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Manipulation, Gaslighting, Delusion, and Reality

July 25, 2023 Season 1 Episode 142
Wise Freaks
Manipulation, Gaslighting, Delusion, and Reality
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This episode we discuss the big 4... manipulation gaslighting, delusion, and reality. They say, you have to be balance between living in reality and being wishful (or some say delulu).  What is the proper ration for delusion vs. reality?  

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purr (00:00.291)

Oh, hello guys and welcome back. It's your host, and that's the Live Freaks podcast. It's your girl Mia Reel, maybe a baby, maybe a talent.

bernie (00:16.979)
And it's your stepdad, Burn, AKA, Papacito, Pur, AKA, you know, bad nigga. So that was a new one. I just wanted to sprinkle in there real quick. But we're back at it again for another episode, y'all. We got a couple different topics lined up. It should be some very good discussions.

purr (00:24.77)
Thank you.

bernie (00:41.359)
But, however, before we get into any of that, what's going on, what's tea? Any intros, anything?

purr (00:51.95)
Yeah, I did want to just start off with something real crazy. We had here in the notes. I think this is a good, this is a good question because to me it sounds wild. So this says, on Twitter, this says losing your virginity to backstab is crazy. You're some strong ass.

purr (01:22.398)
And I would have to absolutely agree.

bernie (01:22.53)
and you know...

bernie (01:27.067)
I would have to say same because I think I want to recall this. I definitely know I didn't get it. No, there was no way back shot trapped me. But I think I tried the first time to hit back shots. Like not, it wasn't happening to me, but somebody at like the bottom. And I remember it just, it did like, yeah. I mean, I think it was like his second. Wait, wait, no, I think it was like his second. He was like, you know, I've been here before, but I don't know if he had been here, been here before. You know what I mean? So.

purr (01:43.382)
for their fire.

You are a fucking savage.

bernie (01:56.779)
Yeah, it didn't really have, it didn't even go down like that. So I don't even know how somebody would be tearing it up like that from the bike, from the bike on the first try from the bike.

purr (02:04.439)
bike I don't know that's absolutely insane

bernie (02:11.783)

purr (02:13.827)
Come on, so that shit is fucking wicked.

bernie (02:16.559)

I feel like I had I didn't really like properly really try like back shots until like that way down the road like You know what I mean? Maybe like Maybe like the 30th time I fucked or something like that like back shots were in the equation But like you know just you're not that because I'm thinking about you in my first time fuck There's no way it was good like it was not there was you know you thought she was like quality He was doing your fucking thing like they can split but nothing was split It just happened

purr (02:23.022)
Thank you.

purr (02:27.03)

purr (02:35.567)

bernie (02:50.359)

purr (02:51.756)
That shit is criminal. Oh my God. The guy who quote tweeted it said, if a man knew it was your first time and he proceeded to bend you over, he absolutely hated you. I agree.

bernie (02:55.337)

bernie (03:05.503)
Yeah, especially if you knew it was your first time. It was like, you know this is a bad idea. Don't hit anybody from the back on their first.

purr (03:13.995)
from the bike?

bernie (03:16.123)
From the bike? On the first go? Stop it.

And I don't even really care at what age. I don't even think there's an age. Like there's no, like you could literally, like you could be your first go and you could literally be 40. Back shots on the first go. It doesn't matter. It's crazy. Like you gotta, you gotta get prepped for shit like that. You know what I mean? You gotta be fucked. I feel like you gotta be fucked once, at least from the front first, before you could even pull out, try and pull some shit like that.

purr (03:25.438)
Yeah, that's color police.

purr (03:33.654)
And okay.

purr (03:38.222)
Call the police.

purr (03:42.439)

purr (03:49.742)
I feel like a couple of times, if we're starting from ground zero, from very low, no, I gotta, you gotta hit it like a few times. Like, I, like you said, I don't think it happened until like 30, like it had been down the road.

bernie (03:53.299)
is ground zero.

bernie (04:03.96)

purr (04:05.342)
like 30th time with my negative. Like that's crazy.

bernie (04:08.759)
And it was like, okay, boom, all right, let's go ahead and see what it do from over here, boop, you know, then, but like, nah, because you know, first of all, it wasn't lasting that long, you know what I mean? Cause you know, you first getting in something, you like, oh, I'm excited, boop, okay, cool, all right. You know, and then finally, when you get your rhythm, you get your flow and you start to know what the fuck you doing, shit look a little different. But damn, coming in the game from the bike?

purr (04:13.271)

purr (04:19.33)

purr (04:33.164)

purr (04:38.354)

bernie (04:39.516)
Yeah, shout out to the girlies that's doing it like that. They're doing it different. That's really changing the game. Ha ha ha.

purr (04:43.886)


bernie (04:49.843)
Yeah, that is really...

purr (04:50.71)

bernie (04:53.583)
Very, very well.

purr (04:54.406)
be like a medal of honor or something. Say that.

bernie (04:56.911)

purr (05:00.438)
You need to wear that around. Let's wear it to the bar, let people buy you drinks or something.

bernie (05:06.884)
Well, no.

purr (05:09.046)
get a discount at the Coney Island or something. That should count for something. I don't know.

bernie (05:16.203)
It really should. I said some extra fuck points, you know what I mean? I feel like we all are, you know, you get fuck points like credibility or whatever. You definitely get a little extra fuck points for that.

purr (05:24.286)
lifetime supply that I have or something. You know, I don't know. Thank you for your service, because this is crazy.

bernie (05:31.759)
Thank you for your services.

purr (05:35.686)

What else you got for the intro?

bernie (05:41.235)
Um, let's see what else we hate. Yeah, it really was kind of crazy The other thing was It says how do you define the difference between? Love bombing and honeymoon phase. So I know we did an episode on love bomb We were talking about basically what love bombing is and that is right like where somebody's coming in hot your first meeting somebody and they start just putting the cloak of

purr (05:43.054)
That blew my mind.

bernie (06:09.963)
affection, they might be buying you shit and making you feel good and in all the good morning texts and the good nights, the good evenings, the good plus text, you know all of those, you know what I mean? They're telling you everything you need to hear, you know what I mean? And that's great and then you know that's what love bombing is but then it's like also the honeymoon phase so the difference between the two because I guess what I mean what then what would you say I guess honeymoon phase is?

purr (06:21.227)
I like this.

bernie (06:37.583)
Cause that does sound like a little honeymoon phase too, because that's probably what's happening in the beginning.

purr (06:40.518)
Yeah, I'll say the honeymoon phase is like the first, you know, like three months if y'all being like officials, or y'all like lovey-dovey and shit like that. Yeah, before it becomes like a habit, you know? Like they say it takes like however many days to like build a habit or break a habit.

bernie (06:53.891)

bernie (07:06.447)
I think like 30, so. Mm-hmm.

purr (07:07.123)
So it becomes routine, like it still feels new. But love, I mean.

bernie (07:13.475)
Like you're probably getting the butterflies still, you know, shit like that type.

purr (07:16.442)
Yeah, I feel like you should always go get a butterfly. It's kind of fun time. But you know, like all the time, you know, it just feels like cute and all that shit. But love, I mean, I feel like also kind of happens in like the first.

bernie (07:20.058)

purr (07:37.074)
little bit. So I feel like that kind of happens like pre relationship or like getting into it. Not official so to say yet but you know they buy you a lot of stuff. It seems like things that you would yeah it seems like a precursor to

bernie (07:44.793)
Ah, yeah, yeah.

