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Honey Packs and Gas Station Dick Pills

September 05, 2023 Season 1 Episode 148
Wise Freaks
Honey Packs and Gas Station Dick Pills
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In this intriguing episode of the Wise Freaks podcast, we delve into the world of sexual enhancements with a unique focus on the natural and tantalizing realm of honey packs. Join us as we explore how these age-old remedies are making a modern resurgence, providing delightful and exotic enhancements for both men and women. This episode promises a tantalizing journey into the sensual world of honey packs and their potential to elevate your intimate experiences.

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bernie (00:01.055)
Okay, cool. So hello you guys, welcome to another episode of YSfreaks Podcast. It's your boy, Burn, AKA Stepdad, Papacito Per.

purr (00:11.362)
Hey all you pussy assholes, welcome back for another week of... What? Weebs. It's your girl Nierrelle, Meezy F Baby, and the Lieutenant Purr.

bernie (00:12.929)

bernie (00:22.543)
Yes, so we're here for another week. We got a whole episode lined up for y'all. But before we get into that, I was literally reading through... You ever just read through this thread just for shits and giggles sometimes? It's called, Am I Wrong?

purr (00:41.975)
Oh, or am I the asshole? Yeah.

bernie (00:43.635)
And my, oh, I love that one too. That's always a good one. And the shit people really be putting in here. I'm just like, you know what? The people be going through a child.

purr (00:47.093)
Uh huh.

purr (00:52.866)

bernie (00:55.027)
And I've never like actually posted an honest like question in here of like really trying to like, you know, wrestling with something I'm really trying to figure it out. Like I've never posted one in here. Have you? Were you like, let me think a little bit advice.

purr (01:06.761)

No, I never have. Maybe I will one day, but I...

bernie (01:14.98)
Yeah, like am I in the wrong?

purr (01:20.214)
I feel like I would just ask somebody like I know in real life.

bernie (01:23.847)
Right. Like I would just hit you or put it in the group chat or you know what I mean? Like, you know, or maybe they exhausted all of their, like, you know, all of those people that they could ask, or maybe it's even the sense of like, they want a completely, totally outside perspective. Like, am I fucking wrong for this? Somebody that doesn't know me. And this is the situation from a different lens. Like, am I wrong for this? I could, so I could see why they come to it to do that. Maybe, you know.

purr (01:27.842)
Yeah, like am I wrong? I could be that.

purr (01:41.827)

purr (01:53.634)
Yeah, a completely unbiased point of view.

bernie (01:55.894)

bernie (01:59.251)
I guess that's like basically what your therapist is, you know, a pretty much unbiased point of view.

purr (02:04.954)
Yeah, so maybe there are...

bernie (02:10.399)
Maybe just a little bit.

purr (02:13.142)
You know, every now and then.

bernie (02:15.135)
That's my goal. Like I really do want to get into some therapy now that you know, 30 is arriving very soon. I'm like, I really do need to get some therapy. Like, you know, it's so hard to like, I feel like it's hard to find. It's like a dating relationship. You got to just keep like, you know, setting up a new intake with a new bitch every time. Because you're like, you know, I don't like what that bitch told me today. I'm not fucking with her. Next.

purr (02:23.946)
Oh yeah, I fuck with my therapist.

purr (02:34.529)

purr (02:39.038)
Yeah, I like my therapist, he cool. At first I was just kinda like, I guess like he was just trying to like get to know me and stuff like that, but I was like, nigga, when are we gonna work through my problems? Like I'm like, like when we gonna get to that? Let's get to the.

bernie (02:51.488)

bernie (02:55.019)
Like how many seconds did it take you to get to like, where you like, okay, now let's unpack this bullshit that I've been wanting. I've been itching to get in this motherfucking unpack.

purr (03:02.698)
Yeah, that's why I'm just kind of like, so I feel like sometimes I have to bring it up because he'll be like, what do you want to talk about today? And I'll be like, hmm, well, I don't really want to talk about anything. And if I do that, like, we'll try and find some things or I don't know, like, I just have to be in the mood and be vulnerable to like open up and tell him what I want to talk about. Otherwise, he'll just be, you know, oh, let's talk about work. I'm like, the last thing I want to do is talk about work. Okay, let's talk about day.

bernie (03:12.099)

bernie (03:25.293)

purr (03:32.662)
Really don't wanna talk about that shit either.

bernie (03:37.656)
And that's what they probably be like, well, you know, the session is yours. You can decide how you would like.

purr (03:40.778)
Yeah, and they're like, you can do whatever you want with this time. I'm like, fuck.

bernie (03:47.155)
Yeah, I feel like I would have to go in there with like, all right, here's some note cards. Here's some things I wanted to touch on this week. Hang on one second, let me pull up my list. Just keep a running list with a list. Okay, maybe that's a good question to pose. Drop it in the comments below. Let us know, how do you approach your therapy for somebody that wants to go, is starting, do you go in with a list? Do you have it already prepped or like, yeah.

purr (03:54.219)

I might just have to start going in with a list of things.

purr (04:08.342)

purr (04:13.91)
It's like dating.

purr (04:18.034)
And I don't know, maybe I could find like a better therapist that like really challenges me because I don't feel like he completely challenges me. But I'm like, I'm over that. I'm already dating. Like I can't date a therapist too. Like this is overwhelming. I said I got anxiety. First thing I say, I'm here because I got fucking anxiety and it's new and I don't know what to do with it. Help me. So what you gonna do about it?

bernie (04:28.515)

bernie (04:32.696)
I'm already trying to. Okay. Yeah.



bernie (04:44.867)
else. That is, that is true. So I'm gonna have to like start dating again for a therapist. I'm gonna have to just you know, try and date for now. I need to go therapist dating. Yeah.

purr (04:52.149)

purr (04:55.682)

literally what it is.

bernie (05:00.243)
Okay, so do you prefer like virtual or in person?

purr (05:04.314)
So I'm doing virtual right now. I think it's cool because like I was going, when I was going to the office and stuff, it was kind of cool to go like to just like hop on right after work. And I would just get on like how's work. I'm like, Oh, let me tell you about this shit today. And I would just like just get it all off. I would get it all off and we would talk shit. And it would be right after work. I'll be in the parking lot talking shit like I haven't even pulled off yet.

bernie (05:31.175)
Oh, just turn- yeah, that's how you know when a shit is bad. You got turned up in the parking lot at work, you ain't even pulled out that bitch yet.

purr (05:33.002)
I'm just like, I turned up at the park. He won't let me drive while I talk and stuff like that. So I'm like, okay, well, we're about to turn up in the parking lot then.

bernie (05:38.458)

bernie (05:42.029)

purr (05:44.59)
because boy do I have a story for you.

