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Foot Fetish Kink.. Mother in Law?

August 29, 2023 Season 1 Episode 147
Wise Freaks
Foot Fetish Kink.. Mother in Law?
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This week we dive feet first into the world of foot fetishes! We're spilling the tea on why some of us are head over heels for feet, exploring the awesome realm of kinks, and spicing things up with Reddit's sizzling foot fetish communities. So whether you're curious, a full-blown foot fan, or just along for the ride, join us as we give foot fetishes the attention they deserve in a way that's woke and wickedly fun! 🎙️👣💃

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bernie (00:07.018)
Okay, yeah.

purr (00:09.73)

bernie (00:10.33)
Yeah, I was like, it took a little bit of a second for that red dot to turn on mine.

purr (00:14.534)
Yeah, it was like, okay, don't start. Hey guys, welcome back. It's another episode of Wise Freaks Podcast with your girl, MeZeeFbaby and the Lieutenant. Purr.

bernie (00:17.414)
Yeah, do not.

bernie (00:29.83)
Initial Steps, Dad Burn, AKA Papacito Purr. Yeah, we're back for another episode. We're kind of like revisiting some topics a little bit, but in a different way though, in a different way.

purr (00:39.51)
running it back.

purr (00:43.326)
Yes running it back on a few topics that were

bernie (00:45.075)
But um...

purr (00:50.21)
highly sought after, just approaching it from a different lens, if you will.

bernie (00:57.254)
Yeah. But I'm honestly still shook right now from learning about before we got on here, we were just talking about how you can have local anesthesia BBL where you're just up like that's a normal regular thing that like it's legal to perform that. I'm just still flabby.

purr (01:16.01)
Yeah, I mean apparently it's legal. Um, me personally, I don't want to be awake while you are shoving a tube in and out of my body and sucking the fat out. That visually would fuck me up. Knock me out.

bernie (01:33.298)
Immediately fucked me up. I would literally probably pass out from that alone and being up while I know major surgery's fucking happening. I would.

purr (01:43.402)
And then my thing is, is that included in like the $10,000? Like for the, include the anesthesia or is that like extra? Cause like, why aren't you getting the anesthesia? I don't still want to, put me under. I don't want to be a lady.

bernie (01:43.934)
What the fuck?

bernie (01:55.718)
That part, why are you opting out of it, I guess? I mean, you know what I mean? I feel like the only other, I guess, surgery I know that you can have and be up is for eye surgery. Like if you're getting lay sick or some shit, you're not asleep, you're awake, I guess.

purr (02:11.028)
Oh wow.

bernie (02:13.834)
Because I guess you have to be. Yeah. But.

purr (02:14.29)
anything with the eyes creeps me out.

purr (02:19.198)
I've seen that shit and they just like have your shit open and it's just like...

bernie (02:22.406)
Your shit is peeled open and they just laser your shit down. That, I guess, again, makes more sense to me, but the BBL is fucking insane.

purr (02:26.045)

purr (02:32.438)
That's insane. That's such an invasive surgery. And you just sitting there doing life, both sucking the fat out and redistributing it to your ass. And you awake? No, I just want to wake up with a new body. Like.

bernie (02:47.474)
That part.

purr (02:49.406)
No. That's crazy.

bernie (02:50.358)

purr (02:54.471)
No, thank you.

bernie (02:56.302)
It's crazy the length that people will go through to do it and you know what? I think homegirl and still be big but I think she was like getting it out of her chin and everything too I'm like even in the neck. It wasn't even just in the stomach. This was happening in the neck area. It was a lot

purr (03:01.216)
and still be big.

purr (03:15.842)
There's a lot to do.

bernie (03:18.196)

gracious. Okay, well, please.

purr (03:22.839)
Um, yeah, I'll do your research. Do your research.

bernie (03:28.198)
And this is definitely not surgery gaming at all. It's just like, you know, I feel like they're safe.

purr (03:29.102)

No, do your research and maybe commit to the actual lifestyle change that needs to come with it.

bernie (03:43.302)
Yeah, because it's just gonna come back.

purr (03:45.77)
It's gonna come back.

bernie (03:47.514)
Yeah, and it'll come back in a different way. Sometimes, sometimes works.

purr (03:53.706)
Yeah. Anywho, that was crazy though. We were talking about the wisdom teeth. I was like, yeah, sometimes I've heard that people have had their wisdom teeth taken out and they didn't have they weren't put to sleep. Like they didn't have any anesthesia. They just had, I guess, local anesthesia to numb and everything. But they were awake while the doctor was prying their fucking teeth out.

bernie (03:54.451)

bernie (04:11.162)

bernie (04:15.466)
Fuck that.

bernie (04:20.722)
Yeah, I'm not doing that because when I got my I was sound asleep. Sound asleep. In fact, so much sleep, I would sleep after the fact. When they woke me up, I went right back to sleep.

purr (04:23.234)
Could you imagine?

purr (04:28.211)
I was so knocked out.

purr (04:34.53)

bernie (04:36.104)

purr (04:37.934)

I slept great. They said it only took 30 minutes because my shit was already out. I felt like I slept several years. I was so refreshed.

bernie (04:50.665)

bernie (04:54.576)

bernie (04:59.366)
be an okame. But um, okay, so yeah, what was I watching?

It was a podcast. I want to say it was, I want to say it was winter from bad girls club, her podcast. And they were having this conversation. They both agreed that it's cheating if your man DM somebody back that DMed him first.

purr (05:25.72)

bernie (05:27.09)
That's cheating?

purr (05:30.058)
Yeah, because what y'all talking about?

bernie (05:31.882)

Okay, so if somebody hit your man and was like, hey, and then he'd eat him back like, hey, and then that was all the exchange that happened. That was considered cheating.

purr (05:47.254)
Why are you guys... for what?

bernie (05:50.779)

purr (05:51.414)
Why are you answering a random DM from a random bitch?

bernie (05:55.07)
So what if it's just an exchange to say, hey, thanks for the follow back or whatever.

purr (06:05.066)
Give a fuck. This is the problem with these friendly ass niggas.

bernie (06:12.295)
Okay, wait, that takes me into the other part, which was another question.

purr (06:16.639)
I don't like that.

bernie (06:19.238)
which was the other question that was said this, straight married men, do you start to pursue friendships with straight single women or is this an illusion? So that was kind of like another part of the question is like, can you still have like develop friendships like that or is that like kind of inappropriate?

purr (06:41.774)

straight married men having friendships with single women? I'm just trying to make sure I got this right.

bernie (06:55.507)
No, yeah, that's really it

purr (06:59.217)

For what?

bernie (07:03.806)
That's, I mean, yeah.

