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Control Fetish.. Tiktok Live NPC Trend

July 18, 2023 Season 1 Episode 141
Wise Freaks
Control Fetish.. Tiktok Live NPC Trend
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In this episode of Wise Freaks Podcast, we delve into the intriguing world of NPC (Non-Player Character) control fetish within the realm of TikTok, while also exploring the concept of tasteful flirting. We examine the appeal of NPC control fetish for those who enjoy power dynamics and role-playing, and how it intersects with the art of tasteful flirting. Join us as we discuss the delicate balance between expressing desire and respecting boundaries, and unpack the question: "What is tasteful flirting?"

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purr (00:02.226)
ice cream so good. Gang gang. Balloon.

bernie (00:07.81)

purr (00:12.526)
I'm out.

purr (00:15.89)
Oh, hi guys. It's not a glitch in the simulation. It's actually us, your wise freaks here at Wise Freak Podcast. It's your girl, Nia Rel, AKA the Lieutenant.

bernie (00:30.438)
And it's your stepdad, Bernal, AKA Poppacito Per. We're back for another fucking fat Tuesday. I'm so sorry. We're gonna get into and explain what the fuck, if you don't, if you're not on TikTok, or even Twitter for that matter to see what all, cause I feel like sometimes those things kind of blend, like Twitter and TikTok kind of like cross paths. Whereas like sometimes with Instagram, I don't feel like it does all the time. Not in the same way. Yeah.

purr (00:38.349)

purr (00:54.286)
No. No, definitely not. I feel like Instagram and threads have their own little thing now and then it's like, tick tock and Twitter. Kind of like

bernie (01:07.162)
Oh, okay, that's a good idea. That's a good point. I haven't gotten unthreatened yet. Have you?

purr (01:13.278)
I just did, but I haven't posted anything. I was just like, let me just see what's going on in here. Let me see who all over there.

bernie (01:16.842)
I was just nervous. I see I downloaded the app, but I was nervous. Let me know who's all over there, but I was nervous to do it because they said like if your thread account gets reported or whatever your Instagram is taken down to and for me, I'm like, my mouth is bad bitch. So I don't know Twitter. Twitter fucking me. It's fine. I can say whatever the fuck I want over there and they now trying to take a bitch account down, but like I was worried about that. I'm like, ooh, honey.

purr (01:31.263)


purr (01:38.976)

purr (01:43.118)
well that's a good point maybe I'll just keep it cute over there

bernie (01:45.586)
That shit made me nervous. You gotta keep it real fucking cute over there. I like to cuss out airlines, all type of shit like that on my Twitter account. So I guess you can't really do that on breath.

purr (01:50.333)

purr (01:58.85)
Remember you was trolling niggas on my account? Cause I was like, I don't give a fuck, I don't use Twitter.

bernie (02:01.546)
Oh I was.

purr (02:08.17)
mentions like bitches going back and forth with me I was like you know I don't give a fuck like that wasn't even me I think I got blocked from whatever account that was yeah you got blocked and then you hopped on mine and started I was like this is crazy but

bernie (02:08.562)
Thank you.

bernie (02:12.67)
And I think you ended up getting blocked too, because I got blocked.


bernie (02:22.006)
I was like, did you think you're gonna get away with it? I'm about to tear your ass up. You thought I was gone? Oh yeah, oh yeah. Don't play with it.

purr (02:25.695)
Oh bitch you thought I was gone?

purr (02:34.858)
you block somebody and they come back with a vengeance for my whole new account. Oh shit.

bernie (02:40.062)
I think I came back from your account, you got blocked. I wanna say I had to come back from my Nico's account too. I know I was not playing. I was on their head time. I was not playing.

purr (02:45.534)
I think you did. You... I...

purr (02:52.45)
Oh my god. So I'm just out there blocked.

bernie (02:54.066)
But Linus would say, I don't know, I'm nervous with threads. I'm nervous with threads because of that point. Yeah.

purr (03:00.07)
Okay, yeah. And then I also saw like if you wanted to deactivate your threads, like you had to deactivate your whole Instagram account. I guess that wasn't true, but

bernie (03:10.884)
Oh my god.

purr (03:12.774)
Yeah, people were saying that. So I mean, I made one but I was like, I don't know if I'm really gonna post on here. I'm just I was kind of just like who all over there, you know?

bernie (03:24.01)
Yeah. Okay, let me know who all over there. All right. I didn't see too many people that was over there.

purr (03:29.09)
So it's really the same motherfuckers from Instagram.

bernie (03:33.252)
Oh it is.

purr (03:34.562)
just with more to say.

bernie (03:37.466)
I mean that sometimes could be a good thing though. I feel like sometimes on Instagram you can't really say too much. It's just posting a picture.

purr (03:42.838)
You can't. It's really just for like, yeah. It's for content creation. It's not really like, I don't know, I don't feel like it's a lot of communication.

bernie (03:47.686)
post something cute and keep it pushing.

bernie (03:56.854)
Yeah, me either. I don't think so either. Yeah. But, so the other thing I'm gonna touch on real quick was this idea of tasteful flirting. Is there such a thing?

Can you flirt tastefully? So I guess it was kind of this conversation. I think it was kind of carrying over from the whole Kiki Palmer situation. And people were having this conversation or surrounding tasteful flirting that's, I guess, considered harmless. And I'm like, OK, is there a way to tastefully flirt?

purr (04:12.352)
Please elaborate.

purr (04:26.838)
They still talking about that, huh?

purr (04:37.166)
I mean, I guess I would need like some examples, but like...

bernie (04:42.09)
One example was the strip club. Because technically you are there, you're throwing money, you are flirting, but it's in a tasteful way. I mean, you're observing the performers. You might be throwing some dollars on some ads.

purr (04:54.47)
Yeah, that's like not flirting though. That's like a service like

bernie (04:59.194)
You might be getting the dollar picked up off your nose by some cool, I mean, you never know what you might be doing. So use Hasteful D3rd.

purr (05:07.91)
I don't feel like that's flirting though. I feel like that's entertainment and that's like a service. Like this is what these bitches do. Like this is this bitch's, these bitches livelihood. You know what I'm saying? Like that's like flirting is just like, oh, you just, you know, flirting with somebody.

bernie (05:13.699)

bernie (05:19.478)
Okay. Okay, how about a bartender then?

purr (05:27.414)
Like if you're just playing with the bartender, trying to get like, you know, a drink or something. Okay, see, that's what I wanted to bring up when you said that because I also saw someone else talking about, God, these podcasts just be giving us the information that we need for our podcast. But they were talking about if a guy, if we're in a relationship and a guy buys me a drink, that...

bernie (05:29.832)


bernie (05:45.711)

purr (05:57.162)
you know, like that's out of pocket to like accept the drink from another guy or whatever. I'm just like, ask the nigga, I would be like, cool, that's a drink. I don't have to buy her like go do your thing. You know, go out here and hustle or whatever. You know, be your best self. And then, you know, we going home together anyway.

bernie (06:02.792)

bernie (06:11.902)
I live. Yeah, I feel like that's fine. It's just a drink. That's yeah, like, okay, cool. You're getting them drunk for me. Great. This is lovely. You know what I mean? I don't know. It's just a drink. It's not like they smell your ass or you let them slap it or something. I mean, like it was literally a drink and a conversation.

purr (06:30.774)
Yeah, like...