bernie (07:54.767)
So somebody can love bomb you before you're even together. Like you're not gonna, mm-hmm.

purr (08:02.142)
either being in the relationship or recognizing like it's a red flag and not getting into the relationship.

bernie (08:09.739)
Ah, yeah, I got it. No, that does make absolute fucking sense. Yeah. And I, yeah, and it could, and I feel like if it still continues beyond even when you're still together, then you would definitely know that it's genuine or is that, you know, you're still could be in that still honeymoon phase, but that maybe that's just part of their character.

purr (08:15.669)

purr (08:33.534)
Yeah, I can't remember like the specific, but what we discussed when we talked about love bombing.

purr (08:47.182)
I don't know, this is along as Reddit, and I don't think I can go through all this. But I'm trying to think of like all the stuff that we talked about, damn.

bernie (08:50.411)
It's so long, this bitch was asking that... No...

purr (09:00.49)
I know what this is like when it feels like it's too much. Yeah.

bernie (09:00.495)
But it is thrown around though at the red flag. Yes.

When it feels like why is all this happening so soon? This seems like a little... Okay, I don't know. Yes.

purr (09:12.426)
Yes, it was the pace of it, like too soon. That's why I said it seemed like a precursor to a relationship. Then actually it's being part of the relationship. If you choose to not recognize it as a red flag, that's not on you. But usually I would think you see the love diamond and then be like, red flag, no relationship, you know?

bernie (09:37.315)
You know what? I think it can be a red flag, but I think it could almost be a yellow flag. I say it's yellow because you can almost stop that person. I mean, like you can almost stop that person and say, hey, all of this is great in awe, but it feels like a little much. What are you trying to do? What is this? Why are you doing this? Like understanding the reason behind them wanting to do all those things.

purr (09:56.973)

bernie (10:03.635)
And then you can kind of like proceed forward and see like, you know, hey, this is just in my personality, or I'm doing this because I just want to make you feel good. I want to make it like, okay, you don't have to do those things to make me feel good. I appreciate that you're doing those, but that's not my love language. Or maybe it is like, okay, well, I do love gifts, so keep it coming, bitch. Like, I don't know.

purr (10:04.256)

purr (10:20.907)

Yeah, yeah, I guess so. I guess it seems like if they're like always calling or like texting you or like they pop in at your crib and stuff like that. Now it was like, oh, very loved by me, very

bernie (10:33.796)

bernie (10:37.382)

bernie (10:43.771)
Yes, that's too much. That's very, that can be toxic because then now it's like they're trying to clock your location. Yes.

purr (10:49.262)
because you're not even in a relationship yet. I'm not even, I'm not even yours. So imagine when I'm yours and how you're gonna act. So that's why it gives like red flag to me, you know?

bernie (11:01.607)
Mm-hmm. I totally agree. I think it does vary on like the actions that are being done as well, too So that is a good point like the pop-up is probably like okay. That's not safe behavior like you doing too goddamn much like That too

purr (11:15.062)
Or too much texting and calling, I'm sorry. But also like you said, you could talk. Okay, fall back a little bit. 100 texts a day is good, 200 too much, you know, or something, I don't.

bernie (11:22.111)
I was, yeah.

bernie (11:29.212)

purr (11:32.662)
I don't know.

bernie (11:33.452)
But like, you're telling me like, hey nigga, this is 98 and it's only lunchtime. Don't get crazy.

bernie (11:42.885)
Hey listen babe, just letting you know you have two left. This is-

purr (11:48.386)
you reach your mic. All right.

bernie (11:49.631)
101. 101 you're out of here. It's red flag. No longer yellow.

purr (11:56.878)
for real, like, ugh.

bernie (11:58.499)
But really though, I was just talking to my mom about this today, just about like dating in general and stuff, you know. I was just talking about like, get out there, you know, do your thing, just see what the fuck going on. And she was like, you know what? She was like, a red flag for me is men who call and text too much. She said, I just don't like, you know, calling me three and four times a day, asking me the same fucking questions gets on my fucking nerves. And she was like, so does that make me, you know, bitch like is that for you? I'm like, no, it doesn't. Like that's just not.

how your mode of communicating, that's not what you want to do, especially when you're first trying to get to know somebody. Like, maybe it's fine when it's from the right person, but you get to know them, you know?

purr (12:31.607)

purr (12:35.787)

Yeah, I 100% agree. Especially if you calling, you ain't talking about nothing.

bernie (12:38.572)

I'm like, yes, it's a red flag. She's like, that shit annoys me. That hurt. That was what she said too. She was like, you know, they call and they're not talking about nothing. They're not talking about shit. Or she was saying like, you know, or like when you're like gonna go on a date and they're like, hey, let's have coffee on this day. And you're like, okay, cool, waiting up for it. And then like the day they're like, oh, I'm not feeling too great, but you know.

I am fit me if you want to come over and just, you know, hang out and have some coffee and you like, Oh nigga, please. You know, she was like, that's the shit I hate. Like, all right, blog. She was like, no, she said, anytime that blog, like you just looking for some place that you should have told me that upfront and maybe I would approach the situation different, but it's like, that's, you know what I mean? Give me the option. Don't choose for me and try and like bamboozle me.

purr (13:07.004)

purr (13:10.276)

You're black. No.

purr (13:19.694)

purr (13:23.79)
You can have them, but don't try and be like, oh yeah, come through to my crib. Take it.

purr (13:34.562)

bernie (13:37.051)
Cut it out.

purr (13:39.278)
My God. So that is, that just reminded me. What, what do you think about like, cause the girls been going off lately. They've been talking about like, we too grown for coffee dates. We too grown for ice cream dates. We too grown for a little lunch meetup. Well, how are y'all, everyday is a dinner.

bernie (14:01.035)
Yeah, I... No.

purr (14:01.97)
A fancy dinner or something like that? What if I just want to meet up on my lunch break?

bernie (14:07.351)
Or what if I just want to have a nice coffee to talk for 45 minutes for a chat, a midday chat or something like it doesn't know.

purr (14:14.386)
Yeah, okay, we can catch lunch in another place. That's nice. Get lunch real quick and chat it out. I'm cool with it.

bernie (14:19.745)
I think.

They're missing it. Everything doesn't need to be a fucking production. It doesn't need to be a production to like make you feel special.

purr (14:31.638)

bernie (14:31.659)
It just doesn't. It can't. You know what I mean? Not everybody is fucking P. Diddy.

purr (14:36.051)
And honestly...