purr (07:05.694)
acquaintances like yeah or like you know you're gonna run into people who are fucking single you're gonna have to interact with people who are single like not everyone's in a relationship or married but like to go out and kick it and stuff like that like i'm just thinking about like my parents like they don't have like my dad don't have any fucking female friends my mom don't have any male friends that ain't fucking married

bernie (07:13.313)

bernie (07:26.182)
And he's like, oh, I'm about to go hit the pub and watch the game with Samantha. And it's like, wait, hold up, what?

purr (07:32.066)
Like, who? Bitch, no, I'm coming with you. No, they all hang out together. Or like, no. What?

bernie (07:39.327)

bernie (07:44.167)
Oh god, that's-

purr (07:44.362)
Maybe some people do, but I'm like, I'm just going off of my experiences and they don't do that. That's crazy. That actually sounds crazy. I grew up seeing married people than on solid.

bernie (07:49.326)

bernie (07:54.89)
That sounds weird. Yeah, it do sound a little weird. Yeah, that sounds super weird when you do kind of put it in perspective. But I guess if you, yeah, that is kind of odd to be like, okay, that is like, who is this person? Why are you going? Like I understand you're friends, but like what's beyond this? Like what are you guys getting from this? Like what's happening here?

purr (07:56.854)
That's how I'll put it.

purr (08:15.722)
No, like that? I'm really trying to think now, I'm just like.

No. I'm sure there are people that they, you know, that they see them out, like they speak or whatever. It's not like, oh, I can't ever talk to this bitch ever again because I'm married or whatever, like, or I can't even look at him. But like to hang out, to make plans to hang out.

bernie (08:29.556)

bernie (08:39.414)
Yeah, I think it's kind of like an appropriateness thing too, where it's like, would this like, wouldn't this make my partner a little uncomfortable? Or would this be uncomfortable if this were my partner doing this and telling me that they wanted to go out and go like, okay, this is.

purr (08:43.326)
that's inappropriate.

purr (08:54.366)
It's not even like uncomfortable, the fact that it's uncomfortable for the partner, it's just fucking disrespectful on your part.

bernie (09:03.59)

purr (09:05.366)
Like how crazy does this look and sound?

bernie (09:08.046)
It looks and sounds crazy, so why open the door?

even if it's innocent.

purr (09:14.294)
Unless it's like business related, I don't know.

bernie (09:17.522)
Okay, I think that's different. If it's business related, I feel like go get this money. But I mean.

purr (09:19.949)
That's it.

purr (09:23.778)
So back to the DM thing, like someone's just like, hey, the fuck are you messaging back for? It's not about no money or what? So what, it's gotta be about some pussy then, or that you thought you may have a shot at some pussy. Why are you messaging that?

bernie (09:39.218)
Yeah, okay. That's fair. I was just trying to see if it would be, you know, if it was, so what I guess, well, this is exactly what happened. She DM this. So this girl has said this weird ass comment underneath her thing to winter. And then she, she was like, okay, cool, this wouldn't be weird. Let me go find her page, found her boyfriend DM him was like, Hey, handsome, he DM back like, Hey, what's up. And then she took that DM screenshot and send it to homegirl and was like, Yo man cheat, bitch.

purr (09:53.796)
us up.

bernie (10:09.538)
And then it was like, is that cheating?

purr (10:12.571)
And she was blatantly flirting too and he going to respond. Nigga, I would not.

bernie (10:16.762)
The end.

purr (10:19.966)
your head in a hole 360.

bernie (10:23.442)
I feel like he should have been like me. What I do, I'm the kind of person where I'm always like, I'll ask him. I'll be like, who is this in my DM? This your friend? Like, you know what I mean? I'm like, I'll be checking. I'm like, just to let you know who this is, I looked. Is this your friend? Cause I don't, I don't. Is that your friend? He couldn't.

purr (10:24.042)
if you think you can play it my selects.

purr (10:37.39)

purr (10:43.394)
That's your friend? Ain't that your friend? Oh.

purr (10:51.278)
Oh, no, that's yeah, I like I like that. I like bringing it to the Yeah, I like bringing it to her like or I like this one Someone texting like who texting us, babe? Who's who texting us?

bernie (10:54.076)
I'm just open door communication.

straight on the table.

bernie (11:05.146)
Yeah, who takes those things? Yeah, okay.

purr (11:09.911)
Look who DM'ed us. Like, yeah, we looking at it together.

bernie (11:14.022)
Yeah, let's go ahead and see through this because we can we can check this all out because I'm just like let's have an open communication because that's where things get confused when you don't have the conversation like you know exactly what the fuck this is. But yeah, I guess I could see that for him to get back like she hit you up hey handsome you say hey what's up like what did you think she was gonna ask you. And I feel like he should have even known, though, that seemed weird.

purr (11:23.179)

purr (11:27.064)
That's like, they don't know.

purr (11:32.942)
Woohoo, goodbye. Get the fuck out my house.

bernie (11:43.747)
You know what I mean?

purr (11:46.186)
Why I think it's our dumb I tell you but you can't see that this was a blatant trap And you fell for it Just stupid

bernie (11:53.926)

purr (11:58.07)
It is dumb.

bernie (11:59.83)
Mm-hmm. That would have definitely done my due diligence and research, look through, like, come on. You gotta be smart.

purr (12:02.146)
Cheers to that.

purr (12:08.973)

purr (12:13.862)
I would, ooh, mm-mm, I don't like that.

purr (12:20.466)
All right, shall we get into our baby fovles?

bernie (12:24.459)
Oh, yeah.

purr (12:26.089)
or mothers.

bernie (12:28.294)
Ooh, you got a mother this week.

purr (12:30.994)
I have a mother. This is a good mother. Great mother.

bernie (12:34.013)

Who do we have?

purr (12:39.874)
So my pick this week is no other than Victoria Monet.

bernie (12:45.698)
Oh my goodness, absolutely. Absolutely fucking LULLY. Yeah.

purr (12:47.47)
because she just dropped a fucking album and she dropped the fucking video to All My Mama. And that shit is fire.

bernie (12:55.719)

It's cute. I really like her. I just downloaded her album. I meant to listen to it this weekend, but I'm going to get to it. How was it?

purr (13:07.402)
I only listened to like a little bit of it, but I liked it. I didn't get to like play it through as many times as I wanted to because I was busy this weekend.

bernie (13:10.874)
Yeah, I mean, it is a good thing.

bernie (13:18.086)
Yeah, you know, you got to like digest and like live with the album and like, yeah.

purr (13:21.47)

bernie (13:24.83)
but I really like her a lot.

purr (13:24.994)
But that music video, child, she can dance her ass off.

bernie (13:29.054)
She can dance her fucking ass off. She can really dance her ass off. I'm like, she needs to get the notoriety. And I literally was just having this conversation about how it's so many fucking artists that are just, we're seeing so many popular artists, but not the talented ones. And Victoria is the talented ones that need to be pushed up there. Like, let's see more of her because she actually has the talent. She writes, she dances, she sings. Like, come on. All that.

purr (13:32.482)
That shit was so good.

purr (13:55.978)
on it.

bernie (13:58.563)
And she looks fucking great.

purr (13:59.07)
Yeah, and she looks fucking amazing. Yeah, she her pen is undeniable. She's been writing songs for Ariana Grande. Who else? Yeah, she's been writing songs. Her pen is known out here in these in these streets. Yeah.

bernie (14:06.119)

bernie (14:13.564)
I think she wrote for like Chloe and Halle on their last album.

