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Sexual Compatibility Isn't Everything.. Is It?

August 22, 2023 Season 1 Episode 146
Wise Freaks
Sexual Compatibility Isn't Everything.. Is It?
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This episode the wise freaks discuss deal breakers in relationships. The wise freaks break down some scenarios and how to navigate compromise.

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bernie (00:00.387)

nia (00:01.57)
Did it start for you?

bernie (00:03.215)
Yeah, it started for me. Is that red dot on?

nia (00:04.607)

nia (00:08.909)

bernie (00:09.759)
Are you guys hearing our vocals? Are our microphones up? Hello? Hi, this is Wise Freaks. Maybe my mic is on.

nia (00:12.174)
to learn.

nia (00:15.563)
Baby, my mic is on.

What did Prince say? You know, because they be my mic and my mic was on. He was shady as hell.

bernie (00:23.715)

bernie (00:28.992)
Oh my god. So shady. So shady. Classic. Hi you guys. Yes. Welcome to Wised Freaks podcast. It's your boy, Burn, aka your stepdad, aka Papa Cito Purr and all the other motherfucking names in between.

nia (00:36.395)
Hey guys.

nia (00:47.73)
Oh, hey guys, it's Nacho Stepmother. Uh, it's your girl, the Lieutenant, her.

bernie (00:58.839)
That's my favorite lieutenant. Just the, just mother. She's mother. I'm dead. The motherfucking lieutenant. What were we just talking about? Oh yeah, we're just talking about like how there isn't any of those like, you know, cute things and shit from back in the day.

nia (00:59.972)
I'm just the mother. The lieutenant. I'm just mother. I'm not nobody's stepmother.

nia (01:20.395)
Yeah, like.

bernie (01:20.736)

nia (01:23.798)
The girlies used to have, yeah they used to have like cute little phrases or whatever like uh, TR from Bad Girls Club, she would say keep that shit cute or put that shit on mute.

bernie (01:23.875)
Keep it cute.

bernie (01:37.507)

nia (01:39.799)
That's cute as fud!

There's no cute little, like, catchy little phrases anymore.

bernie (01:48.947)
It's not or like fucking your ass is grass or what I say play pussy, you get fucked. Which I think that might be a new one. I love that.

nia (01:56.787)

nia (02:00.618)
I don't know.

bernie (02:08.184)
Like, let's see you get fucked.

nia (02:11.475)
Like there's nothing else I run up get done up. That's kind of all

bernie (02:14.375)
Yes. That's all. Yes, that's fire though.

nia (02:19.926)
What happened to the cute thing?

bernie (02:20.191)
Not good for you, but yeah.

bernie (02:26.899)
Everybody's so creative. Yeah.

nia (02:26.978)
Bringing back the cute shit.

nia (02:31.946)
Everybody's so creative.

bernie (02:32.247)
real though.

bernie (02:37.331)
I say that on a daily basis.

nia (02:42.87)
more than I would like to, especially whenever I see like some weird shit, I'm just like, and I just hear it in my head, like everyone's so creative. Cause you know, not a fashion statement I would have done. Not what I would have went for, but beautiful gowns, beautiful gowns.

bernie (02:44.523)
Because... Yeah.

bernie (02:50.691)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

bernie (02:55.806)

Nick, Nick is be so caught up in trying to do something weird for shock value that it's no longer like actually shocking. Like the, like the corny pranks and shit that people be trying to run and shit and like, people are like, Oh, that's so funny. I'm like, no, you're really going to get your ass. Like the whole pranks. Have you seen the ones where people are like trying to pretend that they want to fight somebody and then they're like, Oh no, I'm just kidding when they like start to act like they want to tussle. I'm like, they better than me. Because

nia (03:07.038)

nia (03:17.302)

bernie (03:27.839)
I'm the wrong beast to pray, because I might just punch you straight in your fucking face, because I'm not going to go back and forth with you.

nia (03:28.294)
Right, they're better than me. That's...

nia (03:36.115)
And baby, catch me on the wrong day.

bernie (03:41.3)
I know that's right, girl. Catch you on the wrong day.

nia (03:42.87)
The wrong day on the wrong week.

nia (03:47.87)
after a hard day at work, baby, I will fight you and your kids. Like, I will.

bernie (03:50.479)

nia (03:56.146)
Anybody can get it. Anybody can get Slab.

bernie (03:56.291)
For real though, anybody can get it. You're like, you don't know what I'm going through.

nia (04:02.25)
Like, oh my god, god forbid you catch me on a bad day. Like, you try and do some shit for clout, and then you end up in the upper room. Like, that's crazy. Wow.

bernie (04:02.816)

bernie (04:05.955)
For real though.

bernie (04:09.955)
That is so insane and I would hate for that to be somebody but they do keep trying to pull these fucking pranks. I'm just like, oh man, couldn't be me.

nia (04:20.342)
Did somebody just get they ass beat for like, they were doing something, they weren't like pretending to fight, pretending to square up with people, they were.

bernie (04:22.88)

nia (04:35.85)
Like something where they were like touching people, I think, like in a grocery store or something like that. Like fucking with people in some way. Not like touching like that, but like some type of like physical like contact.

bernie (04:42.293)
I'm sorry.

bernie (04:46.827)
Oh, yeah, like a tap on the shoulder or something like that. Oh, yeah, physical contact and oh, hell no.

nia (04:51.898)
something and then I think it was like a white dude and yeah he started I think he put paws on it.

bernie (05:00.971)
He just started mixing that shit up inside that store. I know that's right. Because don't play with me.

nia (05:07.618)
Don't play with me. And don't touch me.

bernie (05:08.906)

bernie (05:12.287)
Like I've just never been nothing to play with like that. Like, no, go away. Come up with something else. How about that?

nia (05:15.938)
Get away from me.

nia (05:22.794)
Imagine you just had like a horrible day where you just was in traffic. Just got out of traffic. You got to go in here and get like these items before going home. You just want to go the fuck home. And you in the grocery store. You try to check out you in this long ass line. Finally get up there and check it out. Getting ready to walk out and somebody start fucking with you in the parking lot. Talk about square up.

bernie (05:52.474)
I'm sorry, will you paint a picture like that? I just got heated.

nia (05:58.486)

nia (06:01.806)
Could you imagine? You just talk about commuting an hour home from work. So just that, imagine that, but you still can't go home and relax yet. You gotta stop at the grocery store and get your shit. You waited mad long in the line to check out what's your shit. And you're like, okay, now I can finally go home. And now there's a bitch playing outside of the Walmart talking about, oh, you wanna fight? You wanna fight? Square up.

bernie (06:06.475)

bernie (06:30.948)
I would literally, baby, I've been waiting for you all day. Let me put my shit in my car real quick.

nia (06:37.374)
Actually, walk to my car, come with me. Yeah, I got something for you.

bernie (06:39.487)
Meet me over here, because I got something for that ass. You will get fucking touched. Do not play with me.

nia (06:43.606)
That's insane.

nia (06:47.777)
I'm sorry.

bernie (06:53.478)
Sweet a guy.

nia (06:55.118)
Wow, I don't know why people are playing with people like that. Everyone is... No one's okay. Everyone's lying with a snap at any moment. It costs $100 just to step on the porch, not even fully outside. Everything's expensive.

bernie (07:01.48)
No, I don't.

