's a no. You leave honey and you be done. Absolutely not.

Bernie (37:11.856)
Yeah, that's a hell of a...

Bernie (37:18.684)
Okay, but like, I mean, physical abuse, mental abuse, abuse is abuse.

Purr (37:23.73)
All of that, all of that be done. Gaslighters. Narcissist.

Bernie (37:27.928)
Yeah, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Okay, can a narcissist change though? Like let's say they had narcissistic tendencies. Can they change? Unless they figure out that they're narcissists. But like it's hard.

Purr (37:46.014)
Yeah, I mean, I think it's really hard for a narcissist to realize that they're a narcissist because they're a narcissist. So.

Bernie (37:52.652)

Bernie (37:57.768)
And it's probably incredibly hard to change.

Purr (37:58.986)
You ever tried telling a narcissist they're a narcissist?

Bernie (38:04.668)
No, you just kind of ignore it. You're like, I hope they know that they behave like this.

Purr (38:10.538)
I don't think they, I don't think it like, you know, because they're narcissists. And that's like, they're thinking so they're like, no I'm not, you definitely are. But there's no way that you can get that across to them because they're narcissists.

Bernie (38:16.764)
It doesn't, yeah. Yeah, like it just doesn't even register that like this is inhumane. Yeah.

Bernie (38:33.284)
Because they're a narcissist. Yeah, that's so true.

Purr (38:36.042)
So I don't think that one is gonna work.

Bernie (38:41.086)

Bernie (38:46.896)
No, but yeah, I didn't realize that from some of these couples though

Purr (38:53.478)
I don't know what who have these people are. Oh Matt Cardi being offset. Okay

Bernie (38:56.103)

Bernie (38:59.799)

Purr (39:03.142)
Neo and Crystal? Okay.

Bernie (39:05.58)
Yeah, that was the girl that he got with after I think he was with like Manu or something like that Or no, maybe yeah Yeah, and then he got with her and then they broke up

Purr (39:12.519)
Oh, okay, I think I remember.

Purr (39:16.294)
or Miguel and his girlfriend. I remember that they got right back together. They was like, he's like I tried and he was like nah the streets ain't for me.

Bernie (39:20.564)
Yeah, I think they're married now. Yeah. Right back together, honey.

Bernie (39:29.131)

Bernie (39:31.944)
You know, I see Pink over here with her husband. I don't know, I'm all shocked by that. Excuse me, hate to say that. Not in that way, but I just, I don't know.

Purr (39:39.543)

Purr (39:43.15)
Hmm. You ain't shit.

Bernie (39:43.296)
No tea, no shade. I just saw a video of that bitch swinging from like, across the entire stadium. I'm like, this bitch still doing that shit and she like pushing 50 and she was swinging, I kid you the fuck, she was swung all the way from across one side of the fucking like stadium to the other. And with thing, it had her microphone on. I was like, what the fuck is going on?

Purr (39:57.439)
She is not.

Purr (40:09.774)
And her mic was on. Baby, the rant was due.

Bernie (40:14.893)
This bitch is crazy in real life. Ooh, yeah. It's crazy, because I remember when Pink was black. You know what I mean? She had the shortcut. She had the olive tan, you know what I mean? No, girls. No, she had the real, like, I got black kids, you know what I mean? But she had that cut. Yeah.

Purr (40:18.483)
The rent was due.

Purr (40:29.902)
She don't have that anymore? She ain't got the short cut? Oh.

Purr (40:39.566)
Oh, I like the finger way.

Bernie (40:43.732)
Yeah, yeah. And she was singing the R&B music, you know, with the hip hop influence and the drums and shit. And it was that.

Purr (40:49.738)
It was really giving like I have at least one black kid, but I digress.

Bernie (40:52.916)
Yeah, and I think she was dating niggas at the time too if I'm not mistaken.

Bernie (41:05.492)
You know what I mean? Yeah.

Purr (41:05.926)
Oh my god, to say it like that sounds so fucking crazy.

Bernie (41:10.068)
It sounds insane.

Bernie (41:13.964)
Well, because we just grow past her dating that white man. Yeah. But spinning the fucking block.

Purr (41:15.143)
Oh shit.

Purr (41:25.303)
Oh no.

Purr (41:27.977)
I don't know.

Bernie (41:28.132)
depends on your situation. Weigh your options. God damn it. Ha ha ha.

Purr (41:34.618)
I'm just trying to think about mine. I'm like, I don't think there's anybody I would spend the block on relationship with to see what's up maybe. But that's it.