So I will admit when I was going to the office, I'm like, that was kind of fun. Like, that was kind of crazy because I would just go in there and talk shit right outside the building. Just clocked on.

bernie (05:53.145)

bernie (05:57.656)
Right outside of it. Oh, there. Yeah, I'm thinking like I would kind of want the in person just to have that like, you know, for me to get a little more vulnerable. But then I'm like, I could probably still do the same thing online because I mean I get the same feel but

purr (06:13.394)
Yeah, I don't know, I would be down to it. I mean, I've done an in-person one before.

I don't know. It just feels a little more judgy in person. I'm like, what you writing now?

bernie (06:26.849)

bernie (06:32.939)
What you writing down?

purr (06:33.226)
Let me see that note better, because I only told you like a few things and you still writing.

bernie (06:38.231)
Flip that notepad over and let me see what the fuck going on.

purr (06:40.086)
Let me see. Because I just told you like two things and you're still writing like an entire paragraph. Why?

bernie (06:48.151)
Alright, let me know what the fuck is really going on. Cause, you got something to say, let me know.

purr (06:54.37)


bernie (07:01.355)
Um, but yeah, that was so cyber. I was thinking about that as well as going through this damn this damn thread but I Guess should we get into the baby daddies this week or do we have anything else? Let me see anything for the intro

purr (07:06.126)
That's a good point.

purr (07:17.173)
I was just looking through the am I the asshole thread, honestly.

bernie (07:21.908)
Fred is crazy.

Oh, here was something. So there was a conversation happening, of course, on Twitter, which we love. And somebody said, what? Of course. Oh, yeah. X. Fuck that. Somebody said, what is delusional? And then somebody responded and said, thinking that you're getting the better version of someone that treated someone else poorly. Ooh.

purr (07:31.69)
and we still call it Twitter.

purr (07:46.592)


bernie (07:53.267)
And you know, it made me think about like, so Sheree on Housewives is dating this guy named Martell that's from this other show called The Hunts Villas, whatever. Anyways, he did his wife dirty on that show. He had like an outside baby on her or whatever, and just like kind of treated her like shit and stuff like that. And was like kind of doing that shit on the show, but now Sheree is dating him. And you know, her response was basically that was like, you know.

purr (07:54.717)
Rude, I know.

purr (08:12.878)

bernie (08:21.855)
I see all those things, but the person that I'm dating and that I hang out with is none of those things that are being displayed on TV. You know, he treats me great.

purr (08:28.45)

purr (08:31.798)
He treats you great for now.

bernie (08:35.903)
Right, right.

purr (08:37.614)
For now.

purr (08:41.53)
how long before you become the other dude?

bernie (08:44.731)
Right. And also like.

purr (08:46.894)
I think this is the other thing I don't like. Bitches who think like they won, they're like in, you know, the situation, they're being treated a lot better. But not only does the nigga treat the ex-wife like shit, treats their kids like it's not there for their kids, and you're basically co-sounding it by standing by this piece of shit-ass man. Like that's cool, cuz you won. What?

bernie (08:49.453)

bernie (09:05.973)

bernie (09:09.451)
Like that's cool.

bernie (09:14.539)
Like, no, that's just as corny. Like, you should want to hold him accountable for those responsibilities. Like that should be a turn on to know that they're doing right by their children and a person they were once in love with at a time. You would hope.

purr (09:17.986)
What are you doing?

purr (09:26.264)

purr (09:30.019)
That's so weird to me.

bernie (09:31.735)
Cause that speaks to me, that's like not anything else but like a character thing.

purr (09:36.906)
Yeah, like your morals are... like you're just not a good person. Honestly, that's what it says to me. Kind of a shitty person.

bernie (09:39.471)
Yeah, exactly.

bernie (09:45.895)
Exactly. But my other side to that is that I feel like, yeah, you're like you, you like the art illusion of thinking that you're getting the better version of that person, if they haven't done the work to work through a lot of those things and made right by it. Like, again, therapy and like, otherwise, if that relationship still has a riff in it, that means you still haven't done the work. You're not you're not there yet. And you need to go do that work because I think you can, I guess, redeem yourself or become a little

purr (10:06.859)

bernie (10:15.019)
better of a person after you've done those terrible things and now that you've recognized it, but you gotta recognize it. But if you still rocking through like ain't shit happen, child, yes.

purr (10:20.214)

Yeah, not taking any accountability, oh it was all of them and I did nothing wrong. No, anytime there's a feud or a dispute or something, what do they say, there's two sides to every story. So there was something that you did to make them feel a type of way and something that they did to make you feel a type of way. It's taking accountability. You both did something wrong. Something that made the other feel...

bernie (10:36.82)

bernie (10:46.915)

purr (10:52.898)
you know inadequate or upset. So yeah, that's a great point. Doing the work. Have they done the work on themselves?

bernie (10:56.227)
It... Do in the word.

And I think that's a really great quality that I think a lot of people miss out when they think about, you know, in terms of what they want in a partner. And I think really like top three, low key is like accountability. You want a partner that can at least take accountability for their actions and the roles that they play, good and bad. Like that's kind of like, yeah, that's top three for sure, I think.

purr (11:24.63)
And you really want someone who's done the work on themselves. Because everyone has something that they need to, I guess, redeem themselves from. Like not everyone has cheated on their spouse and left them with the outside baby. But you know, people are saying everyone has...

bernie (11:30.882)

bernie (11:46.804)
Right. Like you're not perfect. You're just doing the work to be a better person.

purr (11:51.814)
Exactly, because a lot of people are just not...