It's long.

Yeah, for real.

purr (14:25.326)
She's just been keeping it cute for y'all because I think she just likes to be low key.

bernie (14:30.762)
I think so too, but I'm glad she's stepping into it because she has it.

purr (14:35.246)
she has it.

bernie (14:36.126)
She has it. And her man is fine.

purr (14:39.676)
She's taking it.

bernie (14:41.574)

purr (14:44.221)
Oh, she's taking it.

bernie (14:45.298)
Oh, she's... Like, when did it be with... They started, they're like, what the fuck is that?

purr (14:52.355)
I never would have thought that would be used in that context.

bernie (14:55.31)
No, I never would have. I mean, it makes sense, yes, but like, I just never thought she'd be like, oh, she's taking it. Oh, she's taking it.

purr (14:59.57)
They're so stupid.

purr (15:04.394)
taking it. She's taking it.

purr (15:10.598)

bernie (15:12.762)
Okay, so my baby daddy this week, I mean, it's Bad Bunny. I don't think I've actually ever had Bad Bunny before, but it's definitely Bad Bunny because the photo. Did you see the photo?

purr (15:20.611)
you have.

bernie (15:26.29)
Honey, yeah, you got to see the photo. Well, this is what happened the photo. He actually posted it up It's a little piece of some dick in it. It's just only the top and I could be imagine I could only be imagining but

purr (15:39.415)
Ha ha!

purr (15:44.85)
Why should that be anything?

bernie (15:46.514)
Somebody went and took the photo and brightened it up so we could see it. And.

purr (15:53.859)
Oh, I just see Bush, honey.

bernie (15:56.814)
Okay, I thought I saw a tip of a penis, but maybe I imagined.

purr (16:00.766)
Oh, oh, okay. Perhaps.

bernie (16:03.762)
You see it? Perhaps.

purr (16:12.712)

bernie (16:13.886)
But it wasn't really posted originally that light. I think, like I said, somebody went and brightened the photo up just to make it more apparent for everybody else to see. Yeah.

purr (16:24.583)
Oh my.

Um, okay. I do feel like that's a dick. I do feel like that's a piece of dick.

bernie (16:30.715)

bernie (16:34.382)
I, okay, it's a piece. And he knew what he was doing. It's a small piece. And you know.

purr (16:37.791)
It's a small piece.

but oh I see the original picture. Y'all were really working overtime to brighten that picture up because the original picture is dark.

bernie (16:47.652)

bernie (16:51.87)
Very dark.

purr (16:52.778)
Wow, people need to find jobs.

bernie (16:57.326)
This is goddamn AI.

purr (17:02.306)
They fuckin' wow.


bernie (17:06.47)
The internet is gonna end in that. That's why no matter what it is, anything can go. You never know. But yeah, I had to pick him just because of that. I saw that come across and I said, absolutely, absolutely. Thank you for blessing us with this, sir. We so appreciate it. We so appreciate it as a community.

purr (17:22.963)


purr (17:35.202)
Thank you for your service, sir.

bernie (17:35.338)
But yeah, he's still with Kendall Jenner, child.

purr (17:43.756)

bernie (17:45.162)

purr (17:47.797)

bernie (17:49.991)
I'm like...

purr (17:50.146)

bernie (17:53.258)
You know, if they like it, I'll love it.

I'm out.

purr (17:58.231)

bernie (18:03.338)
But those are, that's good. Victoria Monet and bad boi. Bad boi.

purr (18:08.246)

bernie (18:18.474)
So, the Reddit this week y'all. So we're talking about foot fetishes, foot jobs, you know, foot worship, foot, all of the foot shit.

purr (18:32.522)
all the freaky foot shit.

bernie (18:34.486)
I know we talked about this before on the past episode of if you're new here, hello. Foot fetish is, you know, having a liking toward feet. It could be the soles, the toes, you know, maybe you wanna suck them. Some people insert them, you know, into their butts, vaginas, whatever, you know, however they wanna do it. Some people suck them. Some people just like to watch the feet do certain things.

put them, you know, all kinds of things. Yeah, you can tell fuck.

purr (19:06.286)
You're in tow-foot?

bernie (19:12.974)
Now, I'm not gonna say I haven't had a toe in my ass before once.

bernie (19:27.998)
So the call may have been coming from inside the house, and it was great. It was great. That was a great time. I wouldn't complain at all. In fact, I recommend. Uh, big toe.

purr (19:52.618)
bigger than a thumb. I can't do that.

bernie (19:54.99)
Depending on who's feet, you know what I mean?

purr (19:57.982)
And then y'all be having big, see, that's the whole thing. And you're like, oh yeah, that'd be cool. But then you looking at your, your thumbs and then your toes. I'm like, I got little cute toes. And then y'all be having these big old Fred Flintstone ass toes. And like, I don't know about that going in my room.

bernie (20:00.062)

bernie (20:11.866)
You're like, okay, that would be cool.

bernie (20:18.674)
You're like, okay, hold on now, nigga. That's the big, hold on. Ho, ho, ho.

purr (20:21.678)
Hold on, why you got these big ass knuckles, big ass toes?

bernie (20:27.258)
And you know what? I was just looking at a random poll too, that it was just talking about how like, it's more often that men share more of having the foot fetish as opposed to women.

purr (20:40.234)
Yeah, I've actually never heard of it.

bernie (20:40.914)
But more women are open to it, but men, typically the fetish lies more with men.

purr (20:47.558)
Yeah, I've never... well, as of recently, now that more women are coming out talking about they eat niggas ass, I have been seeing like they subtoes too. So with this new wave of eating ass, they're like, well fuck it, the toe can't be that bad, if he can't be that bad, we eat niggas ass.

bernie (20:58.399)

bernie (21:13.498)
and now I'm eating nigga ass and now we eating a nigga ass. But yeah, honestly, I think it's like also we're in a little bit of this era where like, and I'm glad where like women are more like, okay, no, we're taking control. Like, no, we, yeah. You know what I mean? We're making the decision.

purr (21:17.146)
in the ass. That's it.

