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Erotic Hypnosis

September 19, 2023 Season 1 Episode 150
Wise Freaks
Erotic Hypnosis
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Join us for a mind-blowing journey into the world of Erotic Hypnosis! The Wise Freaks break down the fusion of sensuality and psychology, spilling real-life tales and game-changing hacks. Tune in to unleash your deepest desires like never before in this electrifying and enchanting episode! 😎🔮🔥

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purr (00:07.764)
to do all you musty crusty dusties out there and also to our listeners our loyal listeners hey guys y'all too I just wanted to shout out to the crusty rusty dusties that tune in and listen as well but to our loyal listeners hello

bernie (00:15.718)
Yeah, yeah, too.

purr (00:29.06)
Welcome back to another episode of Wise Freaks Podcast. It's your girl, Nia Brown, easy F baby, and the Lieutenant of the Purr Gang.

bernie (00:41.134)
Yes, and it's Byrne, your other host here. We were just talking about like, how we gotta get this money by tomorrow. And that's what it really feels like low key. I don't know if other people are feeling that kind of same urgency or whatever the fuck is happening right now, but it feels like everybody's going through something. Like there's a whole bunch of just like, shit happening. And it's weird.

purr (01:09.52)
The bills is billing. The math ain't mathing. Bills are billing that never billed before. It's just crazy. So.

bernie (01:11.73)
like more than they've ever built before. Yeah.

bernie (01:19.722)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

purr (01:25.541)
Let us know.

bernie (01:29.046)
Yeah, we were just having my leg. Yeah.

purr (01:29.793)
Are y'all feeling the same way? Do you feel like you gotta get this money by tomorrow? No exceptions? Have you considered selling some puss? Let us know, you know?

bernie (01:35.106)
which is... near.

Listen, let us know if you have considered alternative routes to making cash because like, no, it really is like a weird fucking time right now feels like, I don't know. It's a lot of shifting energies and shit.

purr (01:54.673)

purr (01:58.396)
Yes, heavy on that.

bernie (01:58.402)
But anyways, we're here for another episode to talk about some wise and freaky shit, you know? We're actually gonna get into last week's topic that we did not get into, in fact. So we're gonna do that this week, which is erotic hypnosis. So we'll talk about that a little bit. But yeah, sounds weird, but it's not as weird.

purr (02:05.883)
on it.

purr (02:10.963)
I'm out.

purr (02:15.792)
erratic hypnosis. Yes, we're gonna stay on topic this week.

bernie (02:25.282)
We're gonna try.

purr (02:28.372)
That's all we can do.

bernie (02:31.598)
That's all. As long as like today is better than yesterday, then we're one step closer to achieving success or whatever the fuck you call it. What is the saying? I don't know. The saying sounds something like that. It did, right? Until the end. And then it just got like a little, mm-mm, mm. What the fuck? This nigga preach him. I don't know what he's saying. But it sound good.

purr (02:43.533)
I don't know, that sounded right.

purr (02:50.596)
and sound good.

I'm sorry.

purr (02:57.449)
So, alright then.

purr (03:02.024)
yeah so we'll get into that a little bit later first should we touch on this article that you have in here this sounds crazy child so this first article I don't really get what the problem is I don't see why this is news and what the problem is I mean freedom I feel like freedom

bernie (03:11.323)
Oh yes please.

purr (03:30.684)
But so this article talks about couples caught having sex inside driverless cars. And honestly, I feel like, yeah. And I feel like free them because why are y'all locking them up for them having sex in driverless cars when it's a driverless car, like they're not supposed to be driving anyway.

bernie (03:37.54)
Stay Sure.

bernie (03:54.33)
Right, and my thing like, you know, there is no driver, there nothing's there, I mean, I guess maybe they're supposed to be buckled up in the back. Damn, but I mean, like, is that your business? How else would you know, besides looking at the cameras? And you shouldn't be looking at the cameras, but they said, but basically they did say they only look at the cameras if there is an incident or like there's a report of something happening inside the car, but I'm like.

purr (04:04.82)
I don't know.

purr (04:08.504)

purr (04:19.112)
So someone snitched.

bernie (04:21.474)
That's what it sounded like to me.

purr (04:23.6)
Someone snitched.

like someone, they drove past somebody and they saw them getting it in. And they started hating. They were like, damn, why can't I get it in?

bernie (04:27.852)

bernie (04:40.502)
Has that ever actually happened to you where you were driven by somebody that was potentially giving head or fucking or anything like that?

purr (04:48.716)
Not to my knowledge, no.

purr (04:54.296)
I feel like that's something that you do when the windows are tinted, allegedly. So yeah.

bernie (05:03.694)
I'm going to go to bed.

bernie (05:08.302)
True. Yeah. I mean, honestly, I've done both, whether they're tainted or not. And I know, I've been seen before.

purr (05:10.393)

purr (05:14.872)
If I were to do it, I would want the windows to be tinted. Not saying that I have, but if I did, if I were to tinted windows for sure, 5%.

bernie (05:20.298)
windows to be tuned. Yeah.

bernie (05:29.89)
I wonder if there are a lot of people who have like ever seen that, like seen witnessed somebody else like either giving head or fucking while they're driving or some shit like.

I feel like it's more, I feel like it should be more common than we think because I mean, I definitely feel like most people have participated to some degree.

purr (05:41.09)

purr (05:49.2)
You can't wait till you get home though? Like, I don't know if it's always that serious.

bernie (05:52.018)
I mean, sometimes you just like...

It depends on the distance. And sometimes it can just be for sport.

purr (06:03.376)
I mean, but to actually, I get like a little fondle. I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna do that anyway. But like a whole, you gotta, like, no, now I gotta crawl across the dashboard and do all that.

bernie (06:07.61)
Oh yeah, but like the whole situation. Yeah.

bernie (06:16.551)
Loosen up that seatbelt.