I don't- I wouldn't necessarily say like a bad person, but you're not really a good person. Like I can tell like you are still broken and fucked up and you're not doing anything about it like you're cool with.

bernie (12:09.363)
Yeah, like you're just moving through life. Yeah, like you're just moving through life as is and not trying to make better or do what you have. You're trying to just move through things and not even think about them on a deeper level. Yeah.

purr (12:23.326)
Yeah, that's really ugly because it's not you're not improving yourself like you always want to be striving for something more like you want to I don't know get a higher education you want to get a better job you want to Save more money when I get a bigger house. So why aren't you working on bettering yourself?

bernie (12:43.039)
Right. And I think that's something like that everybody should kind of like actively be doing, which again is another great quality. Like if you're not doing active self improvement, trying to be a better person, then that's a lot to be said. It's a lot to be said.

purr (13:02.606)
This is why I love this podcast because we do we talk shit We get a little raunchy, but we be talking about shit on here I think that's why y'all fuck with us. It'd be some real shit It do

bernie (13:12.42)
Okay. Yeah. This is in real shit.

bernie (13:18.435)
There's some real shit, especially like, again, to be 30 or in your late 20s, early 30s, you know, to be, you know, you've had some experiences in your life and still not be doing some type of like work, self-healing, you know, some kind of journey. And again, it don't have to be on those spiritual type shit or following the church and the Bible and shit like that, but just trying to be a better fucking person. Like, nah, bro, you got shit fucked up.

purr (13:34.542)
What are you doing?

purr (13:44.082)
By this time you should have experienced life and really experienced some shit to know... I don't know. I just feel like, you know, you can't be unhappy. And you just gotta keep improving. Too short. Way too short.

bernie (13:52.023)

bernie (13:56.095)

You do. Way too sure.

Okay, y'all. Well, that was that was deep. And really, yeah, that was something. No, I like that. Right. That's why I'm getting mine. I'm getting mine. Like, I want to get my therapist and really start working and getting through it. Because you know, I got to got to

purr (14:10.296)
I didn't mind it though, I feel like my therapy been paying the fuck off, okay.

purr (14:24.162)
Gotcha. It's the self-improvement.

bernie (14:27.123)
Yes, so baby daddy, baby daddy, or baby muffle.

purr (14:30.542)
Thanks for watching!

or baby mother. I had a baby mother last week. I have a baby father this week. My baby father this week is Trevor Jackson.

bernie (14:48.847)
Oh, okay wonderful. Great pick. What's he been doing?

purr (14:54.44)
I just seen him singing on Instagram and boy am I intrigued.

bernie (15:01.299)
Yeah, he's definitely fine.

He really is.

Oh, that's interesting. I didn't know he was from Indianapolis. No T, no shade. I don't, you know, you don't really hear too much of anybody, you know, with talent coming out of Indiana, but you know.

purr (15:19.886)
But you know.

bernie (15:21.179)
But you know, I guess they'll be making them every now and again in there. I know that's right put on for your city

purr (15:30.318)
sitting on his bed. I love it. I like it.

bernie (15:33.967)
Oh, shit. Oh, yeah, but this is definitely a great choice. He's very cute. Like, yeah.

purr (15:39.694)
Yeah, I did that. I did that.

bernie (15:41.187)
Mm-hmm So mine's a little different this week. I forgot who this where this nigga came from. Oh That's what he is. He's a tennis player. That's where it came from I saw there was I can think there was maybe a tournament this weekend or something like that. So his name is Carlos Garfia, I hope I'm pronouncing that right But a tennis player from Spain

purr (15:45.696)
Oh boy.

purr (15:54.998)

purr (16:07.414)
You said Carlos Garcia?

bernie (16:09.879)
Garfia. G-A-R-F-I-A.

bernie (16:16.995)
And damn, you know, I'm just revisiting and I'm like, wow.

purr (16:23.362)

bernie (16:25.139)
And some photos are better than others, but you know, nevertheless.

purr (16:28.878)
Oh, okay, yeah, I see where you're going.

bernie (16:30.26)
Yeah, you see what I'm sayin'.

purr (16:32.947)

bernie (16:33.896)
Yeah, just, you know.

bernie (16:40.383)
But I think he was whooping some ass this week in the US Open. And I was like, OK, cool, you know. Mm-hmm.

purr (16:46.266)
Oh, okay, this is interesting. He did good though.

bernie (16:53.119)
He did his thing. I feel like that's one of the low key kind of one of the sports that I feel like they don't really be getting no notoriety like as like big stars that get blown up like you obviously like Serena and Venus but like not too many tennis players really get that like.

purr (17:06.658)
They really don't. You don't hear about tenants.

bernie (17:11.195)
No. It's mostly just like basketball, of course, football, soccer, I think every yeah, every now we do get you know, there are of course, the big stars that every everybody knows some of like the biggest fucking stars. But even with tennis, you really don't be knowing too many. Not at all. Even golf, we at least know Tiger Woods, that nigga really put on. And that's it, though. That's all I know. But he put on

purr (17:17.282)

purr (17:28.309)

purr (17:32.726)
And that's it. That's all I know. That's it. Ha ha. You put all though. You made sure everybody know. Okay. Yeah, you really don't hear a lot about tennis. I might have to get back into that.

bernie (17:43.962)

bernie (17:47.303)
No. Right. I've been saying that like I want to go out and just like hit some balls around again. So I know y'all we used to play tennis back in the day, honey. I'm like, Yeah, I kind of want to hit some balls around or whatever. You know, it's been a minute.

purr (17:57.186)
back in the day.

purr (18:02.318)
I was just thinking about that the other day because I was thinking about camp and shit, you know, not too long ago and how that shit was crazy. But what was also crazy was the tennis camp because I didn't really have a great concept of time back then, but it feels like we was out there all motherfucking day with no sunscreen on.

bernie (18:20.535)
Honestly, you know, I'm thinking back myself and I really feel like we were out there all day. The tennis camp was like at eight o'clock in the morning until like 4pm. We were like outside all fucking day.

purr (18:30.382)
because I remember getting dropped off and it was cold, or, you know, a little chilly, a little chill in the air. Parents go to work, and they come back when they get off. So are we there all day?

bernie (18:34.833)

bernie (18:38.401)

bernie (18:42.187)
I'm pretty sure we were there all day. No concept of time as a child. No concept of time. That's the beauty of being a child. You're like, you have no idea what the fuck is going on. Because I'm really looking back, I'm like, why were we punching an eight hour day?

purr (18:44.022)
in the scorching sun.

purr (18:49.838)
I'm sorry.

purr (18:57.958)
It would be hot. I think this was a whole different shade of black. And you wonder why because we was out there cooking with no shade, no sunscreen.

bernie (19:00.671)

Dead ass though.

bernie (19:08.259)
cooking all fucking day, running after tennis balls. Like, yeah, that's so true.

