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September 12, 2023 Season 1 Episode 149
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AM I Wrong...
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This episode we get into gaslighting and accountability... we also touch on the the lizzo situation finally.. instead of Reddit's this week we get into the Am I Wrong thread.

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purr (00:01.364)
It is.

bernie (00:02.735)
Yeah, it was like 14 and then it went back to like this. But anyways, hello fellow listeners of the Wise Freaks Podcast. You're now tuned in to another episode of the Wise Freaks Podcast. So you are in fact listening to your host, Burn, AKA Popsito Per, AKA.

Yeah, that's good. Yeah, yeah, B-Syrus. Yeah, you know, yeah.

purr (00:32.526)
Peace out!

purr (00:37.006)
Hey guys, it's your girl, the lieutenant, Nizie F. Baby. And if y'all can just call me Nia. That's cool, that's cool, I'm cool with it. Lieutenant is preferred, but.

bernie (00:49.552)

The lieutenant, lieutenant part. The lieutenant. That's so hilarious to me. Ha ha ha.

purr (01:01.043)
It's a way that we came up with it because of that story that you told about that officer who came to your job. That shit was so funny to me in particular.

bernie (01:04.601)

bernie (01:10.447)
Yeah. Yes.

That was fucking hilarious.

purr (01:20.91)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

bernie (01:21.44)
I'm just imagining like I'm going back in my mind like how I was thinking in that scenario when that shit was like went down I was like wait what the fuck?

purr (01:30.158)
because she came in there and flexed her cat on the...

bernie (01:33.791)

purr (01:36.042)
Like, she said, I'm big perv. Ha ha.

bernie (01:36.283)
And it was the way you read it back. And the way you read it back, I was like, she's like, no, yeah, she's like, oh no, I don't have any kids. So I can have this whole thing and it's not a problem. And you were just like, I can hold it. Yeah, it was like, yeah, I was like, okay.

purr (01:48.874)
No, I can hold it. I haven't had any kids.

purr (01:55.266)
She just did a Kegel on a forehead. Do you understand me?

purr (02:01.61)
She really went in there and flexed her pelvic floor.

bernie (02:05.531)
Is that one of those scenarios where it's like, that's TMI?

purr (02:09.438)
100% it was so unprofessional. No one needed to know that. But I loved it. I lived for it. And now my name is Lieutenant Payne.

bernie (02:10.763)
Okay. All right. I just wanted to make sure that it was...

bernie (02:23.067)
Like, for real, that's literally what happened.

purr (02:26.57)
Because she went in there and flexed her box, bro. She flexed her pelvic floor and did a kegel.

bernie (02:32.388)
She said, she said, no, I can hold that. I don't have any kids. Excuse me?

purr (02:36.098)
Did a keggo on my forehead.

purr (02:41.474)
I said, we good over here, babe. I don't have to go to the bathroom every five minutes. My pelvic floor is intact.

bernie (02:48.851)
I'm good.

purr (02:50.954)

bernie (02:51.379)

Yeah, that's kind of insane to reveal in a meeting, I guess. Yeah.

purr (02:57.895)
So crazy

bernie (03:00.403)

purr (03:02.486)
So if you didn't know, that's how I got, I came up with the, cause at first it was officer perv. And then I was like, I need something a little better, Lieutenant.

bernie (03:07.227)
It was Officer Per.

Yeah, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Perry. Oh my gosh.

purr (03:15.353)
I came up with the name.

bernie (03:18.839)
Um, okay, so I came across these as I was going into the notes and I was like, Holy shit. Okay. So I came across these random aspects that we have written down for whatever fucking reason. Y'all we have so many like different ideas and scraps of notes and like so many different just things all over the place in terms of the podcast. Like we just have so many different random thoughts and ideas and shit everywhere. So I came across these ran. It says, it says some random ass sex fact.

purr (03:43.307)

bernie (03:47.119)
I don't know how these came across, but it came across these bitches. But anyways, one of them says the impulse to ejaculate comes from the spinal cord. No brain is needed. And when I read that, I was like, hold on a goddamn.

purr (03:59.266)

bernie (04:00.539)
Yeah, that kind of like took me, yeah, it just kind of, yeah. I'm like, okay, I didn't think that, I thought it came from the brain, honestly. And I say that because of what we're gonna get into for today's topic too, so that's why I was like, whoa.

bernie (04:20.355)
Huh. You know? But there were some also, there were some other ones though that said like the average male orgasm lasts six seconds, the average female orgasm lasts 20 seconds.

purr (04:22.926)
That's very interesting.

bernie (04:32.867)
Maybe we talked about that before. But the left side of the testicle usually hangs lower than the right side for a right-handed man. The opposite is true for lefties. I wonder what does that mean, like, if there's something that also happens for women in that sort of same respect for a left-handed and righty. Yeah.

purr (04:34.954)
I think we do.

purr (04:49.182)
Yeah. And what is the significance of that?

purr (04:55.794)
I know usually one titty is bigger than the other one, but...

bernie (04:59.307)
Okay. That's probably the same thing. Equivalent. Yeah. Left and right. Hangs lower.

purr (05:04.594)
Yeah, that one. But that one's making it more like specific that it's related to what hand you write with. So it seems like there might be like some scientific reasoning behind that. Yeah, and I've never heard like it depends on the hands for breast. I only heard that.

bernie (05:12.607)

bernie (05:16.071)
that your left titty would be bigger than your right titty since you left-handed.

bernie (05:25.523)
Well, do you know which titty is bigger?

purr (05:29.405)

I don't have to look in the mirror in order to, I don't know just off the top of my head. Yeah. 100%. My left one.

bernie (05:34.883)
Okay, do you have a favorite though? Do you have a favorite titty? Okay. You know, okay, I don't have a favorite ball though. Like I don't have a favorite nut, but

bernie (05:50.887)
But I do have a favorite, I do have, yeah, I don't have a favorite ball. Just, yeah, they're both equal, you know what I mean? I don't think too much of either one of them. They're a great pair to have, you know? But.

purr (05:51.362)
They're just... equal.

purr (06:02.602)
like that too but like my left one that's the one that I got first and so I remember her

bernie (06:09.334)

bernie (06:15.632)
Yeah, you remember her way back when she was coming in.

purr (06:16.298)
You know, I remember the first day, yeah, when I got hit in the chest with that dodgeball. I didn't even know they was button. And I got, you know me, I was a tomboy and I was, I was literally a boy up until that day. I got hit in the chest with a dodgeball and I was like, yeah, I am a young lady.

bernie (06:28.291)
Oh, that's the worst. Yeah, I know. We was doing all the fucking sports.

bernie (06:47.015)
I am a distinguished young lady. No longer be providing, playing in these little games.

purr (06:49.874)
I am a, I am a, I can't do this.

bernie (06:54.812)

purr (06:57.246)
I'm not cut out for this.

bernie (06:58.256)
No, that makes sense.

purr (07:00.753)
I am a young woman.

Yup, I remember, I remember.

bernie (07:04.912)
Okay, so.