Very much, yeah.

purr (06:23.2)
Yeah, I'm not taking my seat, but uh, so.

bernie (06:26.498)
But these couples are actually sucking and fucking in the backseat. And since the car is on cruise control and they're saying it's like really popular in San Francisco, that's what a lot of people are doing. Um, but yeah, I, uh, I've not seen anybody fucking in the back of it, but I have heard of somebody saying that, that they do that, that has a Tesla.

purr (06:30.834)

purr (06:39.252)

purr (06:55.224)
No, okay, and that they, yeah, as they should. I feel like that's, I mean, that's the point of spending the extra dollar to have a driverless car so I can have my hands free to do other things.

bernie (06:55.634)
I'm like, okay. Yeah.

bernie (07:11.63)

purr (07:13.2)
You know? So...

bernie (07:14.419)

purr (07:17.529)
I don't see the problem.

bernie (07:17.642)
You know, I don't know. And anyways, like those cars, I don't know, it's kind of weird for me with those cars, cause I'm like, they know how to drive, they know the rules of the road, but they can't don't account for like human error. So either way, it's kind of dangerous. So it's like the fuck.

purr (07:31.532)
Yeah, but also if they say they weren't fucking, but they just got picked up from the bar, they're sloppy drunk. They're basically useless.

purr (07:45.84)
So what now?

bernie (07:47.315)
So it makes no difference.

purr (07:49.288)

bernie (07:52.011)
Yeah, true.

purr (07:55.939)
That's my take on it.

bernie (07:58.014)
Well, I just say keep fucking driving y'all. I mean safely

purr (08:03.4)
Get yours. Safely, of course.

bernie (08:13.63)
Okay, so what else? You had something else on here.

purr (08:17.044)
Yes, so I've been obsessed with these questions and these potential scenarios. So I've been doing this a lot. These are some questions of, he's a 10, but...

purr (08:37.432)
and then you have to give like an ick or something or it can be like the opposite. He's a three but and then he does something really great. Yeah, but he's got like an 800 credit score or something, you know. So I thought this would be interesting to kind of go back and forth. There's some on here that you can use, but then there are others like you can maybe make some up. So like the one that we talked about earlier.

bernie (08:38.5)

bernie (08:45.77)
You have good credit. Yeah.

bernie (08:51.534)

bernie (09:07.068)

purr (09:07.553)
Um, he's a...

Oh, okay, this was another one that Alina had sent me. So he's a 10, but he don't eat no coochie.

bernie (09:20.826)
Oh damn, yeah, like I feel like that's such a hard pass for sure. Because what good are you? That like zero for real because it's like. You're pretty and then what like, okay.

purr (09:25.877)
I said zero. Zero.

purr (09:37.636)
So what now?

bernie (09:38.807)
What now?

You gotta have layers to this shit. Mm-mm.

purr (09:45.732)
Yeah, I ain't like that. So that was one. And then on the other hand, say he's a three. But every time you go out, he pays for like, everything like you and your homegirls like every time y'all go out. So say you go out and do like a little din and you guys go out for drinks and you know, you're like having a good time and he pays for everything every time.

but here are three.

bernie (10:19.022)
That's a seven and a half. That's a seven. Right, that's a possible eight. That's the eight. Yes, a seven and a half and a possible. It's possible. Yeah, yeah. This other girl wrote in here, she wrote, he's a 10 but can go the whole day without talking to you. Okay, I don't really feel like that's a bad, bad thing, but.

purr (10:21.264)
That's a seven. That's a, that's a, he might be an A.

purr (10:28.686)

Yeah, I agree. I agree.

bernie (10:44.658)
I feel like it is, you probably should check in though, like, cause it is kind of wild to go a whole day. But does that tip the scale real, real low? It's just one of those like, okay, so you didn't want to call me yesterday kind of situations. And it's like, okay, cool. Then we good. But.

I don't know.

bernie (11:14.016)
I see you. I see your spirit.

bernie (11:22.422)
Okay, so then he's a 10, but can go a whole day without talking to you. What does that make the man? Is that a five?

bernie (11:32.782)
Oh, like if that's a consistent theme. Yeah.

bernie (11:41.506)
Yeah. Or just maybe off GP, the general fact that he can possibly do that.

bernie (12:01.45)
Like wanting to check in and say, hey, how are you? How's everything?

bernie (12:12.374)
making sure I'm alive.

bernie (12:18.48)

Okay, wait, that was another one too. They said he's a 10, but he's clingy. And I thought in my mind, I'm like, that's not a bad, bad thing.

bernie (12:34.214)
Right. I'm like, there's varying degrees actually to clingy. You know what I mean? Like there's levels to work.

bernie (12:43.694)

bernie (12:52.682)
Um, what did that bitch just say? It says, Per's browser is preventing recording. And how is she doing that, Miss Man? I know, so I'm just, that's you, and she cut off.

bernie (13:11.858)
Yeah, and you stop recording and it says guest uploaded.

bernie (13:18.566)

bernie (13:28.319)
Oh, that's what's happening. Maybe go out and come back in.

bernie (13:36.75)
We ain't ever did that.

bernie (13:45.418)
and you might have to go back out and come back in. I don't know.

purr (14:36.672)
Testicle testicle

purr (14:42.592)
Testing, testing.

purr (14:47.321)
Tasting, tasting.

purr (15:12.102)

purr (15:24.036)
Okay, so where did we, where did I drop off at?

purr (15:41.728)
So on the flip side of that, talking about he's a ten, but he's clingy.

purr (16:00.003)
Yeah, not a bad thing.

purr (16:07.14)
Okay! Well...

purr (16:13.976)
sometimes it has to be the right type of clingy like there's varying levels of clingy like there's very unemployed clingy and that's like when you're calming at all hours of the day and like during the nine to five and it's like given like you don't have one so or if it's just like for nothing you know I don't know


purr (16:50.228)
This is Facts.

purr (16:59.304)
That's facts. That's so facts. It really is, cause...

purr (17:19.412)
That's so true. Shallow but true.

purr (17:30.569)
There's nothing to figure out.

purr (17:36.955)

purr (17:44.661)
The pieces can change in mold.

um here's a few more oh i think this one's a good one he's like four but he dresses well

purr (18:08.849)
A four?

purr (18:27.176)
That's not great.

purr (18:32.734)
Yeah... Hmm?