purr (19:18.466)
That was a good time.

bernie (19:19.563)
That was, that was a lot of fun. We used to act a goddamn fool in that motherfucker.

purr (19:25.418)
On that fucking bus? Oh my god.

purr (19:30.537)
Oh my.

bernie (19:35.411)
Okay, so should we slide into these meats or do we have something else?

purr (19:41.59)
Yes, let's slide into the knees. I like that, slide into the knees.

bernie (19:45.901)
Into the meat we go

purr (19:49.938)
Okay, so this week we're gonna be talking about performance enhancers. If you listened to the last episode, we said that we were gonna kind of visit that and unpack that, see what we could learn about that. So by performance enhancers, I mean like, Bluechew, Diagra, Cialcins, Gastropobes, Oya Hencers, HoneyPets.

bernie (20:03.095)

bernie (20:11.731)
Yeah, him and her.

purr (20:20.35)
all the things that enhance the performance and make things a little interesting, so to say.

bernie (20:20.511)
Yes, the honeypads.

purr (20:31.21)

bernie (20:31.243)
See, I myself, I've not done like the actual like ones that you get from the doctor type shit, like the actual, what do they call it? Like, you know, the, yeah, the prescription viagra type ones. I just, I have done like a few different kinds of the little gas station and the sex store ones and stuff like that. And like, you know, some liquid, there's some oils and shit and stuff that you can get into. But no, I've never done the full situation on those, on those prescribes.

purr (20:39.586)

purr (21:01.542)
I haven't done any. I haven't done the gas station.

purr (21:09.038)

bernie (21:09.855)
And you know what was interesting though, that just kind of like doing the like reading through trying to just look at like sexual enhancement and stuff like that. A lot of it was really geared toward men and not any like women at all.

purr (21:24.942)
Yes. And that's why I put this link in here about female enhancement fields, because everything I saw was like the top five male enhancement. Like this is covered by insurance. Those are covered by insurance, just because. But then other things for women are not covered.

bernie (21:40.641)

bernie (21:44.049)

purr (21:52.158)
It's just so strange. It's just so strange. So.

bernie (21:52.465)

purr (22:01.178)
this one I was looking at it was like the top five I guess it was like the top five

purr (22:12.843)

purr (22:16.159)
I think I already said them like Bluetooth, Viagra, Cialysis.

bernie (22:19.772)

bernie (22:23.147)
But those same ones, do they don't work for, are they for women as well too?

purr (22:28.422)
I've heard of people, I've heard of women taking Viagras and that it can kind of have the same effect. Yeah, yeah it just makes you, I guess you know it increases your stamina. So let's look at this one, like the female enhancement pills.

bernie (22:41.276)

purr (22:59.926)
So these are good for women because women can experience changes in their sexual libido or their sex drive with age. And there is actually a condition called hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD. Hypo means less. So less desire to.

bernie (23:08.172)

bernie (23:20.88)
Oh, that's okay. That's what it's like to apply for from women.

purr (23:28.118)
have sex, about 10% of women live with HSDD, and it can affect the quality of life and mental health. Yeah.

bernie (23:33.023)
Oh my gosh, really?


purr (23:43.502)
So what are female enhancement pills? Oh, there are two prescription drugs on the market currently that are approved by the FDA specifically for HSDD, and they are available only for premenopausal women. So before you get the menopause.

bernie (23:54.199)
That's dope.

bernie (23:59.024)
Uh, yeah, because that's a whole different situation once you've hit menopause.

purr (24:04.202)
Mm-hmm. So these drugs are dubbed female Viagra as a play on medication for men to alleviate erectile dysfunction. They work in the body in different ways and are also administered differently. So one that's taken in the evening and one that can be an injection before sex, that sounds crazy. I'm not taking a shot every time you.

bernie (24:27.587)
Okay, so I was just hearing about this, that people have these, they do these shots, I think they're called, hold on, hold on, let me get it right, what is it? Trimex, you can do the actual shot of the medication like directly into the penis, and it keeps it hard for like several hours.

purr (24:30.786)
You heard it?

bernie (24:46.255)
Now they're doing shots. They're doing shots into the vagina as well too. Or what would the shot go for women? Because they put the shot into the penis

purr (24:46.963)
care about the vet.

purr (24:53.854)

So this says the one that's a shot.

bernie (25:06.703)
I'm like, I guess the group just put it in their vagina, but I just

purr (25:10.51)
Oh man, that's not worth it. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

at least 45 minutes before you know you'll have sex you only take it once in 24 hours it doesn't say where you shoot it I feel like that should be

bernie (25:20.828)
Oh, it works that quick.

bernie (25:28.931)
I feel like it's probably in your, it could be in your ass. I just feel like it's kind of crazy to put this shit out on the top.

purr (25:33.482)
Yeah, I feel like it should be in like muscle group, not the not directly into the

bernie (25:37.723)
see but then how come with the penis they put it into the like yeah for the man they put it into the actual penis itself but i guess that would be the muscle

purr (25:45.392)
Oh, man.

bernie (25:51.531)
And for women, yeah, the vagina is not. Oh, it is a muscle. So you probably do put it right into. Oh, oh.

purr (25:52.446)
It's not a muscle.

purr (26:00.083)
Oh, no way. That would make me want to have sex even less.

bernie (26:06.163)
knowing that you have to put this shot in the, yeah.

purr (26:08.847)
Yeah, like, okay, yeah, no, I don't wanna.

bernie (26:13.352)
Yeah, see, that's where I draw the line though when it comes to like, I'm not doing any of the like, if I've got to like do something invasive, not doing it like a shot is like kind of.

purr (26:13.443)
Ha ha!

purr (26:24.299)
Oh no!