Bernie (41:41.188)
Hell no.

Bernie (41:49.252)
Who said to see what's up, mate? Yeah. That's it.

Purr (41:52.956)
I'm just to see how they doing, you know, I just, how you been? That's it.

Bernie (41:55.012)
See what's after that's it babe.

Purr (42:00.735)
Other than that, mm-mm.

Bernie (42:02.304)
I had to fucking stand.

Purr (42:05.11)

Bernie (42:06.308)
Mm. Heh heh.

Bernie (42:09.801)
Okay, let's see, Reddit.

Purr (42:13.683)

Bernie (42:16.26)
Okay, coming in hot.

Bernie (42:21.672)
It's okay. This is he needs some advice for real. So this is in the ass gay bros Did I accidentally become a sugar daddy? Is he a gold digger how to proceed? 37 year old dude met up with it How you act I'm like how you accidentally fall into that occupation my nigga It was there a sign of sheep that you didn't know you volunteered for what happened. Okay, so

Purr (42:34.855)
Sorry, I'm sorry.

Purr (42:44.994)
Like, how do we get here?

Bernie (42:47.964)
37 year old dude met up with a cute guy 21 off-grinder Yeah, like he's he bit his age is big and he know he know better

Purr (42:50.699)
And at 37?

Purr (42:56.07)
Okay, keep reading. This ain't adding up.

Bernie (43:00.492)
Our first day, I picked him up from home. We had dinner at a ramen shop. Our plan was to see a light show at the harbor afterwards. And he had to go play with his friends or something after dinner, paid for dinner, then went home on my own. Afterwards, we started chatting and messaging on the app. He wanted sex, so I booked and paid for a hotel room. We hooked up, the sex was great. I came three times. Afterwards, he said he was hungry. I drove him to a shop and he bought us fried chicken.

Bernie (43:28.992)
We went on our third date. I took him to dinner at a nice barbecue place. Afterwards, we did some car play, told him he didn't need to do anything, he didn't want to. Afterwards, we chatted over some cigarettes. Ooh. Out of the blue, he mentioned that he's saving money to buy his parents some luxury items. He said that he wanted to buy his mom a $4,000 Louis bag and wallet for his dad.

Bernie (43:55.06)
I was kind of taken back. I didn't know if that was his signal that he wanted me to buy these things for him. I asked whether these were things that he wanted himself. He said, no. I told him that he was giving himself too much pressure to buy these expensive things and that money could be useful somewhere else. I don't mind paying for activities we did together, but I'm just a normal guy, not about to be anyone's sugar daddy. I'd like to continue seeing him, but he seems enthusiastic. His enthusiasm has dampered. I mentioned that I wanted to take him on a beach day.

Bernie (44:23.56)
And he said that he wanted to go to the casino instead. What do you make of this situation?

Purr (44:37.006)
I don't know, mentioning the Louis bag on third day, kinda crazy.

Bernie (44:41.828)
He said, there is this person I want, but for my mama, of course.

Purr (44:45.681)
It's for my mama now.

Bernie (44:48.128)
And there is this other Louis Wallet that I want. For my daddy, of course.

Purr (44:49.535)

Purr (44:52.462)
But that's why I'm like...

Bernie (44:55.872)
This nigga is pimping. Pimping ain't easy, but pimping is fun. Uh... You think he getting pimped?

Bernie (45:04.696)
This nigga paid for three meals and his panties are in a bunch. He's like, I already got some pussy. I done paid for the meals and now he wants a bed.

Purr (45:06.333)
Do it!

Bernie (45:15.924)
Yeah, you might be getting pinned. I don't know.

Purr (45:16.878)
I mean, he did come like three times. Of course the man wanted a meal after that. Like that sound like a lot of work.

Bernie (45:23.2)
Yeah, like my thing is he should have got him a meal.

Purr (45:27.03)
So he's okay the first interaction first hookup he paid for the hotel and he came three times and then the man wanted a meal after that and I think that is well deserved the fuck and then the next one was their date like at a nice barbecue spot okay also well deserved sounds like he put that shit down on the first you know first interaction

Bernie (45:36.329)
I would say not achieved.

Bernie (45:42.008)
Well deserved.

Bernie (45:49.336)
They sucked some dick in the car, swat some head. He put it down in the car real quick. Did what he had to do.

Purr (45:56.938)
So I think he is entitled to that. He lost me at the bags though. I would have been like, okay, so where do you plan to get the bags? Like I'm not doing that. So, you know, what's your plans for the bags?