But I guess it's like the conversation like you're entertaining, you know, after they buy you the drink or whatever, you know, they're gonna be like, Oh, what's your name, yada, you know, the kind of small talk that comes after that. And because every man thinks like after they buy you a drink that automatically means like they have a chance to some pussy that

bernie (06:46.162)
What's your name? What's your sign? Were you fried?

bernie (06:55.386)

purr (06:56.378)
maybe that's why men are getting offended about it or whatever. But I don't know, I think it takes like real like security and in your relationship because I can remember my mom saying like I was out one night with the girls and then like your father showed up he was there with his guys or whatever and we was you know doing our thing getting drinks or whatever and he was just like okay like

bernie (07:24.358)
Yeah, like, it's just some drinks.

purr (07:25.046)
You know, cool, like, like they were married, like.

bernie (07:29.09)
Right. Like they know what's going on down at the end of the night.

purr (07:34.642)
Yeah, like, okay, yeah, do you.

bernie (07:35.602)
not a big deal. But you're right, it does take some security in like a relationship and B just like who you are. I think it just takes both in having an understanding of your relationship. Like, does this upset this person? Is this kind of okay? You know, and figuring out what those boundaries are?

purr (07:48.647)

purr (07:56.852)

bernie (07:58.168)

purr (08:00.531)
I'm just like, I don't know.

bernie (08:01.575)
But I don't see anything wrong with that. It's fucking harmless. You already know what's going down at the end of the night. It's not a big deal.

purr (08:08.95)
Yeah, like, um, especially if I'm there with said person, like.

purr (08:17.066)
I'm leaving with you. I showed up with you. I yeah Yeah, you're my bride like what the fuck you talking about? So I Don't know But I think it takes security but that would that would classify as like

bernie (08:17.51)
We came here together, you my ride, nigga!

bernie (08:27.582)
Like, my sneakers are still at your house. Yeah.

purr (08:35.158)
You could make that tasteful flirting, I feel like.

bernie (08:39.798)
I agree. I think you can make that tasteful flirting. And depending on what it is, if it's what do you think about a dance?

purr (08:55.437)

bernie (08:55.534)
Maybe it's not a whole booty twerk situation where it's going ass to dick and you throwing it in a circle and they catching it when it come back down or, none of that. It's just like a little, probably just like a small little boom boom, little shimmy behind and then you just in the front doing a little wiggle. You know what I mean? Something like.

purr (09:05.599)

purr (09:15.814)
Why not too much? Oh

bernie (09:17.53)
Not too much, but it's a little something. You may a little shook a little tail on something real quick, but just for a second, that'd be great.

purr (09:28.398)
I don't know about all that.

bernie (09:30.64)

purr (09:32.77)
I don't think that's tasteful or flirting at that point. I feel like that's lines have been crossed.

bernie (09:39.406)
in this situation? How do you find yourself in this predicament?

purr (09:42.738)
Yeah, like, how did we get to this point?

bernie (09:45.682)
dancing with this young lady. A dance, I'm fine. I feel like it definitely could depending on the situation. Again, I feel like as long as it's not too much.

purr (09:49.514)
Nah, that's gonna cause problems.

purr (09:58.89)
Not too much. And it's like, if it's like a random bitch too, like I don't know about that.

bernie (10:00.498)
Not too much.

bernie (10:06.694)
Okay, so, well would it be better if it was somebody that you knew a little?

purr (10:13.462)
Well, okay, so like not like ass to dick or something like that. But if y'all just like caught a vibe or something like that, and was just like, yeah, and was just like, you know, like dancing together or whatever. Yeah, like, I feel like that's cool.

bernie (10:17.171)
Okay. Oh, just like a little yod.

Y'all having a whole little thrilling moment. Yeah.

bernie (10:30.202)
Yeah, that's cool. I don't find that to be flirty, that's just fine.

purr (10:32.055)

Yeah, that's just... good old fashioned fun. Heh. Heh heh heh. Ahhhh.

bernie (10:38.846)
Good old fashioned fun.

purr (10:46.134)
But for real, but like, I don't know, like tasteful flirting, that is, that was like a real nice way to clean that up, to say like, basically crossing the line. I like how you did that. You know, you just give something like a new fancy name and it's like, okay, it's not cheating anymore. It's just like, tasteful flirting, like.

bernie (10:48.378)
Yeah. Okay, so. Mm-hmm.

bernie (11:05.402)
like, okay.

bernie (11:10.93)
It's tasteful flirting.

bernie (11:15.474)
Well, because they were considering what Kiki Palmer did, you know, with usher, just like a little serenade, a little twirl, whatever, was tasteful flirt.

purr (11:16.36)

bernie (11:27.014)
which for the purpose of the show, mere entertainment, it was tasteful flirting. I don't think it was, she wasn't gonna fuck Kiki Palmer after the show.

purr (11:28.127)

purr (11:32.67)
Yeah, like it's not like she was like you said she wasn't throwing it back on her

like she just happened to have on an outfit she looked fucking good and they did a little sway a little serenade

bernie (11:51.876)
I love one of these real quick and that was it. That was it.

purr (11:57.298)
And that was it. He act like she had her leg up on him and was, you know, all that. Like, you know, she had more composure than me.

bernie (12:04.814)
Yeah. One leg up.

bernie (12:13.507)

purr (12:15.574)
You lost your bitch to Usher? I can understand T.I. But Usher? You never watch the Boondogs have you?

bernie (12:16.35)

bernie (12:28.214)
I have, it's been so many years. Also, I just found that it's coming back to one of the networks to stream.

purr (12:38.474)
like a reboot or they're putting it on like old episodes onto.

bernie (12:41.854)
I don't know, I saw a Twitter thread about it. I thought it, I read it as they were putting the old ones back on.

but I have heard of them trying to do a reboot. I don't think they can do a reboot, to be honest with you. And I don't know if I'm gonna wanna see it because they're not gonna be able to go there like they could during those times.

purr (12:50.751)

purr (12:58.794)
No. Granddad has passed. If Regina King is not doing the voices of Huey and Riley, I really don't want it. And then like Granddad, who's gonna be Granddad? John Witherspoon passed.

bernie (13:04.349)

bernie (13:08.464)
Oh hell no.

bernie (13:13.166)
No, when you do need, yeah, well, this one's gone. Oof.