bernie (07:08.567)
Deadass. No.

bernie (07:14.655)
Everything. Which also brings me to the point that I kind of wanted to talk about later, was I was reading through some stuff just like on like sex workers and sex work and just the industry and everything like right now. And a whole bunch of people were just like sharing their insights on what's going on. And they were just like, yo, sales is down right now. I don't know what the fuck going on. And then somebody was like, it's like three fucking planets and Mercury and retrograde. And somebody was like, well, my price had to go down. It was just like a whole lot of stuff. I was just like, wow.

nia (07:18.858)
can't play with people.

nia (07:44.11)
Oh, yeah. You know, you know, the economy is fucked up when the price of pussy go down because like the price of pussy go stay where it's at every time. Like, it don't matter. Pandemic pussy was stay where it was at. OK. Oh, a house in crash because he stayed same place.

bernie (07:45.267)
So it really is like the economy is hitting.

bernie (07:53.148)

bernie (07:59.927)
Same price. There's no bargain, no two for ones.

nia (08:09.862)
Opioid epidemic. Pussy stayed. Stayed there.

bernie (08:10.065)

bernie (08:19.407)
Yeah, it's really crazy. Girl, I've never seen so many discounts on OnlyFans come across my motherfucking timeline. I'm like, man, Nick is trying to get out how they live and I get it. It's a lot going on out here.

nia (08:19.946)
Now, pussy is down? Wow.

nia (08:30.926)
And I get it. Damn, so I can't start my feed page.

bernie (08:37.019)
I mean, you may as well collect it. There's still somebody going to have to use it.

bernie (08:43.487)
Yeah, I know. But aside from that, so there was this other thing that I came across on Reddit, which was, this has never happened for me. Maybe you've experienced this, but this one says, my hookup fainted after sex. I have an extremely high stamina, so I can last for a very long time and be super intense at the same time.

Two days ago I was having sex with a girl and it probably lasted for approximately an hour. Damn, okay, they was going, they was doing something. Or pretty intense fucking, so obviously we were super sweaty afterwards. My hookup had multiple orgasms during sex. She actually said that was the best sex of her life and she looked totally fine. I know that's what he was gonna turn that shit up. I know that's right, King. That's a black King. I don't know, but something about this tells me that that's a black King right there.

nia (09:15.051)

nia (09:29.303)

nia (09:33.762)
That's a black king right there. I don't know.

bernie (09:37.575)
Uh, I don't know. It says in about 10 minutes or so after we finished, she decided to take a shower and I heard a really loud bang. I ran in and checked out what I saw was the girl lying unconscious. It was super scary. I gave her some water. Um, she regained her consciousness in like five minutes. It was totally fine afterwards. It's never happened to her before. Um, is that possible? Was she dehydrated? God damn, he fucked her so good that she went up to use the bathroom and passed out in the bathroom.

nia (09:44.514)

nia (10:01.829)

Damn, only thing I could think of was like, maybe like the blood like all rushed to like her head or something like that. You ever like lay down, you've been laying down and then you stand up and then you kind of get dizzy. Like if you stand up too fast. That only happens to me when I only eat like a carrot during the day, you know, just like real busy.

bernie (10:06.792)
I say Mr. Complete.

bernie (10:19.01)


bernie (10:28.68)

nia (10:30.326)
But if I actually am eating, that doesn't happen. But like, you know, those days and you just eat like a chip or something, it'll do that. Maybe that's just me. But all I could think of was like, maybe like all the blood was like.

bernie (10:36.168)

nia (10:47.746)
just rushed her head when she stand up because she was getting pounded. You know, they was going to pound town. Cause sometimes that happened to my legs. And my legs is like, and then I like, once I stand up and go to the bathroom, then my legs, I'm like, my feet is, see?

bernie (10:52.169)


bernie (10:58.996)

bernie (11:03.519)
Yeah, I feel like that too. That's definitely happened. Like where I felt like I was going to maybe pass, but more so like my body, my legs were just gonna like, or you get up after, you know, like you really just, shit was just going. And then you're up and then you're like, oh, well let me sit down for a second. I can barely move. Like your legs feel shaky like jello.

nia (11:16.248)

nia (11:20.288)

Yeah, you get the noodle legs and then sometimes my legs be a little sleep.

bernie (11:23.925)

bernie (11:28.307)
Yeah, just a little bit sleep. I wanna know where she got enough energy to get all the way into the bathroom and then pass out. After. I don't even make it that far.

nia (11:35.246)
She went and got in the shower like girl after an hour like that? I ain't, uh uh. Uh uh. I be like uh can you get me a glass of water?

bernie (11:43.undefined)

nia (11:51.182)
I think.

bernie (11:51.363)
Some, something, something.

nia (11:54.374)
be a deer and go into the kitchen and get mama a glass of water.

bernie (11:59.959)

nia (12:02.206)
Tad. Damn, she busts her.

bernie (12:05.028)
No, but that's never happened to me though. I've never experienced, I've never passed out. No one's ever passed out on me.

nia (12:11.25)
No, I don't know why you thought that happened to me. I never said that before.

bernie (12:14.847)
I don't know. Maybe maybe somebody got a little like, you know, just that would have definitely like girl I just got done off this nigga and he don't pass out. Nigga collapse in the bathroom.

nia (12:21.517)
You know that would have hit the group chat. Immediately. As soon as it happened.

nia (12:30.588)
That would have been love.

nia (12:34.818)
Period. I would have never been able to hold that myself.

bernie (12:40.307)
Now, yeah. Oh yeah. Like what the fuck happened?

nia (12:40.478)
it probably would have been a group FaceTime call. Like, there's no way.

bernie (12:50.219)
I don't even know anybody that I've even known that has actually happened to either, so... I wonder.

nia (12:50.317)
Oh my-

nia (12:54.482)
No, you hear about people like, um, dying to you saw that video with that, um, that guy and the older lady, she was a cougar and she's like, yeah, I want that young nigga to fuck me. Yeah, he won't fuck me real good. And he was like, yeah, I'm gonna put it down on you granny. And then the ambulance came.

bernie (13:06.976)
Oh my god, yes!

bernie (13:14.687)
Yeah, I'ma send you to the hospital, granny. Yeah.

Yeah, he fucked that bitch to the hospital.

nia (13:21.858)
And then it just cut to the next scene, and that was the ambulance wheeling her out on the stretcher. I was like, that's crazy.

bernie (13:28.311)
That's so crazy. I would be so concerned. Like, you know what I mean? Nah.

nia (13:35.53)
Yeah, because like, technically, are you catching a body with that? Like if somebody dies while you...

bernie (13:42.743)
Technically two.

bernie (13:49.183)
Literally and figuratively.

nia (13:49.47)
in both ways. Yeah. And figuratively. Yeah. But I'm like, is so is it manslaughter? Or like, what does that look like?

bernie (14:01.619)
I would say like accidentally.

nia (14:02.718)
I just want to know how this is going to affect my future because I didn't do that. That was big moves.

bernie (14:07.967)

bernie (14:13.624)
I'm dead. That was big move.

nia (14:15.719)
That was Ms. Momma's. That wasn't me. You gotta talk to her.

nia (14:23.264)

bernie (14:24.171)
Yeah, that is kind of wild. But yeah, I saw that motherfucking, I was like, okay, that's kind of crazy.

nia (14:32.182)
That's insane.