Bernie (46:01.506)

Bernie (46:13.38)
Yeah, and I think also like, he's putting their own pressure on himself. Like he didn't ask you for the bag. He just mentioned it. He didn't ask for it. And for you to think like, I mean, it's almost offensive to him because I'm not I'm trying to put myself in the dude shoes. I'm like, yo, he think I'm a hoe. Like, I didn't put a little pussy on him. And now he think what I'm trying to get a purse out of it. Like, that's what you think of me. I came over here to fuck you out of a purse. You know what I mean? A purse in a wallet like

Purr (46:21.106)
Didn't ask for that. Yeah.

Purr (46:38.574)
All right.

Bernie (46:43.932)
You know what I'm saying? Yeah, I would feel kind of like, don't put that on my cooch, don't put that on me. Don't put that on my booty hole. Don't put that on my penis. Like, you don't know my body. You don't know what I'm capable of. Yeah.

Purr (46:43.996)
I go, okay.

Purr (46:52.99)
You're not my body.

Purr (46:58.562)
So don't do that. That's crazy. Yeah, he kind of put himself in the sugar daddy role. Like I feel like he kind of maybe internally wants to be a sugar daddy because dude didn't ask him to live. Yeah.

Bernie (47:13.856)
Yeah, but he ain't got no money. He already said that. He said, hey, I'm just a regular guy. Well, baby, it don't sound like you fucking with a regular nigga. He want a Louis purse for his mom.

Purr (47:24.678)
Right, he need that loo. Mama needs a new pair of shoes, okay?

Bernie (47:33.44)
Yeah, I think he's doing that to himself. You are right. I think he yeah. Pump the brakes, baby. He's not trying to fuck you for no person and shoes and stuff.

Purr (47:40.483)
Yeah, he feeling himself a little bit.

Bernie (47:44.137)
A little too much, in fact.

Bernie (47:49.128)
Like he really think he got the cat scratched, boy please. Okay, so this next one says, ask men advice. Need advice on a friends with benefits with a MILF. Got an offer to be an FWB for a married MILF. I'm a virgin, 20 year old dude, got matched with a 30 plus year old woman on Tinder. Later she added me on Snapchat. She said she's married with two kids and her husband is on a business trip till next year.

Purr (47:52.942)

Purr (47:58.424)

Bernie (48:16.044)
She's looking for nothing more than someone to fuck her when she needs to be fucked. And since she's alone now, I actually am not from that place and only here for two months, this whole training course. Is this a real Friends with Benefits or is this a scam? Should I try? I live in the residence hall provided by the institution, so it's not allowed to fuck here, so.

Purr (48:17.378)

Purr (48:44.886)
Hmm. He is about to get his world turned upside down. Cause it sounds like Miss Mama's cat is purring and he ain't never had none before.

Bernie (48:50.468)

Bernie (49:01.506)

Purr (49:04.622)
So if he isn't for a wild ride, if he do go.

Bernie (49:11.336)
If he does go, yeah, she's going to rock his fucking socks.

Bernie (49:17.811)

Purr (49:18.246)

Bernie (49:20.392)
That seems like a weird setup.

Purr (49:21.154)
He thinks.

Purr (49:23.99)
Yeah, why your husband gone for like a year?

Bernie (49:24.068)

Bernie (49:26.784)

Purr (49:28.062)
on a business trip? For a year? Is he in the army? Like, just say...

Bernie (49:29.566)

Bernie (49:33.908)
And how is he gonna come put that work on you when you got two kids?

Purr (49:39.966)
I mean, fuck them kids, you get rid of the kids.

Bernie (49:44.149)
Yeah, true.

Purr (49:45.462)
Send them with a... I don't know, send them with anybody.

Bernie (49:50.044)
And realistically though, I mean, maybe it is a kink of hers, I'm thinking, because if she's a 30 plus year old woman, and this is a 20 year old virgin, what the fuck does she want with him? That is not gonna be some good dick. I'm sorry.

Purr (50:02.826)
I was about to say, if you're looking for somebody to come dust her cat off while her husband gone for a year, why you choosing this man?

Bernie (50:13.412)
who ain't ever fucked before.

Purr (50:17.066)
No offense, just like, I don't, gotta be somebody else.

Bernie (50:18.94)
Yeah. He may have exquisite penis. Sure. Why? She doesn't even know that yet. There's no miles on it.

Purr (50:25.538)
How will we know?