Right and then honestly especially if you don't know that person like if it's like a hinge day or like You don't really know this bitch you expecting like a whole grand gesture and big ass dinner stuff Like I don't even know if i'm talking to you Or if I even fucking like you So imagine you guys sit through a five course meal across from this bitch who sucks I'm sorry. I'm teaming in on this one. Like i'm not doing it

bernie (14:53.999)
Like I really don't even know yet.

bernie (15:07.331)
And then you gotta come out of the pocket like 350 or you know, whatever, like 250, 150. It doesn't-

purr (15:08.087)
I'm not.

purr (15:11.99)
And then the check come and it's 350. I fucking can't stand this bitch. Never gonna call her again. Honestly, y'all be feeling like I want some pussy after that. You know why? Because you fucking saw it. I'm with the niggas on this one. This is crazy. Like, why can't you just do a little cute meetup or something like that? Who's to say that it won't be like a dinner for like the third date or something like that?

bernie (15:22.244)

bernie (15:40.839)
Yeah, I think that should be normal to do that because it also gives you an out because you know like, hey, we're only gonna have a coffee. So this is likely only gonna be 45 minutes, maybe an hour and a half, you know, at best. Whereas a dinner, you know, you're probably out counting for at least two hours, two and a half hours.

purr (15:53.122)

purr (16:00.088)

bernie (16:01.367)
You know what I mean? So it gives you an easy out before you get too far into something. You're like, oh hell no, I can't this thing get on my fucking nerves.

purr (16:09.758)
Yeah, I like that. I like the little click me though. Let's see what the fuck they talking about. If I even like them, if they're fucking weird and like, okay, ain't my shit. Okay, not feeling it. I'm gonna go. Or you like this and you can continue with the day. Like, okay, we can walk to like the next place or we can make plans from there. Yeah, like that. Like,

bernie (16:15.448)

bernie (16:19.812)

skate. Yes.

bernie (16:32.323)
Get a bite ice cream right after the coffee. Yep, exactly, exactly.

purr (16:37.89)
kind of go with the flow from there to kind of stretch it out. But this gives you a short little window to figure this person out.

bernie (16:44.344)

purr (16:48.834)
Cool thing.

bernie (16:49.959)
And that's great. And it also gives you the opportunity to set up the actual dinner. If that's like y'all hate it all, you're like, OK, now we can. Let's think about the dinner now. Boom.

purr (16:59.659)

purr (17:03.74)
This is crazy.

bernie (17:05.352)
Yeah, that's crazy. That is crazy.

bernie (17:11.432)
Mm-mm. Mm.

purr (17:12.158)
I did not think I would be sitting up here and agreeing with these measures, but I 100% agree. You ain't getting a grand meal out of me on the first. No, baby. I don't even know you like that.

bernie (17:26.323)
And maybe, and that's the thing though too, is like maybe you will get that. That's look for the nigga that's going to give it to you though. Don't try and get that type of date out of the nigga who's the manager at Jimmy John's and that's no T, no shape, but just know like you might not be getting that same type of date. You're not getting a PDT date from a nigga who managed in Jimmy John's. You're not.

purr (17:47.25)

bernie (17:48.911)
You're not getting that. So understand that.

purr (17:54.222)
It's just not, it's just not gonna happen.

bernie (17:56.347)
Find the one that you know that can give you that fantasy if that's what you want, you know what I'm saying? Dude. Stop looking for a different, stop trying to make fantasies out of these niggas that are not fantasizing that way. And vice versa. You know, like they're not gonna be able to provide that. That's not even in them. You can see that.

purr (18:05.314)

purr (18:14.075)
They're really not.

purr (18:19.35)
can see that they tweeted.

bernie (18:23.461)

purr (18:25.678)
I'm going for the niggas.

All right, so let's get into the baby daddy before we forget them. Mm-mm-mm. I don't know what I want to do this week.

bernie (18:36.381)

bernie (18:42.327)
You know, I actually had one and now...

I've started rewatching what completely already rewatched, Euphoria. So I really was just coming in and just picking Zendaya because the way that bitch ate episode 5 season 2, stop playing with me. Girl. Yes.

purr (19:03.266)
when she was breaking down that door.

I had just, what the fuck? I was just rewatching that too, cause I was like, I saw some video, someone was talking about her performance in that. And I was like, I had to go back and watch that. Actually very triggering. I don't know why, but I remember my first time watching that. I felt like I wanted to cry. I might've actually cried a little bit.

bernie (19:24.827)
Oh, yeah, I was, I was, I think I was crying a little bit. I was like holding back tears again. Like every time I watch it, I'm like, fucking hell, this bitch is eating this up.

purr (19:31.722)
Because the way she was spiraling and fighting her mom, I was like, I don't like this.

bernie (19:36.715)
And the way she was going from apologies to fuck yous to fuck these hoes to apologies, like she was really, she was in her bag. I was like yo this bitch is so good. She's too good. Oh my god. Yeah. Just amazing. Amazing. And she's fucking beautiful. Bitch can dress her ass off. I mean, she be singing and shit too. What can't the bitch do?

purr (19:45.422)
She's in her bag. Yes.

Yeah, that's a great one. I'm proud of you.

purr (20:03.898)
Oh yeah, maybe I have that album. Okay, don't play with her. Hell yeah, don't play with that girl.

bernie (20:08.239)
Oh, from back in her Disney day.

bernie (20:14.955)
Don't play with that girl's egg.

purr (20:19.83)
Okay, I don't know what direction I want to go.

bernie (20:20.451)
That is so funny that you really started watching that shit again. Like I literally just finished that. That is insane.

purr (20:25.098)
After I saw that clip, I watched that, like, yeah, I watched season two through to that episode because I watched that clip and I was like, I still feel like I wanna throw up when I watch it. It's just so dramatic. The way that they just beat that door down. And they said that was, like, they knew what they needed to do, but they said that was kind of just like on the fly. Like,

how they got in each other's faces and it was like really like scrapping and shit. And they said they cried after that too because it was just like so like emotional and just deep and raw that they were just like, I am so sorry perhaps. She's like, I'm sorry too, I don't know.

bernie (20:58.471)
Yeah, they just did that after. Ah.

Oh my god.

bernie (21:13.563)
Ahhhh That yeah that thing was fucking crazy that whole episode like for real that shit was just bitch Yeah, I was like this bitch is so traumatized from all of this. I'm like this is too much. That's why she's smoking weed Just let her smoke some weed shit god damn it

purr (21:16.529)

purr (21:22.034)
And Gia was crying just in the bed. Oh my God, yeah, that was bad.

purr (21:31.242)
Let the bitch smoke a little weed. She watched her sister die. She watched her die. Let's watch the people bring her back. And now she'd be running through the streets, tweaking out, beating down the door. Let her smoke some weed.

bernie (21:50.547)
at the very least and that's the only thing she needs to do, nothing else, Cheryl. She see how that shit went.

purr (21:54.854)
No. Yeah, I think she's, I don't think she'll be doing anything harder than that.

bernie (22:02.795)

purr (22:07.526)
Okay, I have another interesting... I don't know what direction I want to go with this.

bernie (22:13.435)

purr (22:18.316)
Because I have like an old one and this new one. I think I'm going to go with this new one. I feel like you're going to try and cook me though. But I have evidence of...

bernie (22:18.47)
I don't know what texture that would have got.

bernie (22:33.211)

purr (22:42.974)
I feel like I'm gonna get cooked. I feel like you're gonna cook me. I have really good evidence here of why I chose this. Just in case when you Google it and you about to cook me, just scroll down a little bit.

bernie (22:57.387)
Oh my god, is the first image crazy? Just scroll down. Okay, so scroll down.

purr (23:03.026)
not crazy it's just okay you'll see so okay so my baby daddy this week is Kingsley Ben Hyson Adir

bernie (23:21.931)
Okay. Oh, yeah, I should definitely scroll. Where can I go quickly? Uh, oh my gosh, everything's so much better. Then why was the first photo like that? Okay, now I'm confused.

purr (23:23.377)

purr (23:30.313)
Don't do me. Don't do that.