Yeah, I need to he needs to be at least a little better than a four to start with.


purr (18:52.488)
I don't give a fuck.

purr (19:03.08)
really felt that too like that was oh that was from my chest I don't give a fuck them kids fuck them pets

I don't care.

purr (19:20.594)

Negative three.

purr (19:28.248)
He's a 10 but he has no sense of humor. Can't do it.

purr (19:35.72)
Because I feel like also if you don't have a sense of humor, then that means like you're somehow not laughing at my jokes and I'm hilarious. And that just doesn't make sense to me. So you must be a robot.

purr (19:53.692)
and you don't like to have fun. And if you can't make me laugh, I just... What we doing? You know?

purr (20:12.604)
I don't care. Yeah, I don't give a fuck.

purr (20:28.409)

purr (20:32.696)
Oh, whoa. Whoa, whoa. Is he part of Rickett? Cause that's the only time I wanna be called mommy. Like I'm not, not like M-A-M-I, not M-O-M-M-Y.

purr (20:51.44)
You know, there's a difference.

purr (21:02.224)
Mommy's crazy. Mommy's wild.

I ain't got no damn kids. So, don't do that.

Ooh, he's a nine but he's terrified of bugs. No.

Cause we both can't be scared of bugs. Now we out here looking stupid as a unit. We look like bitches as a unit.

purr (21:34.676)
Just one big jumbo bitch.

purr (21:43.632)
I don't, yeah, that's a lot.

purr (21:55.1)
Yeah, definitely.

purr (21:59.992)
Yeah, I think that this could be good for like our story or something like that. Put him on there and see what people think because these are hilarious. Some of these are wow. He's a four but he's kind of animals. I don't give a damn.

purr (22:22.92)
Oh, okay, hold up, this one's a good one. That one's good too. Damn. He's a four, but he takes amazing pictures of you.

purr (22:44.736)
Sheeeet. He might be a sim.

purr (22:54.424)
Yeah, probably closer to a C. Yeah. Like, uh.

purr (23:04.4)
Very temporary. Very.

purr (23:12.664)
Alright, so we'll post some of those and you guys give us your thoughts and your ratings. Let's get into the baby followers. Shall we?

purr (23:28.615)

purr (23:40.224)
Okay, I'm gonna let you go.

purr (23:45.848)
A baby father. Yeah. A father.

purr (23:58.727)
I guess I'd never even looked into that.

purr (24:09.909)
Oh, okay.

purr (24:23.104)
Okay, he's not that looking.

purr (24:27.872)
Never thought to look it up. Yeah, never thought to look into that. Just always just he's like the man in the chair, you know, behind the scenes. Like, you know, he's there but

purr (24:50.958)

purr (24:55.704)
Yo, that was a good one.

purr (25:02.641)
Yeah, it's getting pretty tall.

purr (25:11.465)
I know, it's been a minute, right?

purr (25:18.134)

purr (25:21.865)
Great choice.

purr (25:27.7)
The man in the chair. You know, I just always imagine like a silhouette. You know, when they interview witnesses and stuff like that and they want their identity protected and it's just like a dark silhouette. I'm like, you know he back there, but it's really like, you know, I don't know. That's just how I imagine it. You know, any of those producers.

purr (26:00.56)
You know. DJ Kim.

no matter what he said you gonna see me

purr (26:11.88)
We the best. You gonna see me, you gonna hear me, you gonna see me, all that.

purr (26:23.272)
From the jump, it's never been a question. Who is that? What does he look like? We know, we been knew.

purr (26:33.404)
Um, okay, I feel like the time has finally come that I can make this man my baby father. Um, you know, you know who it's gonna be. I've had a crush on this man for a while, but

My baby father this week is gonna be Skillababy. There, I did it. I done it, I did it.

purr (27:04.368)
I'm officially a bir-

purr (27:12.768)
That's my husband.

purr (27:19.4)
He's been doing his thing though. He's been expanding.

purr (27:25.184)
um, Tabi style.

Icky Vicky.

He's been doing some, he's got like a lot of songs with Sada. Sada baby.

But recently he's been doing stuff like G Herba. So crossing over into like the little Chicago bag. He been in his little duffel bag, but.

purr (27:58.83)
I've peeped. I peeped a while ago. I was like, I thought I saw something. And then after further analysis, I was right.

purr (28:18.944)
So there, I did it. That's my baby father for the week.

purr (28:31.undefined)

purr (28:40.376)

purr (28:56.09)
Yeah, look a little, look a little good honey. I like it.

purr (29:05.296)
I like that. I like that. Yeah, I really do.

purr (29:23.022)
You're so stu-stupid! Have you not look- have you- is this your first time like really looking into... this?

purr (29:37.801)

purr (29:43.072)
Oh yeah, I did my research and I looked at the come up. You know, everyone starts somewhere.

purr (30:01.24)
Not too much. Not too much on my baby daddy, okay? Not too much.

Not too much on my man. He a, he a Libra, you know.

purr (30:19.212)
Yes, I think his birthday is the same day as yours.

purr (30:25.637)

purr (30:30.064)
I was gonna go to his birthday party but yours is more important.

purr (30:37.148)
I was like, I was like, sorry, daddy, I can't go. I can't make it.

purr (30:45.805)
I can't go.

purr (30:50.884)
Oh yeah, I'm sure. This shit was gonna be in Detroit, I know it was gonna be.

That shit was gonna be... yeah. There'll be others. Yeah. That shit sound like it was gonna be real good. I was like, damn.

purr (31:14.514)
Yeah, I was like, woo, shah.