Purr (50:29.962)
I'm sorry.

Bernie (50:31.739)

Purr (50:39.182)
I just nodded so many times.

Purr (50:43.274)
Oh my god, there's no miles on it. Oh my god, oh my god.

Bernie (50:47.3)
I just sent that shit with a straight fucking face, dog. Oh my God. Ha ha ha.

Purr (50:49.974)
You dead.

Bernie (50:55.296)
Oh my god.

Purr (50:55.607)
No miles, how will we know? How will they know?

Bernie (50:57.932)
How will we know? How will they know?

Purr (51:01.614)
Oh my god, you can't even show me the car fax. There's no miles on it. I'm dead.

Bernie (51:05.54)
No. I don't know.

Purr (51:12.494)
I don't know, I would be a little suspicious if I was him. Because like what you want with me?

Bernie (51:15.24)
I would be super suspicious. And just fucking somebody that's married and then it's, yeah, what you want with me and she's married and why are you so upfront about being married? Like, it's weird. Like, I understand you want to set up the scenario, but like set that shit up after we first meet. Like, don't put me in a predicament like that. It's weird. Yeah, it's giving suspects.

Purr (51:36.542)
Yeah, I would just be cautious if I were him. But I would be cautious in any situation, just going to hook up with somebody weird. But maybe that's just the woman in me.

Bernie (51:39.928)
Have a cautious.

Purr (51:53.078)
But I think men should be more careful too. Y'all just be trying to go over these women's houses and I'm telling you some of these bitches is Me real

Bernie (51:53.543)

Purr (52:05.246)
They will rob you. They will rob you and they might kill you. They might drug you, rob you, and they might kill you.

Bernie (52:05.368)
You just gotta talk about this. These bitches have the perks in the lean, in the AKs. Like, yeah.

Bernie (52:16.368)
Yeah, like you gots to be careful.

Purr (52:18.51)
These new bitches? I don't know, y'all gotta be cautious just like we are. Oh, I don't know about going over his house. Show your location with your friends. Tell your friends where you're going. You're gonna be saved.

Bernie (52:27.991)

Bernie (52:30.38)
For real though, share your location with your homeboy. Please, please.

Purr (52:35.822)
Mmm. At least get the bitch last name, son.

Bernie (52:40.958)
At the very least.

Purr (52:41.378)
Get a picture of the bitch. Something. Do what we do.

Bernie (52:48.031)
Honestly, take some kids. I'm just one of the girls.

Purr (52:51.714)
for real.

Bernie (52:52.62)
for real though. Okay, this next one, I just, I don't even wanna get through all of it, but it says tri-anil for the first time. I just wanna tell her that it's gonna be okay. 21 year old female tri-anil for the first time with her partner, 22 year old dude. Still in disbelief that we full-on did it. I've been sexually active since she's 16, Lord Jesus. Never really experimented in a sexual realm until I met my current partner. I was scared at first, but finally did it today and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Purr (53:01.618)
Oh no.

Purr (53:11.426)
Just believe.

Bernie (53:19.756)
But to be completely honest, how am I supposed to shit? It hurts so much that I am scared to try to. How long does this take for my whole to be normal again, crying face? Baby, it's gonna be okay. Heroic must have been pecking, but it's gonna be okay. You're gonna be able to shit normal, give it an hour, hour or two, it's just gonna snap right back.

Purr (53:30.291)

Purr (53:47.55)
It sounds like she might have toured or something.

Bernie (53:50.3)
Yeah, I'm like, yeah, if it hurt, it hurts that much. I hope that it makes enough lube.

Purr (53:55.71)
Yeah, she says hers the shit. That sounds like a tear.

Bernie (53:58.1)
Yeah, she might, yeah, she might wanna go look. I mean, you're gonna feel like you can't, yeah. You might wanna just put some Vaseline on the lips of it just for safety precaution. Yeah.

Purr (54:01.57)
Preparation age.

Purr (54:06.703)
I am not a sponsor.

Bernie (54:13.988)
She said, that hurts to shit. Ehehehehehe.

Purr (54:13.991)
I just happen to see a commercial for it. And so they say it really worked.

Bernie (54:22.766)

Purr (54:24.775)
But I don't know from personal experience.

Bernie (54:28.92)
I don't know either.

Bernie (54:33.964)
But you know, that's an option. Ooh, okay, here was this last one I wanted to read. So it says, got my period while getting intimate. I was expecting my period in a day or so, and I did mention that to him once we got done, there was very light blood on the condom. He told me that maybe I started my period. I was scared, embarrassed, called him, made sure that I was on my period. After coming out, I couldn't stop myself from crying.