She got in the shower and said, boom.

bernie (14:36.077)
Thank you.

bernie (14:39.523)
What the...

nia (14:42.814)
I know she probably hit her head.

bernie (14:46.742)

bernie (14:50.028)

So baby daddies, baby mothers, possibly, potentially.

nia (14:53.678)
Alright, yeah, let's get into the baby fathers. Who you got?

bernie (15:03.847)
Mine this week, so I think this is actually pretty new, but I saw Pharrell, so it's Pharrell, but he like put I think he has like a collaboration with one of the designers maybe it's Louie, I want to say it is or something like that, but he um he looks fucking great.

nia (15:28.007)
Yeah, he's a fucking vampire.

bernie (15:29.986)

nia (15:32.071)
I was like 50. How old is bro?

bernie (15:34.935)
Let me see his age. He's no, he's literally 50. Damn, you were fucking spot on. Yeah, yeah. No deadass, he's 50.

nia (15:37.326)
It looks the same. He's 50? He really is 50? I thought I was exaggerating. I thought I was doing like talk about how people are literally 10 years older than what they actually are. He's 50?

bernie (15:50.471)
Yes, the niggas like aging backwards. It's weird. He looks like a, I said it perfectly the other day. I was like, he looks like a.

Like, like, I don't know, like one of those niggas that are just like aging, like he's been 35 his whole like, life, like he's been 35. He was 35, stayed 35. He still looks 35. He's 50. He still looks fucking 35. Stayed exactly the same. The exact same thing. And for-

nia (16:16.49)
Like I said about 50 cent, like 50 cents always been 35. He came out the womb 35 and he's still 35 now.

bernie (16:24.609)

Facts. This sneaker looks great.

nia (16:30.09)
Yeah, he looks... I think he must get like 8 hours of sleep every night. Cause that's the only way he can look that good. Cause even black don't crack a little bit at 50.

bernie (16:37.386)
has to.

bernie (16:42.003)
little bit but nah and you know what the crazy thing is it's like is he light skin? Cuz you know sometimes it that on the Asian one. No, he not light skin

nia (16:56.75)
No, he's brown.

bernie (16:57.851)
No, he's not. Yeah, I'm just going through all of these pictures this Just looks the exact same Okay

nia (17:05.206)
He looks the same as he did when I was a young child.

bernie (17:10.483)
Okay. Damn, I'm really shook at him like actually being 50 though. Like I thought he was gonna be like, you know, 4045 42 or some shit like that. But like, no, he's

nia (17:16.13)
Me too. Yeah, I really thought I was capping on that. Like I thought I was, you know, doing the most. He's actually 50.

bernie (17:29.483)
Wow, insane. I will say though, I was looking at the clothes and stuff in the video and all that he was doing. And he was talking about, oh yeah, this line is, this is designed for people with a lot of disposable income. The bags were like so goddamn expensive. The hats, the sunglasses. I was like, nigga, who is going to be able to buy this? Great items. He was like, yeah, this is, he was like, you know, he was like, this is really like a luxury collab. Like, you know, this is for people.

nia (17:50.607)
People with disposable... Beautiful girls!

bernie (17:59.523)
that have a lot of disposable income. This isn't just like your average wear. I was like, okay. Big legs.

nia (18:05.522)
Okay. How many ways you gonna call me broke? Like, okay. All you had to say is that for your poor ass. Like you didn't have to do all that.

bernie (18:16.543)

And maybe I was just feeling attacked in the moment.

nia (18:24.626)
like you said this is a luxury brand this is for people with disposable income bro because be quiet

bernie (18:26.283)
but I definitely fell hit.

bernie (18:43.427)
Literally what he said, loud and clear.

nia (18:48.182)
Oh for us also areas I forgot about that

bernie (18:48.555)
So needless.

Oh he is?

bernie (18:55.199)
And you know what about him too, he don't ever be in any bullshit either. He like, he keeps quiet, he make his money, he do his thing, he make his music, he do his collabs and he keep it pushing.

nia (19:02.434)

nia (19:06.958)
period. We love an unbothered can.

bernie (19:11.367)
Yeah, it's for Louis Vuitton that I was right. But yeah, them shits was motherfucking expensive. I was like, oh, OK, this is what we're doing? Just for the glass?

nia (19:21.334)

I'm sorry.

bernie (19:25.483)

nia (19:28.034)
Damn, I would have loved to have supported, but apparently all of my income is disposable.

bernie (19:31.141)
Girl, me too! I was like, okay cool.

bernie (19:36.919)
Girl, I don't, I can't dispose of any of it. Pfft.

nia (19:40.706)
Ha ha ha!

bernie (19:44.463)
In fact, I need a little bit more.

bernie (19:51.616)
That I still wouldn't be able to dispose of. The fuck are we talking about? Yeah.

nia (19:54.814)
Oh shit. My money already got plans and I ain't even got paid yet. You hear me?

bernie (20:00.931)
Girl, you hear me? The fuck? And I can tell you, now, any of those plans involve a bag or even a sunglass or a button from Pharrell's collection.

bernie (20:18.147)
because I guarantee I wouldn't even be able to afford a ream of thread from that nigga.

nia (20:25.142)
If I could just touch the hem of the garment, I would- Bankrupt!

bernie (20:27.531)

nia (20:34.199)
Oh my god. Hell nah. Good for him now. Must be nice. I spilled over there.

bernie (20:37.891)
Yeah. Or what is that? A spool of yarn. Yeah, it's quite insane. A spool of thread, bitch.

That should have cost. It cost a billion to look this good.

nia (20:53.994)
Shut up. Okay.

bernie (20:54.688)


nia (21:00.654)
I haven't gone to my baby dad before. Oh my God. Okay. So my baby daddy is Norman Town.

This is a mighty fine specimen MSA.

bernie (21:13.087)

bernie (21:17.693)
Oh my god.

nia (21:19.77)
Uh, girl. Shout out.

bernie (21:21.267)
Wow, how have you been keeping this as a secret?

nia (21:28.178)
It's no secret he was on insecure. If y'all wasn't paying attention, that's on y'all. But insecure is on Netflix and I've been rewatching. I don't remember either. I'm apparently haven't gotten to that season yet, but I follow him on Instagram and I had to I had to have added him from insecure. Because I was added all the findings from insecure on Instagram. I was just like, Issa, you are doing us justice here.

bernie (21:33.055)
I'm gonna be honest, I don't remember this nigga from insecure.

bernie (21:43.979)
I want to remember this.

bernie (21:54.391)

bernie (21:58.131)
Not one miss on the cast, no matter who it is.

nia (22:02.186)
Not a single miss came out the gate came out the gate with Lawrence and Daniel. Relax. That was a lot already. That was a lot for me.

bernie (22:07.967)
Yeah, right off the bat. That was only just to warm it up.

bernie (22:16.439)
Jadanna, what's his name, Seronis?

nia (22:20.333)
Yeah, Saronis, Jadena.

bernie (22:22.324)
Even the nigga that played Molly's boyfriend that she had for a while, Andrew.

nia (22:25.384)
Even on.