purr (21:36.414)
I want them to bring back shame. I'm opposite. I want them to bring back shame.

bernie (21:39.224)
I'm gonna do that!

purr (21:48.214)
We need to start bullying these bitches. Like this is out of control. The sexy red, the sukeys, like, okay. Shh. Maybe, maybe y'all was out, maybe there was a whole movement of girls eating niggas ass, but we didn't have to put that on the floor like that. We didn't have to put that out there. And now they all know, now everybody thinking that we eat niggas ass.

bernie (21:52.271)
But yeah, I had your bc in my ass.

bernie (22:08.97)
We have to tell everybody.

purr (22:16.822)
You know what I'm saying? That was supposed to be a secret.

bernie (22:20.206)
Right. And now everybody know. And now, you know.

purr (22:25.098)
you shouting it from the fucking rooftops like hold on that was supposed to be and there's no shame about it was like it seems like that like back then Okay, maybe I did it again But I'm not saying that I'm never gonna say that like I'm taking that to the brain Right, but now y'all just yeah, we

bernie (22:37.422)
Oh, back then, yeah.

bernie (22:44.262)
And you know that he not gonna say nothing either.

bernie (22:53.898)
I'm gonna go get some water.

purr (23:00.103)
Every? Everyone?

bernie (23:02.226)
Yeah, they be out here.

purr (23:03.818)
That's scary. Do you know how some straight men take care or should I say don't take care of their ass?

It's scary.

bernie (23:16.33)
That's the part for me that I'm like, okay, yeah, you lost me. You lost me.

purr (23:24.454)
Uh-uh. Baby, y'all better than me.

bernie (23:26.078)
Cause you have to be prepared for that. Like you can't just like have what that shit happen.

purr (23:33.986)
y'all better than me. That is a scary, scary God.

Bring back Shay.

bernie (23:44.275)
Bring back some...

purr (23:48.598)
Bring back, in this case bring back bullying. Cause I can't.

bernie (23:48.678)
Okay, wait, so here was this other thing too, the first one. And this is, so it's actually a thread on Reddit where it's called foot fetish talks. And it says different foot fetish kinks. It says people generalize foot fetish, but even though two people have foot fetish, they both might enjoy different things. So like, I like sizes five to six and a half. Really colorful socks are a turn on for me. That's a little foot.

purr (24:11.457)

purr (24:15.03)
That's tinier than my feet!

bernie (24:18.074)
a little video for it. He said especially if the socks are mitchmatched love seeing a girl take her shoes and socks off. A lot of us probably enjoy that one. I also love it when a girl goes barefoot in places that soars or seeing them barefoot outside. I also love messy feet when a girl likes to play in mud barefoot, squishing food. See that's what I'm talking about. You have a squishing food and like standing in mud and yeah okay and stuff between their toes. Also love bare feet up on the dash of the car.

Really bright polish really does it for me and especially love multicolor toes.

purr (24:54.507)
Okay, that's so specific.

bernie (24:54.73)
So really, it can really vary, like even that far in depth. See, my like for feet, not even going that far to where I'm like particular about what they sitting in and the socks and the shoes. And that just goes really far in depth. I think that's where it more is like, it lies into like a kink and not a fact.

purr (25:15.07)
Yeah, I think, I mean, I do like, I feel like it looks crazy. It's not like this. But for example, when a girl wears heels and stuff like that, and the toes is just like the toes is telling you know, like the polish is on point. You had a pedicure. And it just looks good. Like it's like, okay, that just topped off the bad bitch. You know what I'm saying? Like

bernie (25:31.006)

bernie (25:37.258)
Mm-hmm. Like it looks, yes, yes it does, it does.

purr (25:42.798)
Because imagine you did that and you don't have any polish on. Everything else is going, and you're skinning the bitch down, and you get down to her feet, no polish, the heel a little crusty, and it's just not. You're like, oh, damn. I thought she was a bad bitch. I don't want no more.

bernie (25:56.006)
You're like, come on now, boo.

bernie (26:00.634)
Yeah, it is something to be said about just the general upkeep.

purr (26:07.23)
Yeah, yeah, I can appreciate the aesthetic.

bernie (26:09.396)
It really is. Regardless, I feel like whether you're super into this year or not, you want somebody that has.

See you soon, feet.

purr (26:17.342)
And for guys, I feel like just to have, I know you've had to encounter men with bad feet.

bernie (26:27.95)
Oh yeah, keep them goddamn socks on.

purr (26:31.286)
Yeah, but just, you know, a decent foot that's not crusty. You know, and you gotta have like a clear polish on and everything, the toenails is trimmed down. It's not crusty. That, you know, you don't have a crazy bunion or corns and stuff like that's cool. I like that.

bernie (26:39.678)
Hell yeah.

bernie (26:48.586)
I don't know if it's deal breaker.

bernie (26:53.618)
That's cool, yeah, that's cool. I don't know, again, I don't know if it's like a deal breaker as like teeth are for me. Like if you have like the bad dental hygiene, then that's where I'm like, okay, this is, that's a deal breaker. But like feet, like bad feet hygiene, I'm like, nah, you know what I mean? Like upkeep or whatever. I'm like that, you can work on that. The dental part is hard, you know, you gotta wake up and you know, you look over and the shit is going different ways. Or you know what I mean, stuff like that.

purr (27:03.604)

purr (27:23.766)
Don't you know what set are you grabbing? It's wild.

bernie (27:23.992)

bernie (27:29.414)
Yeah, I can't, that's hard to look by.

purr (27:33.238)
Yeah, that's true. That's smart because you can keep your socks on. You know, how often are you really encountering feets but teeth, you know, you're wrapping it. That's right there.

bernie (27:38.034)
Like that's not a problem.

bernie (27:47.764)

Yeah, that's a tough one for me. That is.

purr (27:51.127)

That's a deal breaker. It's a show.

bernie (27:59.386)
Okay, so a lot of people are saying that they like the soles of the feet, which I feel like that's a pretty common one. And then foot jewelry, you know, like, I feel like that trend has kind of left a little bit though, where like the ankle bracelets, the little ankle it's and stuff like that. I'm learning that. Oh, you do keep an ankle it? Yeah.

purr (28:13.342)
Oh, I'll keep an ankle in, baby. I'll keep an ankle in.

purr (28:19.666)
I keep angling on. I just think it looks like, I don't know. I think it just makes everything look a little more like, cute, I don't know.

bernie (28:21.45)
I'm gonna have to give me more.

bernie (28:29.038)
It's cute. Yeah, it's cute. You know, just adds like a little flavor.

purr (28:38.073)
I used to have a toe ring.

bernie (28:38.278)
Okay, maybe they're coming back. You said what?

purr (28:42.582)
I used to wear a toe ring back in the day.