purr (13:17.534)
And then, okay, I'm glad it's the old episodes. I just, I wonder how well that's going to go over because the episodes are old and they a little, now the way things are set up.

bernie (13:30.254)
Okay, they put Dave Chappelle on the Netflix. They put Dave Chappelle.

purr (13:34.646)
people will probably be offended.

bernie (13:39.998)
That's the thing, we can have no fucking fun.

purr (13:40.694)
like the whole R. Kelly episode.

purr (13:45.323)
Are Kelly and Jill now?

bernie (13:48.134)
Which, okay.

purr (13:50.958)
But there was that.

bernie (13:54.425)
I think it'll be fine. If people just understand it's fucking entertainment. Let's have fun again. God damn. Everybody wanna be fucking.

purr (13:57.415)
I hope so.

purr (14:03.818)
I'll be damned if these people try and cancel good old-fashioned black comedy anime. Now you've gone too fucking far.

bernie (14:15.07)
too fucking far. We don't have that many now, god damn it.

purr (14:17.866)
You need to stay out of black folks' business.

bernie (14:26.551)
Um, okay, so, shit, we should do baby daddies.

purr (14:32.35)
Yeah, let's do that real quick. I gotta repeat.

bernie (14:37.442)
Okay, my claim simple. I think I have had him before, but maybe not central see.

purr (14:43.818)
Yep, you definitely have.

bernie (14:46.082)
Yeah, he just put out a new EP and it's actually all right. Like I really sometimes it's hard for me to get into that UK rap. You know what I mean? Just because it'd be a little, you know, I mean, no T, no shame. Just be a little like, but I like it. I like the way he put it together. He got some flavor on it. I like it. I like it.

purr (14:51.423)
Oh yeah?

purr (14:59.159)
him though.

purr (15:06.054)
I like his shit though, like, I don't know. Doja still my shit. Like, I was like, this man is out of control. How do you start off a song like that?

bernie (15:11.046)
That's still my shit.

bernie (15:16.206)
Out of control!

bernie (15:22.12)
How can I be homophobic? My bitch is gay.

purr (15:26.406)
Uh, what?

purr (15:32.182)
Sir what? Okay, I mean, I don't think that's... I don't think that fully justifies it, but alright.

bernie (15:36.596)
Okay! I don't think it is either.

bernie (15:46.61)
But you know what, the whole world moved and we still bopped to that shit because it was fucking fire.

purr (15:50.214)
And we still, it was fire. I still bop to it. I was like, huh. He does have a point though, but also he don't.

bernie (16:05.222)
He didn't, he's not making the point that he thought he would.

purr (16:08.93)
but he did kind of eat that one.

bernie (16:09.338)
Or maybe he was. He did kind of eat that one.

purr (16:13.602)
You better kinda eat that one.

That was a good one.

bernie (16:16.722)
But yeah, so he has a couple of songs that are out. One of them is, it's called Sprinter. And then another one was called like Trojan Horse. Is it not? I thought it was new. I just found this shit.

purr (16:23.377)
Oh, I didn't know that was new.

purr (16:30.95)
Okay, yeah, I just found it maybe like a couple weeks ago. Or did it just come out?

bernie (16:36.546)
Okay, yeah. I think the EP just came out and that's what's throwing me off, but the song may have been out.

purr (16:45.207)
Okay. Okay, cuz that sounds familiar. Because I was just looking at his catalog not too long ago, and I was doing a commute. And I was like, let me put on some central seat because Doja Cat came on in my shuffle. Let me see what else he got. Yeah.

bernie (16:56.314)
Okay, the shit was slapping. I was like, okay. I was like, I'm not mad at this.

He was doing something. He definitely did.

purr (17:08.814)
So that's funny because my baby daddy is also a music artist that I had before and that is Brent Fias, my toxic king.

purr (17:24.33)
I just love the way he can say toxic shit and no one gives a fuck because it sounds good. I have to go to his tour. Very much the weekend and he's basically encompassing everything that I used to love about the weekend but like that he doesn't do anymore and so it's kind of like my happy place so until he blows up and becomes huge.

bernie (17:31.974)
very much the weekend effect.

bernie (17:44.803)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

bernie (17:53.239)
I actually have not really gotten into his catalog.

purr (17:53.35)
and starts doing mainstream shit and

bernie (17:58.298)
I need to. I've got like a couple, maybe like one or two songs. I actually just heard one the other day that I didn't realize was him. I was like, I didn't know that was that nigga. So he really is doing his thing.

purr (18:09.206)
with song.

bernie (18:12.078)
It was one that's like viral on TikTok. And I was like, oh, I didn't know that was fucking him. It sounds, it's like a kind of.

purr (18:17.438)
Oh, probably, probably Jackie Brown.

bernie (18:21.218)
Yeah, I was like, okay, this is kind of fire, but I didn't know with him. But, um, yeah.

purr (18:25.726)
Yeah, it actually so when that song crew came out by Goldlink, shy, glizzy, and him on the hook. I didn't know that was the same. So I used to listen to Sonder. His name was Sonder before he became Brent Fias. I was listening to him before that.

bernie (18:35.471)
Yeah, I remember that song.

bernie (18:49.086)
That sounds familiar.

purr (18:53.378)
And that song came out like 2016 2017. And that's when I realized I was like, Oh, I was wondering where all the fuck his music went. He changed his. Yeah. He changed his name.

bernie (18:56.729)

It's the same person.

purr (19:05.986)
Cause yeah, I, I used to, cause I like R&B like shit more than rap. That's more of the stuff that I listened to. And he was one of my favorite artists. Yeah. And I was like, I don't know where his shit went. Cause he changed his name.

bernie (19:15.386)
Yeah, more like vibe-y shit.

bernie (19:22.342)
That's crazy. I wonder is it up on streaming as Sonder?

purr (19:27.222)
Yeah, he has stuff on Apple Music still at Sonder. Yeah.

bernie (19:31.81)
That's kind of dope. It's always interesting when artists like do a rebrand or whatever and like change their name and then they kind of get bigger from that.

purr (19:40.138)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

bernie (19:41.238)
Yes, that's always interesting. Because wasn't the weekend, did he have a different name when he first started? No.

purr (19:46.951)
Mm-mm. He's always been the weekend.

bernie (19:50.486)
Okay, I thought maybe he was a Monday Joe.


purr (19:59.476)
Ah! Hehehehe So annoying Aaaaaaah Okay, I thought maybe he was just a Monday child, a weekday

bernie (20:08.059)

purr (20:11.318)
The fucking weekday! Before he became the weekend.

bernie (20:13.802)
the weekday. And he was like, you know what, I'm actually more of a weekend kind of guy. Change his name. He said, you know what, rebrand. It's no longer the weekend.

purr (20:28.959)
More of a weekend there, so we gonna be the weekend.