purr (23:37.69)
nothing. Wait, what are you saying?

bernie (23:41.739)
He has dreadlocks or he used to have dreadlocks?

purr (23:44.822)
Wait, what? Where is the adrenaline?

bernie (23:46.179)
Does he have dreadlocks? Oh, he played Bob Marley? In the biopic? I'm looking at a light skinned nigga that's from British.

purr (23:51.744)
Are you looking at a life-changing?

purr (23:58.43)
Okay, yeah. I guess he did, but that's not what I'm saying.

bernie (24:02.419)
I guess he did play by my... Oh, okay.

purr (24:07.419)

bernie (24:07.875)
Okay, he's cute. I don't know why they set him up on that first photo like that.

purr (24:13.418)
Okay, that's weird, I don't see no Drae.

bernie (24:17.475)
You know, he is, you know, he's cute. He's cute. I think I see the vision. I see it.

purr (24:22.122)
Okay, yeah. If you scroll down a little bit, there is something bearded there that really helped my case because without the beard, I could see why you might wanna clip me a little bit. But I think you, but I think you're cute.

bernie (24:35.091)
Okay, I see this with the, yeah. Is it this one here with the beard?

purr (24:43.438)
Yeah, it looks like it.

bernie (24:43.755)
Yeah, yeah, that's the one definitely no, this is great. He is cute How old is he? Why does he look like he looks like an old young man?

purr (24:53.469)
It's giving me very young old face.

bernie (24:56.579)
This niggas like Benjamin Button. Oh, he's 37. I don't know. I you know what he looks like he was either like 33 or 63 like I don't it's like one or the other. I don't know why he like But like if he is 63, it's like he looks fucking amazing, but like being that he's 37. It's like, okay, he looks good

purr (25:20.492)
Nooo, don't do it.

bernie (25:20.739)
How tall is he?

purr (25:23.798)
I don't know. I think he was in the Barbie movie too. And in the Barbie movie, he was very clean shaven and kind of dorky looking because he was supposed to be a kin, I think. And that's what I thought you were gonna see or pictures of him in the Marvel TV series, Secret Invasion.

bernie (25:26.85)

bernie (25:35.963)

bernie (25:46.404)
No, I didn't see him in here, Barbie or Marvel. I do see him. It is, they're saying that he could play Barack Obama in a biopic, and now I'm looking at the images, I'm like, hmm, nigga might not be bad as Barack. I see it. He might not be bad as, when you see it from afar, you're like, okay, he could be Barack.

purr (25:50.678)
But the beard, the beard is keeping.

purr (25:59.038)
I kinda see it.

purr (26:07.605)
I saved it.

bernie (26:11.075)
Definitely looks great in the soup with the beer.

purr (26:15.254)

bernie (26:15.475)
Oh, he does look goofy in the Barbie movie. I see him. And in the Marvel one. Oh shit, I wouldn't even have recognized him. Ha ha ha.

purr (26:21.741)
Okay. Alright.

Thank you.

bernie (26:27.971)
Look, you pointed it out!

purr (26:33.038)
Oh, we do look good from here. Oh, and in this one, all right.

purr (26:39.37)
Not too much on mommy.

bernie (26:41.246)
Not too much.

Huh. Yeah, it's the beard.

purr (26:46.562)
I knew you were gonna say something.

bernie (26:49.731)
I just knew I needed to keep... yeah, it is the beard. He looks great with the beard. What is that?

I'm still shook at him with these dreads in Bob Marley. This nigga do look like Bob Marley. This nigga look like five different people that don't look alike, but he look like.

purr (26:57.499)
I knew it. I know I didn't see that.

I did not see that. I was like, what?

purr (27:08.31)
He really looked like anybody you want him to look like.

bernie (27:12.245)
Yeah! He do! He look like, yeah, he's one of those...

purr (27:12.992)
I, you know.

He can do a lot with his fame.

bernie (27:20.299)
Yeah, that's interesting. I ain't ever seen no nigga like that. The nigga looked like Bob Marley when you throw. I, it was amazing. That's why I was like the nigga used to have dreads. He looks amazing. Oh, it's like, you can always throw some dreadlocks on a nigga. And I'm like, Ooh, how that was.

purr (27:24.43)
Wow, I'm looking at the Bob Marley one and wow. That's actually a great look. I don't hate this.

purr (27:35.97)
You look amazing.

purr (27:41.454)
You need to think about growing that out. That would be great.

bernie (27:45.136)
It was definitely a look forward.

purr (27:49.991)

bernie (27:51.191)
Okay, so he is in the Barbie movie, interesting. Nah, I ain't seen the Barbie movie yet, have you?

purr (27:55.042)
Yeah. I couldn't find it on Blue Leg. I wanna go see it. I was gonna Blue Leg. I'm not gonna lie. Some shit I do Blue Leg, but.

bernie (28:01.172)
I'm sorry.

purr (28:10.846)
I didn't want to bootleg a little mermaid though. I wanted to support.

bernie (28:14.647)
Yeah, yeah. I think you can watch him on Peacock.

purr (28:17.266)
I kind of do want to go to the theater to see Barbie. But I think I'm going to bootleg Oppenheimer or whatever the fuck that three-hour movie is, because the last time I sat in for a three-hour movie, my bladder was about to explode.

bernie (28:33.279)
Nigga, I went to go see it. It was literally three hours. Yes, it was literally three hours. No, it was three hours. Girl, I had two naps and I still didn't miss nothing. Ha ha ha.

purr (28:36.766)
You want to go see it? It's free, no bullshit. Yeah.

bernie (28:48.987)
I mean, it was cute. It was cute. It's just, they could have cut that bitch, you know, but it was cute.

purr (28:50.08)
I'm ready.

purr (28:55.934)
Yeah, see that's why I didn't go through the new um, Avatar movie either because that shit was three hours long. I think the only three-hour movie I'm sitting through was the Avengers Endgame and honestly

bernie (29:06.796)
I was like the end game.

purr (29:09.486)
crazy too much. I didn't, it was just like a

bernie (29:13.259)
Yeah, that shit was three and a half hours.

purr (29:16.702)
It was just kind of like a goth to see it through my boy situation. Like I would never do it again.

bernie (29:23.635)
No, no No, yeah in the chairs running all that comfortably that's the other thing too though. Yeah in a theater That's a different type of like attention span you gotta have I just there's no way I can make I Can't make it for a movie without falling asleep in a theater. I don't know what it is job It's like they got melatonin in the fucking chair

purr (29:25.119)
Not in the theater!

purr (29:34.314)
I gotta break that bitch up.

purr (29:43.094)
Didn't you? I felt... ..cocky with you.

purr (29:50.11)
Yeah, you want to go see all behind me, child? I would not expect that from you.

bernie (29:54.179)
Yeah, girl. Oh, it's because Jules was on that was her movie. And shout out shout out to her. She was in the credit. Yeah. But yeah, it was long though, girl. So you might just want to bootleg the bitch.

purr (30:00.434)
Oh yes! Shut up, you! I saw that!