bernie (28:44.794)
Oh really? Is that uncomfortable though? Or like awkward? Do you forget that it's honor?

purr (28:52.682)
I mean, I only wore it with sandals and stuff. I don't think I would wear it with a gym shoe.

bernie (28:56.806)
Oh yeah, okay. Yeah.

purr (28:59.126)
But yeah, I'm told right.

bernie (29:01.982)
That's cute!

purr (29:04.306)
I thought it was cute. I was thinking about doing another one. Mom, do bitches be wearing tail rings now?

bernie (29:09.126)
I don't know, let's bring it back. I feel like that was definitely some like, kind of like 2000s, like early type shit, yeah.

purr (29:18.186)
Yeah, it's kind of getting like, it might be getting arty, but I'm okay with it.

bernie (29:25.17)
You think it gives Auntie a little?

purr (29:27.914)
It might be given to Auntie like, your Auntie had a toe ring. Like, no?

bernie (29:36.106)
Maybe, maybe a little, you're right, maybe it's a little Auntie, but it's like Auntie Splash with like, okay, I'm a cool bitch though. You know? Yeah.

purr (29:43.402)
Yeah, like the cool auntie, rich auntie. She got no kids, but you know, she be on vacation. But when she come back, she always bring you a gift.

bernie (29:53.198)
Right. Very that.

purr (29:55.914)
Yeah, very much that. Yeah, toe rings. I don't know, that was just always, seemed like back in the day that was like, I.T. vibes.

bernie (30:01.555)

bernie (30:07.354)
It kinda was. It kinda-

purr (30:12.418)
But I keep my little anchor. I love my anchor.

bernie (30:16.458)
I'm gonna have to give me one, like, just like a little, like, yawn situation.

purr (30:21.566)
It just dresses up like I feel like you can have on a basic shoe and it helps dress it up. You know, like sometimes you just have heels that don't have the strap on it. I think like a strap on the heel just kind of gives, you know, something extra to the heel. Yeah. So if you don't have that, you have a strapless heel and then you got the ankle.

bernie (30:28.891)

bernie (30:36.99)
like elevator a little bit.

bernie (30:46.362)
Yeah, it kind of adds a little length.

bernie (30:55.071)
What's this?

purr (31:02.395)
Okay, so this next one says to the foot fetish folks what makes them attracted to you? They don't they don't really interest me sexually but I wanted to know what makes them like a turn-on for you for the people who do have a foot fetish.

purr (31:23.018)
I feel like you kind of described that in the last one, like some people are really into souls, some people are really into tiny things.

bernie (31:31.478)
Yeah, and I think it can be in the way that you maybe see them. Some people can see them like both as non-sexual and sexual too. Like where they just want to like have the feet on their face and like it has nothing to do with anything sexual. There's no penetration, everybody's clothes are on, but they like that. Where some people want to...

Obviously like get a fucking foot job or you know toe in their ass or suck the feet, you know or whatever

purr (32:07.214)
Tonya's is wild.

bernie (32:11.495)
I actually, I think it's so innovative. It's very forward thinking. It's very, it's very 2020, 30.

purr (32:20.167)
It is, it is, like you're ahead of your time.

You're a heavy hotel.

bernie (32:26.487)
I had a... I had a fucking car.

purr (32:28.63)
like he really was like yo I want you to put your foot in my ass

bernie (32:33.402)
And you know, that's just some shit where you're like, you know what, like, since we here. Yeah.

purr (32:41.186)
Since you just got the, you know, you just got a pay cut or whatever.

bernie (32:46.09)
I'm gonna go to bed.

purr (32:48.514)
That's like when you like, you've been fucking for a real long time and you ain't read out of shit to do and you just like, put your toe in my ass. Put your toe in my ass.

bernie (32:55.258)
Low key! What is that really happening with you? You've been fucking for a long time. You're like, hmm, well we done did that position already. Whoa, go back, go back this way. No, no, go this way. Look.

purr (33:03.904)
We can do that.

Hey, I got an idea. This might be crazy, but I got an idea. Hear me out. Put your toe in my ass.

bernie (33:13.706)
You're like, I ain't never did that before. All right. That is so true. When you do be fucking for a while, you do rerun out of shit to do. You're like, wow, you did that before. All right, fuck me in the kitchen. All right, now hold on. Fuck me in the living room on the table. All right.

purr (33:16.706)
Bye. Yeah, hm, okay, that's right. Wait.

purr (33:34.884)
Try something else. Oh my god.

bernie (33:37.459)
by the front door.

purr (33:43.83)
Oh my god, yo that's so crazy, the toe. Ain't that it? Some people were saying in that Reddit, they talked about how they kind of equate feet to like seeing breasts or butt.

bernie (34:04.914)
That's an interesting perspective for me because...

purr (34:09.718)
how big they are, how small they are, color of the toenails, the veins are not, the smell, the souls, dirty souls, cleaner, dirty souls, like.

bernie (34:22.702)
Yeah, the dirty feet is where I'm like the line is drawn because I'm like that is crazy. That's out of pocket

purr (34:27.762)
I can't stand when people's souls, their feet be fucking black.

bernie (34:31.774)
Yeah, nah. Not hell nah. Where are you at?

purr (34:33.782)
What y'all doing?

purr (34:38.002)
and it had to take a long time for them to get like, you know what I'm saying? Like

bernie (34:41.422)
Yeah, go skate in the tub boo

purr (34:45.648)
Please let's go skate on two bars of soap.

bernie (34:50.555)

purr (34:56.091)
No, I don't really like feet like that.

Like if people put their feet on me, I really have to fuck with them because I really don't like feet like that.

bernie (35:10.118)
I remember Bri used to be super particular about not having a feet on her bed ever. She was like, absolutely not. Do not put your motherfucking feet on my bed. She hated it. She wouldn't even put her own feet on her bed. She was very particular. Like, I don't know. Girl feet just up in the air and shit, in a hammock. Now I'm just playing. No, she didn't. She just was hanging out over the edge of the bed. Just really not.

purr (35:19.412)
I can feel that.

purr (35:23.704)
Oh, she went.

purr (35:28.45)
So what she was asleep over her feet out of the fucking bed.

purr (35:34.72)
Feet hanging out the bottom of the bed.

purr (35:41.658)
Don't feed my bed, absolutely not.