purr (20:35.134)
No, I used to.

bernie (20:35.622)
Speaking of which, wasn't he just going through like the most like backlash and all of that like he was getting dragged over that damn TV show girl And he was online

purr (20:41.93)
He was getting, he was getting dragged. I didn't watch it because he was, he was going back and forth. I was like, oh, this is not like you, Abel. But I didn't, what are you doing?

bernie (20:54.878)

purr (21:01.762)
This bitch is up at the head of the bed. Like, what are you doing? Yeah, we ain't never did that before.

bernie (21:04.958)
I'm sorry. Y'all, I never did that before.

purr (21:12.482)
Now that's crazy.

bernie (21:14.642)
That's kind of crazy.

purr (21:20.446)
I literally posted something the other day. I was like, I don't understand how y'all have kids. This dog tests my patience every fucking day. And it's like, for real though. Some days I'm just like.

bernie (21:28.594)

bernie (21:37.374)
My girl.

purr (21:39.486)
like when I'm cleaning up, throw up at like midnight or first thing in the morning, like that.

bernie (21:46.334)

purr (21:48.37)
I could have just had kids, like what, why am I doing this? Or when I have to wipe ass, like if I wanted to wipe ass I would have had some kids. I thought I didn't have to do this.

bernie (21:50.744)
Like, what the fuck?

bernie (22:02.259)
Is everything okay? She, woo!

purr (22:02.854)
Anywho. So yeah, the weekend I only saw clips of that show, The Idol. Yeah, The Idol. And it made me cringe so bad. And I never watched it.

bernie (22:15.354)
Yeah, I saw some clips.

bernie (22:19.858)
Hmm, me too. And I was thinking, I'm like, maybe I should really watch it. Cause the way that was tearing it up, I was like, it can't be that God damn bad.

purr (22:29.542)
They were tearing it up.

bernie (22:31.666)
up. Yeah, damn. You know what I can I relate like you don't want to see like your favorite ghost like do something that you like I know this ain't gonna be in the best life for you. I don't even want to experience that.

purr (22:35.83)
and watch it so I can't really comment.

purr (22:50.632)
I don't even want to do it.

bernie (22:52.71)
I'm not about to do it. I'm just gonna pretend it never happened.

purr (22:56.262)
I'm just gonna pretend it never happened. And I'm already really mad at him because of like, the last album just wasn't giving. You know, it wasn't giving like the old weekend I get like you want to grow and stuff like that. And so like, you can't really be mad at an artist for growth. But I mean, give something for like the real EXO fans like the ones has been there from the beginning.

bernie (23:04.902)

bernie (23:15.078)

purr (23:26.922)
you know, from House of Balloons.

bernie (23:27.746)
Yeah, he's got to figure out how to bridge that gap. He got to bridge the gap between his new fans, old fans, and find something that's in between, and that satisfies both.

purr (23:38.702)
For real. Because half of these people only started listening after Starboy. I'm like, you do realize that was like the fucking fifth album that he made? Like that's so far into this fucking catalog.

bernie (23:43.43)
I was gonna say Starboy, that's when I really started making it. Right. Literally.

purr (23:54.89)
I was there from the beginning.

bernie (23:55.022)
And that was a fucking huge album.

purr (23:59.33)
huge album like that shit really put him on the map love that happy for him but bitch what about us

bernie (24:06.214)
But nigga, where is the other music?

purr (24:10.495)
What about that?

purr (24:15.733)

purr (24:19.134)
Alright, sh-shall we get into...

bernie (24:19.922)
Okay, should we get into the meat?

purr (24:24.398)
the meat. Oh, okay. Yeah, let's I mean, okay, let's do it. So going back to how we basically came into this episode. So there's been this trend going on.

bernie (24:42.066)
Gangnam, Gangnam!

purr (24:46.85)
there's been this trend going on TikTok. And it's basically, so people will go live and it kind of contributes to the NPC, non-playable character, fetish, where people will send, well, they'll send the people gifts or something like that, and the gifts will be like ice cream or...

bernie (25:13.366)
Yeah, so on TikTok you can see different, yeah, a cowboy hat, a necklace, and they all are having monetary value and they wear it for a certain period of time because you're paying for that. And I think some of them make a no-waste, I think.

purr (25:26.206)
Yes. Yeah. And so when that pops up on the screen, like they react, it's really hard to explain because it's so fucking odd and different. So, so basically people will send in these gifts. And as they show up on the screen, they react to them. And so like someone was in the girl ice cream, and then she'd be like, mmm, ice cream so good.

bernie (25:37.275)
It's so hard.

Like, yeah.

bernie (25:55.272)

bernie (25:59.25)
But the piece of it is though y'all is that people keep sending it because they want her to keep doing that noise and keep making that like doing that and like I guess. Yeah, because.

purr (26:00.305)

purr (26:06.698)
Yeah. And they get off on it. It's like a control fetish. Like they feel like they're controlling the actions of this person.

bernie (26:20.134)
It's almost like soft camming, would you say? Like, you know how you can do live camming and you know, you pay money and by the time, you know, maybe they go live cam for three hours and by the end of the three hours, they nut or whatever the case may be. But you're throwing money and they're taking clothes off. And like, okay, first hour you're throwing money, they take clothes off, then they suck in their own toes and then they put the dildo in their butt or whatever they're doing on the cam.

purr (26:34.699)

bernie (26:48.022)
And no, that's not necessarily my fantasy. It's gonna be way more grittier than that.

purr (26:51.918)
Okay, cause that was very specific, sir.

bernie (26:55.386)
It's gonna be way more gritty than that. But so people get off on doing that they're throwing money and they're doing that. So this is kind of the same thing, right?

purr (27:08.442)
Yeah, pretty much. Gang gang gang. Mm ice cream so good. Yo, you just have to see you as something that you have to experience with your own eyes. And if you're on tik tok, and you just you scroll through to talk enough, you will come across someone's live. And they're doing that. If you're wondering what the hell are they doing is probably that.

bernie (27:09.842)
Gang gang!

bernie (27:37.614)
It's probably that. And now it's like.

purr (27:39.51)
because it really looks like a glitch in the simulation.

bernie (27:43.122)
Honestly thought that's what was happening and I was like short-circuiting while I was watching this shit and then I like finished the App and I was like what the fuck did I just watch like am I good?

purr (27:52.526)
Yeah. Yeah, I, I was really happy that I saw it on Twitter first, instead of like, seeing it firsthand on TikTok. Because I would have, I would have had to make a call to somebody like, I was going to call my therapist or something be like, hey, I don't know who you need to call or something, but I'm starting to see shit. Like this is crazy. I don't even know how to explain what I just saw.

bernie (28:03.751)

bernie (28:07.23)

purr (28:21.238)
but we need to get the authorities involved. Because I've never seen anything like it.

bernie (28:23.632)

bernie (28:27.23)
So let me see if I can do a little bit of the audio. Good. Mm. Coconut's so good. Mm. Coconut's so good. Hello.

bernie (28:41.783)
So good. Grab, grab.

bernie (28:48.99)
So good. Oh, thank you, DC. You got to feel like a queen. So she did that when she got the crown put on her head. So all of that is happening. And she's kind of like saying in character the whole time there means she's not like busting out laughing. I personally would be falling on the floor doing that shit.

purr (29:06.082)

I will be on the floor.

purr (29:15.868)
So there is a talent to it because a bitch like me could never.

bernie (29:16.478)
But... For sure.

bernie (29:23.974)
definitely a talent to it and again I think it is like this kind of like fetishism where you're playing a character but then it's also like this live camming character type thing situation it's interesting as fuck but quite strange

Now, should we play this explanation video?

purr (29:44.738)
Yeah, um.