There was another one here. It was like one out of every six Americans age 19 to 49 has, okay, general herpes too.

purr (07:15.995)
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

bernie (07:18.247)
That does make sense. They say everybody has one out of every six. It's because it's basically, anytime you get a cold sore, that's what that is.

purr (07:19.399)
One out of what?

purr (07:29.418)
No, they said genital. Herp.

bernie (07:33.12)
Oh, okay.

purr (07:35.298)
That ain't the same. If they just said you have herpes simplex virus, that could mean anything. That could be cold sore. Genital baby. Hold on.

bernie (07:47.183)
also. Yeah.

bernie (07:51.887)
Ain't it the same thing now? It's all just a bump. Yeah, it's just a bump below and a bump up top. Either way you bumped up, I mean a bump, bump. No. Okay. It says the common cause of penile rupture and vigorous, it's vigorous masturbation. So anybody who's had any penile rupture is from too much masturbating. Yeah.

purr (07:54.827)
Yes, probably the same virus it's just a bomb yeah


purr (08:14.506)

purr (08:18.998)
They rupture their penis from... Jack life too much? As possible?

bernie (08:23.467)
Ooh, the average vagina is three to four inches long but can expand by 200% when sexually aroused.

purr (08:29.549)
I knew that.

purr (08:34.102)
That's bad.

bernie (08:37.465)

purr (08:37.854)
I may or may not know that from experience.

bernie (08:42.863)
Wow, that's crazy. It says, despite what men claim, only 15% have a penis longer than seven inches, only 3% have a penis more than eight inches long. Okay. And then it says, orgasms can lower a woman's risk of heart disease. Love the, I love the ending on this. Orgasms can lower a woman's risk of heart disease, stroke, breast cancer, and depression. So that's why they need to.

purr (08:44.19)
Moving on.

bernie (09:12.647)
Ladies, get yours. Always get yours. Just know, you're one nut away from preventing heart disease, stroke, breast cancer, and depression. So make sure you always get that nut. And if you can get multiple, I say, you know, shit, that's even better, lowering the risk.

purr (09:14.998)
We love a preventative.

purr (09:29.742)
Do it.

We love that. We love a preventative. We love self care.

bernie (09:38.055)
We have to stand. Yeah, those are some random-ass facts, of course, in this surplus of notes that we have. That was, yeah.

purr (09:51.038)
I knew some of those, but some of that was surprising. I really want to know about the ball, like the right ball hanging lower than the left ball.

bernie (09:53.393)


bernie (10:02.187)
Yeah, maybe we can dive into that a little bit deeper and see what the situation is on that. Yeah, for what reason.

purr (10:06.862)
for what reason.

purr (10:13.006)
Um, so you asked me something earlier. I thought it was funny. I thought we should talk about it on the podcast. You said, hating hoes can't be happy and happy hoes ain't hating or something like that.

bernie (10:29.791)
Yeah. Yep.

purr (10:32.474)
And my question was, can Haten House be happy?

bernie (10:39.471)
And that's a good point because

purr (10:40.127)
I don't think they can.

bernie (10:43.567)
You know, I feel like my example of hating, can hating hoes can be happy because who are these people in the shade room? Comments. Are they all miserable? Are none of them not happy? Cause they some hating ass hoes, but like who are these people? Are people just like posing? Is it fake? They faking, but hating hoes really, I mean.

purr (10:52.118)

purr (11:06.366)
I still, I feel you still gotta be unhappy and a hate hole to like take time out of your day to comment on the shade room, especially.

bernie (11:14.911)
True, I've never done it. Good, bad, ugly, or indifferent, just never done it. Now have I commented on something to like, not the shade room, but like, just in general, like a tweet, but it's never like talking, like hating, like hating in that way, where it's like, I'm commenting on.

purr (11:36.039)
It might just be like laughing.

bernie (11:38.643)
Charles Barker's post like, yo, I hate this shit, bro. Like I would not do that. Or somebody be like, yo, this shit is ugly bitch. Take that shit down. Take that shit off. You need to do style as bitch. That shit is ass. No, not in fact, not doing that. But are them hoes be hating, but do they be happy?

purr (11:47.36)
Yeah, take that shit off.

purr (11:59.534)
This shit is a two-pack of ass.

purr (12:05.676)

bernie (12:05.879)
Or even the hoes that be hatin' other people's relationships or whatever the fuck they got going on.

purr (12:11.998)
Oh, they're definitely not happy. There's no way you can be.

bernie (12:14.031)
Right? So that's like judging you or thinking like, okay, why that bitch got that? How'd that bitch get that? That bitch selling pussy, I knew it.

purr (12:23.79)

bernie (12:24.487)
Like you just mad because your shit ain't settling or?

purr (12:28.95)
Yeah, up the price on your pussy. Then maybe you wouldn't be so mad.

bernie (12:31.107)
Up the price. Up the price, huh?


purr (12:37.89)
Pain holes ain't happy.

bernie (12:38.231)
Yeah, I think that's probably true. Maybe Hayden Hoes ain't happy, but I think maybe I have been Hayden as Ho at some point. Was I happy? I'm gonna have to say probably.

purr (12:50.446)
How would I know? Yeah. I know I wasn't.

bernie (12:53.063)
You know, I'm glad to no longer live there. Yeah, you know what I mean?

purr (12:57.323)

bernie (13:02.139)
Misreal place to be. Okay, that's the thing. People just aren't willing to admit it. Sometimes you can admit, yes, I'm being a hater. You know what I mean? And usually when I'm hating, I'm gonna say, Lola, I'm hating right now, but let me tell you something. No. What? And that's okay, yeah. Yeah.

purr (13:02.792)
I can't admit.

purr (13:10.802)
I was saying...

purr (13:17.023)
Yeah, I'm hating, but guess what?

bernie (13:24.563)
But yeah, you gotta own it. And that's what it is, just taking accountability.

purr (13:24.654)
You gotta own it.

purr (13:30.591)
And don't be in the shade room with it.

bernie (13:30.983)
I feel like that's gotta be the word of the century. I feel like the word of the century is accountability. It feels like that's some new shit that we've learned as a society.

purr (13:38.098)
Oh my god, yeah. That's like-

That's the word of 2023. I bet you like wasn't last year was like gaslighting. It's gonna be accountability this year. Watch. Yeah.

bernie (13:44.775)

bernie (13:49.459)
Gaslighting. It was gaslighting, now it's accountability. Oh, you're right. You're so right. Why the fuck was it gaslighting? Cause people still continue to keep using gaslighting. And what also pissed me off about gaslighting is people were using this shit wrong. I'm like, that's not gaslighting.

purr (13:56.034)
How much you want to bet?

purr (14:03.954)
Yes, that's why it was like the word of the year because people were like using it wrong and they were like wanting to be a spokesperson about how they were gaslit and like talking about gaslighting and what it is. Oh my parents have been gaslighting me and it's like oh my boyfriend's been gaslighting me and they didn't even know what the fuck it was.

bernie (14:23.15)

Like, no, that's not gaslighting is getting you to believe you to getting you to believe something that's not exactly true or the way in which you went down or getting you to perceive a situation for something maybe differently, or hyping you up more. In a sense, that's not necessary. Like it. No, people be using the show. I was watching something else earlier. I can't remember what it was, but somebody was like, there was some scenario and they were like,

purr (14:28.11)

purr (14:46.4)

bernie (14:54.815)
talking about saying they were being gaslit. I'm like, no, you're not. That's not gaslighting, babe. Like that's just telling you exactly what it is. It's not gaslighting because it's the truth. And this is your reality, boo.

purr (14:58.69)
That's literally not being cast.

purr (15:08.07)
Yeah, there's not, and there's not like manipulation behind it.

bernie (15:13.459)
There's nothing, there is no, they don't get any gain out of this, babe. This is all on you. I don't know. I was just like, that's not what it is. But yes, accountability.