Oh my god. No, my nose is so wet. Not even gonna go out.

bernie (35:48.206)
Absolutely that.

bernie (35:54.382)
Yeah, that shit's kinda funny.

bernie (35:59.934)
No, even.

purr (36:01.25)
Oh, I really don't like feet. I don't like, I'll say this, I don't like when you can see all the bones in people's feet. Some people have really bony feet, and I don't like that. I prefer if your feet a little fit. Like baby feet, they still got meat on them, so they don't freak me out like that. They're so cute and supple. But then y'all grow up and y'all get these big old.

bernie (36:11.526)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like where's the meat on the bones of your feet? Yeah. Like they got some meat on them.

bernie (36:25.522)

purr (36:30.25)
stretched out, bany, long, bony feet. How like.

bernie (36:37.266)
See, but I am picky about the toe setup though. Like if the other toes is like longer than the biggest long one that's supposed to be the long, like if your shit ain't set up like the AT&T boards.

bernie (36:50.682)
Or even if it's a little higher or if they're even, that's cool.

purr (36:54.178)
I know what you're talking about when that second toe be hanging out over that.

bernie (36:57.598)
that motherfucking toe be across that fucking sandal. Why is that so goddamn long?

purr (37:02.914)
Yeah, why is that so long?

purr (37:09.708)
Yeah, I hope.

bernie (37:11.662)
Yeah, no, I don't get you.

bernie (37:18.33)
Ooh, okay, here's this next one. Says my mother-in-law knows about my foot fetish. Okay. My wife and I have been married for five years. She's 27, her mom's 50. The fuck I got to do with anything. My wife doesn't mind my fetish and she lets me do whatever I desire with her beautiful size knife. Ooh, ooh. I swear my mother-in-law knows about my foot fetish since she's always getting pedicures every week. What the fuck? We go visit them every Sunday for supper. Let's just put it this way.

purr (37:25.109)

bernie (37:46.514)
Her feet are gorgeous and I always fantasize, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on, about them in every way possible. Weird thing is she always asks me if I like the color of her toes and she loves to show, she loves to always ask if, okay, she loves to show off her soles whenever possible. At this point, I'm afraid to ask my wife whether she shared with her mom about our sex life. I'm fully aware that nothing will ever happen between my mother-in-law and I, but I low key look forward to going to visit her every Sunday and seeing a new color on her toe.

purr (38:23.919)
This is kind of a lose-lose situation.

bernie (38:26.002)
This is a very much lose situation.

Oh my goodness.

purr (38:30.978)
Because in one scenario, she told her mama that you have a foot fetish. And now she's like capitalizing on it and basically teasing you every time you come over Sunday for supper. On the Lord's Den. At that.

bernie (38:39.186)

bernie (38:47.363)
On the Lord's Day!

purr (38:50.69)
shame. And then to, I don't know, I feel like now you're disclosing that you kind of like that your mom has, like that your mother-in-law has been doing this to your wife.

bernie (39:05.376)
Yeah, I just-

Or even the fact that like, I'm thinking of the other side of it not going well in the sense of him telling his wife that and she's like, I never told her anything like that. And he's like been perceiving that she's been doing all these things with her feet. And she's really not.

purr (39:19.147)

purr (39:23.058)
Exactly. Yeah, and it's just kind of in his head and he's basically been getting off on it and she is innocent in this whole thing.

purr (39:38.166)
That's why it's giving loose loops. Like I say. I think you just might have to keep it to yourself.

bernie (39:41.158)
I, ooh, keep it to yourself and don't tell nobody.

bernie (39:48.55)
Yeah, like some things you just don't have to just say out loud.

purr (39:48.866)

bernie (39:56.386)
Yeah. And that's fine. That's like, that's okay. What did they say? What happened to the cat?

purr (39:56.462)
Sometimes you just gotta wander.

purr (40:05.07)
curiosity killed it.

bernie (40:05.178)
Isn't there a thing? Yeah, curiosity killed the cat. What happened to the cat?

purr (40:14.866)
Yeah. You got teased up by curiosity.

bernie (40:17.226)
Exactly. So shut your curious ass up, nigga. Don't even do it.

purr (40:18.826)
to mind his fucking business. Hehehe

purr (40:24.97)
mother in law probably don't even know what the fuck going on and he just horny looking at some feed

bernie (40:28.22)
has no idea.

Or it could be her husband could be in to feed and she'd be clowning for him.

purr (40:36.063)

purr (40:39.81)
But he said that she was always like, you like this color that I got? I got a new color.

bernie (40:47.174)
Maybe she's checking for her husband and wants a guy's perspective.

purr (40:53.91)
Yeah, because she's getting them done every week. It sounds like something going on with the feet. She either got an only feet to count, or because who gets a pedicure every week?

bernie (40:58.77)
Something else is going on at home.

bernie (41:06.598)
Yeah, you don't really need to go every week, though.

purr (41:08.154)
Even when I was going consistently, it was like every two, like every week.

bernie (41:13.93)
Something else going on at home. I think that nigga's just curious.

purr (41:16.278)

purr (41:26.198)
He didn't tell her on herself, honestly.

bernie (41:28.18)

purr (41:35.646)
I just did that one. It was fun.

purr (41:43.938)
Yeah, we just did that one.

bernie (41:46.899)
Which one?

purr (41:49.322)
uh... I just bought up the mother and mom one.

bernie (41:56.518)
Oh, here's this next one. My boyfriend, 21, she's 24, may have just broken up with me over his foot fetish, not because I just like the fetish, but because he took it way too far. So I don't know how to talk to anybody about this. Girl, shut up. I don't wanna go through all that bullshit. My boyfriend has a foot fetish. He and I have been together for over a year now. I'm his first long-term girlfriend. I always said that we had a very healthy relationship, most healthiest I've ever had.

He's the first guy I ever fully trusted. When he came to me first about the fact that he was attracted to feet, I was freaked out. I didn't understand it. He also sprung it on me a little out of nowhere. I quickly came to understand and even felt kind of into it. We have extremely high sex drives and we incorporate feet into it quite a bit. He honestly is the sweetest and most openly emotional guy I've ever met. The only problem is he watches a lot of porn. He didn't tell me this directly. He picked it up from a little thing that, I picked it up from little things that he said.

As our relationship progressed, he slowly had a harder time finishing as well, despite being horny and initiating the sex. In my gut, I knew something was up. I tried to ask him if there was anything that he wanted to tell me. And a few weeks ago, and he said, no, fast forward to last night, he didn't come home from work. We live a couple hours apart and he is pretty what some of a, some might call clingy. So despite that, we're super close. I always found it to be cute. He would text me and call me every night. He

Okay, come on girl, let's get to the point. I thought maybe he had gotten to a car accident. I started to blah, blah. I was panicking only two hours after he was supposed to be home. I called his phone a bunch. They said there were no accidents matching his name. She called the police. She was doing all of this. Okay, girl, she was doing the absolute fucking most.