Yes. Please, someone explain. Because I'm not good at it.

bernie (29:55.553)
Okay, here we go.

bernie (30:01.082)
lives are well known for being a minefield of surreal niche sub communities that you never even knew existed. And let's get this out of the way right now. I am not critiquing or making fun of how creators like this have figured out how to make money. What I do think is worth thinking into is why it works. Sure, shock value, it gets you views. But how does a creator monetize that? Because in the video we just showed, every time a little icon was popping up on screen, that creator was receiving donations.

in return for doing a requested action, my favorite of which has got to be popping single kernels of popcorn on a hair straightener. The best kind of explanation I've seen for this type of video in particular is that enough people out there have something of a control fetish and that drives them to donate in exchange for feeling like they're controlling this real human, like their own personal video game character. So is that potentially dehumanizing for the creator? Sure, but is it dehumanizing to work like...

purr (30:39.53)

bernie (30:58.674)
any corporate job. Also, there's just, there's simply a market for everything. People are selling their farts and jars, right? Yes, TikTok lies can kind of feel like watching a car crash and being unable to look away, but I'd argue that something deeper is going on. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments and then let me know if you want a fart jar. Bitch. Okay, that's it. So quick. DM me if you want a fart jar. Bye.

purr (31:04.276)
I'm sorry.

purr (31:20.078)
escalated so quickly at the end. And DM me if you want a fire jar. Bye! Yo, that's gonna be my sound. That's gonna be my sign off.

bernie (31:28.258)
No, Tino say, but I wouldn't even want to smell. Do you maybe want to fart?

purr (31:32.622)
from now on.

purr (31:36.322)
I'm sorry.

bernie (31:41.735)
I'm sorry. Maybe you want to fart jar. Like what? Oh my god. So basically, yeah, that's the explanation. Now people have this control kink and fetish rather they want to control, you know, like she said a fucking video game like, let me put in this. Make you do this. Very interesting.

purr (31:42.962)
so unhinged.

purr (31:57.854)
It reminds me of like... Have you ever played The Sims?

bernie (32:03.558)
Yeah. I used to be upset.

purr (32:05.558)
It kind of reminds me of the Sims. Right?

bernie (32:08.902)
Yeah, it is a little bit SIM like.

purr (32:13.162)
Yeah, I spent like how she says things.

bernie (32:14.29)
Because even the noises don't make any sense. Yeah. Now, do you think the one girl in the video that we played initially, is she like one of the main people who kind of started this situation? Because I just seen so many conversations. Okay, because people were like caping for her on Twitter, like she's gonna be a megastar, y'all bitches is hating, let this queen get her money. I'm like, okay, like I have no problem with what she's doing babes, but like.

purr (32:27.155)
Oh, 100%.

purr (32:30.611)

bernie (32:41.038)
What is like, I don't understand why there is such like this need to defend this. I don't think it was that big a deal. I thought we were just all observing what's happening and we're trying to figure out what is actually happening.

purr (32:53.494)
Yeah, yeah, we're trying to figure out what the fuck but I don't doubt Like what people were saying about her probably becoming a star because they make like everyone a star who? Doesn't really do anything So I Mean, I don't think that's very far-fetched but I Do think she's smart as fuck like however, she came up

bernie (33:10.949)
What a problem with that.

bernie (33:14.874)
I have a problem with that.

purr (33:21.066)
about that and figured that out. Like she's smart as fuck. And I feel like a lot of people jumped on her shit. Like after that, cause after I saw that video, maybe like a couple of days later on TikTok, that's all I started seeing on lives. And I had been on TikTok and I saw, I never saw that on live. Now it's every live is them doing that shit.

bernie (33:38.674)
I started seeing more people doing it.

bernie (33:45.562)
And I'm gonna be honest, so much so I've been seeing the niggas is doing it now too. It's not a use to- I mean I was only seeing just like women that have done- The niggas was like, Ice cream! Yum yum! I'm like what the fuck- they were doing different noises but like they were doing the same thing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

purr (33:50.952)
And that makes me uncomfortable.

purr (33:59.189)

bernie (34:05.982)
I was like, what the fuck going on? I was like, ciao.

purr (34:09.522)
I was just about to ask you, like, what were they saying?

bernie (34:12.666)
Am I in that damn submarine?

purr (34:18.23)
Honestly, start the rapture. Because I just... Send the fucking flood.

bernie (34:26.726)
Yeah, I'm trying to find one of the videos. I'm gonna try and find one of the videos of the niggas doing it and send it to you. But yeah, the niggas was doing it. I was like, oh, okay. Listen, hey, listen. Everybody, get your money.

purr (34:39.862)
send the float.

purr (34:46.823)
Oh Jesus, I'm tired, I'm tired.

purr (34:53.599)
And you know what? As crazy as it is, and I may not understand it, I'm still mad at myself that I didn't figure that out. Like, when will it be my turn?

bernie (35:06.118)
You know, as simple as it is.

Honestly, I think it's trial and error. Throw more shit at the wall. You never know what the fuck might stick. And that bitch struck a goldmine. Like nothing.

purr (35:18.838)
Like she didn't even show no titties. She just got on there, just got on there and was pretty and was just like.

bernie (35:30.362)
I'm gonna make this popcorn with this hair straightener.

purr (35:30.602)
Yeah, I'm gonna.

purr (35:37.45)
I mean, genius, genius.

bernie (35:37.71)
and make up your shit. Genius, absolutely genius. Now.

Could you do that?

purr (35:47.058)
No, we already talked about that. I can't do that. I'll be cracking up

bernie (35:51.038)
Could you do another form of it?

purr (35:59.631)
Like what? Like I don't think I could stay in character. It's about being in character. And it's like, I don't think I could stay in character because...

bernie (36:02.266)
I don't even, yeah, I don't smoke.

bernie (36:11.994)
You know what? That actually brings me to this idea. Like there may be some people who may have...