I love me a good hood jam, but whoo.

purr (31:24.368)
It's like certain hood jams though that you need like, I need a section. You know what I'm saying? Like, I'm not, I can't be in GA.

purr (31:35.02)
Yeah, no, I can't be in GA, baby. I can't do that. I'm gonna need a table.


purr (31:46.74)
You know, you can't just be with the commoners. It's certain shit.


purr (32:07.36)
Yeah, like it's not even about my feet anymore. Like it's certain crowds. I'm like, yeah, I'm gonna need, I need a section. Oh, hang on, I can't be mingling around with all y'all. Sorry.

purr (32:23.64)
I need to have some somewhere that divides me from...

purr (32:31.4)
The chaos, yeah. Yeah, exactly.

purr (32:38.968)
So those are the baby fathers, Skilla Baby and Metro Boomers.

purr (32:48.805)
Love it.

purr (32:52.704)

purr (32:57.772)
Okay, so it's finally time to get into Le Meets, I'd say.

purr (33:23.196)

Neither. No. Sounds interesting though.

purr (34:04.64)
Can it make me wanna go to the gym every day?

purr (34:11.106)

purr (34:17.828)

purr (34:23.505)
I need something to make me want to go to the gym every day and give me energy because the pre-workout I can't do it. I'm sorry.

purr (34:34.16)
It feels like crack and then you crash out and then also like I don't know what it'd be doing but you know how coffee be percolating in your colon. Well pre-workout is like that times two.

purr (34:55.428)
I was like, oh my god, what if I went to the gym?

purr (35:02.972)
What if I went straight to the gym and got on the Stairmaster? Are you kidding me?

purr (35:10.896)
What the fuck?

purr (35:16.88)
I wouldn't have made it home.

purr (35:24.005)

purr (35:49.62)

purr (36:10.464)
Hmm. Okay.

purr (36:26.638)

purr (36:53.009)

purr (37:06.544)

So like what we talked about, was that maybe two weeks ago, when we talked about the enhancement pills, like maybe that could be another way to increase like libido.

purr (37:27.305)

purr (37:48.537)

This is interesting. So how does one go about the act of erotic hypnosis? Do you need like a certification to be erotic hypnotizer?

purr (38:12.756)
hit notice. Okay.

purr (39:04.393)

purr (39:30.947)

purr (39:40.664)
No, I don't know why I assumed like it might be a physical thing. It's really just like...

someone, a hypnotist, working with you to kind of get through like any blockages you might have related to sex? It sounds like.

purr (40:32.494)

purr (40:49.76)
Bricked up is crazy.

purr (40:55.128)


And this was a group thing?

That's even weirder. Thought this would be like a one-on-one.

purr (41:14.996)

purr (41:19.196)
All right, we need to get somebody on here to explain this. I need to if you are into erotic sex work or hypnosis, and you know how to do that. Hit us up. That sounds interesting.

purr (41:56.675)

purr (42:01.884)
Period. Sign me up.

purr (42:08.057)
I'm so sorry.

purr (42:28.91)

purr (43:00.274)

purr (43:07.502)
So you can be physical during it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, gotcha.

purr (43:33.512)
This sounds like a strange video. Like this sounds crazy.

purr (43:52.953)
Where do you find a place where it's multiple men laying naked and a guy walking around hypnotizing them?

purr (44:09.62)
That's what I'm saying, like how do I... How would I even find that? What do I search?

purr (44:25.218)
This is true.

purr (44:41.852)
You're right. If you ever thought like damn I'm weird I'm in this alone with my strange kink or fetish you're wrong. Just try looking on Reddit and I guarantee yeah I'm wrong. Don't rope me into your bullshit but I guarantee you.

purr (45:07.44)
I guarantee you there is a community there for you and there are other people there you are not alone because honey, I've learned so much through Reddit.

purr (45:28.66)

purr (45:36.62)
Yes, we'll get into the rest from the erotic... I keep wanting to say erotic

purr (45:48.599)
That's choking.


purr (46:02.248)

purr (46:05.636)
Okay, let's see what we got here for some of these reddit. So this one is an experience. Says girlfriend successfully hypnotized me for the first time. Okay, so my girlfriend and I.

Yeah, that's why I was like, do you have to be certified? Is this something that you can do like with, you know, your partner or do they have to be like a certified sex therapist, erotic hypnosis, you know, you know.

purr (46:46.456)
Mm-hmm. Okay. Let's see what we can learn from these people. Maybe they tell us Okay, so my girlfriend and I have been introducing this and trying it out for about a month or two And last night was the most deep intense trance. I felt I was so immersed in her voice and the feelings I was made to feel uh, it was so good. We found a script here that she could use as an Induction and she took over that

She took over after that blew my mind and my body. They can't, they can not put commas in the right place. If you guys have any recommendations on scripts or things to try out together like this, everything is greatly appreciated. So happy there's a community here to share this part of. See, there's a community here.

purr (47:47.318)

purr (47:52.224)
Ooh, okay. I think they put the... I think they actually dropped the link to the script.

purr (48:01.28)
Oh, they did. It's long as fuck.

purr (48:14.901)

purr (48:18.64)
Yeah, just kind of starts off with like introduction. Hi, my name is blah, blah. I'll be your hypnotist for the next few minutes. If you're not comfortable with the themes of submission arousal and a little bit of denial, then this file may not be right for you. Take care of yourself first foremost. And I hope you find something that better suits your fancy. Okay.

Now I'd like to make sure that you're sitting and laying down somewhere comfortable. Feel free to take in some deep breaths. In out in out. Okay.

purr (48:55.714)

purr (49:00.888)
Yeah, it's like, it's honestly not even...

purr (49:10.108)
This doesn't even seem like...


purr (49:21.931)
Oh, maybe.

purr (49:27.303)

purr (49:33.48)
I think you made that up. But no, she said, or he said, she took over, oh yeah, she took over after that blew my mind and my body. So maybe she like did that, got him like very relaxed. And like, because I feel like a lot of people will like, fuck and they got stuff like on their minds. And you can't really perform to like the best of your.

abilities and really enjoy yourself because you got like all this shit on your fucking mind. So if you can really relax yourself beforehand and let all your stress and inhibitions go, then you could really wall out, you know.

purr (50:19.16)
Yeah, like if I was completely de-stressed before...

purr (50:34.852)
Yeah, because I feel like a lot of people are just kind of hate fucking or like stress fucking, you know?

purr (50:45.264)
And I was like, damn, I felt that energy in my vagina. You know? Like, I'm like, are you mad at me?