Purr (54:47.246)

Bernie (55:01.472)
I said I was sorry. He wiped my tears away and asked me if he could help in any way. We slept it off for like an hour. What should I do to not make him mad at me or make him happy?

Bernie (55:16.896)
I think you're good, sweetie. He's not. She's just so embarrassed.

Purr (55:17.354)
Was he mad?

Purr (55:24.43)
Okay, so she should be asking how can I make myself less embarrassed? Um, grow up because. It happens. And like, honestly, he probably triggered it. Like.

Bernie (55:32.076)

Bernie (55:42.84)
Good dick could do that, you just, I mean.

Purr (55:43.69)
I feel like that. It does. I feel like that's made my shit start before. I'm like, damn.

Bernie (55:49.333)
Like that's a good sign love

Purr (55:53.354)
Like, this is what you're doing? You making my shit start? Okay.

Bernie (55:54.061)

Bernie (55:58.698)

Purr (55:59.986)
Yeah, I just, I... And he wasn't mad about it, so why is she like... So embarrassed. He wiped her tear.

Bernie (56:04.588)
No, so I don't even know why she's tripping on that shit. Like girl, get over the embarrassment. Like cut that shit out. That's best case scenario. You won, bitch.

Purr (56:13.174)
He should have wiped her tears and told her to shut the fuck up. And be so fucking for real and just... Like, what are you doing?

Bernie (56:17.173)
I'm sorry.

Bernie (56:20.504)
Honestly, Shaggs, be so fucking serious. Be so fucking serious.

Purr (56:25.462)
I mean, honestly, like men, if you're still grossed out by a period, then you shouldn't be like.

Purr (56:33.35)
going for pussy like really because if you want pussy it's gonna come with a period pussy and period

Bernie (56:35.364)
Yeah, because you know what the alternative is. Yeah.

Bernie (56:45.452)
very simple. Quick math.

Purr (56:47.702)
So I don't know what to tell you.

Bernie (56:53.833)
I think that's a good place to end.

Purr (56:54.676)
I really don't.

Purr (56:57.822)
Yes, on that note...

Bernie (56:59.104)
Yeah, I'm that fucking dog.

Purr (57:02.734)
Keeping it P. Pussy. Pair.

Purr (57:10.006)
Well guys...

Bernie (57:10.344)
Isn't that what is that song isn't there the song pushing me?

Purr (57:14.538)
Yeah, push and pee. Push and pee.

Bernie (57:15.872)
I'm pushing P. What is that actually? Are they pushing perks or are they pushing? What are they pushing?

Purr (57:22.858)
It's whatever you want to make it. I like it because it's open to whatever you Yes Yeah, it's just like pee. It's like It could be like the drip. It can be You know

Bernie (57:24.672)
whatever, oh, pressure, it could be pressure, it could be percocet, it could be your period, anything.

Bernie (57:37.8)
Ah, okay. Yeah, what the fuck going on? Yes! Yeah, that sounds insane! Is everything okay?

Purr (57:43.79)
Can you hear that?

Purr (57:52.962)
Oh, I think it's because the window's cracked. Right?

Bernie (57:56.591)
Oh, maybe.

Purr (57:59.891)
Oh, it's the fucking vent.

Bernie (58:03.889)
Oh, okay.

Purr (58:04.618)
You said, that sounds fucking crazy. The vent is like, I did too.

Bernie (58:08.202)
I thought it was an ambulance.

Bernie (58:13.484)
Damn, it sounded like an ambulance over there too.

Purr (58:14.448)
is the

Purr (58:19.234)
It was this vent that was like, it wasn't like all the way shut so the air was still coming out through it and it was making like that whistling noise. Yeah. It was like, what the fuck? I thought it was the window. But it was the vent. Okay. Wow. On that note guys, it's been another fat one.

Bernie (58:26.22)
Holy shit. Damn, I thought them boys was pulling out.

Bernie (58:43.339)

Purr (58:44.246)
And you know where to find us. Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok please. If you are already following us on Instagram, please follow us on TikTok. If you haven't taken

Bernie (59:02.984)
Yeah, I think it's, yeah, it's the same.

Purr (59:04.286)
and just make that switch make that switch yeah and you know where to find us we'll be here same time next week

Bernie (59:19.596)
All right, bye.

Purr (59:22.082)

Bernie (59:25.828)
What does yours say?