The one that was, yeah, Andrew, the one that's on there, I was just watching, I just finished season one, the one that was bisexual. Fuck, what was it? Jared, Jared.

bernie (22:37.535)
Yeah, Nate. No, Nate, oh, Jared, yeah, that's his name. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

nia (22:44.306)
Yeah, he was cute.

bernie (22:47.395)
Fine as hell. Yeah. She never did. Yeah, I definitely don't remember this nigga. I'm gonna have to see this again, cause, you know.

nia (22:49.042)
She didn't miss.

nia (22:57.61)
Yeah, I'm gonna keep watching and see. I'm a I just got into season two, but he's on there and he is a mighty fine specimen. Like.

bernie (23:07.436)
Oh yeah.

Yeah, this is a good choice. He looks familiar a little bit, but like he looks like another actor. I can't put my name, like, you know, who would it, maybe it's a Morris Chestnut from afar in one of these photos.

nia (23:23.038)
Morris Shetsna is dark skinned. Is everything okay at home?

bernie (23:27.241)
He looks like a light skin version of him.

nia (23:33.958)
Okay, I don't see it, but...

bernie (23:36.599)
Right? But the younger when he was younger.

nia (23:39.259)
No, I don't. I don't see it. I don't see it.

bernie (23:46.776)
Hmm. Okay, maybe I'm not seeing it either. Nope. Yep. I see I'm seeing it

nia (23:51.658)
You see it? Okay, well.

bernie (23:52.968)
I think I see it right here.

bernie (24:01.579)
Maybe I don't see it either.

bernie (24:06.423)
The nigga do look familiar.

nia (24:10.834)
If anything to me, he was kind of giving...

nia (24:16.062)
Um, and let me look this up before I sound stupid too.

bernie (24:20.075)
It looks like the nigga got an album out.

He rap. He sing.

nia (24:27.734)
Okay, he doesn't look like him, but he reminds me of Boris Cool Joke.

bernie (24:33.399)
That's who I'm thinking of. Yeah, he does.

nia (24:36.418)
But they don't look alike, but he kind of just gives me the familiarity of him.

bernie (24:40.603)
same kind of yes they have the same look

nia (24:46.886)
Yeah, like the smile. Yeah. But they don't look alike, like, but he...

bernie (24:49.009)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

bernie (24:53.663)
right here when he had hair on that bald head.

nia (25:02.162)
I tell you, I used to ask my mom to play Madea's family reunion all the time because I wanted to see him.

bernie (25:14.771)
Yeah, it's a good sight to see.

nia (25:16.446)
I wanted to see him and I didn't know he was bald because they put that wig on him. No, that was, that was, that was no. Oh my God. That was Shamar Moore.

bernie (25:23.243)
that fucking braided wig.

bernie (25:28.963)
Who had that foul ass braided wig? Them cornrows.

bernie (25:35.583)
Yes, some are more to have them at rated that rated cornrow wig

nia (25:38.479)
They gave him like a little tiny, tiny fro and he was the bus driver, remember?

bernie (25:41.268)
The tiny fro, yeah, yep, I remember. Yeah, that was.

nia (25:44.975)
They did Shemar more foul.

bernie (25:47.799)
That was so foul. I'm still trying to unravel like, yes. Yeah, that's what I'm trying to like respect. It's like maybe the wigs weren't really wigging back then, but I'm like, he has no excuse for that. That was just, that was, come on now.

nia (25:51.668)
Even back then.

nia (26:01.546)
He's fine as hell. Why can't he just be bald?

bernie (26:04.759)
Like why did the vision have to end with a braided wig? Why did that make it off the vision board? There was nothing wrong with that.

nia (26:09.47)
Why couldn't he just be bald?

nia (26:14.89)
And that, like even back then, cause I was like mad young, I was just like, something's not, like I knew who Shamar Moore was. I may be seeing him with like a little bit of hair, but I just knew like something was like.

bernie (26:28.739)
Something is off.

nia (26:30.286)
I'm like something weird with his hair like the braids don't look right and they're like that's a wig I'm like why would they put a wig on him I don't understand

bernie (26:39.411)
It's foul. Y'all, if you haven't seen it, please go Google it. Just do Shamar Moore or Brady Wigg. In fact, you could actually do, you could even Google Tyler Perry Wigg and it'll be one of them. They'll know exactly what the fuck you're talking about and what you are looking for. Get into it.

nia (26:46.35)
Just, yeah, or watch the diary of a mad black woman. Just, cause it's so quotable.

nia (27:02.166)
There's a whole catalog of bat wigs or Tyler Perry movies, but.

bernie (27:07.879)
Maybe I should do like a fucking series on TikTok of going through Tyler Perry's wig choices from sets because and I should rank them. Ranking Tyler Perry's wigs.

nia (27:08.944)

nia (27:19.958)
That's so childish and so that will be amazing.

bernie (27:21.383)
It's childish. It's so childish, but maybe I will.

nia (27:29.814)
That was a great series.

bernie (27:32.448)
Oh yeah, I might do that.

Um, okay, so the meats this week y'all. Um, so fucking petty I'm really thinking about I'm glad to write that shit down.

nia (27:47.826)
I can see it though, like people be doing dumbass series and stuff like that, but that would be so fucking good. Oh my god.

bernie (27:56.676)
Stay tuned for that y'all. I really might have to do that.

bernie (28:04.152)
So the meets this week, we're talking about like compatibility and I guess like being able to, what are certain things that you can kind of like make it through in terms of like incompatibility or not maybe being on the same page with your partner and this comes from this Reddit.

Um, so it says my bf isn't into any of my kinks. I love him. He's great. The sex is good. It's very it's just very vanilla. We talked about it. He tried it a bit and he wasn't into it. He doesn't want it. I do. There's little room for compromise. I'm not willing to live the rest of my life without being able to express that part of my life. He's not willing to consider indulging me and having a kind of open relationship. We've been together for five years now and it's a wonderful relationship.

I want to roll with this man, but I'm also increasingly catching myself thinking about beating people behind his back. Please help.

bernie (28:59.442)

bernie (29:05.219)
And I feel like you can, I think it can be a deal breaker if you have like...

an extreme sexual incompatibility because no sex isn't like the only driving factor of relationship, but it is where you go. A lot of people go and used to go find peace, reprieve, to relax and whatever. And plus obviously fucking feels good. Let's just keep it a buck. Like niggas want to go to feel good. Like, and obviously a nut is going to help fulfill that. Um, and there are just different ways that you can get to that nut and

If one of the methods that I would like to use to get to that nut, I'm not able to do that. That would mean we could possibly not be fucking compatible with it for now.

nia (29:55.65)

bernie (29:59.786)

nia (30:00.29)

That's what I felt like was one of the deal breakers, because when we were talking about it, when you said like frequency, it's probably something that can be like compromised on. But as far as the kings, yeah, the kings and how you get to the nut, so to say, cannot be compromised on.

bernie (30:18.183)
I think so, right?

nia (30:29.826)

bernie (30:30.207)
I mean, I feel like that's a tough one.

nia (30:32.446)
Even if you're not like at least willing to like try or like, you know,

bernie (30:36.383)
Well, he said they tried it just didn't like he didn't he just was not into it. You know, wasn't doing it. But I think there's a little bit of selfishness in that. And here's my counter, because if I know that my like my goal also within sex is like to please like I want us both to feel good. Like this should be a mutual. This is a mutual situation. I so hope so. And that I'm trying to please you. And if I know, OK, if X, Y and Z is going to do that.