No, ma'am. So both of those work differently. So the one that you don't have to inject to whatever part of the body, we don't know. Unlike Viagra, which works on men's organs, it's called Addi. Addi targets the neurotransmitter serotonin dopamine and neuroepinephrine. So.

bernie (26:47.661)

purr (26:54.39)
really gives you like that energy and then it kind of gives you like the happy neurotransmitter like serotonin and dopamine. Yeah. And then the norepinephrine is like that's what they give you like the epiPEN shit like so it kind of gives you like that boost.

bernie (27:00.879)
those endorphins or whatever that is that, yeah.

bernie (27:13.751)
That's interesting. I always thought for the men that all that was essentially was just like kind of more Adding more testosterone or something like that because isn't that?

purr (27:23.126)
Yeah, I'm kind of curious as to like how that shit works now because...

bernie (27:29.047)
Because really you're just trying to increase blood flow in that area for...

purr (27:33.438)
Right. So I feel like it probably works differently for men. So

bernie (27:41.823)
Yeah, that's why I was thinking you wouldn't be able to transfer the same medication for women and men because yeah, one is to like, again, increase the blood flow in that particular area where as for women, it's not really the increase in the blood flow, is it?

purr (27:54.298)
It seems like it's more like, um, mood, emotional, like to be in the mood to, you know, engage in sexual activity. It says, Viagra for men is more so helping to relax the muscles and arteries and the penis, which helps more blood flow reach the penis. So yes, you're right. Aren't you being a doctor?

bernie (28:13.632)

bernie (28:18.243)
Okay, Dr. Barney.

purr (28:21.73)
Time to burn you!

purr (28:29.934)
Let me have, don't let me have to ask my doctor about some, no I'm kidding, let me get a little feet massage on my peel.

bernie (28:38.008)

Okay, so the ones that I have done is like the I do like the honey, the honey is cool. And I say like, it gives you the sense of where you're not just like, it's not I think it's cool. Because it's not one of those ones where you've just got a hard dick, or you're just completely hard. You're just a little bit more like, um, I guess just horny, like you feel a little bit more horny, and it's easier for you to get going and stay going, as opposed to like

you know, taking that time or, you know, whatever. So I just think it, it just, and you, it lasts longer, I think as well too. And also you can still keep going after you already come and come again, probably. But that's if you're staying in the moment, you know what I'm saying? But it's not one of those words like you just gonna be walking around with like a hard dick or just completely just a pool in your panties the entire time. It's when you're ready to go, it's ready to go and you gonna be, yeah. Right.

purr (29:24.308)

purr (29:36.334)
you're gonna be going. And I feel like once we reach the reddits that we'll probably hear about stories like that, people who just had a hard dick all day, and they're like, well, what do I do? I can't go to work. My dick's still hot.

bernie (29:45.655)

Hard dick. See, and that would be my fear. Like definitely have to do some shit like that. Like if you know, you're trying to get real freaky, it's gotta be on a Friday because the odds are that if that shit don't go down and Monday morning come around and you really got to pull up like that with the dick in the rubber band, in the band of the pants, you know? Like we back into the high school days, like, yeah.

purr (29:57.41)

purr (30:09.751)
Hold this on.

purr (30:14.838)
I'm not crazy, I'm not a man of the-

bernie (30:16.523)

purr (30:21.838)
Wow, you guys did have a heart. That's terrible.

bernie (30:23.071)
And I would say like, it could be easier for women, but not even though, because like, why would you, I mean, you wouldn't want to go to work like soaking panty. Like, I don't feel like that's just so uncomfortable. Just, yeah. Yeah, just like all day. You know what I mean? Like.

purr (30:32.706)
Yeah, sitting in a soaking wet pad.

purr (30:39.314)
Ew, that's unsanitary.

bernie (30:43.267)
Like you just need to go home, babe. Everybody needs to go home.

purr (30:48.383)
Just call up. Just call up. My pussy won't stop leaking. I can't come in today. I'm sick.

bernie (30:54.124)
I'm out.

bernie (30:58.619)
Like, can you imagine that like, as the conversation at the doctor like me and Bay when it got we got a little freaky on Friday and my pussy won't stop leaking.

purr (31:07.118)
I'm not supposed to be able to stop making this crazy. I need to stop. I'm just going through underwear.

bernie (31:16.34)

purr (31:17.558)
Oh my god. I heard... I would not be able to do the straight face as a doctor. I know I should be professional but there's no way. I heard that those like gas station ones like I think there's one like pink kitty or something like that for the ladies that it just kind of makes you more sensitive. Like you're...

bernie (31:19.292)
I know the doctors have seen it.

bernie (31:42.513)
Oh, okay.

purr (31:44.754)
I guess your receptors and stuff down there makes it more sensitive to touch and stuff. And also some of the loops, the KY jellies, I guess does that too.

bernie (31:59.167)
Yeah, that's the other thing. There's like oils and creams and topical stuff that you can use also that isn't like taking a pill or even a shot to that can help work. But you know, the member those one pills that we got from Vitali boost those like bottle of those like enhancement that are supposed to like a load booster. Now those child now well, I will tell you again, those ones definitely boosted the load extreme, but it wasn't one of those ones where like you were

purr (32:18.111)
Shout out to Vitality.

bernie (32:26.783)
super, super just horny. You were just more so like ready to go when you're ready to go. It made it more tingly and like to touch and kind of more sensational and stuff like that. Especially like when you were getting ready to climax and things like that. But like it did, it made things more like sensitive like where you could really feel the touch and stuff like that.

purr (32:36.535)

purr (32:45.63)
I did not try mine. It's because I was scared.

bernie (32:50.167)
think it even if you just did like, because I probably did like a whole I probably did maybe a week ahead of time and took a break and then did like for a couple days stuff like that. That's how I kind of did it off. So even if you did I think even if you did like for two days, it's like, you'll feel that you'll know the difference. Yeah, it was like, so I would say that actually did kind of like work. Because essentially, I think it read on the bottle that like, you take like the 30 day supply and it's supposed to help kind of regulate your

purr (33:08.07)

bernie (33:17.547)
you know, sexual health, you know what I mean? So then you kind of can be back to get you back up to it.

purr (33:23.059)
regulate your libido. Yeah.

bernie (33:24.644)
Mm-hmm. Yeah, that's what it is. Mm-hmm.

purr (33:27.19)
It's like a libido supplement.

bernie (33:29.611)
Basically that exactly

purr (33:32.91)
Yeah, I was reading, I had a link in here about libido supplements. So it's just more of like a natural way to kind of enhance and regulate your libido. Some of the things that they put in there like L-Arginine. I've heard that too. Ginkgo. Ginkgo?

bernie (33:44.625)

bernie (33:50.293)
Okay, I've heard of that.

bernie (33:55.639)
Ginkgo, okay.

purr (33:58.55)
Yeah, Jensing.

bernie (34:01.024)

purr (34:02.83)

bernie (34:04.511)
Yeah, I heard of that. That's like basically you can do tea or coffee.

purr (34:07.374)
Senate Greek.