That's awesome. That's Delta

purr (30:13.59)

purr (30:18.453)
I'm gonna have to wait for that boy to come out.

bernie (30:18.779)
I think they show them on like Peacock or something like that now or like the movies. You know how they like they do a premiere and the first weekend and then the shit is like on Monday it's and I think it's something like that.

purr (30:27.166)
And then it's hard, okay. I might have to do that. I just know I can't sit three hours at the movie theater. Like, I have to go to the bathroom. I drink way too much juice and way too much water. I'm gonna have to go to the bathroom. I'm gonna miss something. I don't like to hold my pee for that long.

bernie (30:44.377)

bernie (30:47.779)
When let me know if you find the bootleg for Barbie though, because I don't think I'm gonna make it to the movie theater to steal it. I mean, I'd like to. Okay. Damn.

purr (30:52.786)
I haven't found one. I was really looking. I will let you know, but I did not find one. I was disappointed.

bernie (31:02.137)
Hmm. Hey, leave it in the comments below if you guys have one.

purr (31:08.697)
Thank you. Isn't that your great bootleg sign? Thank you. We really appreciate it.

bernie (31:11.355)
I'm sorry.

bernie (31:16.131)
God! Okay, should we get into the meat? Lord Jesus.

purr (31:20.693)
Yes, we shall.

bernie (31:24.255)
Okay, so we were going to go a few different directions with the meat out of this week, but I think we're going to go into manipulation, right?

purr (31:33.458)
Yeah, yeah, I think that's what we're gonna.

bernie (31:35.555)
So here is this clip. We gonna play the clip.

bernie (31:54.538)
For the girl that's gonna be submissive and adhere to my program I'm a deep thinker It's easy to get a woman to listen to you when you got that back

purr (32:04.898)
Just think of Sam as a super.

bernie (32:09.355)
She won't listen to everything you gotta say because everybody listens to her. That's a power to a woman. Why is that not an emulation? That's work. That's an emulation.

bernie (32:23.035)
That's why I said I'm a thinker. If you really think about it, my... But I'm pausing there for a second though, because so dumb, but is that using that as a form of manipulation? It's not a fucking program.

purr (32:28.627)
Oh my god, he sounds so fucking stupid.

purr (32:40.626)
No, and the comparison to a job is not.

bernie (32:40.853)

purr (32:46.198)
Like I know I have to go to the job in order to have rent and have nice things and do these things and healthcare. Basic necessities of life. Like I know I'm a trust fund baby and I have to do that. But I'm not being manipulated into doing that really.

bernie (32:53.569)

bernie (33:08.851)
into doing it because I know that I have to do those things.

purr (33:11.55)
Manipulation is more like, he's saying like he's the boss and he is like making the rules and stuff like that. And it's like that, that's not, that's manipulation. What you're saying is not comparable to a job between if your boss is making you do stuff that's not within like your job description.

that's a manipulation. It's sounding like an HR sexual harassment type thing.

bernie (33:41.247)
And I was gonna say, in an A, your HR violation. That's a lawsuit.

purr (33:45.138)
Yeah, so what you're describing is actually manipulation.

bernie (33:49.387)
And now for you on the other hand, is that's not a partnership, that's dictatorship and I'm being manipulated.

purr (33:57.235)


bernie (34:01.988)
Um, okay, let me, let me see if we can finish this off. It's the.

purr (34:04.994)
down there, you shouldn't have my.

bernie (34:08.103)
No. And he's trying to really argue his point and...

bernie (34:15.111)
My boss is manipulating me to go into work and do...

purr (34:32.65)
or not.

bernie (34:35.707)
Think about it like this. So you could be manipulated for money, but you can't be manipulated for the money.

bernie (34:43.084)
if you want a minute.

bernie (34:48.131)
That's not true. I'm sorry. If you love me, you shouldn't be manipulating me to do a fucking thing. I shouldn't be manipulated to love you. I shouldn't be manipulated to fuck you. I shouldn't be manipulated to fucking wash my ass. Like, I shouldn't be manipulated to do any of those things. I should want to do those things because I want to do those things.

purr (34:50.208)

purr (34:55.702)
Yeah, why are you being manipulated?

purr (35:10.11)
Yeah. What, what in the actual fuck is he talking about? I think that's the question. What are, what the fuck is he talking about?

bernie (35:15.749)

bernie (35:20.079)
To be fair, he's basically looking at it as this sort of thing that we, you know, we see it happen, I guess, you know, where some people are in these, okay, like example, I guess, maybe you could even say that, I guess maybe that's maybe that's what's happening with the cannon and the young ladies. You know, they're down for whatever so they can have that lifestyle. They just got to do what they got to do to have

purr (35:47.352)
I don't think they're being manipulated though.

bernie (35:50.151)
I think it's, that's what some people have said that they were.

allegedly. But

purr (35:58.834)
Okay, well I can't really speak to nitty gritty and the exact facts of that, but like you're saying just they know that they're getting like fame out of fucking around with him and having his kids. But no one is manipulating them into doing that.

bernie (36:13.051)

And that's it.

into doing those things, they're wanting to make the choice to do those things. And he

purr (36:23.494)
Yeah, it's just like you want somebody who maybe has like some money or something like that. So you date them but you're like, oh I know he don't cheat on me. It's just what comes with dating a person in the spotlight. I'm cool with it. Cheat respectfully or whatever makes sense. You know, I don't know. I don't know what this man is getting at but it's not comparable to a job.

bernie (36:41.827)
Whatever, yeah.

bernie (36:49.679)
Subscribing to his programming is his understanding of like, look, I'm basically that I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do. You gonna be here to hold me down. That situation.

purr (37:00.901)

purr (37:04.854)
So he doesn't want a bitch that's okay with him running amok and going on podcasts and signing like a fucking idiot.

bernie (37:12.963)

purr (37:14.654)
Okay, I agree with that. Yeah, find someone for you. But don't manipulate them into thinking that you're actually smart and a good person.

bernie (37:16.627)
I agree. Again, find that person.

bernie (37:27.723)
intelligent and making them believe something that's not actually going to happen for them. Because that's the only way that you're going to, that's the manipulation. Because you're making them believe that they're going to achieve some kind of lifestyle, y'all will be together, or maybe in that, you know, this and this is going to happen. You'll have this X amount of money, and you're just hanging there. But it's not really true. You're over here building two different other families.

purr (37:32.542)
Right, because then that's manipulation.

purr (37:51.614)
Yeah. So yeah, if you keep it above, you're gonna have a family on the side, you know, communicating all this shit up front. They know that. 100%. I don't think that's manipulation. You got a bitch that subscribe to your program, as he put it. Weird as fuck to say, weird as fuck, but go off, I guess. I don't know who the fuck wants to subscribe to that with him, but go off.

bernie (38:08.924)

bernie (38:13.487)
That is a weird, that is a weird fucking flag.

bernie (38:20.927)
Okay, so is there a fun, I'm just thinking about this now too, because I know we were talking about how like, we're talking about, remember we're talking about delusion and reality and how we were talking about just in terms of Christian and blue face and how I was saying I feel like she lives like, everybody in life probably lives 70% in reality 30% delusion. And I was saying she I think she may have a flipped where she's living 70% in delusion 30% reality.

purr (38:21.833)

purr (38:31.444)

purr (38:51.09)
And I said it's more like 90% delulus, 10% reality.

bernie (38:56.939)
10% reality and like, and having that being said and understanding, you know, you are living in this little bit of delusion. Are you manipulated into that delusion? Are you, or, you know, are we just a little bit delusional?