Yeah, and then it says, I finally hear from him as I'm heading over. And it turns out that he had been arrested. He had been in jail overnight because after getting off work, he drove to a park, approached women that had been at festivals and asked them if he could see their feet. Okay, hold on a goddamn minute.

purr (44:09.198)
I wasn't expecting that.

bernie (44:11.05)
I was not expecting this. Holy, hold on a goddamn minute. He apparently had watched the videos of men interviewing women about their feet and had the idea. They called the cops on him and honestly good for them. He was arrested and booked that evening.

bernie (44:39.35)
Nigga, what is going on? Come on, dawg.

I started crying so much because throughout our relationship I have been nothing but understanding and open minded and just as horny as he is. There is no reason he should have gone to anybody else for that. Anything he's interested in doing I have been down for. I'm a reasonably beautiful girl. I'm in shape. I'm smart, good pussy, good sense of humor. No. She was reading her stuff. I know that's right, Queen. Own it. Okay, hold on. I was a good girlfriend. Okay, she's doing a lot. She's trying to like she said, but how can...

She's just confused. He's been begging me to tell him how much I mean to him and confess that. She said, how do I not know he won't relapse? He told me that he hadn't come to me earlier about his porn addiction only because he was embarrassed and ashamed, but I don't understand because I asked him if there was anything that he wanted to tell me recently. He said, no. After he told me everything, I watched some of these feet interviews where men approached girls, asked them about their feet, and they don't touch the girl's feet.

He was also not going to do so but it still makes me uncomfortable that he was Seeking out other women for a tension and in the most mundane of public places I also feel bad for the girls he approached because I too would have been uncomfortable if a random guy approached me like that Guys are the foot frets. What are your thoughts on my story? Can he change can this porn addiction go away with someone is willing to work hard on it? He all he really does love me. My trust just feels violated

bernie (46:19.229)
This was...

purr (46:19.47)
She's asking, is he cheating? Can he change? Bitch, not only did he cheat on you, there was also sexual arrest, which is why he was arrested.

bernie (46:27.102)

purr (46:44.034)
Oh my god, oh my god, the comment under that literally says it. It says, I'm seeing comments about how what he was doing is cheating, seeking out sexual fetishes from other women, which is absolutely true. But to me the huge glaring issue is that he is sexually harassing strangers.

bernie (46:58.448)

bernie (47:02.734)
I'm cheating on something that can be worked on.

bernie (47:10.154)
Okay, he kinda ate down.

purr (47:10.702)
She is something that can be worked on through sometimes. But if a guy is getting off on sexually harassing women, that is absolutely disgusting and should be 100% instant deal breaker. I'm sorry. The fact that you don't.

bernie (47:26.586)
Yeah, and that somebody does beg a good point like forget that he's interfeited. He just sexually harassed multiple women at a festival unwarranted. So much so that they had to call the cops and he was arrested and booked.

purr (47:34.422)
What is it called?

purr (47:41.754)
and booked.

bernie (47:45.307)
I mean, it's just incredibly insane. And I really definitely feel like I understand her disgust and disdain. And it's not about anything else, sweetie. I think you should just kind of move forward because this is an issue that lies deep within that will not be fixed with you, my dear.

purr (48:01.206)
He didn't even find someone who was willing to engage in foot fetish things. He was just going up to people at a park during a festival and was asking if he could see their feet in weird shit.

bernie (48:24.622)
Yeah, that goes far beyond the fetish itself. It could be any fetish in the world. He could be addicted to armpits. It's not okay and it's not acceptable. It's just not, he shouldn't be doing that. No sane human being would be doing that. So I just think that there is, I'm always so quick to say it's mental illness, but it in fact is something a little deeper than a fetish, Buki.

purr (48:51.976)

bernie (48:53.354)
Because what the fuck?

purr (48:56.334)
Yeah, that's crazy. I hate to laugh because she really did harass those women, but it's just the way that she was telling the story and maybe a little bit of how you was reading it. That was like, n***a what? It's not real.

bernie (49:01.97)
Like, what are you doing?

bernie (49:11.366)
No, she was really telling the story like this.

bernie (49:18.675)
Like she was like she was getting like more and more disgusted as she was writing the paragraphs

purr (49:24.722)
And it escalated so quickly because she just went from like giving like back story and stuff like that. Then one night he didn't come home. I was scared and I was wondering where he was. Apparently he got arrested for harassing women and apart asking to see their feet.

bernie (49:44.382)
Like, what?

purr (49:45.922)
embarrassment alone would kill me. So if I was her, I'd just be dead because I can't.

bernie (49:47.722)
When I was...

bernie (49:53.866)
I would have fucking disintegrated if I would have found out. Especially after I just spent time all night calling the fucking police stations to see where yo ass was at.

purr (50:02.99)
She was a fucking wreck. Probably thought he got into a car accident, something happened to him. And you got arrested for harassing women to see their feet?

bernie (50:19.518)

purr (50:20.13)
So the poor wasn't good enough anymore. We had to... Okay, cool. Yeah, there's a bigger problem at hand. She's dealing with an addict, first of all. And she already said like, this is kinda like becoming a problem. You're dealing with an addict. So he needs to work through that on his own. And he needs help.

bernie (50:22.524)

He wanted something more.


bernie (50:44.699)
It doesn't involve you.

purr (50:45.546)
It's really nothing that you can do. That is a personal journey for him.

bernie (50:50.41)
You gotta let them niggas heal on their own. And that's okay.

purr (50:54.658)
That's okay. Just like if someone was doing crack, they got to go from now on their own. You can't help them through their crack journey. You can't help them through their spore journey.

bernie (50:59.326)
They got a hearing aid.

bernie (51:04.458)

purr (51:06.078)
An addiction is an addiction.

bernie (51:07.943)
And yeah.

Um, I just want to read this because I don't want to read the whole, I'm not reading the whole thing, but I'm only just mentioning this because we talked about this beforehand and I'm still thrown off after by scrolling by it. Anyone, this is in the Hentai and role play. It says anyone down to play a step brother with a massive cock. I'll play Chun Li, massive BBC or BWC. Footkinks welcome.

bernie (51:42.35)
Anyone down to play my stepbrother with a massive cop, I'll play Chun Li. What the fuck? What's this stepbrother have to do with playing Chun Li?

purr (51:46.99)
Oh it should be, what? It's the whole-

purr (51:54.426)
Oh my god. So channel is fucking hairstyle ready. Basically.

bernie (51:59.27)
But I don't think that's a real storyline.

Like, I think that's part of the story.

purr (52:06.03)
I'm 60 years old.

bernie (52:09.162)
Chun Li never fucked her brother, or stepbrother.

purr (52:12.95)
That's so weird, like... That's so...

bernie (52:17.61)
To be fair, they put together a nice illustration of Chung Lee big titties, big ass, no waist, slim waist, fat ass bitch tap in like Chung Lee is.