purr (15:23.358)
it was a bunch of people using it wrong. And it became the theme and word of 2022. And that's going to happen with accountability too. Because everyone's like, we need to take accountability.

bernie (15:27.272)

bernie (15:33.572)
I agree, it is.

bernie (15:38.767)
And it's like, accountability for what now? Now it's got me questioning, like accountability for what? The fuck do I mean? Not, yeah, everything doesn't need to, you don't need to be accountable for. Like, it's not that fucking serious.

purr (15:45.51)
Now everything doesn't need accountability.

purr (15:54.73)
really not everybody just wants to be a fucking poet and spokesperson I'm not a spokesperson I just got a fucking pocket y'all just like I'm not trying to be a spokesperson for anything I just get on here and say what the fucking is

bernie (16:01.907)
for something.

bernie (16:05.967)
Okay, but...

bernie (16:11.08)

bernie (16:15.579)
Mind you, I really don't wanna get in because we have not talked about any of these situations, but I do have some strong opinions, but you know, it's probably not the similar ones. It's just some strong opinions, A, about the situation with Lizzo's situation that's going on, and then now this new situation with the MSU coach and stuff. I just have some opinions. I just have some opinions, you know, because it's like, at what point do we say

purr (16:23.773)
I do not have such a...

purr (16:31.083)

Oh, ciao!

purr (16:39.48)
Oof, that is so messy.

bernie (16:43.835)
You know what, let's look at the situation for what it exactly is and look at how this has repeated, how the actions have completely been the same and people have made decisions, continuous decisions. And now you're supposed to look at this other person crazy because of they didn't wanna do one thing that you didn't want. I don't know, it's just, it's weird to me. The whole situations. Especially like with Lizzo because.

purr (17:06.466)

Especially with them.

bernie (17:12.023)
It is the whole thing. I'm not trying to negate anybody's whatever they did, what or what. But my thing is she can't make you eat bananas out of pussies at the strip club. I mean, she may have been, it's just like, Oh, eat that banana. And you know, you go and do it like you should eat it. And it's like, okay, but no one's making you do it. You came back, you showed up there in the first place. Y'all all went out. Y'all had the situation.

purr (17:34.486)
Yeah, I think the whole thing is though like, it's kind of like a powered dynamic and like she's technically their boss, and she's telling them to what suck a banana out of somebody's pussy or whatever the fuck she told them to do something out of pocket. And you're feeling like now if you don't do that, then am I still gonna have my job or

bernie (17:54.035)

bernie (18:02.579)
Girl, fuck that job.

purr (18:02.666)
Whatever. My thing is, why didn't you say something then?

bernie (18:06.163)
to be like, I'm not doing that. Are you crazy, bitch? Like that would have been like, are you out of your fucking mind? Are you like, no. And again, not victim blaming, I'm not doing that. But it's one of these scenarios where you have to consider all of the facts that happened and all of the exchanges. And when does it become where somebody has been there and it's been a mutual agreeance at some point where they come back.

purr (18:14.186)
Yeah, no, I'm not doing that.

purr (18:35.223)

bernie (18:36.231)
You know what I'm saying? It's been mutual at some point. And it was mutual. And it just was.

purr (18:41.854)
Yeah, if you're not, you mean like if you're not removing themselves from the situation.

bernie (18:46.991)
Right. And it's after the fact, like you're fired and now it's a problem. Yeah. And it's like, or they didn't want to do one thing that you asked. So then now they're fired. Now, and then you got fired or you didn't get asked back. Like example for the MSU one, you know, the, I don't know. It looks like a setup to me just based on everything that I've read. It just looks like you then said something after he.

purr (18:50.434)
That's uncomfortable.

bernie (19:13.427)
didn't book you for the gig and you didn't get to come back to speak. So now you're like, Oh, I'm going to put all these messages out here. You're going to put all this messages out here, but we've been, but we've been having this conversation. I gave you my shoe size. You gave the shoe size. You gave the Venmo. You gave the wire for the, for the thing. You have phone conversations. You sent photos. You said these look better with me with the clothes off. We've had mutual conversations and now I didn't want to do one thing.

purr (19:16.795)
Mm-hmm. I see what you're saying. I see what you're saying. So yeah.

purr (19:34.135)
I say-

purr (19:39.378)
I see what you're saying. It's like one thing and then that trigger like, okay, now it's like a problem, but it's been a problem. You didn't say anything. So why did this one situation make it?

bernie (19:48.743)
Was it? It questions that. Well, I don't know if it even says validate that, but it's like, was it a problem? Because all of that other shit was fine.

purr (19:57.462)
Right. We don't know. Yeah, we don't know, cause you didn't speak about it until the one thing didn't go your way.

bernie (20:05.211)
Didn't go your way.

purr (20:07.198)
I get what you're saying, because it doesn't make it right if he was doing that shit and it was out of pocket.

bernie (20:10.301)

purr (20:15.206)
it kind of seems like okay maybe you're weaponizing that or using it to your

bernie (20:19.871)
Advantage because you're like, okay, well if you don't want to do that, but I'm gonna talk about all the stuff that you Did before and it was like, okay. Wait, hold on a second I thought we were all in agreeance here and everything was fine Well, no, it was fine because it was under the pretense because I wanted X Y & Z likely not saying that's the situation, but that's what it looks like and Again, we're all speculating here. So I just know some time Yeah, that's the thing Pull the whole pull all the logs It's messy

purr (20:21.549)

purr (20:38.925)

I'm gonna need more facts on that on the MSU thing because that is so messy. And it's just God like, we just we don't need that. We don't need that.

bernie (20:54.971)
Not again, not again, not again. Yeah, yeah. And again, not victim blaming, but I just feel like everybody needs to take accountability for their actions and involvement in situations. And, you know, just again, reading the facts, the facts of the facts of the facts, you know, and not anything else different than the facts. And it's like, maybe you got to bring somebody else in.

purr (21:02.086)
Not again. I don't know.

purr (21:17.514)

bernie (21:23.279)
and you can read the conversation bar for fucking bar. Like when you said this, what went through your mind? Why would you say this? You know what I'm saying? To understand what's really happening in these conversations and what's off putting in, when does it become, because you can say maybe it was out of fear, but these are through texts. You're on the phone, you're not in person, there is no reprimand, you're on separate sides of the country, you're not near each other at all. So what's your level of involvement to this degree and for what?

purr (21:43.978)

bernie (21:53.479)
When do you become complicit?

purr (21:53.886)
Yeah, I didn't do I didn't do a whole lot of research on it. Other than that article y'all sent was just like, bro, there is just so much wrong here. I just don't understand. I don't understand all of it. Both sides. I'm just like, this is well, you know, they don't have to do they're gonna do a thorough investigation because they already been in some shit.

bernie (22:00.156)

bernie (22:09.583)
I love it.

bernie (22:13.52)
I love it.

bernie (22:21.951)
Too much shit. Like why can't they get it right? Or are we just where like all these niggas is really fucking weird in real life and all the other stories are just shit that's being ignored because I feel like it's weird everywhere. Now it's just happening at MSU because it's like they got fucking Target on their back because of how much weird shit has really gone down. And everybody else is fucking weird too. I mean, what was the whole Penn State coach? Like there's been so much weird shit and some shit just gets pushed under the rug.

purr (22:22.406)
of this of this contact so they're gonna have to

purr (22:46.119)

bernie (22:51.116)
He doesn't even get talked about, but this is so bad.

purr (22:51.91)
I think a lot of shit be getting pushed under the rug and there's a lot of weird motherfuckers, honestly. I think that shit happens more than it don't, unfortunately. I think there's a lot of that shit it ain't talked about.

bernie (22:57.383)
It's a lot of, yeah, it's just a lot of weird niggas in.

bernie (23:02.659)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

bernie (23:06.951)
because it's-

giving everybody fucking weird because every way you turn to some weird shit going down niggas being weird

purr (23:18.73)
and just not using good judgment and just.

bernie (23:20.679)
Poor judgment.

purr (23:24.182)
not good. I don't know like you weren't raised. I don't know like bad social skills or just something is just not right. Like you weren't raised right because people really don't see what they're doing wrong or like see how things are triggering. Sometimes especially men I feel like and I'm just like this is no one told you no one told you this wasn't it. This is strange but

bernie (23:33.318)
It is.

bernie (23:41.288)

bernie (23:46.844)

bernie (23:53.635)
or to step back and think about how you're being perceived, you know, and how this may come across.

purr (23:53.858)
How are you supposed to know?