purr (39:14.302)
I think it goes back to what you're saying. Like, I believe it isn't manipulation when you're essentially being sold a dream by that other person, promises of this, and then you don't get that broken promises, not sticking to your word. I feel like that's when it becomes manipulation.

bernie (39:25.001)

bernie (39:40.003)
Yeah. And then it also then also it is becomes manipulation, but it does also become more delusion because you may be thinking, well, maybe this person will change or maybe they don't really mean that.

purr (39:53.686)
Yeah, it's actually, yeah, that's actually the definition of insanity when you keep the same thing happens over and over. You keep doing the same thing expecting a different result.

bernie (40:06.923)
Yeah, that's insanity.

purr (40:08.738)
And it's not going to happen. This person has showed you who they are, same pattern, over and over again. You tell them you don't like it. They said, I don't give a fuck. Fuck you. And they continue to do it. Basically, that's what they're saying if they continue to still do it, saying, fuck you. I don't care. I don't care about what you're saying. And they continue to do it.

bernie (40:22.617)

bernie (40:26.499)
and you're telling them that you do not like when you do X. They may continue to do X, and you continue to stay even though you don't like X.

purr (40:31.582)
Yes. And you continue to be okay with it as giving a real delulu.

bernie (40:37.431)
Real delulu and you still are probably yelling out my name.

purr (40:42.126)
Yelling out my name.

bernie (40:43.607)
And if not, yeah, you shouldn't be doing it.

But I do think, like I said, I do think that it is important to still spend some part of life in delusion. Because you can't live all in reality. Yeah, because otherwise I feel like things don't happen. Like you have to dream and be a little delusional for like, you know, it's kind of part of manifestation.

purr (40:57.45)
in the lululex.

purr (41:04.621)

purr (41:07.89)
Yeah, but I guess I don't like the term delulu for that. Cause dreaming, dreaming is not delulu. It's like, you know, I have dreams and aspirations and like, but delulu is just being like, delulu. Like you know this is not, this is not it. Like you know this is not real, this is not life. Like, this is crazy.

bernie (41:09.303)
You know?

bernie (41:13.567)
It's really cold.

bernie (41:17.457)
It's not, you're right, it's not delusion. It's not.

bernie (41:24.699)
Thank you, God.

bernie (41:30.467)
This is not happening.

purr (41:34.278)
And you're living in the Lulu. This is not going to change. They're not going to change. You're being real to lose.

bernie (41:39.579)
Mm-hmm. Real delude. And you know, sometimes we are, because we superimpose our own, like, what we want somebody to be or think of them. And you know, it may not actually be true, because we may be under the perception that we wanna perceive them a certain way, and it's not really happening. When we're just like, no, I know that they're this way. It's like, no, but you delusion, I confess.

purr (41:50.212)

purr (42:01.098)
Or you feel like, oh, they just have so much potential. Fuck that potential. I don't do no potential. Mm-mm, that's how you effect that.

bernie (42:06.149)

bernie (42:09.783)
Show me your cards. Show me your cards immediately. Flip them over.

purr (42:15.573)
Like I don't... Look them over. I'm not doing the potential. I don't care.

bernie (42:20.899)
How early do you want your cards to be shown? Like within three months or is that too soon? I feel like.

Flip them cards over. Honestly, three months, flip them cards over.

purr (42:33.426)
Yeah, I'm not the type to sit around and wait. I need to know right away. I don't like to wait and see. I like to get right to the bottom.

bernie (42:46.679)
Me too, like I wanna know the craziest thing you've done to X, like let me know what, I wanna know what you've been through and how crazy are you, can this really be, like show me your cards, I wanna make sure I know what this is, you know?

purr (42:50.252)
I'm a case solver.

purr (43:01.35)
Right, because you can't just be in my house.

purr (43:05.898)
You gonna be over my crib in my house?

bernie (43:09.283)
Like, let me know what the fuck going on first. Let me know what the fuck.

purr (43:16.618)
Beautiful little yellow.

bernie (43:18.679)
My man. I fucking love that video, y'all. It's so TikTok. I don't even know if that's even a real fucking song. I don't know what it is, honestly.

purr (43:21.898)
I'm sorry.

purr (43:31.702)
Yeah, manipulation also kind of like ties in to gaslighting. Gaslighting is manipulation, honestly.

bernie (43:40.384)
Oh yeah.

purr (43:42.778)
So, yeah.

bernie (43:42.803)
Oh yeah, definitely it's the same thing. Gaslighting manipulation, same thing, because they're getting you to believe something that may not, or get you hyped up about something, or making you think that not of yourself or of them, and that you're delirious for thinking something. That is actually true. You know, yeah. That's crazy.

purr (44:06.542)
You trippin'. Am I though? Or am I responding how any of this will be responding?

bernie (44:09.451)
No, you really tripping. Yes.

And then you're being ghastly because then you go, damn, I might really be tripping.

purr (44:20.53)
Am I crazy? Or are you doing things that are like extremely triggering and like not respecting our boundaries?

bernie (44:31.053)
Mmm. I like the... Ooh, I like the phrasing of that.

purr (44:31.458)
Oh, we never thought about that, huh? But we just went straight to being the crazy bitch. Okay.

bernie (44:37.655)
Like, yeah, that's so good. That's a really good to like... Yeah. Am I crazy? Are you doing something to disrespect my boundaries that I've already fucking told you about? No, no, my boundaries are being disrespected. Step outside, nigga. No, I don't believe this.

purr (44:40.706)
Sixth one.

purr (44:58.11)
So you continue to disrespect me and disrespect my boundaries but then you get mad when I stand? Yeah, like you said, put your shoes on, step outside. Step outside.

bernie (45:09.679)
Put your shoes on and step outside.

purr (45:13.122)
because I'm not fucking playing with you.

bernie (45:14.817)


bernie (45:24.919)
It really is crazy.

purr (45:25.021)
Bye. This is crazy.

bernie (45:28.863)
Okay, it is about the time we do need to get into the reddit. Oh shit Okay, y'all so we found this thread kind of a wild thread it goes from wild to mild But it's called am I wrong? Am I wrong? and they asking some really good questions like Let's see where the first one

purr (45:29.909)

Yes. Yeah.

bernie (45:54.815)
Okay, this one isn't as messy as you think. It says, am I wrong for wanting to sleep with my husband? Hi, family. Mom, dad, sister invited my husband and I on a trip over the summer. It's a little under two weeks long. They found it hard to find hotel rooms for five, so they booked for the four and then asked ahead of time for a cot. So here's the thing, everyone seems to expect that the parents share a bed. My sister and I will share the bed and my husband will sleep on the floor. When my brother used to come on these trips, this was our setup.

but this isn't my brother, this is my husband. I know my sister would pitch a fit about having to be the one to sleep on the floor, but it feels disrespectful to my relationship to have my husband sleep on the floor. On the other hand, my parents are essentially covering every expense and I guess it's not a big deal. I'm thinking maybe I also sleep on the floor in solidarity and let my sister have the bed, us as a couple, and my sister take turns sleeping on the floor. Am I wrong for pushing this? If so, I'll drop it. If not, what can I say to amicably make a stance clear?

purr (46:54.49)
Eww. Huh. Damn!

bernie (46:57.655)
Damn, she gonna put sits on the floor? But like also you gonna put your nigga on the floor, sis?

purr (47:05.59)
What was the freaking arrangement? How can I get under the bed?

bernie (47:05.751)
Oh It's so the sounds like they have to they have Listen budget listen, but budget cuts in Middle America so they are Doing a one hotel room with two queen beds and mom and dad are sleeping on one bed in her With the other and her husband is sleeping in between those two beds on the floor For two weeks

bernie (47:34.421)
I'm out.

purr (47:40.058)
Nah, fam, we don't have to get a, we don't have to, they can't get a pullout count.

bernie (47:46.335)
Yeah, they have a cot. They said they asked for a cot. But you know what I mean?

purr (47:46.496)
And leave.

purr (47:53.386)
A cat's still crazy, what about the cow?