You heard a fenugreek?

bernie (34:12.463)
Mm-mm. No. What the hell was that? Supplement?

purr (34:16.53)
Yeah, it's like a clover-like herb native to parts of Europe and Africa.

bernie (34:23.115)
We be having this shit in Africa. It's a plan for everything. Us in the Native Americans, honey, we got a plan. Oh, no, we got a plan for that boo. Like, are you need what you got a headache? Oh, we got a plan for that bookie. Come here.

purr (34:25.596)


purr (34:33.446)
Okay, we got a plan for that, don't worry.

about that.

purr (34:40.95)
I mean honestly there's a plan for everything.

bernie (34:42.911)
Low-key. That's why I do fuck with like that holistic medicine type shit. So yeah, there are some like regular ways that you can do it without like taking a pill and shit. I think just eating raw honey, I think that can help like boost it also.

purr (34:56.638)
heard um I heard okay maybe this is for fertility maybe I'm getting into something completely different I heard let me I'm not trying to sabotage the girls I am NOT trying to sabotage the girls so full disclaimer here I'm pretty sure this has to do with yes I think this also will include fertility so don't blame me but Maka root

bernie (35:02.269)

bernie (35:11.331)
We're just gonna turn on pregnant listening to this advice.

bernie (35:25.015)
Yeah, okay.

purr (35:25.986)
that increases libido but also at the hands of also making me more fun so don't play with her she is not one of them she is not

bernie (35:31.827)
making you more fertile.

bernie (35:38.183)
It's just like a juice, right?

purr (35:42.202)
I think you can get them in... Pills. They come in like capsules. Maca... Maca.

bernie (35:42.571)
Or you can turn it into a juice. Oh, okay.

bernie (35:50.819)
Oh, okay. Yeah, I know you can do like even just regular food that you eat. So like asparagus, that can help mushrooms, any kind of like much.

purr (36:00.482)
What about like those they call like things they call aphrodisiacs?

bernie (36:05.375)
Yeah, yep, basically.

purr (36:07.986)

bernie (36:10.363)
Um, yeah, eggs. I'm pretty sure eggs. I know also you can take the fish oil like omega threes help actually increase that shit too, because it helps increase blood flow. So it can help kind of enhance that piece of it too. So there's some natural ways you can really kind of get things rolling. But you know, there ain't nothing wrong with a little honey from the gas station or a little, you know, a little pack of little gas station pills.

purr (36:13.192)

purr (36:24.891)
Makes sense.

purr (36:28.972)

purr (36:38.233)
You like that?

bernie (36:39.415)
The ones that creep me out are the pack where it's like eight different pills that it tells you to take all of them. I'm like, baby, just put it all in one.

purr (36:46.598)
Yeah, I'm not ever gonna take eight pills at one. Especially after that goddamn dance station.

bernie (36:49.939)
I'm not doing those either.

bernie (36:58.627)
Nah, nah, fuck that. I honestly recommend just going to a sex shop because a lot of the time they have the better product and larger variety. I mean, the gassation pill is cute. If you on the run, you just gotta grab something real quick, but you could probably find this shit at a sex shop. Much easier.

purr (36:59.402)
Now I'm not gonna hit.

purr (37:14.986)
And there's probably someone there that's educated who can probably tell you what you want and probably tell you about the product. And people at the gas station don't fucking know.

bernie (37:22.727)

I don't think the clerk knows.

purr (37:30.018)
Look, do you want? Is it Pompeii? That's all I know. You want 50 on Pompeii or what? I don't know nothing about this gas station too.

bernie (37:40.223)
Nothing. Like, I just work here. Okay, let's see what the fuck these brothers had going on.

purr (37:42.562)
Howdy, yeah.

bernie (37:52.067)
Uh... ooh.

bernie (37:56.161)
Um, let's see this first one.

bernie (38:03.687)
Okay, that's, oh yeah, that's somebody brought up. Somebody was just talking about Pink Kitty being one.

Oh, this was interesting. Somebody actually said something that cannabis edibles and oils. And they said you can also use lube. That's a great point to I do think weed is one too, because there's some different strains of weed that I will smoke. And just be horny. Like just make you want to fuck

purr (38:28.566)
Hennessy too.

bernie (38:30.531)
Oh, yeah. Sometimes. So yeah, some liquorice can really make you I definitely like wine makes you feel a little bit more sexy to where you like, hold on. I think my butthole just opened up to this glass of wine.

purr (38:33.518)
Some, some, some liquor.

purr (38:42.379)

purr (38:46.299)
It just made me feel like my own and sexy.

bernie (38:48.935)
it do especially if you pair that with like you know a little something to smoke on and yeah

purr (38:56.063)
I know it's short but...

bernie (38:57.913)
Just a little something

bernie (39:03.388)

purr (39:03.914)
I found this one thread, it's basically just asking like, what were people's experiences with Viagra? What was it like to have sex with Viagra? So they're just saying I was curious to hear from other people, just to know if everything is true. I like to hear from males and females about their experience with Viagra.

bernie (39:16.215)
Ooh, what's the people say?

purr (39:32.167)
uh... what it's a one-pill or you are receiving and of someone who took that pill you know all the all the beats

bernie (39:41.219)
Ooh, well, I mean, it's always great if you're on the receiving end of it, because it's just, you know, obviously if it's a dude that's a real big heart, strong dick that you know is gonna last for a while.

purr (39:52.446)
Yeah, I could see that. I don't know, I could see getting worked out though. Just like, okay. That's how I get.

bernie (40:01.258)
Alright now.

purr (40:05.774)
We're tired.

bernie (40:08.606)
For real though.

purr (40:09.174)
We've had enough.

bernie (40:11.411)
It's like you can only go for so many hours where you're like, okay, all right now we need to.

purr (40:18.758)
Let's see what some of the people said. Somebody said that I have a prescription for Viagra. I use it a couple of times a week. Things work.

Things work without it, but just not as well as they should. It starts to work in about 20 minutes after taking it, but full effect takes about an hour. And the Viagra allows the body to send more blood to where it needs to go, yada, yada. It doesn't magically give you an erection. You still need to be sexually turned on. It doesn't give you superpowers in bed. Duration seems to be the same.