If I had like a mask on, I might be able to stay.

purr (36:28.814)
There's no way. I laughed in the intro.

bernie (36:31.934)
Yeah, I might have lived. Yes!

purr (36:37.059)
I can't do that. I'll be laughing. I can't. I'm too damn goofy for that. I can't do that.

bernie (36:40.603)
Yeah, nah, I'm not gonna do it.

bernie (36:44.794)
And I think the other side of it too though, I don't really have like a control king. Like I don't really like want to be, you know, I don't have like a submission type thing. I'm not really sub in that fashion. Like I don't want to be told what to do and then do it. I mean, I guess even if there is a monetary value behind it, I clearly am not interested in doing it. Like I just can't, I don't think I could do it.

purr (37:00.106)
Yeah, I don't like that either.

purr (37:10.238)
And then also it seems like, you know, they were talking about the girl who's basically started that she was really making bank. And now people are kind of doing it. I think they're kind of realizing like this is harder than it seems because it when those like donations start really flowing in and you got to do all these things. Like, I saw this one girl basically breaking character. And she was trying to be like, Oh, ice cream so good. Oh, thank you for the crowd.

bernie (37:34.447)
I thought it'd be...

purr (37:39.502)
Okay bitch, y'all sending in shit way too fast. Calm down now. Wait.

bernie (37:42.719)
I'm sorry.

purr (37:46.11)
And that would be me getting mad, cracking up, not staying in character. I couldn't do it. So that's why I have to give her flowers because I can't do what you do.

bernie (37:48.283)

bernie (37:54.658)
No, I don't know. I got to give her flowers too, because I don't think I could do it either. I would love to, I just, comma, can't do it. Can't do it.

purr (38:07.583)

bernie (38:09.222)
But that does kind of take us into...

some reddits that I pulled that are talking about a control fetish, like a control king.

purr (38:21.554)
Ooh. Ooh, okay.

bernie (38:27.179)
And this one says, how much control is too much? I'm curious to what extent Dom sub people involve themselves in power exchange. In the bedroom alone 24 seven to subs, what kinds of things or aspects of your life to leave up to your Dom? Hair, wardrobe, action, to Dom's, how much control do you need? Do you only want the stuff in the bedroom? A ruler to outside of the bedroom?

Do you crave total control? I tend to side of needing a substantial amount of control. I love the caregiver and nurturer role, but this always leads me to wanting to create extensive structure and rules for submissives. For me, it goes much further past the sexual. As of late, I am starting to question the extent of power exchange and BDSM. I have always sought the extent of control I crave as part of my kinks learning. Now I'm questioning how much is healthy? Is it really a case by case basis? And does this create an unhealthy dependency?

purr (39:21.166)
Gosh, I don't know why I was thinking about this. Not too long ago, but I was thinking about people who like, whose fetishes or like kinks like interfere with like their daily life.

bernie (39:21.454)
Ooh, I do wonder.

bernie (39:39.255)

purr (39:41.478)
And like... Yeah.

bernie (39:42.03)
and how you can navigate life through something like that.

purr (39:47.946)
Yeah, like I just felt like, oh my God, that's probably really hard, like, yeah. That was random, but yeah, I was just thinking about that not too long ago. I was like, oh my God, oh my God, I'm glad that doesn't happen to me because I could have just having something hanging over your head like that all the time.

bernie (39:48.57)
Like, being a sub.

bernie (40:04.494)
Yeah, same.

bernie (40:09.206)
I think you have to be able to set logical boundaries that fit within the parameters of your life for whatever that is, you know what I mean? Having an understanding of like, okay, yes, this is my fetish in my situation, but I also still have to do X, Y, and Z. How can I fit this into that, you know, and make it make sense to where it doesn't control every aspect of my life? I think that you just can't get too.

purr (40:26.891)

bernie (40:35.974)
You never can do like too much of anything, god damn it, except for work. That's what it seemed like, but really you can't though.

purr (40:41.322)
Yeah, but...

It seems like a lot of people probably don't have like that self control or uh, should I say even common sense factor to like, realize that you need to set a boundary between that.

bernie (40:50.351)

bernie (40:58.798)
Yeah, like there's something has to take on because you can't like yes, you can have control of every app of all aspects of your life, I guess, but you still have to have a boundary for like you have to work, you got to eat, you got a car to drive, you know what I mean, you still have obligations.

bernie (41:18.554)

purr (41:19.128)

purr (41:22.434)
like someone who's very submissive or they need to be told what to do. Like they could never be in like a leadership position for like a job because they're just controlled by being told what to do.

bernie (41:23.108)

bernie (41:29.367)

bernie (41:35.366)
Oh my gosh, yeah. And that could be how they get that in the, yeah, that's true. That could be how they get that in their work aspect to fulfill that component while they're working and then have that when they come home.

purr (41:37.878)
Like, think about that.

purr (41:46.666)

bernie (41:51.51)
Yeah, I didn't even think of that as a dynamic. But yeah.

purr (41:51.946)

purr (41:56.17)
Yeah, I was just thinking about that randomly not too long ago. I don't know why. But anyway, back to the Reddit. What was the question?

bernie (42:05.03)
Basically, you know, how much is healthy and how much is too much? How much control do you need? How much control is it only in the bedroom or are there rules outside of the bedroom? How can you figure that out? Um, but I think it's like, again, matter of like figuring out how it fits into your life.

purr (42:24.234)
Well, yeah, I think that just kind of goes along with what I just said about people having boundaries with that. I think if it's honestly if it's going beyond, I want to say if it's going beyond the bedroom is a problem. But if it's going beyond like the walls of your home, then it's like a problem. Because you know,

bernie (42:33.278)
I think it's good.

bernie (42:48.168)

purr (42:51.526)
maybe it's not just like a bedroom thing, but maybe it's like something that you do at home. Like, okay, they mentioned like, telling them how their hair is supposed to be or something like that, or like how their makeup is supposed to be or what they're supposed to wear. I would say that's kind of beyond the bedroom, but still within the parameters of the home.

bernie (43:03.698)

bernie (43:15.867)

purr (43:16.054)
but not so extreme to the point where it's like, oh, in my job, I'm looking for people to tell me what to do, or I can't even be in a position of leadership because I have to be controlled and told what to do. Now you can't even advance in your career and shit like that because you gotta, because your kink is fucking you up. That's weird. That's not good.

bernie (43:24.37)

bernie (43:34.078)
Career? Yeah.

bernie (43:39.322)
Yeah, that's too far. That's when it's too far. I agree. If it's like hindering you to succeed in life, then okay, yes, it's gone too far. It's gone too far. Otherwise, just like you mentioned, I think that's actually great. That's a good, yeah.