It's not maybe going to do anything for me, but I know it does something for you that might do something to me. You know what I'm saying? Like where I'm like, OK. And maybe it does it begs the conversation of like, maybe his partner is just a little selfish, which you.

nia (31:13.25)

nia (31:22.226)
Yeah, because you should like, I don't know, I feel like you should kind of get off to your partner getting off. Like to see them enjoying themselves should be like pleasing and, you know, some gratification for you.

bernie (31:32.373)

bernie (31:41.571)
I feel like regardless of whatever you're into, we can agree that is like the standard that your partner should get off in knowing that they're pleasing you as well too, period. Regardless of what you're into.

nia (31:54.222)
Yeah. Or is it? I feel like it's kind of also like a power thing.

bernie (32:01.527)
Hmm. Yeah, it could be that too, though. It is. Yeah, it could be a power thing too. Or like, yeah, or like, of course, it's could be it's an ego boost to like, let's keep it a buck. Like, you want to feel like, yeah, my shit got it got that grip on it. Like, yeah, I know that that's what it did. And this is the result of it. And I'm seeing it in real time.

nia (32:04.851)
It is amusing to see.

nia (32:15.536)
Yeah, that's how it was like.

nia (32:25.514)
and I'm seeing it in real time. I just like instant gratification. I think it's kind of like the, just the way I'm programmed with like ADHD. They say you're supposed to make like lists and stuff so you can like visually see yourself like checking off your accomplishments. So it gives you that instant gratification, that instant like dopamine. So I hate to say it's not really about them. It's kind of about me.

bernie (32:27.917)


bernie (32:43.223)

bernie (32:48.189)

bernie (32:53.635)

nia (32:56.702)
And maybe I'm not shit, but still, it's you should be.

enjoying them enjoying themselves. Right.

bernie (33:07.891)
Exactly. That's how I agree. It should be, yeah, it should be, you should still, that should still be a factor in part of your enjoyment. But so there was some other conversations that were happening and somebody else brought like, forth an interesting point. And their point was like, basically, they're like, I don't understand this generation and being seeing that like, you know, a sexual incompatibility is like, puts a nail in a relationship and that.

Relationships don't drive just off of sex just because you may not have the same wants. Sexually or whatever doesn't mean that you still can't have a good relationship because there's more to it than that. But it's about partnership, commitment, loyalty, blah blah.

nia (33:46.931)
I agree.

nia (33:50.599)
I agree with that.

bernie (33:53.007)
I do to some degree, but I'm also like, if we really don't mesh sexually and all that other shit is still great and I still am not feeling satisfied or we don't mutually feel that works, then it's like, how do we continue this? Because a relationship, you should be, it's not just like one bucket. It's like all these buckets got to get kind of filled up. Like you need your...

nia (33:56.242)

nia (34:11.586)

bernie (34:22.867)
intimacy you need your you know Getting to know each other and the friendship piece

nia (34:27.298)
can that be worked on? Can that be, you know, can you work towards some type of compromise or some other way to fulfill your fetish or kink or I don't know. Like, I don't know, I just feel like it could be worked on like, because it seems like sex is so like, sex evolves, you know?

bernie (34:43.144)

bernie (34:55.625)

nia (34:58.734)
So for me at least, like if you're, you know, with the same person for a while, yeah, exactly. So like it changes. You're not gonna be like the same, the same shit every single time.

bernie (34:59.535)
And what pleases you now may not please you later. Yeah, and you want to explore. It does change.

bernie (35:12.435)
And it's like, you gotta have that willingness to explore. Otherwise that then goes down to maybe a different conversation of like, maybe you just, that person is just not that into that. And maybe that's possible. I mean, is that possible for somebody just not to be down, like just not be into sex like that? And they're just like, I don't really fuck with sex like that. Yeah, and that's cool too, but that means that like that's an extreme incompatibility though of.

nia (35:33.578)
Yeah, they just might be vanilla. Yeah.

bernie (35:41.527)
them not wanting to even do any of that stuff. And you know like.

nia (35:42.442)
Yeah. Yeah, you can't be vanilla and then your partner is like a certified freak. That's not gonna work.

bernie (35:52.275)
Especially not with you not being wanting to be open to exploring the other shit, too. It just does you can't do the two

nia (36:01.506)
Certified free seven days a week After I said certified free guys like I got it There's no way

bernie (36:04.04)
seven days a week.

bernie (36:16.159)
Yeah, no. But there were some other points that people were talking about in here. And somebody made a good point and said, if you're thinking about cheating, then it sounds like you need to really think hard about the pros and the cons and the relationship and kind of like, what is outweighing what? And yeah, I agree. Cause like, if it's impeding, like if everything else is good in the relationship and that piece is like impeding upon the rest of those things.

to make them not potentially good because of that, then yeah, the relationship is gonna dissolve itself.

nia (36:51.062)
Yeah, I think that's a strong foundation of a relationship, but I don't think it's everything. So I guess everything else is going well. The bills being paid, a household is in order. You, you know, supporting them mentally, emotionally.

bernie (37:14.399)
And the sex is just whack.

nia (37:14.922)
And it's just like, oh, and the sexist, you know, mediocre could be better. I don't know, like we mentioned at the beginning of the podcast, the bills be billing. So if the bills is paid, my coochie gonna be with it. I'm sorry. If the bills is in order, there's other things are like you're

bernie (37:29.567)
They do.

bernie (37:36.221)

nia (37:42.214)
nourishing my mind and I feel safe and I feel valued and things like that. I feel like maybe for a certain amount of time that I am willing to work at ensuring that the sex is not so fucking whack. But there's a clock on that.

bernie (38:02.875)
Okay, so you would make it like...

There's a clock on it. Okay, but what, okay, check this then. It's been five years. As this nigga said, this nigga said.

nia (38:09.834)
Yeah, it's a countdown. Oh, hell no.

bernie (38:21.235)
He said it's been five years, honey. Yeah. Damn.

nia (38:21.833)

bernie (38:28.619)
But he did say that that's his person. He's like, I wanna get old with this nigga. It's just he's not really trying to get down with the get down and I don't know what to do. And then I feel like.

nia (38:38.83)
Five years is brazy.

bernie (38:41.835)

bernie (38:45.371)
I feel like he needs to really have a conversation and sit down with the guy and be like, okay, so here we are in our relationship, everything else is great, but you know that I like a fucking foot in my ass, hypothetically. I like for you to put a Timberland boot on and put it in my ass. Let's just say that's the situation. And

nia (38:50.869)

bernie (39:09.407)
If that's the case, I'm like, hey, that's what I like. You're not willing to do that. It grosses you out. You're not into it. You're not willing to put the fucking boot on. Then I have to say, so I'm telling you that this is an extreme kink of mine that I really, that's just what I like. I like to have that. I'm not saying it needs to be every night, but I'm saying every now and again would be good and they're saying, no, I'm not willing to do that at all. And they're still not willing to stomp a mud hole in my ass with Timberland boots on.

nia (39:28.63)
You gotta say... You gotta put your moods on it!

bernie (39:37.803)
then I'm gonna have to say, then where do you suggest I go to fulfill this and you want to squelch like, you know, my sexual desire? And the conversation is gonna have to be like, well, I don't, you know what I mean? Like you're gonna have to go get it somewhere else. Like you can help me go find the nigger that's gonna willing to put the boot on and put it in my ass and you can watch him do it or we can go together. I mean, how else do you want it? That would be...

nia (40:04.91)
So once a month, once a month you let another nigga put a boot in his ass.

bernie (40:10.431)
Yeah, that would have, I mean, I feel like that's an equal, and you can come with, because I'm telling you that you're my person, everything else is great, but I need this boot in my ass.

bernie (40:23.659)
What do you suppose I do?

nia (40:26.329)

bernie (40:28.311)

nia (40:28.878)

bernie (40:31.235)
What do you suppose I do? Where am I gonna get the boot if you're not willing to put it on?

bernie (40:38.051)
So I feel like there has to be, otherwise if you can't do that, then it's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. Otherwise you're gonna have to put them goddamn boots on.

nia (40:45.342)
Yeah. Cause you try.