You just had a- you had a long day, okay. Shit, I knew something was up.

purr (51:04.766)
Is it me?

purr (51:10.848)
So that's interesting, I like that. Like let me hypnotize you real quick and then knock them socks off.

purr (51:27.752)
Yeah, it might. Yeah, and I think he said, like his words were that, like she finally successfully did it. They've been doing it. They've been trying it for a month or two. So it's not something that's gonna like happen off the bat. You probably gotta work at it a few times. And then he finally went into an intense trance and he felt at peace. So that's awesome.

purr (52:05.167)
Um, okay, what's this one?

purr (52:13.948)
Oh, okay. This one says hi, I need help answering a question. So I'm a switch leaning down and I've been for a while now. However, I recently I was recently chatting with someone I put them under and we had a lot of fun. However, after we talked for some more earlier, I was blocked about an hour later out of nowhere. I wasn't acting like a creep and always made sure to input.

Safeties. That's an interesting way to spell safeties. And I, and I would never even think of breaking someone's limits. And I didn't. Sorry, if this sounds like I'm a weirdo, I just want to know what I could have done or what could have happened. Does anyone know? Is this a common thing?

purr (53:13.099)

purr (53:23.58)

So someone said...

purr (53:31.456)
Right, right. So someone said it happens on both sides. I think sometimes it's just rudeness and people who had their fun and they go back to doing other stuff. Yeah. And then other times though, I think some people can get freaked out by the power of hypnosis and how deeply they can be affected. Yeah, saying like I wouldn't worry too much. Of course, you know, but

find someone that's your vibe and move at their pace and move on, you know? Hey, you can do, fuck off.

purr (54:20.391)
Oh, what?

purr (54:32.723)
No, so we're not working miracles.

purr (54:38.944)
You can't trick your dick into being bigger.

purr (55:51.261)
period. I need that.

purr (55:55.692)
Uh huh.

purr (56:05.174)
So you can, it can be for relaxation and it can be for like

mental changes, I guess.

purr (56:20.316)

But like erotic hypnosis is not like you can't really like, I'm looking at this next Reddit and you can't like compel someone to do something. You know, like the very TV-esque. Yeah, and like bark like a dog. Yeah. It's not like that.

purr (57:00.964)
Yeah, and that's this is kind of what he's saying in this next Reddit.

um he's basically asking is it possible for like a hypnotist to steal my girlfriend or me um i was just curious would it be possible if a hypnotist or someone could hypnotize my girlfriend to make her finger herself or send moods or control her um love sense toy or that someone hypnotize me and steal me and make me think the other girl

Is her, is my girlfriend, you know, something like that. No, it doesn't work like that.

purr (57:54.129)

purr (58:08.665)
she already gone.

purr (58:12.968)
Hmm she already gone playa sorry That's just not your bitch

purr (58:29.98)
Yeah, we had a little whoopsie poopsie.

purr (58:41.088)
as well.

purr (58:44.329)
because you won't be hearing this but we think we think we got it we got it we good

purr (59:07.837)
Right, right.

purr (59:14.016)
Peace out.

purr (59:18.129)

bernie (00:09.311)
Um, okay. Yeah, we had a little technical difficulty, but we are backup. Um, and we are.

Discussing? Yeah. Clingy.

bernie (00:29.022)
Yeah, again, I feel like there's levels to clingy and it can be good and bad depending on A, who you are and what you need in a relationship to feel secure. So clingy might work for you. Where sometimes accountability doesn't work for some people in relationships and some people it does. No, I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding.

bernie (00:50.062)
I'm out.

bernie (01:12.319)

bernie (01:21.898)
Yeah, I feel like it always has to be the right person when it's the wrong person, then nobody wants to be bothered by that shit when it's the right person you don't give a fuck. So it's just really like if it's bothering somebody that X, Y, and Z maybe it's just not for you or something like Loki. I feel like that's really what it is like. And I feel like we hate to admit that sometimes with a lot of things.

boy was like, well, we can figure or like, maybe it's like, it's like, no, that's maybe a major incompatibility thing. We're like, babe, this shit just won't mesh because you guys don't get that.

bernie (02:00.162)
Yeah, I think so often we just like, sit in it and we're like trying to figure it out. It's like, no, there's no figuring it out because it just doesn't work. It's nothing to figure out. It's these puzzle pieces don't match, bitch. I mean, maybe they did at one at one point, but they've morphed, you know, and they're just not the same pieces anymore. Boo. Yeah.

bernie (02:26.142)

bernie (02:39.654)
Okay, but that's really true, though, because the clothes can really change a whole thing. Like you can put lipstick on a pig, you know, whatever they call that. What's the thing? Either for any dress as well. Like that brings you at least to I feel like you dress well and you're a four. Like I feel like that does pull you up to at least like a six and a half.

bernie (03:08.486)
I was gonna say double or nothing. So I was gonna say eight. But nah, I think that's a lie though. That's what a four can-

bernie (03:20.108)

bernie (03:26.022)
Okay, it says he's a four but he's good with animals and kids. A three. Okay, I don't give a good goddamn.

bernie (03:51.918)
Yeah, I'm good for fuck. Oh, that's terrible. He's a 10, but rude to service staff. Negative three.

bernie (04:03.987)
I don't mean to insist.

bernie (04:11.682)
Oh, yuck. That's boring as fuck.

bernie (04:30.23)
and you don't like to have fun.

bernie (04:39.51)
Nothing, we're doing nothing. We're doing nothing. Okay, bless you. Okay, all right, he's a three buddy tips well. That is not going to my purse though, he's still three. I don't give a one fuck unless it's going to my purse. I don't really give a shit. Okay.