Chili is... Stab! Um, yeah.

purr (52:30.262)
I'm so sorry.

purr (52:37.322)
Why don't they she get me? Anybody?

bernie (52:39.434)
Um, oh yeah, there was lots of takers that said, Hey, BBC here was good. And she said, hit me in the DM.

purr (52:47.238)
I'll be chunly. That's the most random shit I've ever heard.

bernie (52:48.538)
I think she found a lot of takers, though. Good. Random as shit. Does somebody want to play my stepbrother with a big massive cop? I'll play Chun Li.

bernie (53:05.023)
Am I in fucking Twilight Zone?

Jesus Christ. Okay, here's this last Reddit. This was in the swingers one. This is sidebar, this has nothing to do with me. No. It says girlfriend shared with other men. So when we talk about it, she says that she doesn't really want to do it. She does it for me, but agrees that she enjoys it in the moment and craves more dicks and dominance. So when she agrees to it, usually last minute when she's horny and finds someone, slim pickings, but we won't settle for less than her work. She's a sex demon and loves it.

purr (53:14.706)
Oh, we ain't done that in a while.

bernie (53:37.794)
once the ice is broke. She is a size eight blonde, good looking 29 year old with good pussy and ass to die for. I don't get it. I love sharing her with people and pleasing her. So that can't be the issue. Has anyone else experienced this? She happily gets naked when we're on in front of the last man standing in our pool in the final night of their vacation or whatever. No sex or anything happens as a single male, not with a female.

Please note, over the last five years, we have had seven MMF and one MMMF in the past. So I visited two clubs. So, and we said when we've only visited two clubs, confesses me how much she still has the issue with the talking and the planning. Any advice to help her? So basically it sounds like she doesn't really care for like talking about it and planning it all out. She just does it for him. But when they do it.

purr (54:15.224)

bernie (54:36.87)
He says she just is an animal. She just turns into a warrior. A dick warrior, if you will.

purr (54:46.882)
So wait, is he a pimp?

bernie (54:50.206)
That I don't, you know, I didn't, there were a couple of things here that Dick suggests pimp, but I didn't.

purr (54:58.186)
Because she ain't feeling it but she like, well.

bernie (55:03.366)
guess so she likes it. But she doesn't really she said that she doesn't really want to do it. She just does it for him. But when since he likes to do it, she does it. And when she agrees to it, she craves more dick and more and she just like, you know, she gets in there. Yeah, when she in there, she's in there. He's just like, he doesn't understand how like

purr (55:22.798)
She has been going crazy.

I think she's just thorough. She's like, if I'm going to do a job, I'm going to do it well. She's like, I don't half ass anything in my life. And that includes taking on three days.

bernie (55:39.438)
You're right. That probably is exactly what it is a matter of. Yeah.

purr (55:42.254)
She just has great work ethic, I think. But she's really just, she doesn't want to do it. Like I get assigned work all the time and I don't know what the fuck I do. But I'm gonna do a good job.

bernie (55:53.018)
I know that's right. Same. That makes so much sense.

purr (55:55.586)
That's it's kind of she's a victim. You're a victim. You're a victim, man. That's your boss.

purr (56:09.138)
It's giving me toxic work environment. I don't like that.

purr (56:16.298)
Yeah, I'll be getting a hell of a three things at once. And then I'll be going off. I'll be going off like acting like I'm enjoying it. I hate it. But I do it because my boss wants me to.

bernie (56:16.442)
No, that's- I- yeah, I could totally-

purr (56:30.958)
This girl's a victim. She's a victim.

bernie (56:34.446)
Yeah, maybe it's a matter of, yeah, she just does it because she's going to go ahead and do a good job. But otherwise, she only gets off on it because she knows you get off on it. And it's a matter of, like, you know, taking one for the team.

purr (56:47.638)
Damn, you said M-M-MF? At the 3 M's?

bernie (56:50.426)
Yeah, I think that's like, yeah, maybe even three or four.

purr (56:55.683)
That's all a hole.

bernie (56:59.262)
Definitely. One, two, three, yeah. Yeah.

purr (56:59.598)

purr (57:06.307)

bernie (57:07.902)
But she said she tore that up

purr (57:11.982)
Damn, yeah she just got good work ethic.

bernie (57:15.474)
Amazing work ethic. Yeah.

purr (57:17.166)
She doesn't back out from a test. She's got excellent time management skills.

purr (57:26.73)
organized, knows how to prioritize tabs. I could write her an amazing resume.

bernie (57:31.559)
An amazing resume.

bernie (57:36.138)
Talented woman.

purr (57:40.79)
Oh lord. She's a soldier though.

bernie (57:44.263)
a soldier.

purr (57:46.466)
That's a lot.

I talk a big game because men always are like, oh, you know, threesomes, but they always want like another bitch. And I'm like, nope, I want two men. But then I think about it, I'm like, whoo, that sounds like it's gonna be a lot of work.

bernie (58:03.178)

bernie (58:07.46)
That's gonna be a lot of work.

purr (58:09.526)
I'm gonna have to be off a bean or something. That sounds crazy.

bernie (58:13.362)
Yeah, you're gonna have to pull in a little calling back up.

purr (58:17.422)
when you really think about it. Oh.

bernie (58:20.266)
That's a honey packet, now you honey.

purr (58:23.062)
That's a honey pad for sure.

bernie (58:25.354)

purr (58:27.158)
That's a gattastation pill, that's a honey peg. Maybe we need to do an episode on those. Like, enhancements, if you will.

bernie (58:35.614)
We should.

bernie (58:39.87)
Let's do that, yeah, cause I've tried a couple different ones, but.

purr (58:47.254)
honey pit.

bernie (58:48.542)

purr (58:50.142)
I will not forget when y'all was here, I woke up, I was like what the fuck going on here which I'll do last night. I saw hella shit out, I'm like, they're talking back.

purr (59:08.374)
What we are in here? Yo, we wild out that whole weekend, bro. When I got up to clean up and I was like, I saw all this shit that I saw. I was like, is this a honey?

bernie (59:17.61)
I'm sorry.

purr (59:30.014)
Oh my god, that shit was so fucking funny. Oh my god, that was wild. That was so wild. Great time. Crazy. Woo. Ha ha ha.

bernie (59:31.11)
We will be wilder.

Oh my gosh, that was crazy. That was wild. That was a good time.

bernie (59:47.37)
Alright y'all it has been another episode of wise freaks y'all know where to find us on all the socials tiktok instagram and twitter at wise freaks pod Same place same time every tuesday Yeah

purr (01:00:02.338)
back wiser and freaky.

bernie (01:00:05.626)
Yeah, yeah, we're gonna do them enhancements. All right, y'all.

purr (01:00:09.942)
Yeah. All right. Stay freaky.

bernie (01:00:12.37)
See you all next week.