Yeah, you're just not fulfilled somewhere. And that's, I mean, that's why people treat, they're not fulfilled somewhere. So they go speaking it somewhere else. So.

bernie (40:55.019)
That's why something's missing in the recipe.

Now, sometimes niggas just be horny as fuck. That can also be part of it. Some niggas just like to fuck. Yeah, some niggas just like to fuck. You like, okay, you just can't stop fucking. This don't have nothing to do, this is not a problem with me. This is everything it's to do with you.

nia (41:04.906)
Yeah, some of the guys just don't have any self-control and they're just like, bad at people. Like, you just wanna fuck. Just have- You just can't stop fucking. That's it. No, it has nothing to do with me. I did nothing. You just- Just like that.

bernie (41:26.289)
And again, that's still the point. That's a greater issue that has still nothing to do with you. That's all in that.

nia (41:36.08)
Yeah. I mean, well, when you put it that way, I guess they got to in that case, you either ended or you either end it in things, you open the relationship or you come to the compromise and you put on the fucking temple and you do what you gotta do. You know?

bernie (41:58.483)
Yeah, those are really the options. Because, yeah, you have to be able to and again, this is part of relationships, right? The whole point is it is about like compromise and partnership and all of that. Like, it's not like compromising where you're like. Changing who you are or having to think of things differently, but it's about making a decision for the both of y'all that fucking works.

nia (42:22.495)

bernie (42:25.683)
and that you agree upon and that makes sense for the dynamics of your relationship.

nia (42:32.738)
Facts. No Johnah Hill shit.

bernie (42:33.871)
Yeah. And right. Right. But otherwise, I feel like most other things are like, you know, you can you can move past some of those things like some of the things I feel like are definitely can be like a hard positive. I don't think a political view. What do you think? Like, I don't think you can like a political view. I can look beyond that as long as it's not something that's more like

nia (43:01.714)
I know people with contrasting political views and they're still together. So that's good for them. Me personally, it really depends on certain things.

bernie (43:05.26)

bernie (43:16.723)
Yes, me too. It's like, do you?

nia (43:19.018)
like certain, I don't think it's like really like party affiliation, it's really like social issues that, because there's just certain things I'm like, I'm not compromising on and I'm not changing my stance on. So

bernie (43:25.031)
No, no, no.

bernie (43:29.575)
That's where it is for me.

bernie (43:39.443)
And yeah, me, certain, there are certain like social views that I think are just innate with like being a good human being, you know what I'm saying? For me, that I'm like, I'm not willing to think differently on that because I'm like, this is just human, human shit. Like, and if you can't even think of that, then yeah, we don't got nothing to discuss. Nah.

nia (43:47.678)
Yeah, exactly. So it's like.

nia (44:00.662)
Yeah, we ain't got nothing to talk about for real. So you can usually find that out within like the first couple of days you'd be like, okay, this is don't like that. Yeah, something's off. Well, this is probably gonna be the last time we meet because I'm not cool with it. So

bernie (44:12.639)
Like something's off. At all.

bernie (44:27.275)
Yeah, nah.

nia (44:30.21)
happened before.

bernie (44:30.452)

bernie (44:34.231)

nia (44:34.422)
But yeah, I don't think that's completely...

you know, completely a deal breaker.

bernie (44:42.943)
No, not at all.

I feel like most things, again, you can really kind of work out except for, yeah, I do feel like you have the sex part. Because again, we got to fuck. Especially if they're not even into fucking night at all. It still is something that's a deal breaker.

nia (45:01.322)
What about like what we talked about last week with like the emotional or covert? Is it covert? Incest? But like, what about like if their family like fucking hates you?

bernie (45:09.607)
Yeah. Covert. Yeah, covert.

bernie (45:21.161)
Oh, we can get over that.

nia (45:24.208)
You could date somebody whose family don't fucking like you.

bernie (45:27.503)
Mm-hmm. Yeah, for sure. No, I'm just... I'm just saying, I'm like...

nia (45:30.646)
Nah, I'm not doing all that petty shit. Especially like if they stick with me like petty or something like, like they sisters or something like that, like nah. Cause I'm not going to let anybody talk to me crazy.

bernie (45:38.559)
No, yeah, they might try and jump you too.

No, I don't know. I feel like it depends on what the relationship that they have with the family and how often is the situation in the occurrences where we got to cross paths. I think it depends on that too. And it depends on what the reasoning behind their dislike for me is.

nia (46:02.814)
I mean, if you like a f***ing human being, then I feel like you kinda did that to yourself, you know? But, I don't know if they just, for some petty reason other than...

bernie (46:08.696)

bernie (46:14.367)
Like I think he's musty and got a big head. And it's like, we just don't like you.

nia (46:17.718)
Yeah, like they just don't like you or you know, they give you a hard time or something like that. Like even if you only see them once a year for like Thanksgiving or something like that. Why do you want to be dreading Thanksgiving or like, oh, we only gonna stay like two hours at your at your family's house because I can't fucking do that shit. Like I don't and I didn't grow up with that. So it's just like, I don't know. Like that just sounds fucking ridiculous and stressful. Like I'm not doing that.

bernie (46:24.511)

nia (46:48.15)
I'm not doing that.

bernie (46:48.199)
I could do it if I knew that everything else outside of everything was good aside from that, then I can bear those five hours for you in an environment that I'm not comfortable in be cut if it's five. And just, I can't, A, I can't guarantee nobody's gonna get beat up. And I can't.

nia (47:02.254)

nia (47:10.686)
I would also say... Go ahead.

bernie (47:14.055)
No, and I feel like that's the only thing I can guarantee. Nobody's gonna get beat up. And I can do it though. Just everybody stay in line.

nia (47:23.302)
Yeah, I can say I won't physically put my hands on somebody, but they will verbally get ate up. Like I will verbally eat that ass up.

bernie (47:29.215)
What about a cousin? What if it was a cousin?

nia (47:34.09)
What do you mean? Oh, if the cousin was gay?

bernie (47:35.191)
You said you wouldn't put your hands on nobody. Yeah. Like I understand maybe not a sister, you don't want to beat up nobody's sister, but if it was a cousin.

nia (47:45.742)
Depends on how close they're like first cousin.

bernie (47:51.491)
Let's say second cousin.

nia (47:54.15)
Oh yeah, they gonna get it. Cause who are you? You're barely related. That's why I...

bernie (47:55.809)

bernie (48:01.267)
You're new to the family just like me.