It does lower the refractory period. I guess that means how long it takes to ram the micron tube.

bernie (41:04.428)
Oh yeah, okay. Yeah. Let's get back up.

purr (41:07.978)
Yeah, side effects are that I get flushing and sometimes I feel a little hung over the next day, but it's well worth it.

bernie (41:16.17)

purr (41:17.994)
I heard of people getting like headaches and stuff like that.

bernie (41:21.335)
Oh, okay. Yeah, I mean, that would make sense because of all the blood, like the rush of the blood and then obviously comes back down because it was such a like a high intensity at a certain point. But that's a good point that I think he made though, just because you're using a sexual enhancement doesn't mean that your shit doesn't work. It just means that you know, you might need an extra

purr (41:42.602)
Yeah, I'm just trying to spice it up a little bit.

bernie (41:43.863)
Yeah, I think that's just a misconception. Yeah, that's all.

bernie (41:52.571)
Yeah, okay. I see one over here that's talking about basically the same thing where somebody said that has anybody experienced had an experience with the rhino pills. And the big rhinos or those ones come from the gas station is called like big rhino or diamond, diamond 1000 super long lasting stamina. Well, those are ones where it says it increases your stamina increases your time in bed increases how big your dick is increases how much you come. I'm like, child, first of all, it is not doing all that. You know, and you know that

purr (42:15.022)
I'm sorry.

purr (42:22.011)
That's cat.

bernie (42:24.915)
It's such cap.

purr (42:29.65)
Someone said it gives me dreadful acid reflux a few hours afterwards And I have to fix this by taking a meprosol a couple hours beforehand. Damn

bernie (42:33.579)
Ooh, how are we doing now?

bernie (42:38.659)
Holy, holy hell. Oof.

bernie (42:52.275)
Okay, somebody said basically speaking to the rhino pills that even during non sexy parts of the day He was thicker and fuller talking about his penis was thicker and fuller and it was absolutely noticeable So they spent a majority of their time at home naked, you know when they were you know Taking those pills and stuff because he noticed that he was just a little bit fuller balls were fuller dick was fuller And it just maybe wasn't you know He couldn't go out there. His shit was poked out He was printed the fuck up

purr (43:14.167)

purr (43:22.009)

Rick does.

bernie (43:26.147)
Bricked up.

purr (43:28.951)
Oh my god.

purr (43:34.114)
Someone said that to... Oh no! This guy said the reason that he likes take-na is because his dick is literally bigger and thicker and that his wife likes it when he hits her cervix. I guess he can't do that usually without the Viagra.

bernie (43:54.823)
Yeah, and I can see that because probably what's happening is he his dick doesn't get as hard as it probably should get hard to expand enough. So that's why she like, okay, when he really get it hard, that should be rockin.

purr (44:08.695)

purr (44:12.643)
uh he also said it doesn't go soft now in between changing positions because there's a point

bernie (44:16.939)
Oh, if you don't change quick enough, you don't change the position. You're like, yeah, now what we got to do now to get this back.

purr (44:20.834)
That's so wet. Yeah, like.

purr (44:29.518)
back all little gummy worms.

bernie (44:39.237)
Somebody said, they had some negative things to say about it. They said that basically they believe that a lot of those gas station pills are just a collection of caffeine and herbs.

bernie (44:51.233)
They're not.

what you think that they are. That's a personal opinion. I can see that. I mean, it is probably a lot of caffeine too, because that helps increase, you know, obviously your blood flow. But yeah, that's probably true. Some of them are.

purr (44:57.918)
I can see that.

bernie (45:15.799)
So that's probably a good point to be kind of careful with those, if it's too much caffeine, you can have a caffeine overdose. That's probably why some people are waking up with headaches and not feeling well after the shit, because too much caffeine gives you a headache.

purr (45:25.504)

Yeah. So they're probably, you know, and probably taking it like on an empty stomach or... I don't know.

bernie (45:34.964)

purr (45:41.026)
people gonna have a fucking heart attack mess around with that bullshit.

bernie (45:44.705)
That's the other thing, yeah.

You just gotta be careful what you're doing, especially if you don't know all the shit that you already are on. You pop one of these, you increase that blood flow, and then shit could go sour. So you gotta, you know, really be, really be cognizant of that.

bernie (46:05.275)
Oh, here's this guy's experience. He said I tried male enhancement pill here are my results. I tried a male enhancement pill. One more night RX and below are my observations. He said I am not endorsing the product basically 26 year old fairly healthily bisexual male workout three to five times a week eat clean at home and eat dirty when I'm out with friends. I'm not eat dirty when you're out with friends. That's just a weird way to say it.

purr (46:31.713)

bernie (46:33.727)
I've been on a new set of anti anxiety medication this year that has affected my libido as well as sexual performance. It varies from time to time in most cases. I usually have a weak boner or I don't last very long. After speaking with my friends, basically recommended them to try that night shit. After doing some of their own, they decided to go to the local sex shop and buy one. And here were the, so basically this shit has the Tribulus, which helps increase the amount of testosterone.

The L-Arginine, that is to improve blood flow to the penis, better, harder, longer lasting erections. The Domenia and Maca is to improve libido. The Guara is the caffeine to increase energy and mood. And then it has like loads of B12C, D for energy and health and immunosupport. And that was one thing I have noticed in these pills, though a lot of them do have a lot of B12C and D3 in them.

purr (47:27.298)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

bernie (47:28.395)
which I'm like, that's probably a good thing. This one was interesting though too, zinc. It helps facilitate body's production of testosterone. I always thought like zinc was a part of like your immune system, but I didn't know it helps increase in particular testosterone. So that's interesting.

purr (47:39.726)
Me too.

purr (47:43.864)
Yeah, because I thought people were really saying to make sure that you had like zinc in your diet, take supplements of zinc and stuff like that during the PANDY.

bernie (47:53.347)
take supplements or things and stuff like that. Yep.

purr (47:57.954)
So I just always thought it was related to immune. And maybe it is, but it might also serve the purpose of your libido.

bernie (48:00.968)
Me too.

bernie (48:06.427)
Yeah. And that's crazy is I actually do be taking that shit. So who would have knew?

bernie (48:17.335)
So basically he kind of walks through his whole story. He said basically he wasn't, he thought that the product worked for him at least. It was definitely a creeper. It took him until the second or third day. He noticed that most of them were kind of slow and his body was slow to respond to them. He noticed that his erections were stiffer and more engorged and he felt like he was bigger.