Yes. No one's using good judgment.

bernie (24:02.897)

purr (24:04.838)
I feel like yeah. Yeah, that shit is both of those situations are

bernie (24:09.878)
Yes, I digress.

It's alive. And that's where it's like.

purr (24:16.478)
I don't even be looking into shit like that. I'm like, I'll see when the facts coming up, but

bernie (24:19.715)
I try not to, yeah. But it's just everybody just, you do, because everybody goes so quickly to judge everything. And it's like, let's see what it is first before we go to like push things places. Because again, like how the situation went with old dude that had the Marvel deal, you know, again, I guess it turned out that the girl was attacking him and all of that and he didn't report it, but you know, and then he lost all his shit and now look at it. And I was like,

purr (24:23.682)
Sometimes I get wrapped up in this shit.

purr (24:40.764)
Mmm. Yeah.

bernie (24:49.607)
Where was the, the apology wasn't loud at all, honey. I didn't even hear it to see it.

purr (24:54.974)
Yeah, that's a good point. He didn't get his shit clear. Yeah, they had to cut his shit quick. But I mean, they didn't do nothing with like the movies. They didn't pull none of the movies that he showed in or anything like that. Marvel was like, yeah, we just we can't. We just may not have we probably can't call you back. But uh, you know, we're gonna have to cut ties just for the

bernie (24:56.519)
But I saw when the nigga got reprimanded though.

bernie (25:03.528)

bernie (25:12.079)
Yeah, well the check already cleared.

bernie (25:21.78)

purr (25:23.874)
for the media right now. You know, we'll holler at you some other time, but you know what we already filmed, we filmed.

bernie (25:26.949)
I said we.


We already got the footage. We got the great take. It's fine. Yeah. See, that's the shit. That's why I'm talking about it. Like that's the shit that gets like.

purr (25:40.494)

bernie (25:45.519)
You know, that's the shit and it just, and it do be, every happening.

purr (25:47.67)
But what are they to do? Because what if it was true? Or you know, like, that's such a bad look. We gotta cut ties with you. This is going to sink everything.

bernie (25:53.82)
It's a bad look.

bernie (26:01.56)
I think we just need to figure out.

purr (26:01.77)
You know? So what do you do?

bernie (26:05.479)
I don't know, we got to figure out a way as society to be a little bit more like, let's get the facts first, because we just jump. And we only ask how high where we jump into, we just jump god damn it. And then we like, and then and then we're like, Oh, oh, wasn't what we thought. Okay, next.

purr (26:26.05)
That's true. That's so true. We really put some fucking springs in our shoes.

bernie (26:34.659)
And hop and then boom, we're like, and then be like, okay, that's not really what it was. Oh, oops, okay. Next target. Who can we destroy next?

purr (26:36.126)
and lea-

purr (26:43.486)
Moving on!

purr (26:50.262)
That's kind of facts though.

bernie (26:52.007)
And it's mostly the niggas or the people of color, period.

purr (26:56.55)
Yeah, that's so true. Yeah. No one really does take the time to-

bernie (27:00.671)
Because they still trying to hold Harvey Weinstein up. Not that Harvey Weinstein wasn't fucked up, but they still trying to hold this nigga up. I'm like, get the other niggas that's involved too. You think it's just that only that white man that's out here like this? It's mad at other people, Harvey Weinstein.

purr (27:13.067)

purr (27:18.042)
Oh yeah, he was doing some perverted ass shit, right?

bernie (27:20.587)
Okay, I'm like, you don't think that there was other people beyond him too that was doing other stuff and they keep trying to pull his stories? But I'm like, girl, go get the rest of them folks that was involved. Yeah, they got him. But go get the rest of them. Go get the gang.

purr (27:29.014)
Yeah, didn't they already get him?

purr (27:34.495)

Right, because it wasn't just one person. There was other people looking the other way, acting like they didn't know. Probably lying.

bernie (27:39.692)

bernie (27:43.835)
But that shit ain't loud. Them stories is not loud enough for me. It's just not loud enough for me. Go get them folks.

purr (27:50.218)
That's true. Go get them. Be loud about that too. Have that same energy.

bernie (27:54.824)

bernie (27:59.135)

purr (28:01.122)
That's such a good point. Cause we do be some jumping assholes.

bernie (28:09.891)
I know, and then it'd be like, damn, late. But I think it's also human nature for us to just quickly pass that judgment, like boom, okay, nope. And then we're like, okay, shit, maybe.

purr (28:11.735)
Just leap!

purr (28:22.794)
yeah and then like for some things you kind of want to like you want to like jump to the conclusion and be like oh hell no like that's not right you know and you want to be on you know the victim's side but you do gotta like you're right like sometimes we need the facts because sometimes it's not always what it seems

bernie (28:34.503)

bernie (28:38.064)
Of course.

bernie (28:44.711)
We need the facts, because I swear to God, the first message was, as soon as that article came out about Lizzo, Fuck that fat bitch, I knew there was something weird about that nice fat bitch. Like, I'm just like, wait a second, y'all already like, why are we doing this boo? Fuck that fat ass bitch, I knew she was doing weird shit, and I was like, hold on, you- So she wasn't fat before that, she was body positivity. Now-

purr (28:56.471)

purr (29:05.598)
Yeah, like you were wait, you was waiting to call up. You were, give me a reason to call you a fat ass bitch Lizzo, give me a reason.

bernie (29:14.031)
And listen, I'm not here to defend Lizzo because y'all know how I'm, you can probably pull up all the shit I probably said, which I don't have.


I fuck with her, you know, she cool.