purr (43:48.798)

purr (43:55.466)
Yeah, I think that's totally fine. I think that's fun. You know, if that's you. That's totally cool. What should I wear to work today, babe? Okay. Yep. But when I go to work, I'm gonna be the leader. I'm gonna speak up. I'm gonna say what I need to say. And whatever, like, I'm not gonna be told what to do. Yeah. But but here, you tell me what whatever you need me to look like or do for work.

bernie (43:57.564)

bernie (44:05.824)
Like that's cute!

bernie (44:14.67)
and get this money and run this company. Nyeh noh.

purr (44:25.418)
Yeah, do that. Tell me whatever you need. Whatever you need.

bernie (44:27.922)
That's fun. Absolutely. No, that's kinda hot.

purr (44:31.818)
I don't hate that. That's kinda weird.

purr (44:38.794)
Like just subbing out at home and then like going to work and just being the boss bitch.

bernie (44:38.99)
That is kinda high.

bernie (44:46.29)
Like put them on these drawers for me today at work. All right.

purr (44:51.218)
I don't hate that, because I feel like that's kind of... I feel like I kind of do that already. Hmm.

bernie (44:52.751)

bernie (44:57.658)
Right? Hmm. Okay, so this next one, I'm not gonna lie, is a little wild. What the fuck? This one is kind of what the fuck. So it says, I want to explore husband's newly discovered kink. Recently, my husband, 42, me, 37 year old woman, found out that he is incredibly into using his paint brushes. He's an artist in a sexual manner.

purr (45:05.342)
Aren't they all?

bernie (45:25.846)
I sticked two inside me and had him come find me.

purr (45:29.258)
Wait a second.

bernie (45:33.595)

purr (45:34.935)
They put in the-

bernie (45:38.506)
Yeah. Let's go back. He's incredibly, he's incredibly into me using his paintbrushes. He's an artist and in sexual manner. I stick to inside me had him come find me which sparks this whole thing to

purr (45:51.15)

bernie (45:55.846)
What he really loves is that he feels like the brushes are extensions of himself. And so me using them sexually feels like me showing him that I want him and I'm thinking of him. I love to explore this more, especially in a surprise sort of context. He really loves a good surprise. Anyone have any ideas of what I could do? Sterilize those fucking brushes before they get inserted in your vagina.

purr (46:18.93)
What? For a surprise? So she's just surprising him by like stuffing paintbrushes in her pussy?

bernie (46:27.086)
Yeah, honestly.

bernie (46:32.242)
And they're the ones that he uses. I'm just trying to figure out how this is set up because I'm figuring out like, okay, so she's like, that's what I was thinking. I was like, I don't know. You think bristle? No way.

purr (46:38.123)
Handle or bristle?

purr (46:45.91)
Handle side or bristle side?

bernie (46:49.358)
It's definitely Handleside. There's no way it's Brussels.

purr (46:52.466)
It has to be handled.

bernie (46:55.127)
Okay, so like...

I mean, if she like she said she's putting paintbrushes inside her vagina and then having him come find her.

How are they not falling out, A? So it sounds like she's running through the house with a paintbrush in her vagina, dangerous. But still.

purr (47:12.174)
How is she, what, yeah.

bernie (47:15.718)
Does she have panties on? How big are these paintbrushes?

purr (47:19.09)
No, how is she wearing pants with the paintbrushes?

bernie (47:23.098)
I mean, I guess she's just putting them in there and then just putting the panties over and they just look like she's carrying big, big fucking moves. But it's just paint brushes. Like the bitch got up.

purr (47:33.546)
I'm about to hang up. I'm about to get off. Big, big fucking moves. I'm so done. I'm done. I'm about to be done.

bernie (47:42.526)
I'm gonna go fit.

Because what else is it like? Why? Like, why is your vagina bricked up? Oh, that's just your paintbrushes.

purr (47:47.373)
Not big, big moves.

purr (47:53.666)
Big, big moves.

bernie (47:57.318)
Because I'm thinking you're gonna put your panties over these paint brushes because how else are you going to?

purr (48:01.885)
I hate it here.

bernie (48:09.31)
Why was she going through the home with those in there?

purr (48:15.21)
Yeah, this is not like anatomically speaking, it's not making sense because you know a paint like a paintbrush is at least like, I would say like that, that long. You know, it's gonna have like some, a decent part is gonna be outside the pussy. And to be walking around.

bernie (48:31.206)
Yeah, like it's a decent size.

bernie (48:42.383)

bernie (48:46.098)
Blessings and peace.

Blessings and Peace.

purr (48:49.49)
Yeah, I don't I don't really know what advice to give this young lady about how she can spice it up I honestly feel like putting the paintbrushes in there already is pretty spicy How much more spicy do we need to get?

bernie (49:02.819)
I think so too.

bernie (49:06.71)
I mean, yeah, I don't know how much spicier she needs to get. I just think that's probably good. I mean, unless she wants to.

bernie (49:16.198)
I don't know what else she would do, in fact. Because I, again, I don't recommend putting pants over that, let alone panties.

purr (49:26.306)
That sounds very uncomfortable.

bernie (49:27.982)
Unless you get like a big pair of pants. I mean, you tie them. I don't know. It's the whole thing.

purr (49:32.386)

bernie (49:40.798)
All right. Okay, so I don't know if this is a thing. It says, this is in the swingers thread. It says women on Viagra. I would love to hear from any ladies that have used Viagra or a similar product, whether it has had any impact on your sexual experience. I didn't know women had to use Viagra.

purr (49:40.87)

purr (49:57.474)
What? Girl, that clip about to be swollen.

bernie (50:03.258)
You can't, women can't use Viagra.

purr (50:07.374)
I bet I think that's basically what like, you know, those like little gas station pills for women. I think that's basically sciatica. Don't quote me on that but like

bernie (50:14.117)

purr (50:23.146)
You know, it's getting the blood flowing to the certain areas. It's kind of giving Viagra.

bernie (50:27.512)

bernie (50:30.922)
Okay, I did not know that. I thought it was a whole different situation for women that you have technically

purr (50:36.322)
But I feel like I've heard about people actually taking Viagra, women taking Viagra. And I was like, okay, go off.

bernie (50:47.638)
Oh, okay. I mean, somebody said that there's another thing that you can do, which is like a hormone replacement.