Okay, he's a 10, but he calls you mommy. How would, what do you think of that? Would that be weird for you?

bernie (05:21.39)

bernie (05:28.11)

bernie (05:32.35)
Yeah, there definitely is. I feel like I'm definitely good on either end, whether it's daddy, dad, poppy, any of the such. I'm good with it. Mommy does sound a little bit like mom. Because you mom, it's like that could be a little.

bernie (05:51.753)

bernie (05:59.65)
He's a nine, but he's terrified of blood.

bernie (06:07.662)
True. Yeah, nah.

bernie (06:17.426)
Yeah, that's true. That's not a good look. They put so many of these motherfucking things on here.

bernie (06:26.606)
There's so many. Maybe we should post a thing of them in sections. We can just post them on the page. Or we could just put some together. Yeah.

bernie (06:39.884)
Oh yeah.

bernie (06:44.426)

bernie (06:55.342)
I don't give a good god damn. You hear me? I don't give a simple fuck.

bernie (07:11.942)
Okay, wait This nigga photographer He's the fuck help

bernie (07:30.926)

bernie (07:35.379)

bernie (07:39.694)
ehhhhhhh temperate

bernie (08:04.294)
Oh yes, I have a surprising one. I feel like this week. Yeah.

bernie (08:14.982)
us prepare for this.

bernie (08:21.514)
Okay, you have a baby father or baby mother? I'm just curious. Oh, okay, okay. So I have really, not random, but I have Metro Boomin. I didn't realize he's kind of cute. I, at least I think.

Yeah, I saw him on the hip hop. He was at the VMAs and he was performing with like, he had a performance. He had with Future and shit like that. And he was doing his thing. I was like, first of all, he's not on this song vocally, but he was out there hyping Future up. And he was, you know, jumping around the stage. I was like, oh, this thing is kind of cute.


bernie (09:07.326)
Okay? You know what I mean? Because you just, you know, he on them beats.

bernie (09:14.698)
And there was something else behind the breeze.

bernie (09:19.882)

bernie (09:26.914)
Well he popped out at the VMAs.

And my did he pop out? Yeah.

bernie (09:36.586)
And I don't know if it was the camera angles or whatever, but he looked like he was tall too.

bernie (09:43.254)
But yeah, he was doing his damn thing. And that was like the first time we seen Future performing. I don't know how fucking long. I was like, so he was able to get Future out there.

bernie (09:56.842)
So yeah, that was definitely a moment.

bernie (10:02.25)
Yeah, I was like, you know, the man in the chair.

bernie (10:18.758)
Yeah, that's the producer. Just a person. Because the only other producer that we know that... No, the only one we know is...

bernie (10:35.074)
DJ Cal.

bernie (10:42.606)
He'd be on his records no matter what. If he don't get in another one. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

bernie (10:53.325)

I gotta give him that. At least he producing the records and we know who the hell he is. And we knew that from the jump.

bernie (11:05.056)
never been a question who that man who's on that beat it's him

bernie (11:22.867)
He had to put in some work.

bernie (11:37.278)
Okay, you did it.

bernie (11:47.202)
So for those that don't know who Skillababy is...

bernie (11:53.782)
Detroit ramp.

bernie (11:58.063)
Um, what's his hip?

What's his hits?

bernie (12:17.398)
Yeah, he's got a couple of features that I know.

bernie (12:25.767)

bernie (12:32.714)
Yeah, he's been spying. And it's like a whole group of them, I feel like, of the Detroit guys.

bernie (12:44.974)
You're like, I knew it was something in there. There was something in there.

bernie (12:52.606)
In fact, there's something there.

bernie (12:57.75)

bernie (13:09.48)
I love this for you.

bernie (13:14.082)

bernie (13:17.731)
Yeah. Ooh, this shit.

I'm looking at some of these videos, I'm like, woo girl.

bernie (13:28.397)
Pulling up to one of these parties, honey.

bernie (13:38.302)
It look a little hood. I don't know, I heard it Jason. It just look a little hood.

bernie (13:50.437)
That shit look like it's slapping in the building though.

bernie (14:08.666)
I didn't look I've only seen a couple of music videos, you know here and there I'm just going through everything now. I'm like, oh shit Cuz I've only seen the newer stuff. I didn't see the back in the day. You know what I mean the comma

Yeah, you know what I mean.

bernie (14:31.99)
They start somewhere, they start somewhere, and they start somewhere.

bernie (14:42.448)
I'm sorry.

bernie (14:45.902)
I know, they're so mean.

bernie (14:51.335)
Okay, but he on his come up, uh...

bernie (14:56.022)
He's a fellow Libra.

bernie (15:01.949)
Shut up, I'm dead.

bernie (15:08.514)

bernie (15:13.618)
Okay, per. I mean, we could have had a joint birthday party.

bernie (15:25.738)
Lowkey, they'd probably be out here too.

bernie (15:35.663)
Oh yeah, that shit was probably gonna be live than a bitch.

bernie (15:41.622)
It hasn't turned out yet.

bernie (15:49.186)
Just watch the pictures and see the videos online, girl.

bernie (16:00.499)
I love a good hood jam.

bernie (16:07.95)
Yeah, where you like I don't wanna be here. I can't just be in here. I'll be like that

bernie (16:26.858)
It do be like that.

bernie (16:33.376)
Oh my god.

bernie (16:37.198)
But really that's where I am though at that point where I'm like, I don't want to just be walking around and standing around. I need a table to sit down some goddamn way.


bernie (16:52.61)
I just need to...

bernie (17:00.654)
I need to see.

bernie (17:08.674)
The K-I.

bernie (17:17.982)
Okay, so the meat.

bernie (17:24.498)
Metro Boomin'

Send me a beat nigga, I'll take-

bernie (17:45.102)
Yes, it is. So again, we're talking about erotic hypnosis. I don't know if anybody has ever, I don't know if I've known anybody who's ever personally been under anything like that, but I mean, I guess hypnosis, but not where it becomes erotic. I've never participated. How about you? Okay. Hmm. So.