She could. But honey, but honey, y'all better go get them facts, and Liz, she better go get them too. Everybody gotta get the facts to the table.

purr (29:31.574)
You... okay.

purr (29:41.922)
Get the car facts. Show me the car facts.

bernie (29:44.819)
Get the facts to the table and we can all move forward.

purr (29:52.996)
That shit is so funny. We're not going to get into the Lizza and how you used to talk about Lizza.

bernie (29:58.795)
I know. I feel like I've definitely come a long way.

purr (30:05.238)
You hate her.

purr (30:11.586)
Oh shit. All right, should we get into baby father? Maybe father slash mother who I don't have ready. Damn, I'm gonna have to just pick some.

bernie (30:17.312)
Yeah, let's get into the mid-notes.

bernie (30:23.399)
You know what, me either. I'm gonna laugh and, oh, actually I did. I wrote somebody down there, right? And this was for a specific reason, because I have something attached to this person as well. Let me pull up my article, child. I like to always have a receipt.

purr (30:35.55)

purr (30:38.914)
Period. We love receipt.

bernie (30:42.611)
We love a receipt. Okay, so this is who I picked. So being that it is New York Fashion Week, I found myself on the islands. I think this may have been the islands of Caucus, but I'm not entirely sure. So, I have a white man. His name is Paul Mezcal.

purr (30:55.505)

purr (31:03.434)
Why should he put his whole name out there?

bernie (31:06.855)
That's his name, Paul Mezcal. You know who this man is?

purr (31:10.732)

bernie (31:13.627)
Okay, me either, but it's definitely New York Fashion Week. He's cute, he looks, you know what? He kinda looks like a cuter version of Ed Sheeran from far away in the photo that I saw. But when you look into other photos, they turn out a lot better when he has the beard.

purr (31:14.243)
Should I?

purr (31:33.45)
You said he looked like Ed Sheeran?

bernie (31:35.823)
In the video that I had, he kind of looked like a cuter version of him, I think, but just not in ginger.

bernie (31:45.083)
I'm gonna send it to you. But he's all right, right? I mean, I set for this, in my notes I originally wrote for this video specifically, but.

purr (31:48.026)
I don't see it, but okay.


purr (31:59.014)
It's not giving asher from what I'm seeing here.

bernie (32:05.171)
You see the video and you see why I chose it.

purr (32:11.83)
Where is this giving S. Sharon to you? Do you know who S. Sharon is?

bernie (32:16.175)
Yeah, he has the white man with the orange beard and the orange hair.

purr (32:20.64)

Hair color aside, where is this giving edge here?

bernie (32:26.967)
I felt like it was from just the look.

bernie (32:33.051)
Y'all, Google this man.

purr (32:35.25)

purr (32:39.614)
I think he looks okay. Ed Sheeran.

bernie (32:42.278)
Yeah. Ooh, he do it. That sure does it.

purr (32:47.621)
That's why I was like this is not

bernie (32:49.319)
But his voice sound good. He looks like how Ed Sheeran.

purr (32:51.35)
These are not the same.

bernie (32:56.699)
All right, who you got?

purr (32:57.103)
I'm sorry.

bernie (33:03.967)
How can you finish that sentence?

purr (33:04.595)

bernie (33:07.367)
You knew what I was gonna say. Just.

purr (33:09.186)
Mm-hmm, sure did. So my baby father for this week is going to be Sronis from Insecure. Only because, I mean he's cute, but he's also really funny. Yeah, like a goofy cute, like not too cute.

bernie (33:22.787)
As it should be. Oh my goodness.

bernie (33:31.955)
We're cute. Goofy cute.

bernie (33:38.263)
Okay, not too, not too much. Hehehehe.

purr (33:38.358)

not too much, but like goofy. And then, yeah, like funny. So he, I was watching his live and he was talking about.

bernie (33:49.011)

purr (33:54.506)
He's like, I'm tired of being called. He's, I can't stand niggas called Zesty, like the word Zesty and shit like that. And he's like, it's low key homophobic. And I understand why people call me Zesty or whatever. He's, I got called Zesty two times. And he was talking about how he went out in LA or something like that. And then he was walking out of some venue and this gay guy like.

um grabbed his shoulder or whatever but he was like it was kind of um or no he grabbed his wrist and he said it was kind of aggressive the way he um grabbed me he's like this is like the daintiest part of like your body and he like grabbed that mad aggressive and he was like um he snatched my he's like yo what the fuck are you doing or whatever and the guy was like oh zesty and walked

bernie (34:44.482)

purr (34:54.326)
said, ooh, zesty, and walked off. He was like, what the fuck? But it was the way he was telling the story. He's a comedian. But he was talking about zesty. He's like, we can't do anything now without it being zesty or sus. Everything's zesty.

bernie (34:55.878)

bernie (35:06.373)
I like it.

bernie (35:15.603)
I mean, it is. And he a little zesty. It's his fashions.

purr (35:22.858)
He's a little zesty. Yes. It's, it's, yeah, it's fashion. And like, I think some people do be using it in a homophobic way, but I think, I don't think it's bad. Like I don't mind a man being a little zesty to me. Like.

bernie (35:36.953)

bernie (35:41.999)
No, it just means you got a little like, something like you got a little flavor. Like he's zesty. Like you got a little, yeah.

purr (35:47.154)
Yeah, and it's not necessarily in a bad way. Like he was saying some things like, oh, like a dangly earring. I'm like, I don't mind that. So you remember that show? This is a perfect example. Remember that show one on one with Kyla Pratt? Remember, remember Arnaz? Very zesty. Loved him.

bernie (36:01.519)
Yes, he was Zesty.


bernie (36:09.383)
Zesty. Loved him. I think you had to match your baby daddy one.

purr (36:14.078)
Yeah, I did. Yeah, one more. Yeah.

bernie (36:14.927)
Yeah, yeah. Zesty, great. But still, it's not about... Yes, Prince is... Okay, and Prince was zesty, and that's fine. I think there's nothing wrong with that.

purr (36:19.382)
Some would say Prince is zesty, but Prince fuck bitches.

purr (36:27.006)
And his sexuality was never in question. I don't feel like, but he was zesty, 100%. Ask anybody, was he zesty? Yeah.

bernie (36:30.749)

bernie (36:34.139)
But he was zesty, and everybody respected him. So I don't think it has anything to do with... I don't think that's attached to gay. Because there are some gay niggas that aren't zesty. There are some who are zesty, there are some who are extra zesty. No, I'm just like, I don't have it! No!

purr (36:45.227)

purr (36:49.315)
Thanks for watching!

purr (36:56.49)
level of zest may vary.

bernie (36:58.855)
It does, there's definitely varying levels to assess.

purr (37:03.078)
Yeah, and I don't think it has to directly correlate with your sexuality.

bernie (37:07.419)
And he just has a zesty look to him too. And that's okay.

purr (37:10.462)
Yeah, but he's... And that's okay! I don't think there's anything wrong with that. But he... Oh my god, that wasn't making me laugh so hard. He said, ooh, zasty. And he was like, what the hell?

bernie (37:14.723)
It's cute!

bernie (37:21.821)

bernie (37:25.503)
Like how do you even fight somebody after that? Like I don't think you do.

purr (37:30.383)
Oh my god!

So yeah, that's me. That's mine.

bernie (37:36.691)
That's always a great choice.

purr (37:39.818)
It really is.

bernie (37:41.783)
Okay, so we have Seronis Jackson and Paul Mezcal aka Ed Sheeranims. It's an awful game. No, I'm just kidding.

purr (37:50.347)

purr (37:54.506)
don't understand where we got that. How did we come to that conclusion?

bernie (37:57.319)
I think, I don't know, I think I may have wrote this down when I smoked and then this is probably what came, what came with it and that's what it, yeah. Oh, that was why, like literally that was like why I picked it out, I was like, okay, oh my God, this looks like the handsome Ed Sheeran. Pfft.

purr (38:03.954)
It sounds like some high shit, I'm not even gonna hold you.

bernie (38:19.3)
Oh Lord Jesus, help me y'all, help.

purr (38:22.504)
Mm-mm-mm. He need help.