And this lady was like, I'm 47. I started hormone replacement and I feel like I'm 17 again, honey.

bernie (51:08.018)
Um, somebody said, what is this?

purr (51:10.646)
So I just looked it up and like the potential benefits of women taking Viagra because Viagra dilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow to the penis, the similar thing might happen in women genitals, so like to the clitoris and stuff. And one thing that can happen.

bernie (51:26.632)

purr (51:38.378)
So things that can suppress like libido are certain like serotonin, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. So like prosaic antidepressants, I think some antidepressants are like that. So I think you can kind of counteract that.

bernie (51:52.054)
Yeah, and yeah, any antidepressant. Yeah.

bernie (52:01.102)
Oh, okay.

purr (52:03.39)
Yeah, so a small randomized control trial in 2008 involved women with depression who took these drugs and experienced sexual dysfunction. And the study received funding by Pfizer, which is like the maker of Viagra. And the results showed that Viagra helped reduce the adverse side effects of SSRIs and also SNRIs. So kind of help with that like lower libido.

bernie (52:18.418)

bernie (52:32.63)
Okay. Yeah.

purr (52:34.727)
So kind of counteracted that. So maybe there's some benefit to that.

bernie (52:40.142)
Okay, wow, I didn't think that was a thing. Okay, so you can. So she can go ahead and split one with her husband, honey. Go ahead and split one with your man, my man, my man, my man, my man. He he he.

purr (52:49.344)
You take half, I take half. My man, my man, my man.

bernie (52:58.906)
Okay, let's see what we got here. Okay, here's this one. I don't know if we've ever actually had this full-fledged conversation on here, but somebody, this is in the polyamory thread. It says, looking for a female in quotes, and then somebody said, does female bother anyone else? I'm seeing so many profiles on the apps referring to women as females, and it just gives me the ick. Men are hardly ever referred to as males. Am I overreacting?

purr (53:25.714)
I feel like I've only been offended by like the term female when like certain men use it because they use it in like a derogatory term. They're like you know how you know you females y'all be so like emotional. First of all, watch your mouth.

purr (53:51.126)
Like it's always used in like, I don't know, like a derogatory or like negative term, like female. So for me personally, that's like a red flag. Like I don't like when guys use the term females.

bernie (53:52.497)

bernie (54:11.222)
Yeah. So that's fair. Somebody said it drives me up the fucking wall.

purr (54:17.03)
I don't like it. It drives me up the fucking wall. Yeah, I don't know. Like, and it's just like the select few of like motherfuckers who fucked it up. I feel like for everybody, because they're like, so stupid and sexist and misogynistic that they kind of fucked up the term for everybody else. I feel like

bernie (54:22.232)

bernie (54:43.37)
Yeah, it always feels kind of weird when it's like, oh, man, you know, females be on that site. What are you saying? Like, why are that?

purr (54:49.378)
You're basically, it can almost be like, subbed out for like bitches. Like, you know, like, you, like bitches always be like, you know, it can like easily be like subbed in for that. And it's just like, so you just want to say bitches though. Like just say that, you know.

bernie (54:57.604)

bernie (55:09.442)
Yeah, but it even feels, I feel like it even feels like you're reducing somebody almost to like their genitalia. Like, you know what I mean? Like, it's even that far deep of like not even recognizing them as being a woman or a lady or anything else. It's like, even females, like.

purr (55:09.686)
Just say that.

purr (55:30.13)
Yeah, it's just really always used in like kind of like a nasty kind of just like

less than kind of term. Very negative. I never heard it used in like a good way, for example. So

bernie (55:47.719)

And you know what's interesting is they do use that on here on Reddit. They'll say like, 42 or 42 year old m 37 year old F for like man and yeah.

purr (56:01.422)
I think that's fine.

I don't have a problem with that. It's like literally like what I said when people would be like, oh, you know, like, you know, these fucking females like.

purr (56:16.962)
Just say fucking bitches because that's really what it's giving.

bernie (56:21.438)
Who speaks like that? Like, in real life, like that's crazy.

purr (56:27.686)
I don't know. I do know, actually, unfortunately, but it's...

bernie (56:29.27)

purr (56:36.222)
Unfortunately I do fucking know. God damn. Ah fuck. I hated Ali Erpro.

bernie (56:39.2)
I know, god damn it.

bernie (56:48.75)
Okay, this is so sidebar, I don't know why I'm just not thinking of this, but I just found out today that there is a, oh God, Fat Lives Matter Committee?

purr (56:49.789)

purr (57:03.363)
I'm sorry, it's not funny. It's not funny.

bernie (57:03.738)
It is like...

bernie (57:08.72)
Is that a for real fucking thing?

purr (57:08.787)
And I'm not.

purr (57:15.37)
It probably is. No, this is my first time hearing about it. And it's not that I don't think fat lives matter. It's just like, I feel like y'all kind of riding on the coattails of black lives matter. That's all. I just want to see who's the co-founder behind this.

bernie (57:15.866)
Have you heard of that?

bernie (57:36.55)
I would love to figure out that too. I know they have t-shirts and everything that's happening, but there was just this conversation about, I don't know why. Yeah, girl, it's a fat lives matter. I'm like, what is going, all these different like subgroups popping up everywhere, you know, and I don't mind. I feel like it's, you know, it's great that everybody wants to feel, I guess a part of something, but sometimes it just gets to come up with something else. Now we're just gonna.

purr (57:41.435)
No t-shirts!

purr (58:00.35)
All these categories, subcategories, and just... Shit honestly gets exhausting. I can't keep up!

bernie (58:08.002)
Yeah, nobody has an original thought like, why fat lives matter? I don't know. I just feel like there's so many other names you could have came up with. Um, but I didn't even know.

purr (58:17.634)
Follow up with me on that because I just want to know if that's like the same, if that group is like the same lady who like complained about not being able to fit into like a plain seat and felt like she shouldn't have to buy two seats.

bernie (58:36.114)
That could be.


bernie (58:45.026)
You know, I feel like you know when it's crazy, because I'm not gonna lie, the last time I flew, I was next to this lady that was larger and she was with her man too. And then, bitch, they have had the nerve to be eating.

purr (58:58.322)
I'm asking for another seat. I'm sorry. Like I, I too spent a lot of money for my seat and it should be my seat and no one should be intruding on my fucking seat. Yeah, no, I'm asking for a new seat. Like y'all got to get me up out of here.

bernie (59:01.83)
and I was smurfed in the corner.

bernie (59:09.263)
I had no arm rest.

bernie (59:15.138)
So she popped out her salad. She had an iPad. I was like, girl, what the fuck? This ain't Celebration Cinema.

bernie (59:25.598)
There's enough room in this fucking aisle for all that!

purr (59:25.91)

purr (59:30.493)
Oh my god.

bernie (59:31.738)
And she was got to shaking her motherfucking towel on top of her stomach. I was like, what the? Girl. I forgot all about that situation. I was so damn mad. I took a Xanax and passed out. I was so goddamn mad. Man.

bernie (59:50.76)

purr (59:51.314)
Oh my god. Oh. Chat lives matter. I don't disagree with the statement, it's just.

bernie (59:55.218)
Lord Jesus, be with me. Meet you there.

bernie (01:00:05.223)

purr (01:00:07.426)

bernie (01:00:08.77)
Alright y'all, it's been another fat Tuesday on over to find us on TikTok and on Instagram and Twitter at wise freaks pod new episode every Tuesday Yeah over now bye y'all

purr (01:00:22.198)
Yeah, over and out, bye.