You know, like those pull-out capsules.

bernie (47:59.413)
It's just a too clean bedroom situation.

purr (48:04.226)
Two weeks is crazy, I'm not doing it. Like me and my husband, gonna have to get a room.

bernie (48:08.31)
So your question is, why are you going?

purr (48:12.23)
Why are you going? Don't go. Like, just don't go. And then ask the husband.

bernie (48:18.447)
She said her parents are covering the cost though. They like, they said they got the deal. They got the deal.

purr (48:24.15)
We'll cover the class for another fucking bit!

purr (48:29.791)
And it's her parents? I would say something.

bernie (48:32.139)
Yeah. Honestly, mom and dad getting on the floor for that.

purr (48:36.296)
If it was his parents, okay. But like, if it's my parents, I'm like, hey, you know, like, can we just get like a, maybe like, can y'all get like a king or something like that in some other room for y'all and then we get that room like something.

bernie (48:36.8)
Me and my nigga getting in the bed.

bernie (48:50.991)
Yeah, and then we can bunk up with sis, or yeah, and like do it that way, like get a king room and then we bunk up with sis or whatever with the two queens.

purr (48:59.414)
Because two weeks is crazy, like, and then as a husband, I would just not go because.

purr (49:08.767)
After 30, you sleeping on the floor? For anything past like a night, you're never going to walk again. Like you're going to have to learn how to walk again. Like that's crazy. Not sleeping on the fucking floor. That's a grown ass man.

bernie (49:15.739)
I don't know what he's gonna do.

bernie (49:23.561)
What is she supposed to do?

purr (49:27.142)
Not gold. I'm not going.

bernie (49:28.715)
Not go. Okay, stay home, girl.

Or at least your husband stay home. They have to figure out the room. That's just not, I don't think that's appropriate. I guess budget cuts, but damn, I just wouldn't go maybe. Maybe it's just not the trip. It just sounds like, I don't know.

purr (49:50.652)
No, I don't get it. If I was the husband, I would get into another room. Like, no.

bernie (49:54.579)
I would too. I'm like, I work too. I can book a room. Like they're going to pay for the rest of the trip. Fine. I will at least book another room. This is

bernie (50:04.063)
Okay, here's this next one. It says, Am I wrong to be upset with my girlfriend for being topless while we have a friend over? Last night, my girlfriend and I had my male friend over. She ended up going to bed around midnight while my friend and I were still downstairs. He stayed the night she knew that he was going to. She went to bed around midnight and got undressed and put her clothes outside of the bedroom. I woke up. She woke up. I saw her walk around the room naked. She apparently got dressed literally two feet away from the bedroom door.

purr (50:12.855)

bernie (50:30.735)
where he was sleeping. She didn't know if my friend was awake already or if he would walk out of the room. Am I wrong for being upset with her about this? It feels like I should have to say not to be topless or naked outside of our bedroom if there is someone over.

bernie (50:53.443)
Why does she set her clothes outside of the bedroom door?

purr (50:56.15)
That was my... yeah.

bernie (51:00.099)
That was weird. It sounded like she was trying to set something up. I don't know. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it. I mean, cause I'm just imagining like she literally took off her panties, stepped in outside the door, like a waving flag. Like, hey, I'm not wearing these. Good night. Got up in the morning. Yeah, like what?

purr (51:14.294)
Yeah, like, come on in. What?

purr (51:22.563)
Don't feel unnecessary. I don't understand that.

bernie (51:24.939)
Yeah, I don't know. Should he say something there? Or are we upset with her about it? But I think she may have been doing a little much. I was like, what was your motive with setting your clothes outside of the door and then walking around with your titties out? Were you trying to fuck my friend? Like, what's up? Were you trying to take down my friend?

purr (51:29.518)
She was going to amount it. She was.

purr (51:39.859)
Yeah, like, what are you doing?

purr (51:45.219)
You trying to take down my friend? You trying to take down the both of us? What's going on?

bernie (51:50.319)
Like, let me know if that's what you're trying to do. Maybe we can have a further discussion from there and just like, if that's the option, but just let me know before you just start making decisions.

purr (51:53.127)

purr (52:01.026)
That was weird. I'm not gonna lie, that was weird. We...

bernie (52:02.103)
Yes, yes, weird.

Maybe she was high or drunk. Even drunk though, that's kinda, I mean, I don't know. Like I've done random shit too, like where I've set my phone in the freezer or something like that high. You know, you're high, like that's stupid, but like. I mean, I'm exaggerating, but like, you know how you do dun dun? Like I put my phone in the cabinet before and then like closed it and then like looking for my phone for an hour. I'm like, oh fuck, I put it in the cabinet where I left the chips. You know, she sent her a panic. Yeah.

purr (52:15.698)
Oh, damn.

purr (52:30.006)
put your chips on the charger, put the phone in the fucking tab. My god damn it.

bernie (52:41.367)
You know, but I've never gotten ass naked and sat my clothes outside of my bedroom door, you know, while company was home. I don't know, I've just not done it, but you know, everybody does different shit.

purr (52:52.682)
Yeah, he needs to investigate that. That's weird. I felt like she was looking for a moment.

bernie (52:58.691)
Yeah, she was looking for something.

bernie (53:07.511)
Let's see what else we got here Am I not am I wrong for not wanting to marry a man who wouldn't contribute his fair share bitch? I Am a dental hygienist who makes 70k a year my boyfriend temporarily separated is 30 and refuses to get his life together He's still working in retail making minimum wage. He refuses to learn a trade or do anything else. I'm here working But do I even need to finish?

purr (53:27.394)

purr (53:33.126)
No, you know. You are not wrong.

bernie (53:37.149)
This is insane!

bernie (53:43.083)
I'm honestly, let me hear this out, because she is definitely not wrong. I'm here working my ass off, achieving financial stability for us. He isn't doing his part. I think he secretly wants me to do all the work, achieving financial stability, which basically means I'm being taken advantage of. I'm resenting him for the lack of effort, yada yada. I'm not even talked about marriage, buying a house, starting a family. I already have a down payment for a house, and he has nothing. My friends tell me that he's a loser, and he's trying to mooch off and take advantage of me. They tell me that.