And didn't he didn't take any measurements though. He said he ejaculated more and he was able to pre-cum, which he never has been able to do that beforehand because of the low libido. And he said the negative side effects were he felt queasy sometimes. Sometimes he didn't have like an appetite. He had panicky thoughts because of increased. Yeah. Blow. Yeah. Make your anxiety.

purr (48:57.972)

purr (49:05.378)
Ooh, yeah, the blood flow, caffeine, maybe. Adrenaline.

bernie (49:10.605)
Mm hmm. And he said difficulty sleeping.

purr (49:15.158)
Yeah, it's probably caffeine in that shit. That was the one that took the rhino. Rhino, yeah. Probably caffeine in there.

bernie (49:19.936)

bernie (49:24.779)
Yep. I'm like, okay, I see. He only did it for six days.

purr (49:31.703)

bernie (49:32.391)
Yeah. And he said it did increase his libido and he felt like he had more spontaneous boners, which again is normal. Most people do. And I guess if maybe you have low libido or whatever, you don't have random boners.

purr (49:48.098)
So I was just randomly thinking because I took this one time. This is not related to gas station pills or the sex stuff at all. But pre-workout, that shit is different. I felt like a crackhead in the gym.

bernie (50:03.293)

Oh, you go into a full crackhead itching fast when you first when you like the first couple times you first take it up, you'd be like, the fuck that fucking caffeine be radiating through your body and should you be like on the fucking treadmill running like

purr (50:12.807)
I thought, am I a crackhead?

purr (50:23.278)
I thought I was trippin' but I am itchy

bernie (50:25.879)
No. Yeah. I wish they would put that on the front of those cans because when I first did that shit, I was like, oh, this shit is out of control. I felt like a full fledged like, yeah.

purr (50:30.669)
I felt like...

purr (50:39.422)
Mind you, I'm a person that takes Adderall and drinks coffee every day. So then I'm tapping it off at the end of the day with a pre-workout. Needless to say, I didn't fucking sleep that day.

bernie (50:44.839)

bernie (50:53.223)
No, not at all. Not at all.

purr (50:57.142)
Baby, I was laying in the bed and watched the sun come up.

purr (51:04.814)
was just feeling my muscles get more and more sore because I could not feel pain in the moment when I was lifting. I was like I must doing like the leg extensions for the quads. I was like no, I can do 70 pounds. It's no problem. No, that was fine. Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should.

bernie (51:19.551)

bernie (51:24.991)
Oh that shit had you buzzing.

purr (51:25.802)
I was like, oh, chest press? Oh, no problem, 40 pounds. Let's do it. Bitch, why? You don't need, just because you can, it doesn't mean that you should.

bernie (51:35.543)
That shit had you fucking floating. Yeah.

purr (51:38.623)
I couldn't lift my arms for like a week.

bernie (51:40.679)
I do recommend doing it with you really trying to get up and you really trying to get the fuck after.

Because all I can tell you is what you're going to do. You're going to get after it. Yeah.

purr (51:48.617)
Bro, you're just trying to get active.

I stay in the gym for like, if I do go to the gym, mind your head going to the gym, 45 minutes to an hour. You know how long I was in the gym?

bernie (52:01.503)
Right. Which again, I think probably I would have to say an hour and a half. Yep.

purr (52:10.258)
Yeah. So hour and a half. Hour and a half, hour 45 minutes. Yeah.

bernie (52:16.743)
Oh, yep. I would say I would have our 45 minutes. He was in there turning up.

purr (52:22.002)
I was turning up. It was crazy. I did all the machines, probably.

bernie (52:29.717)
Hahaha, day.

purr (52:31.39)
I looked so fucking stupid in there.

I said never again. Never again.

bernie (52:40.375)
Oh, that actually adds to another thing that can also increase your libido is exercise. So if you have a struggle with the exercise, do some pre workout, then you'll do the exercise. We feel it real good.

purr (52:55.315)
Yeah, but the pre-workout will not make you feel horny. I never once felt horny. Felt like a crackhead though. Felt like there was something crawling on me at all times for about four hours.

bernie (53:00.015)
No, it'll make you feel crackish, but no.

bernie (53:10.464)

bernie (53:13.963)
That shit is crazy. I might have to crack that bitch open when I do my some, when I go to my workout tomorrow and do a little pre-workout just to feel something.

purr (53:21.47)
I might have to do it just to kick things into gear before this vacation. Just to really...

bernie (53:25.403)
Right? Like I, I really wish I was like a morning workout for it. Like I really wish I was like, I wish I want to be so bad.

purr (53:35.11)
I want to too like I feel like that's a goal of mine. But you know, we just talked about bettering ourselves. I'm like, is that really gonna make me happy though? You know, I want to

bernie (53:45.399)
And that's the thing, I'm like, I don't need to. I don't need to do that in order to be happy. Like, I don't gotta do that.

purr (53:51.17)
Do I have to do that in order to be happy? Is that gonna make me happy? I don't know. I wanna do what's best for me.

bernie (53:55.459)
They're gonna change my life that significantly.

purr (54:02.198)
But it's just something I always wanted to like achieve. I'm not even a morning person in general. So, I don't know.

bernie (54:05.099)
Me too!

bernie (54:11.223)
I've done it for like small periods of time. Like again, the length, the longest length I've been able to do it was like for two weeks. And I was like, oh, fuck no. Unless as soon as that third week started, I was like, oh bitch, fuck it.

bernie (54:25.099)
I just can't all the way commit to it. I don't know why. They say it takes 30 days to build a habit or break it. But yeah, I just can't. I don't think I can get to 30. It's a long motherfucking time.

purr (54:32.11)
That's a long ass time.

I can barely get to like 14.

bernie (54:38.186)

purr (54:42.375)
I'm... I'm fucked.

bernie (54:46.755)
Alright y'all, I think it's I think that's we're at our end are we?

purr (54:53.282)
Yeah, I think that's all we have for you guys this week. Y'all know what to do, y'all know the fucking drill. If it's your first time here, I'll say it for you. Fuck with us on Twitter, Instagram, or X, Twitter, X slash Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

purr (55:20.418)
Yeah, and be here next Tuesday, because that's where we'll be, because we're here every Tuesday.

bernie (55:24.571)
Yeah, same place, same time, y'all. All right, we'll see you next week. Bye.

purr (55:33.208)

bernie (55:36.62)
So what is this?

purr (55:38.143)
Bye, see you!