Yeah, yeah, for sure. So basically, erotic hypnosis can be used in a lot of different things, like it helps anxiety, fears, bad habits, it also can improve sex life. It's a powerful tool for exploring your sexual erotic self. That's also just hypnosis in general, too. It's good to like reprogram, they say it's good for to do hypnotizing, like you can actually break a habit, like you can use hypnosis for to help people like something more than cigarettes.

to stop drinking. Now, you know, I wonder, that's actually a good question. Like, I wonder if we can be hypnotized into what you want to do. I'm sure it's possible. I mean, like, maybe.

Maybe. Sure.

bernie (19:10.862)
That shit is like crack.

bernie (19:16.758)
That's the problem.

bernie (19:26.599)
Oh hell yeah.

bernie (19:31.97)
Yeah, and that's the problem.

bernie (19:41.87)

bernie (19:52.162)
That's when you just gotta go home and pack it up. Just go home.

bernie (20:02.674)
Okay, um...

bernie (20:09.206)
So how can, how is a herotic hypnosis different from audio porn? I guess that was kind of one of the questions that had come up and people were like how does this like different from audio porn because you're listening to like an erotic experience similar to how you would listen to you know audio porn in a sense like the breathing the panting you know that type of

All that kind of shit. So somebody said, being a hypnosis removes your inhibitions and puts you inside the experience. Audio porn tells a story. So erotic hypnosis is all about you inside your story. So it's all about your own body and your own mind. It's not focused on the experience of somebody else.

bernie (20:51.198)
which of course I think like a lot of hypnosis would be like, you know, follow my voice, you know, empty, you know, shit like that. They'd be trying to, it's all things for you to do, like in your mind mentally or whatever. So it gets into a little bit of like, what is the hypnosis? So now hypnosis or hypno-sex is a form of hypnosis that increases sexual desires and sexual responses.

This means that if you have trouble connecting with your partner during sex, reaching orgasm or allowing yourself to reach orgasm during sex or staying in the moment, erotic hypnosis could actually help you. It can also be used for many things such as to help somebody struggling with sexual trauma, low libido or dysfunction, enhanced connection during lovemaking and a tool during BDSM seen and intensifying it.

bernie (22:04.542)
Yeah, hypnosis. And I think also because the hypnosis, it creates a deeper level of connection too, because you're doing it all in your mind. And it's kind of, you get like sort of vulnerable in a sense when you're like being hypnotized. That's at least what the experience is kind of.


bernie (22:42.954)
think you they're like, I think they're called like shamans or some shit like that or hypnosis, hypnotists. Yeah, there we go. Yeah. Yeah, erotic. Yeah, how does erotic hypnosis work? It says, with a therapist, oh, okay, so a therapist guiding you into a state of complete relaxation, and you learn how to proper breathe. So the expert will then softly talk to you in a way that you will melt your worries away.

And then you will reach a state of relaxation. Your inhibitions and consciousness will cause us to be shy, guarded, are now lowered. You become now your guards down. You enjoy the experience and things you always prevented yourself from doing. So once you've agreed on a safe word and your boundaries, an erotic hypnosis will then work on increasing your libido or help you reach an orgasm. So this might put you in a trance where you'll feel more aroused. And it says that the erotic hypnosis won't touch you.

which I'm like, I mean, that makes sense because it's not supposed to be a physical thing. It's all a mental thing.

bernie (23:56.785)
But it says when you're under a trance, the hypnosis, the hypnotist might provide a physical sense of comfort or security as you revisit the memory. You and the expert will then work through the issue.

bernie (24:10.582)
So, yeah, it's not a physical, it's not like a fucking massage type situation.

bernie (24:43.002)
Yeah. And sometimes it's done naked. I've seen a couple of videos and the like person that was doing it was naked and was like kind of like walking around and there were other people there and then the other people there were naked too. Like everybody was naked but I think that may have just part of his situation. I don't think it's a requirement to be naked but they just were naked.

bernie (25:12.694)
But I don't, in fact, I don't recall even dicks being hard. Maybe some were medium soft, you know what I mean? But I don't think anybody was like bricked up.

bernie (25:25.312)



bernie (25:40.364)

Yeah, it was a group thing.

They were doing some other like they do meditation. No, they do other meditation stuff too. It's like one-on-one and group.

But it was this specific person. Well, there was a couple different people who did it. Yeah. And what the?

bernie (26:13.91)
Lowkey for real.

bernie (26:21.934)
So it then goes on to touch on basically all of the desires. We don't need to go through all of them. But it said these are the desires that it can fulfill. So it can fulfill relaxation, of course, submission, and loss of control. So people who have high-stress jobs may want to get away from all of that, and that can help. Yeah, that's what, Loki, I need that. Sign me up right fucking now. Sexual arousal. It says erotic hypnosis is the fabulous way to get turned on by many.

Man love lasting feeling of arousal. Okay, to make you like maybe last a little longer. Hands-free orgasms. Basically talking about how you can create both mental, both physical and mental orgasms.

bernie (27:10.494)
Yeah, BDSM bondage and trap fantasies that of course, like there's definitely like a lot of, I feel like that intertwines with NBDSM doing hypnosis and you know, things like that. Blowjob fantasy. Okay.

Feminization, that's interesting. Forced masturbation, like being told what to do during hypnosis, okay, that's interesting. Wow, so like somebody telling you like, yeah, yeah. And then also the last.

bernie (27:50.422)
but only to yourself though.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

bernie (27:57.922)
but the video that I did see, I'm gonna have to try and like see if I can dig that back up. I remember him like, you know, I don't know. I don't wanna put my finger on it too much, but I thought I saw him like grazed by a couple of dicks. And I'm like, well, that's different.