Someone help.

bernie (38:29.135)
Okay, so damn, we're damn, should we go through the means? Because we already.

purr (38:36.922)
Oh shit.

bernie (38:37.767)
Maybe we save the meats for another day and we just do some reddits. Oops, y'all.

purr (38:42.662)
Okay, oops. Okay, we'll save those good reddits for like another time when we talk about that, because it relates to the topic.

bernie (38:48.143)
Yeah, because those ones are really good.

purr (38:53.986)
Sorry y'all.

bernie (38:57.252)
Okay, so...

purr (38:58.015)
Let's see if I got some older ones. Let's see if I can find some Am I the Asshole ones. Those are my favorite ones.

bernie (39:06.407)
Those are some of my favorites too. Okay, here we go right here. It says, GF25 has a bad odor. Okay, hold on a goddamn minute. 25 year old dude, I'm very attracted to my girlfriend. She's 25, but anytime we start to have sex and her pants come off, I get turned off by the smell. I've subtly mentioned it, but she, damn, he said, just as soon as the pants come off, he is riveting.

purr (39:14.157)

purr (39:24.78)

purr (39:28.542)
As the pants come off, wow.

bernie (39:30.887)
That is crazy. Okay. I've subtly mentioned it to her and she brushed it off saying that's just how natural vagina smells. I've never gone down on her. So I almost start to bark at the smell. Whereas it with previous girls. Ooh, hold on a minute. He said, whereas previous girls, I've loved going down on them. What should I do? Okay. And then he did an edit here. And I think this just goes into like inappropriate territory. And I think this is OD. He goes.

purr (39:43.652)

bernie (39:58.531)
Lots of people are asking me to describe the smell. That's where I'm like, and I'm honestly at a lack of words on how to describe it.

purr (40:11.17)

bernie (40:12.179)
Damn, well not a whole lot, but I have been having a handful of other women in the past. It usually had no smell or a decent smell, bit of urine, sweat, both of which I was A-okay with. He said, but this smells more of a musky fishy. And when I finger her and the smell lingers on her fingers for days and after washing my hands with literally a hand soap and dish soap. Wow, for days, bro. This is insane.

purr (40:34.958)
For days?

Oh, that shit is aesthetic.

Heh. For a day?

bernie (40:43.669)
You can't say that with a straight face!

purr (40:50.478)
know she bleach and draws like that's crazy no actually means it's not acidic it means it's probably basic like her pH is odd your pussy should be acidic damn it's lingering for days

bernie (40:55.312)

bernie (41:05.523)

bernie (41:12.255)
for days.

purr (41:15.198)
Oh yeah, he should tell her because she probably got BV.

bernie (41:23.39)

purr (41:25.486)
and I mean she shouldn't go around with her but if you're going down there you're gagging.

bernie (41:30.926)
He's not going down there. He's not even been down there.

purr (41:33.846)
Well he's gagging when the pants come off. He said he was gagging at one point. Did he not?

bernie (41:38.932)
Yeah, he said the thought of going down there makes him want to barf. And then wait, hold on. Is that what he said? Let me be clear in what he said, because that's so insane. He said, it's like the worst to describe it while not a whole lot, but having been with a handful of other women. Okay. Blah, blah, blah. He said it's the smell of musk or fishy when I finger her and the smell lingers on my fingers for days, even after washing my hands with literally every hand soap or dish soap.

purr (41:48.575)
Maybe he did.

bernie (42:05.979)
Yeah. He said that he's never gone down on her. He said he would start to barf at the smell. Yeah.

purr (42:06.642)
It shouldn't be land green.

purr (42:14.958)
That's crazy. Yeah, he needs to see I'm sorry. I can't do it. You know, you know shit stink every time Good like okay, you know You had a bad day You just got you know, you just worked out but fish it should not be fish

bernie (42:26.864)

bernie (42:31.631)
And they're both grown, like they're 25. Like, you know what I mean? Cleanliness and hygiene should be like, at the forefront of what they should be taking care of at that age, you know? It's just like...

purr (42:41.514)
Yeah. So I think she has like medically something is going off.

bernie (42:50.354)
He's gotta tell her straight up.

purr (42:53.702)
And you know, he probably is the, if it is Bibi, he's probably the one giving her Bibi. But that's neither here nor there. Yeah.

bernie (42:59.379)
then maybe I should both go to the lab. Like, you know, maybe they do like a date at the lab. Yeah.

purr (43:05.558)
But he needs to say something because her coochies stink, and that's not fair to her. And she deserves some head, but he can't even get down there for real.

bernie (43:11.814)
It's not.

bernie (43:16.253)

bernie (43:20.64)
Yeah, they gotta definitely have that conversation sooner than later. And my thing is also like, let's say if she's not willing to hear it out and she's like, you know, you're tripping, this is how much it smells. Leave her. I mean, it doesn't sound like they've been together long. So you're not really leaving losing much.

purr (43:35.317)

bernie (43:39.407)
Especially if you said you mentioned it and she's like, no, this is just how it smells. And it's like, I'm wondering why can't she smell it?

purr (43:44.491)

purr (43:48.018)
I don't know. You should be able to tell if you shit a little off.

bernie (43:50.791)
Like I feel like I know when my dick is off and my ass is stinking and stuff like that. Like I know when my shit is like off. And I'm like, okay, this shit doesn't smell like it should normally smell. You know what I mean? Like I have a wherewithal to know like, okay, my balls and dick and shit is stinking. Like I gotta go take care of this. It's been a day or it's been a half a day or, you know what I mean? It's been an hour or two where I've just engaged in something that, yeah.

purr (44:16.81)
Yeah, but if she has something like going on, then it, I don't think it matters if she showers, you know, like her pH sounds like it's off and like her shit stank. It's the fish for me. That's what's kind of giving it away like your shit shouldn't be fishy mama.

bernie (44:27.877)
Uh, yeah.

bernie (44:34.083)

bernie (44:40.691)
Yeah, she would know that. Yeah, even then, any of the STDs I've had, I've always known when something was off, whether it's discharge or whatever. I'm like, I know my shit is stinking and it's smelling weird. I'm like, okay, yeah, I'm gonna go through and handle this at the clinic. Powder pack! Where are the powder packs?

Girl, I used to keep a powder pack on deck, bitch. I used to be in the pad. No, that's not good for you. I used to have a, girl, yeah. I used to go into the clinic and have a meltdown. Oh my God, I know I have it. I have it all. I have it, all of it. Treat me for all of it. And they're like, wait, we can't do that. I'm like, treat me for all of it. Just having a meltdown in the clinic. And they're like, that's not how we do things. Yeah, and they just like, okay, well, you wanna do it?

purr (45:14.355)
Not your pre-med, not your pre-treating.

purr (45:32.659)
and they would just give it all to you.

bernie (45:36.719)
Run it. Then I'll get my results back, and then I'll finally get to take the education. And I'm like, no. And it's clear. I'm like, oh, well, I'll just say this for next time, chat. Ha ha ha.

purr (45:46.83)

purr (45:51.918)
At least we got some on deck now. Not you're going in there and be like falling apart and they're just like, just give this man every test that he want. And send him with a couple of powder pegs.

bernie (45:54.98)

bernie (45:59.795)
Just treat him, god damn it.

purr (46:08.034)
So he not in here acting a fool.

bernie (46:10.287)
Action, I'm fucking fooling this damn clinic. Yeah, she need more than a powder pack.

purr (46:19.382)
Yeah, I'll just take a quick trip to the OBGYN.

bernie (46:24.883)

purr (46:27.778)
wouldn't hurt.

bernie (46:29.391)
Okay, you got one, I got one, if you don't.