If I were to buy a house, I shouldn't put his name on it because he wouldn't be able to help pay the mortgage. Whew, I think they're right.

bernie (54:21.423)
Um, so no girl, you're not wrong. This is a bomb.

purr (54:29.626)

bernie (54:31.228)
a bunch of...

purr (54:34.398)
A bunch of buff.

bernie (54:39.376)
Oh my god.

purr (54:42.246)
That's horrible. I'm not.

bernie (54:43.151)
This is terrible.

purr (54:46.555)
I'm not doing that.

bernie (54:49.851)
No, absolutely not. Okay, there was this actual, I just, I don't know why I just remembered this really quick though. There was this other Reddit that was really fucking hilarious and I know we're running out of time, but this is insane first of all. I had anal for the first time with my coworker after talking for a few days, but it turned out messy.

purr (55:18.254)
Oh no. Like messy messy?

bernie (55:20.063)
What? Well, so a coworker and I started talking for a few days. He would drive me back in home and would kiss me and make out. We ended up deciding to have sex on the weekend. So I went there expecting vaginal sex. He told me that he didn't enjoy using condoms and said that he was clean and that we could do it like that. I don't even like that word. So I was like, all right, fine. But in the spur of the moment, he wanted to have anal and I told him no since.

purr (55:37.872)

purr (55:44.644)
Red flag.

bernie (55:45.843)
I have never tried it before and not even with my ex boyfriend of two years and I was scared. He just kept saying to trust him and that if it would hurt that he could stop. But he went full in. Of course, it hurt. I said it did. It felt weird. After a bit, he took it out and well, there was a shitty mess there. He cleaned himself up in the shower and so did I. And then he continued to have vaginal sex in the shower, moved it to the bed and then finished there. The thing is, I'm pretty mortified and anxious since I'm scared of even thinking of walking the same halls with him at work and crossing.

purr (56:02.427)
I'm sorry.

bernie (56:16.375)
He said it happens and that it never happened to him before. Still, I told him I understood if this was the one thing that he gets that is a turnoff and that it was a one-time thing. He said that he didn't say it was a one-time thing and that he would text, which he hasn't. Honestly, I feel like disappearing from the world. I'm so ashamed. He wasn't rude by any means. He wasn't.

purr (56:38.08)

bernie (56:40.503)
He wasn't rude, but he wasn't empathetic either. Like it felt like he was trying to reassure me and say something that would make me feel less disgusted about myself, which makes me wonder why he would even finish or keep going. Any tips on how to try and get over it? And you knew damn well you wasn't prepared, so I don't know why you bent your ass over.

purr (56:53.254)
Well, he was the one that wanted to do fucking anal.

bernie (57:01.687)
Why would she do that?

purr (57:02.19)
And he's the one that wanted to do it, so that's what he did.

bernie (57:05.575)
Why would, and why would he do that? And he knew that you weren't set up like that because you ain't even ever did that before, so I don't know why he thought you didn't even prep.

purr (57:12.498)
You didn't even prep for that.

bernie (57:18.423)
And he knew that.

purr (57:20.679)
Oh, we just took her to Taco Bell.

bernie (57:25.483)
She said, any tips on how to try and get over and understand things like this happen, especially if you don't get a heads up beforehand. That's right there, bitch, you have a heads up.

purr (57:33.338)
Yeah, that's the explanation. You told him just spring ain't alone somebody. Like, I didn't know what we was doing on-

bernie (57:40.868)
You don't do that. Like you don't just.

purr (57:42.954)
I don't even know why she let him do that. He tried to hit him with the unclean. Okay, nigga, show me your recent test results.

bernie (57:47.773)
Hey girls!

bernie (57:52.439)
And what does that have to do with why you wanted to just randomly do... I guess I'm confused. She didn't want to have sex because they didn't have condoms and she was like, okay, fine, no sex. And he was like, well, let me put in your butt. And she was like, AHHHH!

purr (57:52.611)
Oh, you can't pull them up? Okay.

purr (58:00.094)

purr (58:08.907)
Okay! That was cool.

bernie (58:09.975)
What you just why didn't you just use your vagina I mean cuz you use it when Anyway cuz she didn't want because she said she didn't want to do that cuz they didn't have a condom. I'm so confused

purr (58:16.602)
And then she ended up doing it anyway.

purr (58:24.686)
I don't understand. None of this makes sense. And honestly, I feel like this was for the best.

bernie (58:28.704)
No, none of it makes sense.

bernie (58:33.807)
But now with her coworker, she has to see this nigga in the hallway.

That's why you don't fuck coworkers, that's why I never did that.

purr (58:41.085)
Start applying to other jobs.

bernie (58:42.756)
I'm out.

And yeah, and you shit on too. I mean, honestly, I really wouldn't worry about it. Cause like, if you're having anal sex, you know like that shit fucking happens. But obviously she doesn't know that cause she's not having enough anal sex. But he said he's done it lots of times before. So he already know that. So you should know like, again, you weren't even prepped for no shit like that.

purr (58:46.038)
start applying to other jobs.

purr (58:55.582)
That's the possibility.

purr (59:06.246)
Right, if he's done it a lot of times before, then why was he so taken aback by the fact that he got shit on his dick when he knows that can't just really be like a surprise?

bernie (59:21.435)
Where all the real niggas at? I'm trying to bring real niggas back because what the fuck?

purr (59:22.57)
You know?

bernie (59:29.348)
You should know that.

purr (59:32.615)
Honestly, that's what he gets.

bernie (59:34.083)
Yeah, that's what he gets. That's what he gets. And I guess he ain't hollered at her and hit her up like, hey, extinct, come back through. And that's okay. I wouldn't even worry about it, sis. Fuck his other, his best friend at work. You wanna get even. Fuck his bod. Yeah.

purr (59:44.52)
I think... No.

Yeah, fuck his boss. Fuck his coworker. Wait, okay, guess what? You still gonna have to see me though.

bernie (59:57.919)
Yeah, and you might see me with a different nigga.

purr (01:00:01.722)
And I shit on you, so what?

bernie (01:00:04.175)
What now?

purr (01:00:05.994)
She said, I want to disappear from the world, damn.

bernie (01:00:08.587)
Damn, that's deep. That's deep.

purr (01:00:11.306)

bernie (01:00:15.055)
like he was in her ass, digging them guts out.

Tell. More of the story is y'all, if you're gonna have anal sex, be prepared and make sure don't let nobody, don't let nobody fuck you in the butt if you ain't prepared. Now listen, if you know your body, then that's a different story. Cause I've gambled before because I know my body. Ha ha.

purr (01:00:32.478)
Please don't. Please don't. Just don't do that.

purr (01:00:43.111)
I know my body. Fucking sick. I know my body.

bernie (01:00:45.771)
No, they're really, they're really do read the good they'd be like, I know my body. You know, like, you're watching. You got the same 24th everybody else I know you hit like

purr (01:00:52.942)
Shut up.

purr (01:00:57.734)
They just shut up, like, they actin' like, you know when your car be on E and whatever, and then like, you need to get gas, I know my car, I know my car.

purr (01:01:08.687)
I know my body, I know.

bernie (01:01:08.98)
Yo, they be on the same type of time. Same energy.

purr (01:01:14.726)
So you know your shit about to run out, right? You know your shit past eight, running off fumes and a prayer.

bernie (01:01:20.091)
Do you know you, and you know you're not prepared. So why would you do that?

bernie (01:01:28.152)
Why would you do that?

purr (01:01:28.21)
Why risk it?

I'm sorry.

bernie (01:01:33.677)
Oh my gosh, okay, yeah, that's another episode of Y3. Yeah.

purr (01:01:42.038)
You already know how we get down Fuck with us here next week next Tuesday Same time same place fuck with us on Twitter tick tock Instagram And yeah, I'll see you next week

bernie (01:01:43.745)
Yes, you already know.

bernie (01:01:55.767)
Alright, we'll holler at y'all next week. Bye!

I'm so dead.