Girl, I'm not, let me, I should have saved it so I could have referenced it, but I didn't. I was just trying to dig through some, I was just like, huh, this is all very interesting. But.

bernie (28:42.614)
I don't even know where you even begin to look to like figure out where you find that service. You know what I'm saying? Like where you find that group. Yeah.

bernie (28:55.17)
feel like there are like, even through being on Reddit, I feel like there is a community for everybody for something like there really is like, I'm sure there is a thread that's like naked bitches doing, you know, I mean, the weather is erotic hypnosis thread, which we'll get to at the at the at the Reddit. But like, there probably is a specific thread of naked people. Yeah, just doing it.

bernie (29:27.319)

bernie (29:31.234)
So long.

As long as it's legal, though.

bernie (29:39.082)
Yeah, I just wanted to view here. Yeah, okay. Okay.

bernie (29:51.778)

bernie (30:02.39)
There's everything for, there is something for every.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, for sure.

Okay, so should we get into these reddit?

bernie (30:25.504)
No, erotic affixation. Yeah, right? Oh, okay. Oh.

bernie (30:36.542)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, no, erotic hypnosis.

bernie (31:00.206)
That's interesting, there's couples doing it, you know?

bernie (31:19.798)
I guess if you get the steps right and what you're supposed to do and it worked, fuck it.

bernie (32:00.246)

bernie (32:18.414)
Community for every fucking body Okay, that's kind of dope so they found a script on there So there are scripts inside of this thread to be able to erotically hypnotize someone

bernie (32:38.131)

bernie (32:44.713)
How does it start? Does it give any insights to how you even get into it?

bernie (33:04.762)

bernie (33:30.978)
Oh, okay. It's almost like a meditation is what it kind of feels like to me. You know what I mean? Like, yeah.

bernie (33:40.174)
They definitely give annotations.

bernie (33:56.214)
But she probably was fucking him and sucking him while she was doing and telling him all of these things. I'm just assuming.

because didn't he say they fuck?

Or did I make that up?

bernie (34:26.683)
Yeah, I got it.

bernie (34:35.085)

bernie (34:46.894)

bernie (34:53.293)
true. I'm just imagine if I meditated every time before I fucked or you know what I mean? Like, how like

Yeah, and just like, I mean, I guess I have in certain situations, you know, of course, but like, you know what I mean? Like as a constant thing of being able to be at that state of like, every time, you know, probably amazing shit.

bernie (35:18.742)
Sometimes you do like you had a bad fucking day. You're like, oh my god

bernie (35:29.326)

bernie (35:34.162)
like no I had a shitty day.

bernie (35:40.309)
Did I do something wrong?

Long day. Is it me?

bernie (35:51.778)
Um, yeah. I could definitely see how it is.

bernie (35:58.93)
Okay, like I might have to go like chip in just to see what the fuck going on or if it's even possible I feel like you got to be really tough, you know for real for real

bernie (36:16.872)
Oh, okay.

bernie (36:20.574)

bernie (36:37.934)
That's why I'm...

bernie (37:25.964)

bernie (37:43.35)
I mean, I mean, situation aside, people get blocked all the time, B, like where you fuck and it just doesn't work out. You're like, and like, clearly they were they were into some specific kink for you to like

do the hypnosis and fuck on the, you know what I mean? Like, or whatever. Like you guys were under that level of understanding that this is something that you guys are both into and you do, right?

So I don't think.

bernie (38:33.759)
Oh wow.

bernie (38:43.562)
Yeah. Not really. Fuck them. That's why.

Um, okay. This sounds absolutely insane, but somebody said, is there such a thing as penis growth hypnosis? Does anyone have any files in regards to something like that or something to ejaculate bigger loads, better erection quality? I don't think you can do that. You can't physically grow something through hypnosis. Yeah.

Somebody said probably not, erection and semen quality can increase in health and life choices. So I guess workout and health encouragement files would be the closest thing he said. So yeah, basically everybody said, somebody said, yes, there is hypnosis for this. Does this actually physically change things? No, at least not the penis size or the sperm production, but you don't have any physical issues. You could make it.

It could make you more aroused and you could stay erect longer than you normally would. There are some files that will suggest hypnosis that can actually make physical changes. I would imagine if that was the case, it would have been over a long time period for some people, you know, wanting to do that. You can lower and increase certain internal mechanisms via hypnosis, stress levels and anxiety, which can produce chemicals inside your body, dopamine and oxycontin.

And it says long-term permanent changes would take concentrated efforts. More likely is something like building a desire to work out and slowly, um, sculpt your general body shape, things like that, which deal with motivating you to live differently. So basically. Yeah. You can do it for that then. Yeah. Bye. Yeah.

bernie (40:44.471)

bernie (40:54.954)
Yeah, for how you view yourself, I guess. That's what it felt like to me.

bernie (41:21.85)
Yes, the typical like, you're under hypnosis, go clean my garage.

bernie (41:32.022)
Because imagine that like, your under hypnosis come eat this box. Your under hypnosis come eat this ass.

And you're just getting months done for an hour. Oh, okay.

bernie (42:21.879)

No, it doesn't work. I don't think a hit and this is going in there stealing people's girlfriends. I don't think so.

bernie (42:35.614)
I mean, it's a valid question, I guess.

bernie (42:41.362)
in a way, but also not possible. I mean, if she going, then she going. She was already gone. She already gone player.

bernie (43:00.978)
That's not your bitch. Um, I think that does put us at time because we had that split up shit.

We had a little technical difficulty, but we back in action and everything seems to have turned out swell. And if it hasn't, y'all will have noticed. In fact... Oh boy.

bernie (43:32.49)
And if you don't, in fact, aren't able to hear this, then meet us at wisefreakspod on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter and find us there. And if you heard this, then you probably would know where to find us. So same time next week.

bernie (43:54.366)
Alright y'all, bye!