purr (46:33.875)
Um, I was looking through this. I didn't find anything real juicy.

bernie (46:39.107)
Okay, well it says my wife does not want to have sex with me anymore. I am 25 and my wife is 26. We are married young at 22 and 23. Met when we were 18 and 19. We always had a very active sex life until about a year and a half ago. She lost interest, only lets me kiss her on the cheek, doesn't like to cuddle or hold hands, etc. After I brought up about eight months ago how this is affecting me, she went to the doctor and learned that her body has zero testosterone.

purr (46:44.046)

bernie (47:06.867)
Her doctor advised testosterone shots as well as many other natural remedies. She started off trying them. It always fizzles out. She waits until it'll, she'll wait until I say something about it and promise me the moon and then she'll change and try harder but never follows through. She refuses to try therapy. I'm at a loss. I feel like this, we just exist next to each other. Ooh, honey, that is so tea.

purr (47:31.568)

bernie (47:32.359)
She considers masturbating as cheating, and I have found myself to be very sexually frustrated. I feel like a piece of shit for even thinking about divorce, but I'm not sure what else to do. I'm sorry, he can't even touch himself?

purr (47:38.238)
Yeah, you can't...

purr (47:43.538)
you can't you can't not expect that man to whack you you're lucky he's not stepping out honestly so wait I'm trying to understand this first of all we know it's been at least eight months because he said this was beginning to frustrate me eight months ago sorry you

bernie (47:51.971)
Oh my god, and this-

bernie (48:03.433)

A year and a half ago that they stopped f**king. It started to frustrate him after eight months. I mean he waited eight months and now it's starting to piss him off. And that's been a year and a half in total.

bernie (48:22.492)

purr (48:23.622)
Yikes, um, damn so he waited like 10 months before I got huh Anywho

bernie (48:29.523)
Girl, I don't know, the, woo!

purr (48:33.698)
No, I'm not just about to be existing next to somebody.

bernie (48:38.151)
Are you out of your fucking mind? Yeah, no, he gonna have to do something about that. I mean, if she doesn't wanna follow through, that's a roommate. If she don't wanna follow through and figure out what it is to figure it out, so y'all can figure it out and then figure it out together, then y'all gonna be figuring that shit out separate.

purr (48:44.95)
That's a pet. That's a roommate.

purr (48:59.81)
Yeah, ain't gonna be shit to figure out but wait where's the testosterone coming?

bernie (49:07.443)
The doctor says she has no testosterone in her body.

purr (49:13.55)
and that's relevant to her sex drive?

bernie (49:17.883)
Not wanting to fuck? Yeah, I guess so. I guess you gotta have testosterone in order-

purr (49:24.558)
Okay, so...

purr (49:30.75)
and there's an option for her to take Testosterone to kind of help their relationship.

bernie (49:30.995)

bernie (49:37.095)
The shots, yeah.

She just don't be following through. She started off trying them, but it fizzles out. And then he says something again. And then finally she says she'll try harder, but she never really follows through and she doesn't wanna do therapy.

bernie (49:55.539)
He hates him, I think.

purr (49:57.498)
Yeah, um, you know, I feel bad she really is going through something, but it kind of seems like she just fucking hates him and because she's not willing to kind of compensate and there's options and things for you to do and it doesn't seem like she's putting any effort to trying to get to like reach a resolution or find um find out what's wrong.

bernie (50:01.307)

bernie (50:12.147)
That's what I'm saying!

purr (50:26.53)
Do is something about it in some way Shape or fashion, you know, she's just like me. Well, it's already been 18 months. So let's just keep this going for the rest of our marriage. No But then that man can't beat his needs girl

bernie (50:28.285)

bernie (50:38.863)
Yeah, exactly. And it's like, that's weird. Right. That's the other piece. She said that that's cheating. Are she out of her mind?

First of all, that was a setup, so he should never agree to that in the first place.

purr (50:54.326)

bernie (50:56.467)

purr (51:00.462)
Damn, I hate that. That's not cute.

bernie (51:02.664)
Yeah, I do too. And they sound young anyways, and they got together at 18 and 19. It's probably just ran its course.

bernie (51:12.262)
You know?

purr (51:12.554)
Oh yeah, that's really young.

bernie (51:18.779)
It is. It really is. I couldn't imagine being married at that age.

purr (51:19.957)

purr (51:28.354)
Damn, this is too fucking long.

bernie (51:33.315)
Is it worth it?

purr (51:35.836)
Oh, okay, this one's not that long and this is crazy and Tell you right now. I do not think this person is the asshole But it says am I the asshole for banning my sister and her boyfriend from my apartment after they had sex in my bed

purr (51:52.93)
I, 28 year old Mel, had to travel overseas for a couple of weeks for work.

related reasons. My sister, 19 year old female college is nearby and she offered to feed my cats and water my plants while I was gone. I said sure thanks and told her she's welcome to stay there while I was gone since she lives in a dorm. Anyway, the day I got home, my sister was there with her boyfriend. That was fine. He's always seemed like to be a cool guy. But one thing I noticed was that my sheets were still in the washer. I didn't

purr (52:28.408)
waited to watch them since she was using my bed while she was there. But she tells me, sorry, my boyfriend and I were using the bed last night. That grossed me out. I don't think I'm being unreasonable to not want people screwing in my bed. My sister told me to relax and said I was being a crude American. Her boyfriend is from Ireland.

She said that we, meaning Americans, stigmatized sex and that she washed her seat so it's fine. I said no, it's not. I told her to get out. She isn't welcome there anymore. Our mother has been reaming me via text saying I'm overreacting. But I don't care.

bernie (53:13.783)
Okay, she she's definitely not tripping, but she's only tripping this I feel like she's valid and tripping this hard because her sister is really trying to act like she's bugging for being upset. Like she had a right to be upset. Maybe not to like, yeah, yeah. She had a right to be upset. But like, yeah, the way that she's responding as if she shouldn't be upset or like, it's not that big a deal. You need to relax. Like, cut it out, bitch. It's not that.

purr (53:25.866)
Yeah, his sister. Yeah.

purr (53:41.334)
Yeah, because I don't know.

bernie (53:43.827)
Don't tell me how to feel.

purr (53:48.094)
At least she had the decency to wash the sheets, but like...

bernie (53:51.056)

purr (53:55.31)

bernie (53:58.379)
Yeah. And again, it's more so her reacting and saying like, girl, it's not that big a deal you tripping. This was probably making her trip even more. And that's why I think she's even more validated and tripping is because she's acting like it's not a big deal. And it's like, no, acknowledge what you're doing, bitch. That shit is not right. If you were just, oh my God, I'm so sorry. I would never do it. You know, apology, whatever. And it was like, okay, okay. I see your spirit.

purr (54:17.099)

bernie (54:25.875)
but you know, but it's like, girl, what?

purr (54:29.746)
Yeah, I would, I don't know. I wouldn't like that. Because there were so many other places to foot.

bernie (54:37.351)
Did a thing how she found out about it.

purr (54:41.254)
um said that she was washing the sheets and then she told that you know sorry me and the boyfriend was over there when um he got back and he noticed that the sheets were in the washer and the sister said sorry me and

bernie (55:00.639)

purr (55:08.202)
my boyfriend were using your bed.

bernie (55:14.303)
She shouldn't even at all, she's stupid for that.

purr (55:17.194)
Yeah, you I and I'll be better on that knowing. You know.

bernie (55:21.539)
Right. Cause why would you say that?