nia (48:07.438)
Pitch y'all share a great granddaddy right y'all even share a grandparent y'all share second cousins y'all share a great grandfather That's second cousin

bernie (48:15.028)


nia (48:22.082)
Nah, I was gonna say, I won't put my hands on nobody, but anybody ain't gonna get verbally ate up. And you know I'm good for it. You know I'm good for it. And I'm gonna have some in the chamber when I walk in.

bernie (48:24.032)
Nah, they can catch that.

bernie (48:30.568)
Oh yeah.

bernie (48:34.134)
Oh yeah.

bernie (48:38.083)
because I'm already gone now.

nia (48:40.054)
But you know I'm quick on my feet. So I will eat that ass up.

bernie (48:42.135)
Sit and I'm ready.

nia (48:45.398)
But also it would depend on like if my partner really had my back, you know, and was like telling them like, chill the fuck out, you know, like, you know, and like, it's on my side and like have my back. Somebody who's not doing anything and I'm just like there by myself. Yeah, like you're not protecting me. Not standing up for me. I'm not doing that. I know I can hold my own. I will eat your whole fucking family up. But like.

bernie (48:51.095)
that too.

bernie (48:59.687)
I agree. Who's not protecting me?

bernie (49:09.386)
Yeah, that's when I wouldn't do it.

nia (49:14.054)
I shouldn't have to do it. You know?

bernie (49:16.611)
I think that would be the deal breaker for me as well. If you're not protecting me from that and allowing that kind of abuse, then I'd be like, okay, that's a different conversation. And I can't, yeah.

nia (49:27.308)

But yeah, that would, I would consider that a deal breaker for me. Like that's just too much. Sounds good though.

bernie (49:33.795)
Mm-hmm. Yeah, let's add distress and it's not even in direct relationship. So

nia (49:40.684)

bernie (49:42.748)
Okay, should we jump into some of these reddits?

nia (49:46.146)

nia (49:53.801)
Oh, I love how you put like the little, like the little titles here.

bernie (50:00.307)
Just a little sound.

nia (50:02.914)
Damn, it just say damn.

bernie (50:04.843)
Damn. Okay, do that first one.

nia (50:10.006)
The first one?

bernie (50:10.355)
Uh, yeah, I didn't really check the whole situation, but I knew enough to know enough.

nia (50:17.194)
Ooh, this look messy.

nia (50:23.33)

bernie (50:28.878)
Yeah, I saw the dates being dropped girl and I was like, oh you might know

nia (50:32.51)
Wait, wait, wait. So lonely I want to.

bernie (50:41.184)
is so much.

nia (50:43.714)
So much fun fact, okay, I'm gonna read it. The title says, my 38 male fiance told me, 43 year old female, that his paternity test confirms he is the father to a child with a casual one arm fling he had a month before he met me. My fiance, what he describes as a casual fling from about January to March.

of last year. Apparently she only has one arm and he never intended to have a long term relationship with her. I don't know why you have to mention that she got one arm.

bernie (51:19.033)
What does that have to do with anything?

nia (51:23.292)
I skimmed through the rest of it. It has nothing to do with the rest of the story. I'll tell you that right now Okay

bernie (51:30.211)
She said with his one, not a one arm fling. Is she out of her?

nia (51:38.198)
Bitch mad.

She's fucking pissed. Oh, wait. OK. So they had a fling January to March. I started dating him on April 9. We got engaged and made. Wait, whoa.

bernie (51:55.484)
Oh shit.

nia (51:58.407)
He got engaged in May.

bernie (51:58.647)
Bitch, that's shit with you.

nia (52:02.03)
She informed him that she was pregnant, he says, in about April, and he said, he told her that he didn't want the baby and that it was her decision, then he goes to her. The baby was conceived on March 27 and delivered on December 16 of 2022. He then receives a request from the court order paternity test on April 2023. She states in her declaration that they had sex.

between March and May 11th. He took the DNA test in July and then received the results confirming he is the father. He then informed me, I was not aware of any of this until then. He said that he didn't tell me because he wanted to be completely sure he was the father and that he didn't want to stress me out if it was not his baby because the gal has stated that.

stated she was with another man the same week of conception. I had broken up with him. Did I make the right decision or is it?

bernie (53:03.431)
Okay, she didn't have to call her a hoe like that. Because that didn't have nothing to do with nothing.

nia (53:09.214)
She really called her a one-armed hoe. Like... You see... You see how the one arm had nothing to do with this? Like... So she broke up with him, she's saying, did she make the right decision or is this something I can manage with him? I don't have any children. And he has two from a previous marriage, plus this newborn.

bernie (53:18.087)
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

bernie (53:29.835)

nia (53:32.554)
messy boo.

bernie (53:35.491)
I didn't know that's how it was gonna end. I thought she was trying to argue whether or not the baby was his. I'm like, bitch, she already got the DNA, it's his, what you want him to do about it? But, or she was trying to question whether or not we believe he cheated during that time period. I was gonna also say, well, baby, the baby is here. So clearly he did fuck her outside at that time period.

nia (53:42.987)
It's you.

nia (53:52.022)
The baby is here. Right. So also you started dating him in April and got engaged in May.

bernie (53:55.864)

bernie (54:04.499)
Yeah, that's 30 Day Fiance.

nia (54:07.819)
Yeah, like...

bernie (54:10.535)
Yeah, girl, just move on. Because it sounds like it's got so many things that you're... First of all, it's only been... It's August now. So it's only been like four months, what? You already questioning whether or not you should dip out? Oh, this is of the next year. Okay, so it's been... Oh, it's been...

nia (54:21.482)
No, it's not the next year. It's the next year. Mm hmm. She had the baby December 2022. And then she asked for the paternity test April 2023. So like a year after they had been together. Yeah, it takes nine months to have the fucking baby. Remember?

bernie (54:40.151)
That's right, all of that situation, you're right, you're right. Um, I mean, I don't, I mean, is everything else good in the real, I mean, girl, fuck that.

nia (54:50.449)
Oh, fuck that.

Fuck all of it. A newborn?

bernie (54:58.868)
and he has two other kids.

nia (55:05.446)
A newborn? Nah.

bernie (55:07.187)
Okay, but she's been with this nigga. They're engaged and she's been with this nigga for like a year and a half at this point.

nia (55:12.254)
No, see that's why I'm like, okay, we need to at least wait nine months before engagement because I don't want you popping up with no fucking babies because I will fucking lose my shit. We can start dating like dating right away like after a month or whatever but engagement give it at least nine months that I know you're not fucking nobody else because

I'm waiting for that period of a baby to show up.

bernie (55:45.919)
Honestly, that's actually not a bad tactic. Damn.

nia (55:51.342)
Because these niggas ain't worth two dead flies with their wings chopped off.

bernie (55:57.042)

nia (56:01.718)
And that was the same thing my granny used to say.

bernie (56:04.887)
That's kind of fire, your granny snapped on that. Like, yeah, she's much done that. Fuck, just move on, babe. Like if you really don't like, okay, think about it now. Like you're engaged to this man who has three children that are not yours at all. And like, do you wanna have children? You know what I mean? Yeah, and then.

nia (56:07.31)
She kinda ate with that, I'm not even gonna hold you.

nia (56:16.022)
Yeah, no.

nia (56:23.854)
Two baby mamas. And one only got one arm.

bernie (56:29.715)
And the fact that she was really pressed about that too.

nia (56:30.54)

So she's going to need the extra support. She only got one arm. He going to need to be in the household helping her with that baby. She's down an arm. Moms already need, realistically, moms already need like eight arms. They should be octopi.

bernie (56:37.62)

bernie (56:52.569)

nia (56:53.954)
but they only have two arms.

bernie (56:56.947)
ear and she won down so

nia (57:01.918)
and mom's gotta be strong as hell. I've tried to carry a car seat.

this weekend.

bernie (57:12.454)

nia (57:15.158)
with a little baby in it.

bernie (57:17.291)
How did that feel?

nia (57:19.054)
Nigga my legs was buckling. My arm was hurting. Trying to go down the steps I was like ooh.

bernie (57:21.259)

bernie (57:27.417)

nia (57:29.762)
say let me not drop your knees child, but it was heavy.

nia (57:37.426)
I don't understand.

bernie (57:39.559)
Damn, and she got one arm. Oh my goodness.

nia (57:42.382)
She got one arm. So imagine that you got all the bags. What you wanna do with the bags? And you got the baby.