purr (55:25.519)
Why would you say that?

bernie (55:28.415)
I would just be like, we took the sheets off your bed because we were using them on the floor in the living room. You know what I mean? You just like, make us be smart, bitch.

purr (55:38.53)
Or even said the first thing he assumed was that she was just washing the sheets because she had been sleeping in them for while she was there.

bernie (55:50.575)
Uh uh uh. Just stupid.

purr (55:52.47)
But y'all was...

screwing around. You didn't have to tell me.

bernie (55:56.583)
Which could have been implied, but it was the fact that she brought it to the table. Like, this year's never that serious. You didn't need to do that. You did not need to do that.

purr (56:05.954)
So I don't think you should asshole for that. I really don't.

bernie (56:14.276)
Um, okay, should we?

bernie (56:19.079)
We do one more.

purr (56:23.122)
Um, yeah, you have lost too fucking long.

bernie (56:33.415)
These hoes and they am I wrong?

purr (56:34.021)

purr (56:37.168)

bernie (56:37.627)
Ooh. Oh, that's, these hoes be explaining, you right, they do be in here trying to put a whole book.

bernie (56:47.487)

purr (56:53.738)
Oh, okay, I think this is good. Um, hold on, let me skim through this really quick.

bernie (56:55.845)
Okay good.

purr (57:13.682)
Okay, this is am I being am I the asshole for being honest about honeymoon sex?

purr (57:24.346)
My fiance and I, I'm 26, he's 28, are taking an eight day honeymoon in Brazil, which is where he is originally from. This trip has been in the works for a long time and a few weeks ago I learned that his parents were hoping to stop by and visit us during our honeymoon and even asked to stay with us. We have rented a three bedroom place near a beach for two nights. I said absolutely not and my husband agreed. He told them no.

That's, he told them no, that it's because we want our privacy. His parents who I've grown close to, sent me a separate text asking in a lighthearted way, I thought if it was really a big problem, if I agreed with him and I said yes, I did agree. His mom asked me why and I was honest. I said, I want to be able to be open and free with him without thinking about house guests.

She said, so this is about sex. I thought she was still being lighthearted. And I replied, if I'm being honest, I'm going to fuck his brains out in every room of that house. No response. So this has become a whole thing. My mother-in-law.

bernie (58:33.983)
I'm out.

bernie (58:40.784)
My god, she really said that I mean low-key she was pushing her

purr (58:44.106)
My mother-in-law thinks I'm disrespectful. My father-in-law thinks I'm some sex monster and my husband thinks it was way too far for me. Am I an asshole? Do I owe them an apology?

bernie (58:58.371)
Yes, ma'am. I think she might.

purr (59:02.045)
She does. Because you have to say all that.

bernie (59:02.171)
I mean, it was kind of out of pocket. You ain't had to say that, but I understand they was pushing her. She like, damn, get off my nuts. I'm trying to fuck you. You know what I mean? Trying to fuck, relax, relax. She out of pocket.

purr (59:08.564)

Yeah, like...

Yeah, because it's like, is this about sex? Yeah, bitch, I'm gonna fuck your son and every bedroom of that every inch of the house. She kind of ate. But yes, you got to apologize for that. She could have just left it at honestly, I would have left her on read after she says this is about sex.

bernie (59:23.431)
And she said, she kind of ate.

bernie (59:34.447)
Yeah, I would have left her unread, just so she would have known, like, yes, that's what it's about, Buki. Leave me alone.

purr (59:38.122)
Yeah. Like, no, really, it's about not just sex, but like intimacy and just being together for a week for our honeymoon without our fucking parents there. Like, the fuck?

bernie (59:48.766)

bernie (59:52.711)
Yeah, like I wanna walk around naked.

purr (59:57.11)
want to see what our life is going to be like, Mary and not y'all being there. But yeah, I just wouldn't have responded to her. And I definitely wouldn't have said I was out to fuck the shit out of her son.

bernie (01:00:00.861)

bernie (01:00:07.035)
Yeah, I definitely would not have responded.

Yeah, I think that's definitely out of pocket. It's out of pocket. It is. It's out of pocket. But I understand why she said it.

purr (01:00:13.175)

purr (01:00:17.89)
That's funny as hell. Yeah. Yeah, mama was pushing. Like, yes, bitch, it's about sex.

bernie (01:00:29.659)
Like, come on, we're both grown, you're grown, what did you do on your honeymoon? Like, come on, what do you wanna do? Why do you wanna be there?

purr (01:00:32.478)
Like are y'all homeless? Y'all don't have any place else to stay? The fuck?

purr (01:00:41.75)
They must be homeless or something. Why are y'all trying to stay with us?

bernie (01:00:43.907)
Yeah, like stop being weird. That shit sound weird. Why would you wanna do that?

purr (01:00:53.666)
During our honeymoon? Let us have the fucking honeymoon!

bernie (01:00:59.581)
Jesus Christ. Isn't there a little boy who did that video? What was that video? Jesus Christ.

purr (01:01:03.214)
I think it was for a while too. Oh yeah. It was like a vine. I don't even know what he saw or what he was reacting to. Jesus Christ.

bernie (01:01:16.583)
All right, P-Vine.

purr (01:01:19.222)
That was such a good era.

bernie (01:01:19.519)
right? It was social media was fire then. I mean, that was when the gram was on the up and up. And we were still like posting weird shit posting our meals and like our fucking our

purr (01:01:23.566)
great area.

bernie (01:01:33.703)
the pencils on our desk and shit like that. Such a weird era of the ground.

purr (01:01:34.672)
That was so weird.

purr (01:01:39.266)
has such a strange era. A simpler time. Bring that back.

bernie (01:01:41.351)
posting mad raggedy throwback photos. Yeah, I know. I'm gonna start posting to Graham like how we did back in the day.

Just posting, you should be posting your regular shit, posting your plate and shit. Not in the story, where we're posting it to on our timelines, bro.

purr (01:01:53.954)

purr (01:01:59.448)
No, just the post, the feed.

bernie (01:02:01.843)
The fucking on your feet we were posting plates. We were posting plates.

purr (01:02:07.269)

bernie (01:02:08.491)
We're posting boxes of shoes, you get new shoes, like, this is stupid shit, though. Everything. Such a different era of social media then.

purr (01:02:12.814)
It's like everything. So dumb.

bernie (01:02:20.536)
My, my, have we grown.

purr (01:02:21.728)
Yes. Good times though. You know, you gotta look back and kinda just like laugh. Like, wow. We evolved. Yeah.

bernie (01:02:28.167)
You do. You do. And I appreciate it.

bernie (01:02:34.679)

purr (01:02:34.858)
A lot of y'all, a lot of y'all didn't live through that time. And it shows, y'all have no character.

bernie (01:02:38.308)

bernie (01:02:42.099)
No, coo.

purr (01:02:44.034)
No clue.

bernie (01:02:47.083)
Speaking of which, you can follow us on any of those sites at Wise Freaks Pod, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. The link is in the bio if you're looking for any of the other specific things for the podcast. It's just in there. You'll find it. Aside from that, you guys know where to fuck with us every Tuesday at whatever time you click this bitch. And um...

purr (01:02:57.966)

purr (01:03:05.044)
all there.

bernie (01:03:14.727)
It's been another episode of Wisefruits Podcast. We'll see y'all next Tuesday. Bye.

purr (01:03:20.674)
Bye, stay freaky.

bernie (01:03:25.624)
Oh, got it.