They gonna get back together. She needs to leave.

bernie (57:53.647)
Yeah, she should probably. Yeah. And the fact that again, she's questioning it already at this point. So she may as well just go ahead and move on it. I mean, she's not. She's not, you know, missing out on too much.

nia (57:58.803)
she needs him.

nia (58:12.547)

bernie (58:13.331)
And understand that maybe she jumped the gun anyways and getting engaged because that was too quick, babe. That was too quick, Buki! It's only been 30 days. Cut that shit out, bitch.

nia (58:21.486)
Too quick, Bookie.

bernie (58:28.36)
Yeah, you know what I mean.

nia (58:29.853)
They're crazy.

Thanks for watching!

bernie (58:34.223)
Okay, so I kind of wanted to do this last one because it was really wild, but I want to skip through it. It says 26 year old woman lost interest in seeing after seeing his 20 he's 23 penis for the first time. I've been online dating for a while a bunch of trial and error and yesterday I decided to hang out with this new guy told him I told him and I told myself I didn't want to hook up because I didn't think it was it was best to take our time.

We spent a significant amount of time together, just hanging out, watching movies. Eventually we did end up getting more handsy and began making out. While we were kissing, he led my hands to his pants, which I didn't mind, but his penis was very small and thin. Maybe four inches max. I kept, she said thin, she really had to include that. She said, I still kept playing with it and even gave him head because he wanted it, but it felt really awkward at the size. Oh my God.

nia (59:13.902)
Yes, yeah.

bernie (59:26.059)
We didn't attempt to have sex because I'm on my period and even if I wasn't, I'm not sure how pleasurable it would be. I'm a girl who usually gets really wet down there so sometimes I have to wipe myself and my partner to regain friction since it's so slippery. She said, she got that splash. Okay, all right. Super soaker. She said, I'm afraid with a smaller penis and penetration that it just might not be pleasurable. I feel really bad because I kind of lost interest because no man chooses his size.

nia (59:43.572)
Super, so good.

bernie (59:55.379)
Ultimately, he can't help that he's smaller. I know there are other ways we could probably have fun sexually, but I think he might be a bit vanilla in bed as he doesn't even know what his kinks are, nor can he identify them, even a dom, what a dom or a switch or a sub is. At this point, we might just be sexually incompatible. Anyone here been with a smaller man, but have great sex? How did you do it? I would appreciate any tips on a sex partner who is smaller. No judgmental comments, please.

nia (01:00:26.902)
Baby, you done said all the judgmental comments for us.

bernie (01:00:28.903)
I know you judge this nigga up and down. Just because it is like that, that doesn't mean that the sex might not be good. He might know what he's doing. I think she's also worried about shit that's happening before it happens, but I don't know if I've also taken a four inch dick either. So I don't know if that's.

nia (01:00:40.979)

nia (01:00:46.279)
and a skin.

bernie (01:00:47.727)
and it's them. So I mean, I really think a photograph would help support because you just never know.

nia (01:00:51.562)
Yeah, I mean four is like four inches is one thing but the dick also on a diet plan like I don't know I don't like that

bernie (01:01:03.955)
Especially if you like, yeah, you're gonna want to penetrate. Yeah. I mean, just, yeah, fuck. I mean, if she knows like, yeah, honestly. Yeah. I mean, I feel like she would know best more than anybody else. So if she already knows.

nia (01:01:12.334)
She knows her cooter.

nia (01:01:21.663)
Yeah, and maybe she doesn't want to waste the time getting another body if she doesn't think it's going to be worth it. You know? I don't know.

bernie (01:01:33.271)
That's true. Why set yourself up for something that you already know that isn't necessarily going to be pleasurable unless you are very curious to find out. And it sounds like she's not even curious. She's actually completely turned off.

nia (01:01:44.906)
Yeah, yeah, what's the point? You know.

bernie (01:01:49.264)
Yeah, there's no point.

Curiosity killed the cat.

nia (01:01:57.41)
I don't think it's gonna happen in this case, but...

nia (01:02:02.774)
You know.

bernie (01:02:04.279)
Curiosity, in fact, will not kill the cat. That saying will be debunked.

nia (01:02:07.799)
You ain't killing shit with four.

nia (01:02:13.87)
I don't know, I don't know, maybe they, hey.

bernie (01:02:17.003)
He might clap the cheeks off that bitch with that.

nia (01:02:18.59)
Maybe they, yeah, maybe they putting it down. I don't know. I have no clue.

nia (01:02:26.967)
I would know.

bernie (01:02:26.972)
Yeah, you might clap the cheeks off her with that.

You never know. Again, she doesn't sound curious at all. She sounds disgusted. I would say just don't even do it. You know what I mean? Just don't.

nia (01:02:41.538)
I'm not disgusted. Yeah, just don't. That's why I picked her. She's smart for asking for a pick, because showing up there and then being like.

bernie (01:02:50.867)
No, she saw it. She said they was in the bed and she rubbed on it. She just, she says she...

nia (01:02:55.879)
Oh, she said she felt it.

bernie (01:02:57.779)
Yeah, and she was like, it's just not gonna go in.

nia (01:03:01.888)
Oh, okay. I thought she saw a pig.

bernie (01:03:03.391)
Yeah. No, no, she felt, she felt, she, she seen it in, I mean, she, you know, felt it in person.

bernie (01:03:12.535)
So it wasn't like she just visually sized it, she physically felt it.

nia (01:03:16.174)
She was, yeah, she was there. Oh yeah, good call.

bernie (01:03:22.279)
Yeah, good call. And even if like if again, if you even if you feel like it's not going to be good, don't even waste your time ever with that goes with anything. That goes with anything.

nia (01:03:23.382)
Good call.

nia (01:03:31.815)
Yeah, enough. With anything.

bernie (01:03:37.239)
Feel like it's not gonna be good? Don't even waste your time.

nia (01:03:40.334)
Don't do it, babe. Made the right decision. Choose yourself.

bernie (01:03:41.623)
Don't do it, babe. Don't write, Joe. Yeah. I think that's a good note to end on.

nia (01:03:47.95)
period. Yeah, that was good. That was good. So you guys know where to fuck with us. Fuck with us on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. New episodes every Tuesday. Yeah, same place, same time. Next Tuesday, like we always motherfucking do. Period.

bernie (01:04:16.647)
Okay, all right

nia (01:04:23.319)

bernie (01:04:28.172)
No. Yeah.